The Second Tarot Jam: Tarot Year Cards

Hello, welcome to The Willow Path Tarot and to the second Tarot Jam blog hop! I am hosting this blog hop and you can find here the Master List to all the other amazing tarot bloggers who are also writing posts on one topic together for you to enjoy.

The topic we are writing about is Tarot Year Cards. Each year you can calculate what tarot card is the theme of your year by adding up your birth day, month and the present year and then reducing that number to a single digit 1-9. For example, my birthday last year was on 7/8/2015:

7+8+2+0+1+5= 23, then reduce 2+3 = 5.

Five is the number of The Hierophant. So, this year I’m having a year ruled by the themes of The Hierophant.  Here are some articles that we each have to share about our tarot year card. 


1. Deirdre Doran- The Hierophant

2. Nicole Dauch-

3. Angela Englund- The Chariot

4. Nissa Lee- The Chariot

Light in the Forest

4 thoughts on “The Second Tarot Jam: Tarot Year Cards

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