Code of Ethics

My Code of Ethics as a Tarot Reader:

  • I treat all of my clients and their queries with respect and non-judgment.  I do not discriminate based upon religion, race, nationality, gender, or sexuality or anything else you might feel makes you a minority. We are all equal parts of humanity.
  • I pledge to provide you with a genuine and empowering interpretation of the tarot cards that I draw for your tarot reading.  My readings are positive and uplifting, I will not give you dire predicts about your future or tell you that you are cursed.
  • I do not provide tarot readings about medical, psychological, financial, or legal matters. Please contact a professional for these issues. I will not provide readings giving direct advice on these topics.  If you have a questions related to these topics I will work with you to find a question that the tarot can be useful in answering.
  • I do not provide tarot readings about third parties. If you would like advice about a relationship you have with another person, we can work together to create a tarot reading regarding your role in the relationship.

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