III of Cups

III of Cups Shadowscapes TarotKeywords:  Friendship, celebration, social groups, being part of the crowd, drinks with friends, partying

Reversed:  Isolation, loneliness, drinking too much, partying hard, herd mentality, forced socialization






Personal Tarot Story with the III of Cups

What obstacles stand in my way?– III of Cups
      Here’s a sad but true fact of life: it’s hard to be healthy, productive, and run a successful business if you spend all your time drinking and socializing. As it turns out, I am very good at drinking and socializing and do those things quite often.  It’s also difficult to avoid because of my new lifestyle going to a new bar every night for Kristen’s show, often getting paid in beer. Then after a few beers, making new friends, and staying up until the bar closes down, the next morning is pretty much shot.  So my major obstacle this year will be integrating celebratory abandon with work.  If I’m going to be at the bar every night, how can I use this to my advantage instead of having it be a major obstacle to my creating the year I want?  If I’m going to be paid in beer, how can I use all my new beer knowledge on my CatvsOwl travel blog to make it even more awesome?  If I’m chatting with new friends, or reacquainting myself with old friends, I need to mention my tarot business and give them my business card.  Every little step I take toward making my vandwelling lifestyle sustainable is welcome, so I need to be aware of my drinking and partying and try not to let it totally rule over other areas.

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