VII of Cups

VII of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot

Keywords: Options, illusions, plans, big dreams, pie in the sky ideas, longing for more, overwhelmed by choice, limitlessness, fantasy, imagination

Reversed:  Overwhelmed with options, no good options, disillusioned, limits, temptations






From a Reading:

VII of Cups– While you are taking a little break from mental activity, the VII of Cups suggests that you listen to your heart.  If you find yourself with more goals and intentions than one person can possibly handle, take some time for inner stillness to listen to your heart. Setting big, crazy goals can be scary and overwhelming, but your options truly are limitless. Look how one figure in this card image points out into a dream that she may want to make into reality, while the other figure examines his drawn up plans.  They have so much in the Cups around their feet that they know they can accomplish anything. How to narrow it down?  Go within your heart and let it guide you to make a decision that resonates with your inner being and your emotional patterns.  You have laid careful plans and set your sights on big dreams, now go!

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