IX of Swords

  anxiety, worry, fear, mental struggles, nightmares, regrets, up all night

Reversed:  relief, moving on, easing of anxiety, balance, calm, steady


This an intense card. The IX of Swords is a card of anxiety, despair, nightmares, and regret. The Swords suit represents mental processes, the realm of the mind and thoughts.  Are your thoughts really a threat though?  Are the thoughts resting so painfully on your chest real or imagined?

Ahead of you stretches a time of worry and anxiety if I keep going down the path you’re currently treading.

Also the drive to be constantly creative, produce new content, be always on my game, and never give up can be daunting.  What if I can’t access my inner High Priestess and can’t learn to trust my intuition?

I think the key to breaking out of these mental anxieties represented by the IX of Swords is to embrace the total change of The Tower. Yes, I’ve been good at taking care of myself in a certain way up till now, but that way does not apply to this new life situation I am starting this year.

IX of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

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