VII of Swords

What the VII of Swords indicates I need to learn going forward is to be fierce, independent, and do things my own way.  I think I need to start being more of a badass in my new life. I don’t need to be super polite all the time.  Our very lifestyle is outside the norm for our society.  People don’t just get rid of most of their possessions, travel like they have always dreamed of doing, and make money to support themselves by doing the work they are passionate about!  But that’s just what Kristen and I are doing, and we need to own it.  The old routines of having an apartment, an office to while away 40 hours at “working”, a kitchen to cook in, let alone a bathroom to shower in, are behind us.  I want to act like I belong wherever I am, and I know what I am doing there.  I need to learn to project confidence, to be assertive, to share with people what I am offering and really let them know that what I have to offer will benefit them and that it’s worthwhile.

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