II of Wands

Tyron, VT, USA

Keywords: envisioning, decision-making, choices, planning, discovery, forward thinking, progress, movement

Reversed: lack of vision, unfocused, delays, need for planning, dispassionate, uninterested, lack of curiosity

Associated Major: The Magician







The II of Wands is inspiration in action. You have a great idea, now it is time to make some decisions about how to manifest that dream. You can envision it, have a spirit journey, make a vision board, peer into the future and imagine, imagine, imagine. The II of Wands is full of possibility in motion. You are on your way. You are making progress. You are moving forward with your dreams. This is a great sign that you are living your life in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs.

There is much self-discovery to be experienced with the II of Wands. When you peer into your future, you realize how many options you actually have. You can step out of your comfort zone, or every day life, and do something completely different. You can take a risk. Perhaps you want to go down a new career path, move house to a far off location, or take your relationship in a new direction. Your long-term goals start to come into focus with the II of Wands as you internalize all that is possible and make decisions about the path on which you want to step out.

When the II of Wands shows up in a reading it asks you to broaden your view. Perhaps you have been limiting your options by thinking too narrowly. Be confident, positive, and adventurous in your pursuits. If you are looking for a new job, find some new sources of job posting instead of just trolling the same ones over and over again. Just for fun, try looking through the job ads in a city or town you have always dreamed about living in and see if they have any good opportunities for your career there. If you are searching for love, try heading to a new social event or checking out a different dating website instead of scrolling a platform you are familiar with. A barrage of new faces might just spark your interest. The key is to expand your worldview with the II of Wands. Your all-encompassing vision is bound to see something new and exciting. Be excited!

II of Wands reversed:


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When the II of Wands shows up reversed in your reading, it can indicate a block of vision. You are feeling uninspired or cloudy in your future planning. What do you want to do with your life? What are you goals? What do you even want to accomplish? It’s hard to make decisions and be visionary when you can’t figure out what you are striving for. It’s time to reconnect to your inner fire. You need to get back to the root of what lights you up inside and what you are passionate about. Can you set aside some time for that rekindling, maybe actually making a vision board or journaling about your goals or creating a five year plan?

Of course, sometimes we are not passionate. Sometimes we don’t have huge, life-changing goals in mind. The II of Wands can show up reversed to say that you are stagnant for the moment. Is there anything wrong with that? People are always changing and evolving, so it’s very seldom that we are on the level. Can you enjoy a break in the action? It could be that everything is just bumping along great for you at the moment and there is not need for a vision board, blah, blah, blah or any big changes in your life. Be grateful and present in the moment. What is wonderful about where you are at right now?

If you are feeling stagnant and can’t get in touch with your inner passion, that’s okay. Don’t push it too hard or you will just get frustrated and angry that your life has no purpose or passion. Sometimes we aren’t passionate! But is there anything that you are even slightly interested in or curious about? Maybe you have been meaning to start adult coloring or explore more of the neighborhoods in your city. Why not pick up some fresh colored pencils or start hitting every coffeeshop in your town to try different brews? Sometimes small acts of curiosity can get your out of a disinterested funk or even lead to big new passion projects. The II of Wands reversed asks you to examine your inspiration and why it is somewhat dormant at the moment. Is that okay for the moment or do you need to kick start it into action with a little exploration?