Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands rx Rider Waite Smith tarot

Knight of Wands        Rider Waite Smith tarot

Keywords:  energetic, driven, passionate, fiery, unruly, charming, sexy, fun, opportunist, wild, daring, creative, adventurous, out going

Reversed: out of control, unruly, wild, over confident, lover and a leaver, scattered, unfocused, fizzled out, delayed projects, hestitation


You can read my Court Card personal story of how to relate to the Knight of Wands energy here.



From a Reading:

What energy will hinder this month:  Knight of Wands
The Knight of Wands initiates battles for the sheer joy of the fight, regardless of whether there is anything worthwhile to be fought over or won. This type of boundless enthusiasm will be an obstacle for you when setting your intentions for the coming New Moon cycle. If you find yourself still chasing after a million hopes and ideas for your 2015, try to find some quiet time to work out which of those ideas of yours you are most passionate about and which are only serve to crowd out or cloud your vision. The Knights are all about action and doing, but first you must take the time to figure out what intentions you want to act upon, before you start doing anything. With so much enthusiasm and fire going into the year, be careful not to burn yourself out acting without a concrete plan of attack.



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