VII of Wands

VII of WandsVII of Wands-  After you’ve stepped out of your head and taken a peak into your heart- it’s time to figure out what your soul wants to fight to manifest.  With the VII of Wands, doesn’t look like things are going to be a cake walk in terms of actually manifesting your goals.  The Wands suit is all about passion though, so if you are truly passionate and motivated to achieve, it is worth the struggle, conflict and fight that may arise. Don’t give up!  Keep attacking those goals with all of your fire energy. Channel your inner power animal that keeps going no matter what the obstacles that pop up in front of you.  If you don’t have the fire and fight in you to accomplish your goals, you may just have to find the peace within to wait for another moon cycle because things will not be easy and flowing for you, although the struggle will be worthwhile.

7 of Wands  Shadowscapes Tarot

How will your current tarot year card manifest itself in your life?:  VII of Wands reversed
The Emperor is my current tarot year card, which manifests as a stabilizing, steady force for my year. The VII of Wands reversed indicates that this Emperor energy is something that I will be fighting against.  The Emperor wants me to be organized, steadfast, create a solid base and be disciplined with my routine.  The VII of Wands reversed shows that I’m going to want to resist this disciplined approach.  Life on the road is chaotic and calls for flexibility, readjustments, and adventure.  I will have a hard time being The Emperor, and may feel that his energy is chaining me down. Perhaps if I can create a flexible routine, I will be able to get the things done that I want to accomplish. The Wands are all about soul passions and the VIIs are about struggle and fight.  I should have the fight and passion to really make my tarot business, Kristen’s tour, and our travel blog into something awesome.  If I resist The Emperor’s insistence on order and structure, I won’t get anywhere though.  My goal is to create a sustainable traveling lifestyle and that requires a solid foundation that I should be working to establish right now with The Emperor energy, not fighting against in an urge to be totally wild and free.


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