Major Arcana

The Major Arcana, or Greater Mysteries, are the 22 trump cards of the tarot deck.  They represent the development of the conscious and the human experience.  I read them as a progression of human development.  Here you will find links to my Card Meaning pages for each of the Major Arcana cards:

0. The Fool
I.  The Magician
II. The High Priestess
III. The Empress
IV. The Emperor
V. The Hierophant
VI. The Lovers
VII. The Chariot
VIII. Strength
IX. The Hermit
X. The Wheel of Fortune
XI. Justice
XII. The Hanged Man
XIII. Death
XIV. Temperance
XV. The Devil
XVI. The Tower
XVII. The Star
XVIII. The Moon
XIX.  The Sun
XX. Judgement
XXI. The World

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