The Chariot

Lady Van                                                          Beartooth Pass                                                        Montana, USA

Keywords:  conviction, determination, will-power, drive ambition, focus, control, victory, success, confidence, overcoming obstacles, persistence, domination. aggression, strength

Reversed: setbacks, lack of progress, loss of will, over- controlling, powerless, unfocused, unambitious, antagonistic, stubborn, in denial, loss of self-confidence, out of control

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The Chariot is a card of conviction, courage, and ambition.  When this card shows up in a reading get ready to take control of your life situation and lead your Chariot in the direction that you want to head.  Do you know what you are trying to accomplish?  Do you know what your goals are?  Very few people articulate what their goals are and even fewer people write those goals down, make action plans, and then refer back to those plans with regularity and focus.  The Chariot tells you it’s time to dream big because will power is on your side right now.

checklistWhy not give this approach a try when you come up with The Chariot in a reading?: 1.) Take a pen and paper (or computer, tablet, clay and chisel, whatever),  2.) Write down your major life goal at this moment, 3.) Make a step-by-step plan of how you can achieve this goal, 4.) Set a timeline, and 5.) Get to work!  Keep this goal sheet somewhere that you can see it every day and reread it until your goals are crystal clear in your mind.  The Chariot is here to support your ambition with motivation and determination.

The Chariot does not bulk at the magnitude of a goal or lose control of forward momentum.  The Chariot is on a mission and that mission takes precedence over other daily concerns.  It’s all about the big picture, so thinking and acting in ways that align with your overall mission is the key. The Chariot is in action, connecting with what it feels like to drive and be driven. The determination and ambition of The Chariot helps us to climb mountains, overcome obstacles, and achieve our goals victoriously.

Don’t wait for your perfect moment, or insist that your dream be realized perfectly.  Make compromises, make decisions, push harder, be persistent, follow your dream.  Take the reins of your own life, follow your passions, set a crazy ambitious goal and then attack! It is your persistence that matters.  If you are dedicated and committed to bringing your dreams into reality, no matter the outcome you will be happy with your actions and yourself.  The Chariot embodies the idea that the journey is more important than the destination.  When you say yes to your life, to what you want, and work hard, that’s what creates a happy life.

The Chariot reversed:

The Chariot Rider Waite Smith tarot

The Chariot
Rider Waite Smith tarot

The the big lesson of the Chariot reversed is: things are not always within our control, sometimes we can’t make progress, and we all experience setbacks. When The Chariot reversed comes up in a reading, get ready for roadblocks.  Perhaps you already know just what is getting in your way, but if not, keep your eyes peeled for obstacles, setbacks, and slow going.

Setbacks are the perfect opportunity to reexamine your goals.  Have you gotten off track? Are you still as excited and determined about your goal as when you started working towards it?  Perhaps you are feeling a bit disillusioned that your goal is too lofty or too far off. The Chariot reversed is asking you to recommit, to find that passion again or to release or rewrite that goal. There’s no shame in slow progress or stalled progress. There’s no shame in determining that this is not what you want anymore and setting new goals.  There is no one right way to do life.  You can choose your own adventure.

The most we can hope for and attract into our hearts is the will to keep going.  We can’t let setbacks lead to total loss of drive and ambition- to giving up and quitting.  Oftentimes, the reversed Chariot shows up in a tarot reading to remind you of the importance of your ambition and a need to increase your determination.  Spend some time refocusing.  Strive for mental clarity.  Look for what lights you up inside, what gets you going, what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.  It’s time to look for your lost or wayward ambition and reign it back into control.

If you need help getting in touch with the ambition and drive of your inner Chariot consider getting a tarot reading!  I’m happy to work with you to reconnect to your motivation and drive.  Let’s get started today!



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