The Moon

Uyuni Salt Flats

Keywords:mystery, chaos, fear of the unknown, new perspective, subconscious, insecurity

Reversed: anxiety and worry, confusion, freedom of fear, missing the magic, supressing the shadow self









The Moon Shadowscapes tarot deck

The Moon
Shadowscapes tarot deck








Personal Experience with The Moon
July 8th, 2914

What will help you to release and let go:  The Moon
Perhaps this is a bit of a cheeky, redundant, or obvious answer, but work with The Moon at this New Moon to help reset your emotions and outlooks.  The whole point of this reading is to let the energy of the moon support you in letting go at this time.  Many of us in the modern world are disconnected from moon cycles, influences, and energies.  Perhaps now is a good time to acquaint yourself with the different phases of the moon.  Try to note each day where the moon is in its cycle from New on July 26th to Full on August 10th. Spend some time looking up at it, being very still and present in the moment, and let its light and energy absorb into you.  This period of stillness and meditation does not to involve any self reflection.  Put your thoughts and emotions away and just be very aware of the energy that surrounds you and emanates from within you.  These moments of conscious presence will help you to let go of old emotional patterns that are no longer serving you, or are now hindering or harming you.  Being self aware will help you grow and develop with the ever increasing light of the moon.

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