Tarot Blog Hop: The Knight of Cups Sings His Heart Out


Welcome to the Summer Solstice edition of the Tarot Blog Hop! I hope you are enjoying the longest day of the year if you too find yourself in the Northern Hemisphere. I love me some long summer nights, even though it actually doesn’t stay light out that late where I live in Tennessee since we’re right on the edge of Central Time. It’s all good! Someday I’d love to spend the Summer Solstice in Alaska or northern Norway to see the sun stay up, up, up above the horizon for days at a time. #goals!

To me, “The Things I Regret” is so the theme song for the Knight of Cups. First off, it has a jaunty beat that reminds me of the pace at which the Knight of Cups would ride his horse. It’s not too fast, not to slow, but constantly moving. It feels like a spirited trot, constantly seeking, constantly exploring, constantly idealizing. You can feel the movement and action and determination of the Knight energy in the music and in the voice of Brandi Carlile as she sings in her ever so earnest way.

Then come the lyrics which are all about love, longing, open-heartedness, romantic ideals dashed, heartbreak, and soul searching. The lyrics speak to me of the push and pull of the emotional landscape of the Knight of Cups. Love is the key to the deepest happiness but it is also the easiest way to fall into the blackest of despair. Love is destined, it is out of our hands, but it is also all our fault when it unravels. Love will set you free but it will also keep you trapped in an endless loop of doubts and regrets. Love is the only thing worth living for but it makes love unspeakable hard.

Here are the lyrics for you to read through so you can see what I’m talking about:

Knight of Cups
Rider Waite Smith deck

There’s a hole in my pocket where my dreams fell through,
From a sidewalk in the city to the avenue
There’s a leak in my dam ‘bout the size of a pin,
And I can’t quite remember where the water’s getting in

But when you’re wearing on your sleeve,
All the things you regret,
You can only remember what you want to forget
You feel it tugging at your heart,
Like the stars overhead,
‘Til you rest your bones on the killing bed

Let them roll over me.
Let them roll over me,
When I doubt you
Let them roll over me.
Let them roll over me,
When I doubt you

Knight of Cups
Shadowscapes Tarot

With the weight of the world resting on my back,
And the road on which I’ve traveled is as long as it is cracked
But I keep pressing forward with my feet to the ground,
For a heart that is broken makes a beautiful sound

But when you’re wearing on your sleeve,
All the things you regret,
You can only remember what you want to forget

Let them roll over me
Let them roll over me,
When I doubt you.
Let them roll over me
Let them roll over me,
When I doubt you

Knight of Cups
Linestrider Tarot

I walk through my days like a ghost in a dream,
But the field carries on and my past follows me
It’s hard moving on from the things you done wrong,
When they play in your head like an old fashioned song

But when you’re wearing on your sleeve,
All the things you regret,
You can only remember what you want to forget

Lonely miles,
Without you

Lonely miles,
Without youLet the ground keep my bones
Let the water be my home
Let the dust hold my soul,
                                                              Like a holy rolling stone

You’ll notice there are quite a few references to water in this song, which reminds me of the suit of Cups representing the Water element. The water is his home and his emotions are a leaky dam. There is so much emotion and water in here, and it isn’t the kind of mature, self-assured emotions you would expect from a Queen of a King. It also isn’t that fresh and trusting emotional naiveté of a Page. Here we are somewhere in the middle of learning about love and feelings and getting our hearts trampled but also not being the best of partners. We all can relate to these growing pains, hopefully learning from our mistakes and responding differently next time we experience challenges.

There is hope in the Knight of Cups. He will “keep pressing forward with my feet to the ground” even though it’s lonely and miserable, disorienting and seemingly endless work. That’s life! That’s love! There’s not much we can do about it but keep trying. Through it all is a sense of the deep beauty of love, “for a heart that is broken, makes a beautiful sound.” That is just the kind of romantic language that the Knight of Cups would spout out to a friend over a few drinks at the bar. That friend is probably a songwriter who will turn that heartache into something as beautiful as this song.

Okay, that’s enough of my song analysis 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the Tarot Blog Hop and hop along to the next post, or go backwards, it’s all in the fun of the thing!  Happy Summer Solstice!!



Tarot Blog Hop: A Tarot Art Project with the Kings


Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot! If you are following along on the June Tarot Blog Hop, or are a regular reader of this blog, know that today’s blog is a special entry on a topic that many other tarot bloggers are writing about right now as well. The topic is “a tarot art project for non-artists.” We are all finding inspiration in non-tarot related artwork and then creating a tarot card out of that artwork.

This just happens to be something I do every Wednesday at The Willow Path Tarot! I take photos from my personal Instagram feed, which is about my travels and life outside of tarot, and associate those images to a tarot card. Eventually, I plan to print out all these images and make my own tarot deck from my travels. I’m still in the beginning phases of that process, so today I’d like to share with you how things are going with the Kings in this newly developing tarot deck.

King of Cups Gunnison National Forest Colorado, USA

King of Cups
Gunnison National Forest
Colorado, USA

So, in my travel tarot deck, which I’m tentatively calling The Travel Tarot Deck (ahhh, I know, so original!), the Kings are going to be represented by mountains. I’ve chosen mountains to represent the Kings because I associate mountains with stability, security, maturity, and rulership, all personality traits of the Kings in the tarot deck. I chose this one on the left here to be the King of Cups because of the river in the picture, bringing together the Cups which represent water, and the mountains which represent the Kings. The King of Cups is compassion and welcoming, he goes with the flow, much like a river. He brings comfort and kind words, understanding and mediation. The King of Cups is balanced and generous, bringing peace and harmony with his careful demeanor. This river in Colorado definitely gives me that peaceful feeling of the Cups and the mountains add the dimension of the strength of a King.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

King of Wands                                                     Sedona, Arizona, USA

I’ve chosen this rock formation in Arizona to be the King of Wands. The red color of the rocks makes me think of dry, summer heat and the Fire of the Wands. I associate Wands with summer and this card has a summery feel to me. I think this might be a part of or near the rock formation called Devil’s Bridge, and the King of Wands always seems like a bit of a devil to me. He is charismatic, passionate, and tempting. He has the energy of someone who knows what he wants and knows how he can get it. Even so, he is an honorable person, responsible and hard-working, almost tirelessly so. The King of Wands has a vision and a plan to go along with that vision. This range in Sedona prickles with a brittle heat that causes visions to dance before our eyes. The King of Wands understands the visions seen in the fire and can work with it to greatest effect.


King of Pentacles                                                   Colca Canyon                                        Cabanaconde, Peru

This photo on the left is one I’m thinking about using for the King of Pentacles. There is a deep Earth energy to a canyon, and this photo is of Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyon hikes in the world. It was a long way down, requiring a lot of the strength and determination of a King to finish. The King of Pentacles is in it for the long haul in every aspect of his character. He is practical, calculating, and under control. He is disciplined and powerful. This King is also connected to the abundance of the Earth, offering brute strength like these canyon walls, but also fertile abundance much like the oasis at the bottom which has shade, water, and a place to rest after a difficult effort. I’m not entirely sold on the image because it seems a bit dry and I associate Pentacles with winter so I would like to do something more snowy, but… for now it has got me thinking.


King of Swords                                                              Red Rock Canyon National Park                               Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This photo I’m thinking of using for the King of Swords, but am also not completely satisfied with it. That’s ok, though since I’m planning on seeing many more mountains before this deck is finished. 🙂 I like this one for now because there is something dark and brooding about it, which reminds me of the King of Swords. He is the King of logic and reasoning. His powerful intellect understands the concepts of truth and justice. Something about that kind of mental prowess is dark to me. There is a tendency towards black and white thinking, when so often the world is made up of shades of grey. The King of Swords excels at interpreting that grey area, defining it and forcing it back to black and white. The light and dark interplay of the mountains in this photograph remind me of that balance the King of Swords achieves.

Okay, that’s my contribution to the June Tarot Blog Hop!  I hope you enjoyed learning about the Kings in my Travel Tarot Deck and come back to the blog often to see the progress I’m making on my Instagram inspired deck. You can hop back or forward using the links below to see what other everyday picture and photos have been made into tarot cards by my fellow tarot bloggers!


Jenny Lake Grand Tetons National Park, WY, USA

The Emperor                                                           Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons National Park             Wyoming, USA

Learning to Try with the Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles holds the pentacles symbol of pure Earth energy in her hands. This is the potential of the Ace through X pentacles cards ready to be put into form. The Page is ready to do something with all the potential of the suit. Pages are about learning, about taking risks, about starting out. The Page of Pentacles is ready to explore, learn, and try out all kinds of earth energy pursuits.

Paradise Guest Lodge Buffalo, WY, USA

Paradise Guest Lodge
Buffalo, WY, USA

Keywords:  student, apprentice, earthy, practical, new beginning, focus, connection to nature, financial opportunity, manifesting

Reversed:  unfocused, short-term focus, rejecting learning, impractical, fresh start still in the future, loss of financial stability

Element: Earth
Direction: North
Season: Winter



You can read my Court Card personal story of how to relate to the Page of Pentacles energy here. 

The Page of Pentacles holds the pentacles symbol of pure Earth energy in her hands. This is the potential of the Ace through X pentacles cards ready to be put into form. The Page is ready to do something with all the potential of the suit. Pages are about learning, about taking risks, about starting out. The Page of Pentacles is ready to explore, learn, and try out all kinds of earth energy pursuits

When the Page of Pentacles shows up in a reading, she usually is pointing you towards a new start, or a need to experiment in the realm of Earth.  This includes things like: career change, going back to school, building or buying a new home, redecorating, planting a garden, getting in shape, a healthy lifestyle change, financial planning, self-care, and sports or hobbies, especially outdoor ones.  Ask yourself where you need some fresh energy and direction in the Earth element of your life.  Ground and center yourself in your body and on this Earth and ask for guidance.  What does your body have to tell you? What does Mother Earth have to tell you?

The great thing about Pages is that there is little responsibility involved in the actions of this youthful figure. She is experimenting, she is trying things out, she doesn’t have to be perfect or even know what she is doing at all!  The important part is to try, to take a chance, to go out on a limb and say, “I can do it… maybe!” No one expects the Page to be exceptional or get it just right the first go around. There is a leniency and allowance with the energy of the Page.

Page of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

Page of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

This type of experimental behavior is youthful, but you do not have to be young to use it.  As children we are not particularly concerned with the outcomes of our efforts. We are eager to learn and nonplussed by failure.  As we grow older, we lose this urge to try without consequence.  We start to care about “wasted effort” and “failure”.  This concern keeps us from trying things that we don’t already know how to do or think will be very hard to learn and we might not be able to.

A good example of this would be learning an instrument. At age 8 we don’t care how terrible our violin practice sounds to ourselves and anyone else within 100 miles.  But when we are 28 or 48 or whatever, we are embarrassed and easily frustrated by how long and hard we have to work to sound anything less than humiliating on the violin.  We avoid anything we won’t be good at right away, and certainly anything we may never be good at!

The Page of Pentacles shows up in a reading to remind you of how silly that mentality is. She encourages you to try even though you may be scared or embarrassed. She says, “The only real form of failure is refusing to even try in the first place.” There is supportive energy now with the Page of Pentacles to act youthful and experimental.  Try something new, just do it!

Reversed Page of Pentacles:
This card in reversed is a non-starter.  Something or someone (probably yourself!) is stopping you from making a fresh beginning, starting a new project, learning, or experimenting.  Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemies, refusing to pursue our dreams or goals.  We want to be a violinist but the effort is too great, the noises we produce too horrifying, the long journey to Bach stretching endless into the future. The Page of Pentacles reversed wants to give up before she even starts because of illusions and fears.


Page of Pentacles rx Shadowscapes tarot

The important thing to remember here is that you will never succeed or become a great violinist if you don’t ever try.  Each time you practice you are exponentially closer to your goal than if you never even get a violin to practice on in the first place.  If you’re worried about being 75 years old before you’re any good, what a silly thing to worry about! Wouldn’t you rather be a badass 75 year old violin player than a person who has never even tried to play the violin at all!?

The Page of Pentacles shows up in reverse in your reading as a indicator that you need to take a look at what you are not doing that you wish you were doing.  Do you want to be out hiking but haven’t planned a single vacation or left a free weekend all summer?  You need to get your priorities straight or you will miss out on summer’s abundance.  Do you want to get a new job or move up in your job but you haven’t filled out a single application or spoken with anyone about increasing your responsibility?  Well, it’s time to step up and ask for what you want.  It is very rarely that our heart’s desires are offered to us on a silver platter, but even if they are it’s often a silver platter of our own conjuring.  The Page of Pentacles reversed says, “Speak up! Act now! Try instead of letting your life pass you by! Are you going to listen to her?

An Abundant New Moon in Taurus Tarot Reading, May 6, 2016

There is a beautiful New Moon in the sign of Taurus today.  Yippee!  Taurus is an Earth sign so this is a great time to put your plans into physical form, perhaps by writing them down. What are you looking to create?  Where are you seeking abundance?  What fertile soil do you contain now that can optimize growth in your life?  Take some time for yourself to really relax and explore these questions.

Treat yourself not only to time off for meditation and journaling but also to luxurious treats at the Taurus New Moon. Think about scheduling a massage, buying a new outfit, eating a fancy meal, or beautifying your home with flowers or new colors. Focusing on the beautiful, lovely, abundant aspects of your life will help you attract more of these Taurus characteristics into your life with this New Moon. Venus is also in her natural sign of Taurus right now, so there is double potential for experiencing pleasure, intimacy and love at this time.  How lovely for us all!

The tarot has some great advice for us right now at the New Moon in Taurus for working towards financial security, loving relationships, and physical relaxation. If you would like a personalized reading, please get in touch at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.com or check out my email readings page!

Page of Cups Shadowscapes tarot

Page of Cups
Shadowscapes tarot

What will help me move confidently toward my goals for financial security and abundance?– Page of Cups

The Page of Cups brings messages of love, abundance, and fresh emotional starts.  This card is Venus telling you that you already have everything you need in order to be financially secure and abundant. What you really need is more joy, sunshine, and love in your life, not more money.  When you focus on what brings you happiness, on enjoying your youth or your fresh starts, and stop worrying about money, you will find that you actually are secure.  Does money buy love?  It seems to be common knowledge in all cultures that money does not equal happiness.  What is the point of your life then- to be happy or to be rich?  If you can’t have both, wouldn’t you pick happiness?  What would be the point of financially abundant life if all that money did not bring an abundance of love and joy? The Page of Cups is here to tell you that the more confidently you reach for happiness, the closer you will come to financial abundance. A life in which you focus on what you love instead of what you lack relieves anxiety, improves quality of life, and enhances your relationships by being a person that others enjoy

The Hanged Man Shadowscapes Tarot

The Hanged Man
Shadowscapes tarot

How can I create more love, acceptance, and intimacy in my relationships?- The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man asks you to be patient, to be still, to listen and observe.  Are you allowing your loved ones to be themselves?  Are you acknowledging the unique traits of the people in your life and allowing them to shine forth in their best capacity? Oftentimes, when we try to change people, when we try to put them in a box, or make them conform, we limit and suppress our ability to love.  People can change.  We all change every day.  Humans are not static, but that change works best when it comes from within. When we force others to change, it usually leads to unhappiness and doesn’t stick anyway.  The Hanged Man suffers a bit from not being able to influence the world as she waits for a shift in perspective, a change in the wind, the right moment to act.  There is much suffering in life, though, it’s a given.  The willingness to wait for a phase to be completed usually deepens our most intimate relationships.  We allow our children to be teenagers for years, knowing we will love the adults they become even if they are little nightmares in the meantime.  We accept that our partners will go through career uncertainty, Saturn returns, midlife crises, etc, but who they essentially are doesn’t change. Our souls are eternal and lovable. The Hanged Man goes with that flow, trying to see from new angles, and waiting to understand instead of reacting tactlessly.

IX of Swords Shadowscapes tarot

IX of Swords
Shadowscapes tarot

How can I invite more relaxation, patience, and luxury into my life?- IX of Swords

The biggest hurdle to finding relaxation is anxiety. Relaxation and anxiety are opposites.  They are mortal enemies.  If we put our anxieties aside relaxation enters to soothe, fortify, and rejuvenate us. When anxieties win out we exhaust, deplete, and confuse ourselves with striving and worrying.  The Taurus New Moon wants you to stay, “NO!” to anxieties for a little bit.  Will a facial solve your issues at work?  Will a gourmet meal solve your weightloss concerns? Will a bouquet of flowers help pay the rent at that apartment?  Probably not, but a little self care might just give you the strength to confront your challenges with renewed determination and clarity of vision.  You weren’t going to solve all of your problems tonight regardless, so why not take the night off, heat up some water, steam your pores open and then give them a scrub with some honey and sea salt.  It’s just an hour of your night, you already have all those things in your kitchen, and you’ll feel so lovely afterwards you won’t be so anxious about your work, weight, love life, kids, problems, etc. This goes along with the Page of Cups urging you to focus on love and positivity.  Take a break from anxiety and the negative, it doesn’t help anyone for you to be a dark storm cloud, least of all yourself!


Pisces New Moon Reading: March 8, 2016

Happy New Moon in Pisces!  The New Moon is a wonderful time to set your intentions for the next four week moon cycle. What seeds do you want to plant now, nourish in the coming weeks, and watch grow?  With the moon in Pisces, this is a potent time to tap into your intuition and access your inner guidance. You may find that hidden messages in your dreams are not so hidden with the moon in Pisces, making you able to hear and act on the subtle advice your receive from your subconscious while you sleep. Pisces also loves to help others, be a supportive member of the group, and try to make things better for those they love.  Remember to try not to set your sights on too many things at once; intentions can be more easily manifested when you only focus on one or two at a time. I draw my inspiration from Lisa Michaels, who has TONS of wonderful advice on intention setting on her website.

Here is what the tarot has to share with us at this New Moon in Pisces!


Queen of Swords rx Shadowscapes tarot

What special message does my intuition want to share with me now?- Queen of Swords reversed. The Queen of Swords is rational.  She uses her whip smart brains to make decisions according to her well-structured moral code.  With this card reversed, our subconscious is simply emphasizing the need to depend less on logic and more on intuition. It can be extremely tough for us to step outside of the mind in our modern society. We are constantly told to subjugate our gut feelings in order to focus on what “makes sense”.  The Queen of Swords is a wonderful part of each of us, but we have to consciously choose to ignore her, or put her insistent need for “scientific proof” on the back burner. Sometimes you just know what you have to do without reading the instructions or following the rules. It’s time to learn how to trust yourself on that.

Knight of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

Knight of Pentacles
Shadowscapes Tarot

How can I listen to and allow my intuition to guide me going forward?- Knight of Pentacles.  The Knight of Pentacles is dogmatic. He just keeps plodding along. When you are feeling tired, stressed out, depressed, hurt, angry, frustrated, whatever, you can channel your inner Knight of Pentacles to help you keep going. His is approach is not fancy or complicated, it’s just to not give up. You have to begin somewhere. The only sure fire way to totally fail is to never even try in the first place. Even if you have no idea how to move forward, or how to start trusting your intuition, don’t give up before you even started.  No matter how many of your attempts to develop and trust your intuition go awry, you still have to keep going. Use the energy of the Knight of Pentacles to prop yourself up with unwavering determination. You may have more or less energy for the job on any given day, but resting doesn’t mean you have given up the fight.


VII of Cups Shadowscapes tarot

How can I show compassion and strive to make the world a brighter place?- VII of Cups rx. It’s time to stop making up excuses and finding ways around helping others. Maybe you have felt like it is someone else’s responsibility to fix what ails the world, since there isn’t much that just little old you can do. Well, if everyone does exactly the same thing, wait for someone else to step forward and start change, then we all get nowhere. Whereas, if we each did just one little thing to make the world a brighter place, regardless of whether or not it was going to “fix everything”, than we each bring the world one step closer to love and kindness. Don’t wait for the perfect gesture of compassion and kindness either. Just pick one!  Choose whatever feels right today and remember to do the same thing tomorrow. Each of us can make a difference, and tons of minuscule differences add up.

Alright, there is your New Moon tarot reading for March 8, 2016. If you would like to get a personalized New Moon Reading, they are only $20 on my readings page.  You can order one through Paypal today and it will be in your inbox, waiting to insight and empower you by Friday!  Yippee!  



Card Meaning: The High Priestess

Red Woods

The High Priestess                                          Redwood National Park                                Northern California, USA

Keywords: Intuition, the subconscious, accessing the Higher Self, wisdom, being rather than doing, feminine divine, life mysteries, shadow self, looking within, calm inner center, deep knowing.  

Reversed: Confusion, hidden mysteries, denial of the shadow or feminine self, need for stillness, distrust of intuition, actions out of alignment with ideals.

Associated minor card: Queen of Cups

You can find my experience with The High Priestess during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.

The High Priestess speaks of your ability to access your calm inner center. There is a power inside of you that is only available through your stillness. Slow down, be quiet, meditate, and allow for calmness. The High Priestess is non-action; she is being. Go within and dwell there for a time. Bask in your inner sanctuary. Accept that there are answers inside of you, that you can be certain, that you can do what is inherently right for you. You have this expansive power. Use this rejuvenating and clarifying energy to take appropriate action moving forward. You will be able to take the right next steps because you have taken the time and space you need to connect with your sense of inner knowing.

Rider Waite Smith tarot

Rider Waite Smith tarot

The High Priestess knows how to access the collective consciousness and to explore the inner world and the shadow self. She is not afraid of the darkness. The High Priestess is a card I often associate with a professional tarot reader, or any person who is strongly connected to her/his intuition. Perhaps now is a good time to pull out your tarot deck and draw some cards asking for messages from within your soul. Or you could get in touch with a mentor, counselor or friend who gives excellent advice from the heart. You are especially receptive to wise counsel at this time so look for signs and messages all around you. Slow down and take a break from action. Constantly busying yourself with tasks, projects, and jobs will cloud your vision of the larger picture of your life and your purpose as a person and co-inhabitant of this universe.

The High Priestess reversed:

High Priestess Shadowscapes Tarot

The High Priestess Shadowscapes Tarot

The reversal of The High Priestess indicates a blocked need to find your calm inner center. You need to access the essence of being but something is holding you back, either yourself or your current life situation. Further wisdom is necessary before you can take appropriate action. This is a challenge to tap into your intuition and develop it more fully. There is a lot of work you can do to explore your intuition and learn to trust it and share it. Begin by trying to immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Put thoughts and feelings from the past and about the future away. Imagine there is only now and feel your mind, body, and spirit as perfect at this time. The energy of The High Priestess is crucial for opening up the third eye, which will help direct you in where and how to place your focus.  Once you go through the slow, quiet process of acknowledging and accepting your present self, you will be able to accept the past and move forward with confidence and wisdom. Do not allow yourself to continue to be blocked from your inner wisdom.

Card Meaning: The Knight of Swords

Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Rider Waite Smith Tarot


Keywords: action, determination, motivation, idea person, opinionated, communicative, intellectual, rationalizations, analysis, haste, full speed ahead, ready to charge, recklessness

Reversed: failure to act, laziness, inefficiency, lack of forethought, ill-timed action, haste, recklessness, careless speech, harsh words, noncommunicative

You can read my Court Card personal story of how to relate to the Knight of Swords energy here.

The Knight of Swords is full of plans and ideas- maybe too full, maybe overflowing, hopefully not drowning in his ideas. He has so many things he wants to do! His mind is sharp and is constantly flitting from idea to idea, unbounded, unlimited, but often without a clear focus. The Knight of Swords is gung ho and inspired by an idea, plunges into action without clear direction, and then charges ahead towards who knows what. He feels a sense of urgency, which can lead to haste. The Knight of Swords is on a MISSION. Nothing will stop him, and therefore little or no consideration is given to the finer points of his goal.The fact that the end goal is fuzzy is unimportant because he is confident he will figure it out along the way. But what does it matter!? It will get done, come hell of high water, or in some cases, come being broke and exhausted.

There’s no point arguing with him though, the Knight of Swords is a smart fellow. He is focused on achieving his goal and cannot be persuaded to slow the pace or veer from the course without a very well-thought out counter-argument. He can outthink you on the spot and debate you out of your opinion before you even realize you’re nodding your head in agreement. If you’re dealing with a Knight of Swords in a relationship or at work, the best plan of attack for you is to stay calm and try to balance out his energy. See if you can figure out what idea he is after and help make a plan for all others ideas so that they can stay on course. Make sure to think your questions or comments through before you voice them so you are sure of where you stand. Otherwise, you may get swept up in the excitement and charge off yourself!

Shadowscapes deckWhen interpreting a court card remember that it’s meaning can be relative to the base line personality of the person getting the reading. A person who is normally a bit more energized and driven in general, can be inspired by an idea and then act quickly. The Knight of Swords could represent the push that leads to rapid success. It be a disregard of consequences or previous experiences, meaning that you don’t fear failure and take needed risks that lead to innovation. The Knight of Swords may be a very positive sign of  determination to achieve a goal or set a grand new intention.

A more introspective and calculated person, on the other hand, may feel quickly out of control with the Knight of Swords energy. A few unorganized thoughts or plans and a whirlwind ensues so there is a desire to slow down and put more deliberate thought into the plan.This introvert could look more like this Knight of Swords image from the Shadowscapes tarot on the right here.  Calmly moving forward with a great new idea. The key concept here is movement though, whatever rapid change means to the querent, this is the point. Hopefully both personality types hear the call to action of the Knight of Swords, manifest some big ideas, and no one falls heavily on his sword.

Knight of Swords reversed:

Reversed this card can go one of two ways: either completely wild or totally stuck. Often they amount to the same thing as no progress is made and hard lessons are ignored. With a wild Knight of Swords we see a person whose ideas have gone off the charts. Intelligence has been taken to the extreme or reduced to one narrow focus that overshadows the perspective needed to advance a new idea. This reversed Knight is a poor communicator who spouts out thoughts without explanation or regard for other people’s ideas or feelings on the matter. He is impossible to work with because his jumps from one point to the next without logical steps, expecting you to follow along and agree with everything he says. He shouts and yells during arguments, and refuses to debate politely or take other people’s views into consideration.

A less crazy, but equally difficult Knight of Swords reversed is someone who refuses to say or do anything about a new idea. He hides or blocks his thoughts and creativity, believing that it is best to keep doing with the tried and true method. He doesn’t want things to change and is afraid of thinking outside the box. This reversed Knight hems and haws, hesitates, and then digs in his heels at any suggestion of a new way of doings things. He is a stick in the mud. He is stuck in a mental rut.

If you find that the Knight of Swords reversed represents you in the reading, don’t be too dismayed. This Knight is still a work in progress and your development as a person is not at your final destination today, or ever for that matter. Remember to take note of your thoughts. Watch them, observe them, analyze them. You have lots of mental energy at this point as a Knight of Swords so use that energy for good! The more time you spend simply watching your negative thoughts, the greater degree of a separation you will create between the real you and that negative thought monster. Try talking back to it, telling it that you don’t believe that you are crazy or stuck. You are a strong, intelligent, determined person who is ready to make progress on your brilliant ideas!