Tarotscopes for December- Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Can you believe it is already December?! How time flies! It´s now that we often find a moment to stop and reflect upon the year we have had, considering what we accomplished and setting big goals for the year to come. These types of activities are supported by the philosophical, yet optimistic energy of Sagittarius. We are able to exaggerate our successes a little bit, usually resulting in a more accurate representation than we would normally grant ourselves of achieving. We are also open to new ideas and integrating a year´s worth of lessons into our plans for the future.

If you are looking for some encouragement, direction, and support during this transition time, I will be offering a special New Year´s 2016 tarot reading!  This reading will give you a healthy reality check on where you at, what can help you get back on track if you have faltered, and what obstacles this new year may spring on you. It will also cover aspects of love, career, and well-being coming up for you in 2016 and provide you with your theme card for the coming year. Keep your eyes peeled for an example reading I will do for myself in the next couple of days. This is going to be a truly insightful and empowering reading option, available only at this time of year!

In the meantime, here are your tarotscopes for December everyone!

II of Cups rxed Rider Waite Smith tarot

II of Cups rxed
Rider Waite Smith tarot

Sagittarius- II of Cups rxed
Happy Birthday Sag friends! This month is all about you. You will have a strong desire for the spotlight to fall on you and let you shine. The needs and wants of others may fall to the wayside as you let your personal goals and desires take the lead. This type of self-directed energy is perfectly right for you. Get your priorities straight and then work to compromise and collaborate with others. Once you know in your heart what will make you happy, you will be ready to flow in your relationships, business partnerships, and friendships. Taking a step back to make sure you are meeting your own needs first is not selfish if it ends up helping everyone work better together.

Capricorn- VII of Cups reversed
Illusions and deceptions will disappear for you this month, Cappy friends, allowing you to see the whole picture clearly. If it seems that forces outside of your control are directing your life, work on accepting this inevitablity. You honestly can´t control everything, but you can keep your heart and mind feel of self-deception.

Aquarius- VI of Swords
This month will see a big shift in the way you are perceiving the world around you and your life situation. You may have been feeling that you are stuck in a rut, constantly going over and over the same mental ground. December will see you have a break through to the other side of that pattern, finally moving on to new fresh ground.

Pisces- The Empress reversed
December will find you overindulging, as so many of us are want to do that this time of year, Fishies friends. It can be a wonderful thing to delight all of your senses, but just a small word of warning that you might find yourself a bit uncomfortable in your skin if you overdo it.  Your body deserves a precious balance, so be sure to take care of it this month.

Aries- King of Wands reversed
As usually, you are go, go, go, full of ideas, projects, and plans this December, my Aries loves. You may find that you make yourself a bit crazy with rushing around and overcommitting this month. At this first day of the month, why not schedule in right now a coule of catch up days for everything you really want to get done, but that falls by the wayside. Because you will fall behind, so why not plan accordingly.

Taurus- VII of Wands reversed
In the spirit of the holidays, you will find your defensive walls crumbling and your heart opening up, Taurus friends. Grudges you have been holding, battles you have been waging, etc. will lose importance with grievances diminishing. It is a great time to let bygones be bygones and start the year with a fresh slate, free of wounded spirits and drawn out battles.

Gemini- VIII of Pentacles
You want to end the year with a bang, Twins friends, so you have your To Do list all made up and are ready to finish up all those projects you said you would get done this year. Excellent! The VIII of Pentacles supports your hard work and encourages you to keep plodding along diligenty toward success.

Cancer- III of Cups
What do you know, Watery Cancer, you are ready to hold up your cup of joy (and spiced wine) and celebrate the end of the year in lovng style. Open up to those you love and share with them how meaningful and satisfying you find your relationships. Indulge in the good things in life because you are in the moment and happy.

Leo- The Chariot reversed
You may find yourself losing steam at the end of the year, Lion friends. You had so much gusto and determination to make this year count, but now it is time to relax and stop driving yourself so hard. It is a wonderful time of year to take a break, take a nap, rest, meditate, and be still. You can pick up, full speed ahead all in good time, but not with full force if you don´t let yourself recuperate a bit first.

Virgo- II of Wands
You are feeling visionary and powerful right now, Virgin friends. Don´t let this opportunity pass you by. If you have big dreams for your 2016, it is time to make those dreams into actions plans. Get out the old paper and pen and make an outline and plan for how you can manifest your dreams into reality. You will have the imagination and the creativity to hatch an extraordinary plan this month.

Libra- X of Cups
Well heck, Libra friends, you couldn´t ask for a merrier card to usher in your month. It´s time to pratice some gratitude, so even if you are miserable, try saying how grateful you are for the good things in your life, no matter how big or small. Share that gratitude with your loved ones and try to really bring a beautiful content feeling into your heart. Let that happy feeling guide your thoughts and actions this month.

Scorpio- King of Swords reversed
Cold, rational logic will not get you through this month of light, Scorpion friends. You need to put aside what “makes sense” and focus on what feels right instead. Go with your gut reactions and follow your heart a bit to see where it leads you. Put aside the notion that everything needs to be fair, and trust that the universe will bring balance and justice to your life.

Well, there you have it, the last tarotscopes of 2016! I´m proud to have accomplished my goal to do these tarotscopes each month of the year 2015! If you enjoy them, let me know and I will continue the practice next year 🙂 Now have a wonderful month and I hope to hear from you soon!

Tarotscopes for November- Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Welcome to the wonderful month of November!  We are definitely in the tail end of 2015 now, so it’s a great time to consider all that you’ve accomplished thus far and make a super short list of a couple things you want to get done before the year is out. Good luck! With the Sun in Scorpio we are all experiencing an energy of death and rebirth, with a surge towards letting things go that no longer serve us. Perhaps there are things on that To Do List that aren’t important to you anymore- cross them off now! No need to waste your time on goals of the past. For all of you Scorpios out there, this is your time to shine with the Sun riding high in your sign. Make a wish for your new year of life with the clear intention to follow through on that goal. Here are your tarotscopes for November!

IX of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

IX of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

Scorpio- IX of Swords
You are totally ready to confront and tackle your fears and anxieties this month, Scorpio friends. The image of the IX of Swords brings to mind the stuff of your worst nightmares, the things buried deep within that wake you up at night in a cold sweat.You’re not taking any more of that same old bullshit this year. You are a master of confronting the mysteries of life, you know how to go within and be reborn. This is a whole new year of your life, the perfect time to shed the past and experience rebirth! It’s time to vanquish deep hidden fears, bring them out of the dark, and conquer them. You are a person of intense emotional currents that flow through and around you. This year brings a challenge to face your fears, to rule with your mind instead of letting your mind rule you, to direct the currents of your emotions. You are up to the challenge! Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Sagittarius- IV of Cups
An uncharacteristically, introspective month awaits you, my happy Sag friends. Perhaps this last month before your birthday has got you thinking about yourself, your place in the world, and how you feel about your life. Use this period of self reflection to your advantage in order to do some deep inner work. Don’t just avoid your real life difficulties by shutting yourself off. Work on yourself first in order to tackle outer issues with inner strength.

Capricorn- VIII of Cups
The VIII of Cups mirrors the energy of the Scorpio New Moon to release and let go. It can be very hard to walk away from a past love, or job, or life situation that once dominated your world and even made you quite happy.  Just because something was perfect for you in the past, does not necessitate that situation continuing to be the right one for you. With this New Moon, look into your heart and really examine the burdens of the past that you can begin to let go of and gently move away with grace and an open heart.

Aquarius- V of Cups reversed
Leave regrets and hard feeling in the past this month, my serious Aquarius friends. When you release the hurt emotions of the past you make space in your heart for new feelings of happiness and peace. The V of Cups reversed supports this release and indicates that you really are ready to move on.  Regrets serve no purpose but to keep you trapped in the past, instead of immersed in the possibilities of the present.

Pisces- The Empress
A time of abundance and flourishing, creation is upon you now, my dreamy Fish friends. This month, focus on what you want to birth into this world. Get in touch with your feminine side which supports the subconscious, your inner world, and your ability to accept and flow with the energy of the Universe. The Empress is the mother of us all, so contemplating motherhood, Mother Nature, and the Goddess are all supported activities this coming month. Be sensual and present in your physical body to increase your power.

Aries- Father of Wands reversed
Once again, you’re riding high on expectations for yourself that might be a bit out of wack with reality, my feisty Ram friends. You are a seriously capable person, but even you can’t do it all. Dream big, but then bring those dreams down to reality with an action plan that is actually doable. Don’t neglect your inner world when making these dreams, it’s not all about what you can accomplish out there, but how it makes you feel inside that ultimately determines the level of your success in your endeavors.

Taurus- X of Wands
November has you feeling a bit overburdened and struggling to decide what your priorities are going forward. It’s great to be inspired and full of ideas and projects, but when you take on too much, all those ideas suffer from lack of focus, time, and resources. You can decide now if you want to take the hard road and keep spreading yourself thin over a dozen projects, or narrow your focus and accomplish one or two things at a time. The choice is yours, but know things aren’t going to get any easier trying to do it all.

Gemini- Mother of Pentacles
The Mother of Pentacles is here to nourish, love and support you this month, lucky Geminis. Ask yourself if this is an energy that you wish to embody in order to show kindness and generous to those who you hold most dearly in your life, or to the inhabitants of this world in general. Or perhaps you are looking for this kind of unconditional love from a person in your life. Do not be afraid to ask someone to take care of you in your time of need this coming November.

Cancer- V of Wands reversed
Things are going to start falling into place this month in regards to your passions and inspirations, Crabby friends. Conflicting ideas and emotions will resolve and lead you to be more focused and on target toward completing your projects for this year. If you have been at odds with your coworkers or friends, look for a conflict resolution this month, and be hopeful that all that intensity will result in some really impassioned work.

Leo- IX of Pentacles reversed
November is not going to pass you idly by, my brave little Lions. You are ready for action and hard work! Unfortunately, all that huffing and puffing towards your goals might find you expending way too much energy on work, with limited results. In fact, you would do better to work less, but more efficiently, so you have time for fun leisure activities. We all need that balance of work and play in our lives to keep us healthy and happy.

Virgo- The Devil reversed
If you have felt awfully restricted and locked down, expect some relief this November, my Virgo friends. Get ready to detach and break free from the bonds that are keeping you down. You are ready to see past the greed of materialism, the addictions of our society, and do your own things, wild and free. Don’t be afraid to get riled up and passionate about your interests and goals. The Devil wants you to take your power back.

Libra- III of Wands reversed
Be careful that you haven’t lost track of your life vision, Libra old pal. What are your long-term goals? What is your plan of attack? If you are experiencing delays or obstacles, do not be overly dismayed by the setbacks. Life does not often go according to plan, but completely giving up or being inflexible to adjust the plan to keep yourself on track, only punishes yourself. Reexamine your priorities and keep you dream alive and in focus!

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!

Tarotscopes for October- Happy Birthday Libras!

Welcome to the wonderful month of October, tarot lovers! Beautiful spring days are blooming in the Southern Hemisphere where I am traveling now. Meanwhile, bright fall colors are emerging into their full glory up in the Northern Hemisphere from whence I came.  What a glorious month October is all over the Earth and every Libra is lucky to call this their birthday time of year.  Without further ado, here are your tarotscopes for the month of October! Enjoy!

IV of Wands rxed Deviant Moon Tarot

IV of Wands rxed
Deviant Moon Tarot

Happy Birthday Libra!
IV of Wands reversed
Birthdays are always a time of transition and this year finds you reflecting deeply upon what growing another year older means to you, beautiful Libra friends. There is a tendency this year to judge your accomplishments, your relationships and your physical place in the world and find them lacking. You may have a feeling of discouragement or dissatisfaction with where you are at now. Shouldn’t you have a better job? Shouldn’t you have the perfect relationship figured out? Shouldn’t you have a beautiful and safe home and family life? I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the answer to those questions is a big NOPE!  You shouldn’t be, have, or do anything specific or proscribed. Your life is your own, your journey is personal, you don’t have to measure yourself against any standard. At your birthday time, work on accepting your path, your place, where you are at and who you are. Be present and thankful for being.  You don’t have to do anything in particular but be your fullest self.

Scorpio- II of Swords
It’s decision making time, Eagle friends! Use your brain power, logic and rationality to determine what is the best course of action this October. Remember to keep your heart open to possibilities and allow that whatever path you choose, it is the only one that exists for you. There are no alternatives once you have decided so be peaceful with your choice.

Sagittarius- Knight of Swords
You are ready to charge ahead on some new ideas this month, my little Archers. Your energy will be high and your ability to communicate will be strong, so use these skills to your advantage. This is a great time to map out an action plan for your goals. Write down your strategy, but do not be too hasty in ticking off your action items.  Be thorough!

Capricorn- III of Cups reversed
October will be a tricky month for balancing work and play for you, Cappy friends. You may have a strong desire to party it up, but there just isn’t time for that overindulgence. Try to integrate little doses of fun into your everyday life without going overboard. Fun in moderation will keep you on pace with your work without leaving you feeling neglected.

Aquarius- VI of Wands
Accomplishments will abound in October for my Water Bearer friends. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have accomplished, and soak up the admiration of those around you who appreciate your hard work. There is still much to be done, but it’s a good idea to sit back and enjoy your progress for a moment before diving back into the work again.

Pisces- Knight of Pentacles
October is going to be a steady, plodding, routine month for you, Fish friends. A Knight is full of energy though, so at least you will have plenty of endurance to keep up your pace. You are building a strong foundation for yourself, but try to find some down time away from your work. Go explore the beauty of the natural world as a break from the routine.

Aries- X of Cups
What a pleasant month October has in store for you, Ram friends! This will be a time of joy, peace, familial happiness, and contentment. Take the time to truly appreciate and be thankful for your life, your work, your people, and the world. Share emotions and kind words with those closest to you in order to make the most of this joyful month for you.

Taurus- King of Swords reversed
Be wary of overly aggressive mental energy this month, Bull friends, either in yourself or from someone in a position of authority. You may feel a strong rational pull to exert your control over your life, the people you work with, or your family and friends.  Ease up on the logic, manipulation and bossy pants attitude- no one likes it! Alternatively, someone may be lording their authority over you and you certainly won’t enjoy it.

Gemini- IX of Swords reversed
There will be marked decrease in your worries and anxiety this month, Twins friends. Whatever has been hanging over your head, keeping you up at night, will start to dissipate. Expect to feel some relief or control over the workings of your mind. Remember that anxiety is nothing but a projection of a worse case future that does not exist now and most likely will not come to pass in the future. Stop living in the future and live now!

Cancer- Queen of Wands reversed
This October will find you predisposed to spend some time in your shell, my Crab friends. While it’s ok to shy from the limelight recuperating and being alone, make sure you aren’t isolating yourself or holding yourself back from recognition of your awesomeness. You don’t have to take center stage but make sure you at least show up and take credit for your contributions to the production.

Leo- IV of Pentacles
Financial stability and physical control of your personal environment will be high on your priority list this month, Lion friends. It’s great to feel stable and secure, but just remember that you can’t take it with you when you die, so try to open to being generous with your abundance. Get real with yourself about what you actually physically need and what is just icing on the cake that perhaps is best shared with others.

Virgo- Justice
October finds you seeking balance and fairness in your life, Virgin friends. How can you create a just environment for yourself and for those around you. It will be of utmost important to you to make sure you are not taking advantage of anyone, or being taking advantage of yourself. All must get their due share of your time. Keep a sharp eye out for where your energy seems like it is being demanded unfairly and nip that in the bud!
Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed these short Tarotscopes for October! These are supposed to be fun and get you thinking about monthly energies and the tarot.  Get in touch if you would like a reading tailored specifically to you. I do empowering and insightful 1 or 2 card readings for just $10!  Happy October!

Tarotscopes for September- Happy Birthday Virgos!

Pheweee, can you believe it is September already?!  Where did the summer go?  Well, it was highly enjoyable and I must have taken a few pictures of it to remember it by, so that should do. Now it is time to focus on getting ready for the Fall, which for me brings a trip to South America for three months.  I hope you too have amazing fall plans lined up (or delicious spring plans if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!).  With the Sun shining away in the sign of Virgo from now until September 22nd, this is a great time to get organized and to get down to the details. Think of any tasks or projects that require meticulous or efficient attention and knock them out of the park this month.  Here are your tarotscopes for the month of September:

IV of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

IV of Pentacles
Wild Unknown Tarot

Virgo- IV of Pentacles
Your natural inclination to be exacting, detail oriented, and a noble humanitarian could leave you feeling a bit stifled and overly controlled this birthday month, Virgin friends. This card serves as reminder that you don’t have to adhere so strictly to your role as best employee, most reliable friend, and most efficient human. Maybe it’s time to slack off and have some fun, Virgos!  Or not…with the Sun in your birth sign, you will find it easy and flowing to be in total control mode. If you accept this as your super power, you could accomplish some intense projects this month, really nailing it on efficiency and follow through. Ask yourself what you want to get done this month, dream big, and then buckle down, because you can bring forth some amazing progress this September. Happy Birthday Virgos, it’s your month to shine!

Libra- Page of Pentacles
September is back to school month in the USA, and this Page could not be more pumped about education and learning. Look for a way to expand your knowledge base, even if it’s just taking a free online course, or reading a How To book on your current pet project. You will be in the mood to use that brain of yours, this month, Libra friends.

Scorpio- The Chariot reversed
If it feels like you’re totally out of control, and that fate is working against your motivations and goals, this month is all about regaining your drive, Scorpio friends. Do you even know what you are trying to accomplish? It’s time to get clear on your goals, regain the reigns of your life, and push forward with renewed vigor and clarity of mind.

Sagittarius- Ace of Cups reversed
Looks like things might be a bit complicated regarding matters of the heart this September, Sag friends. Are you having a hard time communicating your feelings, or even accessing them?  It’s time to connect with your heart center, look deep within, and decide what the spirit and essence of love means to you this month. Be open, start small.

Capricorn- Ace of Wands
Inspiration and creativity strike this month, Cappy friends!  You may have no choice other than to seize the day, get lit up by a new idea or project, and get doing. You feel a strong urge to act on your ideas and bring something physical into existence. Let the energy of a new beginning wash over you and allow inspiration to strike.

Aquarius- VII of Swords
It’s time to break free from mental challenges and hurdles this month, Aquarius friends. If it has seemed absolutely impossible to get into a good headspace and find new ways of thinking, you may finally feel some relief this month in a change of perspective. You can overcome restrictions this month and catch a glimpse of your limitless potential.

Pisces- The Fool
It’s time for a spontaneous and carefree new beginning, my little Fishies! The Fool asks you to take a leap of faith. Believe that the Universe will catch you, carry you, and support you if the endeavors you undertake now are in alignment with your core values. It’s also a great month to do some silly and fun things!  Get playful!

Aries- Knight of Pentacles reversed
Life really a bit mundane and routine these days, Aries friends? Well, you are fully capable of spicing things up, so get out of the day-to-day drudgery and find ways to make life more exciting!  This Knight loves to explore nature, so plan some fun outdoor activities. Get in a couple more beach days, mountain hikes, or amusement park rides.

Taurus- The Emperor reversed
Feel a bit unstable and ungrounded, my earthy Taurus friends?  You need to find some ways to bring it back to earth this September.  On the other hand, if you have been feeling way too under control, to the point of repression- ease up!  There has to be a balance between reckless and rigid, where you can feel safe but still express your freedom.

Gemini- Page of Cups
Expect some messages of love this month, Gemini friends. This Page brings with her the essence of happy, contented, youthful love. It may be the beginning of a new relationship or friendship, a return of a long lost passion, or even a delightful time playing children’s games.  It’s a great time to connect with your pregnant or new parent friends.

Cancer- III of Pentacles reversed
September will find you seeking some alone time, Cancer friends. Your ability to deal with groups may decline, as you wish to work in peaceful solitude. That way you can control the whole project and get things done your way. Remember, you’re a great leader, so take into account that others can be useful if you direct them accordingly.

Leo- The Star
A hopeful and shining month lies ahead of you, gentles Lions. This month holds a great spiritual energy for you, so if you have been intending to renew your exploration of your spirituality, The Start supports that journey. You are well on your way toward your goals, but there is still much work to be done, so be peaceful but carry on.

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!

Tarotscopes for August- Happy Birthday Leos!

Happy Birthday to you, Brave Lions!! The sun was happily shining away in the fire sign of Leo when you decided to emerge into this world. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the hot, hot heat of the height of summer, getting touch with their own inner fire and inspiration. Leos were born to shine, so shower your Leo friends with the attention they so desire, including lots of loving compliments on how entertaining, interesting, and helpful they are to you. Here are you tarotscopes for the month of August!

VIII of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

VIII of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

Leo- VIII of Wands
What a lovely and inspired card to get for your birthday month, Leo friend! The VIII of Wands may as well be your power card, as it shows the bolt of electricity that illuminates your year ahead. All of the inspiration, enthusiasm, and fiery energy that surrounds you when the Sun is in your sign is in sharp focus. Use that focus to your best advantage. There is a real ambition and drive to DO! to get the ball rolling, to really rock hard on your goals for the future. That momentum may bring about some quick and big changes for you during August, little Lion, so get ready for a transition to a higher level. This is also a great card for travel, so why not set off on a little trip this month to someplace near or far. Pick a place that inspires you even while you are able to relax and take it all in.  Happy Birthday Leos!

Virgo- King of Wands reversed
Be aware of your expectations this month, Virgo friends. Are you placing too high of expectations on yourself or others? The type of lofty goals and attention to detail you demand may be outside of the scope of possibility this month.  Let off some steam, redirect your focus, and come back to your goal with renewed vigor after a rest.

Libra- Ace of Swords reversed
Your overthinking things again, Libra friends. Get out of the constant weighing of pros and cons and just do something already! By all means, hold to your inner truth but remember that the world is not a rational place so you can’t ever figure it all out with your mind. Try following a gut reaction and see if it doesn’t take you someplace magical and unexpected.

Scorpio- The Magician reversed
You may be experiencing some blocks in your creativity and powers of manifestation this month, Scorpio friends. Lack of planning or poor communication skills will crop up to take you off your chosen path. Unexplored territory can bring up new and and powerful skills that you didn’t even know you possessed, so take that as your silver lining. You will end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Sagittarius- Page of Swords reversed
August might be a bit of doozy as far as communicating and sharing your thoughts and opinions with others. Watch out for sharp works to create harsh feelings, especially when you haven’t thought things through and don’t have a firm grasp of where you stand on the issues of debate. Be careful not to overcommit yourself this month as well.

Capricorn- X of Wands reversed
If you’ve been feeling over-burdened this past month, Cappy friends, it’s time to set down your heavy load and simplify. Figure out what really lights you up inside and quit the things you just feel like you should be doing, but aren’t really that fun for you. Even if that means saying no to friendly requests to participate in something, it’s ok- do your own thing.

Aquarius- The Emperor
You are in a great position this month to take control of your life situation and create some stability and structure. The Emperor rules over his kingdom with firmness, but also with the best interest of his subjects.  Work with others to accomplish your goals, but do not bend your will. You can create a really solid foundation for your future course this month.

Pisces- III of Pentacles reversed
Let’s face it Pisces, multitasking isn’t your strong suit.  You would do yourself, and those who love you, a favor if you would focus your attention on one thing at a time. This sharpness of attention will soon see you getting shit done with amazing speed, as long as you don’t get distracted by what’s next instead of focusing on the task at hand.

Aries- IX of Wands reversed
Oh my gosh, Aries friends, let me just tell you that everyone is not out to get you this month!  When you are feeling overwhelmed, hesitant, paranoid or defensive, take a time out and analyze the situation.  The world does not revolve around you and you cannot know everyone else’s story and motivations, so try not to take it personally.

Taurus- IX of Pentacles reversed
You are probably not going to give yourself the rest and relaxation you need so dearly this August, Taurus friends. You are a sensual person, soothed and healed by the five senses, so denying yourself delicious foods, comforting touches, natural beauty and the like is going to make you supremely unhappy. Watch for where you are denying yourself pleasure and question your motives, question everything!

Gemini- VI of Wands
This month is all about rising above, Twin friends. Don’t feel shy about tooting your own horn, and getting the recognition you deserve. You’ve been working hard and it’s time to recognize and reward your accomplishments and move on to the next level. Keep that hope and courage strong in your heart and your actions.

Cancer- II of Cups
August will bring a little peace and harmony into your life, Crabby friends.  Look for work and personal relationship to find some wonderful common ground and compromises.  If you’re looking for love, there is great energy for finding someone with common values and goals.  Remember to share your inner peace with those around you, shine on!

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!

Tarotscopes for July- Happy Birthday Cancers!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to me! The sun was happily shining away in the watery sign of Cancer 33 years ago when I decided to grace the Earth with my presence. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the long days of summer, getting their tan on, and enjoying some time in the water. Cancers love water, so make sure to bring your favorite Cancer to the lake, ocean, or stream this month. Make sure to pack lots of drinks and get ready to share some juicy conversations about love, feelings, and the meaning of life. Here are you tarotscopes for the month of July!


IX of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith tarot

Cancer- IX of Pentacles reversed
You’re still working hard at incorporating the lessons and new skills from last year into your every day experience. It’s an important to finish up and solidify what you have been trying to accomplish last year, in order to create a healthy, happy year to come. Don’t give up just yet on your ideals, when you are so close to achieving your goals for yourself. Harmony, and the rest and relaxation that comes after a job well done, are right on your horizon. This new year will see your current challenges transcended and a time of stability and comfort begin. The IX of Pentacles energy is here, ready to usher in a year when you can finally sit back in relax, feeling like you have accomplished what you set out to do. Make sure to plan some especially luxuries activities for yourself. I’m thinking a delicious dinner, a deep tissue massage, and some time floating around on a boat in the lake.  Happy Birthday Cancer!

Leo- X of Wands
Lots of hard work coming up for you in July, Leo friends. You are a super motivated and fired up person, but make sure you aren’t taking on more than you can handle. Try focusing on finishing up the projects you have already started before launching into any new ones.  All work and no play, is not a good idea for summer time.

Virgo- IX of Wands
It’s all about perseverance this July, Virgo friends. If you are feeling worn out or put upon, look for ways to fortify yourself in order to keep going. It might seem like the odds are stacked against you, but believe me- you’ve got this! Nourish your mind, body, and soul for a continued effort; it will pay off.

Libra- V of Pentacles
Looks like July might be a rough one for you, Libra friends. Be careful not to overspend because your financial situation may take a turn for the worse. Keep yourself open to spiritual fulfillment over physical or financial abundance. Being prepared for adversity will help you overcome it more quickly.

Scorpio- The Sun reversed
A perfect, summer sunshine radiates over you. Happiness is going to find you when you least expect it this month, Scorpio friends. Don’t worry too much about what you think will bring your joy, but know in your heart that vitality, warmth, success, and abundance is your right. An awakening is coming.

Sagittarius- Ace of Pentacles reversed
This July, ask yourself what’s holding you back from your potential, Sag friends. All around you an energy of new beginnings and growth awaits, but you are feeling unwilling or unprepared to seize it. Try not to shy away from your potential, confront your dreams and goals, and take one small step forward this month.

Capricorn- V of Swords
You will be overwhelmed by thoughts and opinions this July, Cappy friends, and might not have the polished diplomatic skills necessary to effectively communicate. Be wary that you don’t pick fights just because you know you can “win”. Sometimes a battle avoided is much better than completely obliterating an unprepared opponent.

Aquarius- The Magician reversed
It’s time to start manifesting your dreams this month, Aquarius friends. It’s the first leap of faith into the world of creation that is tripping you up, though. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back forever. Try a mental exercise of imagining an ideal outcome for your situation, and then let it all go and see what happens in real life.Seize your personal power!

Pisces- III of Swords reversed
It’s time to put sad times behind you, my little Fishies. It you are still regretting past decisions or actions, you need to let it go. What came before does not have to define who you are in this moment now. You can begin afresh and move forward with the knowledge that everything does happen for a reason, one you may never know, but that’s ok.

Aries- Mother of Swords reversed
You may be sorely tempted to wear your sarcastic bitch pants this month, Aries friends. My advice is to use them sparingly, though. Some of your friends can handle the blunt truth of things and see the fun and games in sarcastic wit, but others can be easily hurt. If you gotta let your inner bitch out, choose the time and place wisely, and warn others!

Taurus- Temperance reversed
Keeping everything in balance is going to be a challenge for you this July, Taurus friend. The good news is, that when you do achieve a harmony and flow between your thoughts and actions, between your desires and your obligations, and between your work and play, the sense of peace you feel will be more than deeply satisfying, it will be transcendent.

Gemini- Father of Cups
July will be an uncharacteristically emotionally month for you, Gemini friends. You may find yourself with a deep sense of compassion and understanding, and want to act as a peacemaker or mediator between your friends or family members. Be generous, supportive and giving of yourself this July, just going with the flow of your feelings.

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!

Tarotscopes for June- Happy Birthday Geminis!

Hello there tarot lovers! It’s time for your June Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot.  I hope you enjoy these tarotscopes. They are supposed to be fun! Remember, if you need a personal tarot reading, get in touch!  I do a pretty fantastic birthday reading : )

Birthday Tarotscope for Gemini: The Sun

The Sun Wild Unknown Tarot

The Sun
Wild Unknown Tarot

Whoot!  They say it’s your birthday!  Happy Birthday to ya!  I feel like singing, I’m so happy about your tartoscope this month Twins. The Sun card jumped out the deck for you! The sun in the sky is currently traveling through the constellation of Gemini, just like it was when you were born, and that means it is your time to SHINE. Get out there and have some fun this month, play games, get outside, do what makes you feel ALIVE. The Sun is about finding joy, feeling at harmony with yourself and the world around you, and feeling energized and revitalized. This month, take some time to acquaint yourself with how you are thinking and feeling about enjoyment, success, and happiness. What do these concepts mean to you? How do they feel inside you? Are you acting in ways that bring them into your life?  The Sun is enlightenment, so this is a wonderful time to do some soul searching, get in touch with your spirit fire energy, and go into this new year of your life with vigor and clarity! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Cancer:  IX of Swords reversed
Dear me, little Crabs, it looks like this month will see you moving away from a dark and difficult time. It you have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and worry, it’s time to let those old mind patterns go. Take control of your thoughts, direct them in positive directions, and hold yourself strong and accountable for not falling back into the past, it is behind you.

Leo:  The Moon reversed
Things have been a tad confusing lately, my proud Lions, but that mystifying energy is fading away. If you have been struggling to figure out exacting what is happening?! in your life, know that understanding and contentment is coming. Or, even better, that the need to make sense out of chaos will pass. Accept what you can’t understand and move on.

Virgo:  IV of Cups
June may find you wanting to take some time apart, to do some inner work and self reflection, my friendly Virgins. It can be wonderfully empowering and insightful to spend time with yourself, your feelings, and just be. Of course, there is the small warning to be careful not to miss an important opportunity because your head is in the clouds!

Libra: The Magician
It’s time to get creating this month, Libra, so what would you like to manifest? You’re best at working with Air energy, so think about communication and the realm of the mind. What would you like to express to others, what would you like to write out, what do you want to put out there into the world.  You can do it this month, be powerful!

Scorpio: Mother of Swords
Your mind is particularly sharp this month, my lofty Eagle friends, so make good use of it. Use your perspective to synthesize information to share with your coworkers, family or friends. You have the ability to be super honest and straightforward, but be careful that other’s don’t think you’re being sarcastic or too blunt. A little subtlety is needed.

Sagittarius:  V of Pentacles reversed
You too have drawn a “sad” card in reverse this month, Archer friend, which signifies hard times passing now. May doesn’t seem like it was very fun for many people, so if you have suffered some financial losses or dark nights of the soul, know that this tough energy is behind you. Things should start to look up this June, so keep your eyes and heart open.

Capricorn: IX of Cups
Oh oh, you go the “wish” card, Goat friend!  Lucky you! What do you desire in your heart of hearts? Go for it this month! Just a caveat with this card, be careful what you wish for… It is wonderful to get what you want, but make sure that what you think you want is what you actually need. Harmonize your heart, soul, physical needs, and vision.

Aquarius: Ace of Swords reversed
Big new ideas are right around the corner, Waterbearer friends, so let them in!  If you have a niggling feeling that you are about to grasp some really big life concepts or develop a fresh perspective on everything, keep at it, you are so close!  The Ace here signifies honesty, truth, fortitude, and clarity so hold these concepts high in your mind.

Pisces: IV of Swords reversed
You will probably find yourself feeling a bit restless going into June, my happy Fish friends. Now seems like the perfect time to act, so why not do it?  Remember not to burn yourself out or act impulsively without thinking about how your actions may effect others. You can make some good progress out in the world, but may lose touch with your inner world.

Aries:  Judgement reversed
It’s not like you to shy away from your inner calling, fiery Aries friend, but that may be just the case this month. Are you feeling unworthy and judging yourself harshly for your inability to meet some ridiculously high self standards? Stop it!  This June, make it a priority to get in touch with your soul purpose instead of fighting against your life circumstances.

Taurus: VIII of Pentacles reversed
Ok, Bull friend, it’s official- you’ve been working too hard. Even the tarot is conspiring to tell you to take a break and relax a bit. Sometimes it’s ok to let it all go for a week or even the whole month, and come back to your To Do list with renewed vigor in July. In the meantime, reflect on all that you do and congratulate yourself for some jobs well done.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot.  Feel free to share with your friends or let me know your personal experiences this month with the energies of the tarot.  Best wishes!