The Magician Meditation

RIder-Waite Smith deck

Rider-Waite Smith deck

Continuing on my journey through the Major Arcana with the guided meditation program Soul Meditations from Biddy Tarot, I completed The Magician meditation this week.  In a synchronistic turn of events (yay!) I happened to do this meditation on a New Moon in Aquarius right during Imbolc.  This is a highly creative, inspirational, turning point/beginning for the year.  The Magician happens to be ruled by the fixed air sign Aquarius and also is the beginning of the Fool’s Journey.  I felt like this cosmic correspondence to the card of my meditation really added some additional intensity to the meditation.  Let me share with you what I experienced:

I stepped into The Magician card to find myself on the stage of a large, stone, outdoor amphitheater.  The stone benches and walls were empty of people and obvious signs of exposure and decay marked the crumbling stone benches and walls.  The sea could be seen across some rolling hills and the roofs of a nearby village (honestly, it looked much like an amphitheater I once visited outside Sparta, Greece).  The stage was ringed by red and white flower bushes and a trellis framed the back of the expansive stage, dripping with more flowers.  The Magician stood as if made of stone in his open-armed stance as in the tarot card.  His gaze followed me as I looked around, sniffed the flowers, and slowly, timidly, walked toward him.

The Magician reached out to take my hands softly, setting down his wand on the table.  He told me, “You can manifest all of your dreams”.  We both looked down at his table and saw the resources there.  Suddenly, I was looking down at the tools through The Magician’s eyes.  I was The Magician.  As I picked up the sword, I brandished it gracefully and skillfully.  I then dug a small hole in the ground with it’s tip before replacing it on the table and picking up the pentacle.  The earth energy of the pentacle planted my feet firmly on the ground as I dropped the pentacle into the hole and covered it with dirt.  I then reached for the cup, took a long swallow of it’s compassionate water, then sprinkled more water over the freshly dug earth.  A tree sprouted and emerged  for the ground, climbing up out of the earth and I saw the wand embedded into it’s trunk.

As I extricated the wand from the tree, The Magician and I separated to gaze up at the tree.  Suddenly, it was dark and the amphitheater stage was dramatically lit with bright shades of pink, blue, yellow, and purple.   The tree was swaying and expanding as the amazed packed house gasped in awe.  I shouted from the front row, “What am I here to learn Magician?” and he responded again, very simply, that I can make my dreams into reality.  Then he created a dazzling storm of color, swirling from his baton around and upward, a cloud of color coalescing into an iridescent butterfly.  The butterfly alighted on my shoulder, shimmering, and became a simple pin adornment.  The show continued but I slowed receded from the dreamscape of the card and emerged full of magic.

It seems obvious now, but I’ve never associated The Magician with actual magic before.  I thought of Magician butterflyenergy as creative and practical manifestation of a beginning.  The Magician is resourceful and uses skills and tools to achieve goals.  This meditation, on the other hand, really got me in touch with the pure, transcendent magic of bringing an idea, a dream, into physical form.  Not the practiced, skillful talent of a circus magician to dazzle, deceive, divert, and amaze an audience, but rather the enchanting, illuminating, defiant energy of unexplainable alchemy or witchcraft or sorcery.  How is it that we can conceive of a dream or an idea and make it happen?  We are truly magical creatures when we embody this Magician energy and manifest our dreams.

Imbolc is great time to get in touch with the elements, and I really enjoyed how the workbook for this Soulelements Meditation had me ponder the energy of each of the elements in order to examine how each can help me manifest my dreams and goals.  I thought about my goal to become a professional tarot reader and how I can call on the elements to help me achieve this goal.  Air, the swords, will help me use my head and develop the most effect study systems of the tarot.  My clear communication skills will allow me to explain my readings to others.  Earth, the pentacles, can help me figure out the best pricing system for my services in order to meet the standard of living I want in the van.  Fire, the wands, remind me that I am a unique individual and my skill set is special to me.  I’m passionate about the transformative power of tarot and have my own way to share it with other.  Water, the cups, knows that I am a highly empathetic person who understands and internalized my own hearth experiences in order to relate to others and stay away from judgement without compassion.

200x200I’m already looking forward to the next meditation on the High Priestess.  These Soul Meditations are really fascinating and deep.  Click on the banner to ther right if you want to learn more about purchasing the meditations for yourself.  Perhaps during tomorrow’s snowstorm in Massachusetts I will find some deep quiet meditation time!  Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “The Magician Meditation

  1. I am getting a lot out of these meditations as well, they are a wonderful way to connect with the tarot. Writing these experiences up as blog posts is a good idea too.

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