The Tower Meditation

The Tower Rider Waite Smith

The Tower
Rider Waite Smith

This Soul Meditation on The Tower began with a relaxing visualization of a ball of glowing white light, approaching and completely enclosing me.  In my mind, the ball of light transformed into an outfit of glowing white light on me.  As I entered the massive wooden gates that lead me into the tarot card scene from The Tower, I wore a dress to match the snow upon the ground.  I was filled with nervous excitement, enthusiastic but a bit afraid. Tension was in the air.  I found myself on a mountaintop on a cold, starry night. Before me I saw The Tower, built in the same location as The Hermit had roamed in my earlier meditation.  The Tower now loomed massive, rising into the sky above, which was a swirl of grey roiling clouds.  An uneasiness hung in the air, as if something were just “off”. I put a hand upon the stones of The Tower and found them cold as the snow beneath my feet.  The Tower pulsed with tangible energy and I sensed a glow of green and grey light from the rock.  I notice that two pulses of energy vibrated through the stone, just a shade off rhythm.  An off-putting and off-kilter feeling traveled through me.  Something was out of alignment.  I heard raised voices coming from above, but no distinct words.  One of the voices sounded angry and and the other was tinged with fear.  The air smelled of snow and hot electricity.

The Tower Shadowscapes

The Tower

The meditation now prompted me to speak with The Tower, and it then asked me to align my values with my life actions.  The Tower reminded me that if I can’t create a sense of harmony between what I believe in and what I do, something is going to feel off, negative and wrong. Change will come like a bolt of lighting, painful and sharp, if I can’t create that needed harmony. Old structures will fail and fall no matter what I do when a self imposed identity or routine becomes limiting and stale. This card is about transformational growth. I can learn how to break through my upper limit with The Tower.  The Tower represents a limit. You think you have created the perfect life, you have clearly defined yourself and identified who you are,  but there is no limit to growth, to happiness, to expansion. The only way to break through limits and explode into a new phase of growth is to destroy those limits, completely deconstruct them and burst into a new phase.  Being at a certain level may feel comfortable and accomplished, but it’s also confined and stagnant.  We can always learn more, be more, grow more, and sometimes a lighting bolt from the sky will require that of us, even against our will, because our will is stuck sometimes.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comThen in the meditation, lighting struck, hitting the top crown of The Tower, causing it to topple and fall HUGE to the ground.  It looked like an ancient ruin from a lost culture as it settled into the snow on the mountaintop. Next the stones of The Tower began to crumble. Dust and snow rose up in plumes and I backed away from the spreading debris. When The Tower had completely fallen, I found myself suddenly in the bottom ring of the ruined structure.  A huge sense of personal power bloomed inside of me and I reached for the clearing sky above me.  I could sense the break through in my identity, change in routine, the expansion of my existence.  The stones around me glowed pink and I knew I could immediately start reconstructing a beautiful pink tower.  But I hesitated.  What if I didn’t build up a Tower of my normality?  What if no structure, no matter how pink and perfect for the moment was ever really a good plan?  Perhaps I could make things more mutable, allow for constant change, say to myself that I will always be transforming and the less structures I put in place, the less deconstruction will be necessary down the road, because I will always grow and know change?

200x200Ok, so that’s a nice idea, but I’m still human. I will still build up my accomplishments and interpret my place in the world through those achievements.  I will create an identity for myself and define who I am by those constraints. This Soul Meditation exists to remind me of the insubstantiality of that structure. The Tower says to me that this cycle of building and destroying is constant. Being aware, being conscious of the process and of the inevitable lightning strikes, is all that we can ask of ourselves.  Be ready!

2 thoughts on “The Tower Meditation

  1. Absolutely electric!. It was a major level experience. Stay with it Deirdre. Destruction of the ego is the first significant step forward on the difficult path to self- realization. It may be a little disorienting at first but subsequently you will feel that a major internal shift has occurred akin to an earthquake showing a 8.5 on the Richter scale! Your life will change significantly. Specially your perspective, your inner gaze.Stay with it. All the best for the journey.

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