Listening to Muses and Facing Chaos

Confession: I’ve been really into tarot lately. Okay, I know that should come as no shock since I am a tarot reader, but I think we all ebb and flow in our interest in any job, topic, sensation, discussion, whatever it is. We get overwhelmed, tired, distracted, disinterested, etc. And that’s okay. That’s normal. Our Muses may offer us a different research topic or a new job opportunity, or whatever fun thing that Muses want us humans to create on this earthly plane. I generally choose to go with the flow on what interests me so that I can create most effectively and happily.

I am happy to be deeply involved in my study of tarot these days. I’m listening to a series of interviews or podcasts about different tarot topics. When I’m out walking Cosmo along the streets of Nashville, I put in my headphones and listen to these tarot talks. These are new topics and perspectives for me which I find to be fun and interesting. I listened to one the other day on tarot birth cards and was motivated to continue my own write ups for each tarot year card, something that’s been on my back burner for months. I listened to a talk about tarot visual journaling and finally pasted some images into an empty journal I’ve had for 2 years just for that purpose. If you’re interested in listing to tarot podcasts, I’ve raved about them before on my blog, and you can buy access to them here.

You may have noticed that I wrote that blog post about the Guardian Gateway Telesummit back in July and now here I am admitting that I just started listing to it this week! What can I say- inspiration strikes you when it strikes you. I’ve been meaning to listen to these things, but I haven’t been stressing about it or mean to myself about falling down on the job. Instead I knew I would listen at just the right moment and obviously I’ve been hearing just when I need to hear at just the right moment.

The podcasts I listened to yesterday really spoke to my heart and I wanted to share with you some helpful, healing ideas that I took away from my listen. I feel like we can all use some healing right now. This was the talk by Heather Mendel and started out with her discussing (and I’m paraphrasing) the sense of overwhelm and overload in our world right now. We see politics dragged to the lowest common denominator, our airwaves are full of disrespect, and fear is everywhere in the media all around us, 24/7. It feels like we are on the precipice of something. That we are about to reach the tipping point. But the tipping point towards what?


The Tower Shadowscapes tarot

Heather brings up the concepts of The Tower, which represents total destruction but also rebuilding and renewal. She offers us the choice of where we want to put our focus. Do we want to focus solely upon the Shadow side that is starkly evident all around us, pulling us towards chaos and obliteration? Or do we want to consider this chaos as a clearing that rips away all darkness and leaves us ready to rebuild and be reborn? No matter what, we are faced with destruction, but it is our choice whether we focus on what we lost or what we can gain from this situation.

As the Shadow side of humanity comes to the foreground now, we are offered the chance to consciously acknowledge and work to understand the shadow. It isn’t hiding anymore. We can see it for what it is. And when we do that, we can defeat it, we can take away the Shadow’s power over us by fully acknowledging and confronting it. This sounds nice enough, doesn’t it? See the Shadow, confront it, understand it, banish it’s power. Wonderful, yes! But we are all aware that the reality of that it is actually super painful and uncomfortable. I can’t say that I’m enjoying seeing the racism, sexism, xenophobia, and hatred that is swirling around us every day. The way Shadow presents itself is terrible to behold, but behold it we must.

The Tower Rider Waite Smith deck

The Tower
Rider Waite Smith deck

I like to think that my soul chose to be here right now. I made a decision to be a part of this and I can decide how my part is going to be acted out right now. I can decide to hold peace in my heart. I can decide to bring light into the shadow. I can be true to myself and share my gifts with others. It’s about the bigger picture. It’s about a larger perspective than just my little world. This chaos, shadow, and fear in the world offers us a chance to see things from a different perspective. It isn’t a perspective I would actively wish for, but it is what we’ve got, and I’m going to make the best of it.

That is the message I heard from Heather Mendel when I listened to her tarot talk yesterday. It made me feel teary-eyed, like so many things do these days. It also made me feel empowered. No, everything is not going to be okay, but I can do something anyway. I can keep shining a light into the darkness. I am hold strong to my ideals. I can be a witness and a watcher as chaos destroys our old world and do my best to shape what emerges with my shifted perspective. After total destruction we get to decide how to rebuild. We can decide to break through instead of break down.

Tarot Blog Hop: Asking Advice of Our Ancestors


For this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop we are focused around the the holiday of Samhain, this time of year when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest. Each blogger will be communing with the tarot and with their ancestors to see what interesting and rewarding connections can be made. I chose to use The Mary-el Tarot deck to communicate with my ancestors because I feel like this deck holds that magic potential to contact spirits and guides. Here are the cards I drew with the questions and interpretations that I gleaned from them below:fullsizerender

What ancestors am I communicating with today?- 7 of Cups
The Wolf is my animal self and my higher self. I encounter the Wolf when I go off of the well-beaten path through life and instead strike out on my own. When I create my own path through life, I encounter the Wolf. He leads me through my subconscious, reminding me that reality as I know it is just one way of perceiving some of what exists in my own way. The Wolf is earthy. He connects me to this planet. The Wolf is also otherworldly and mysterious, connecting me to the Moon.

When I asked what ancestors I’m communicating with, I’m not entirely sure what the answer is with this Wolf. He lies outside of that path through life that my ancestors created for me. He is all of reality and also outside of my reality. He shows that special meeting point when I change myself and therefore change reality, opening up the possibility of seeing more than I saw before. The Wolf is my spirit guide through the darkness.

What can you tell me about the meaning of human life on Earth?- Queen of Disks
The Queen of Disks is the embodiment of love on Earth. She is The Empress in physical form: womankind, motherhood, fertility, joy, and sustenance. The physical form is important to the meaning of life. The Wolf understands this and works harmoniously through the Queen of Discs. The Earth is where we are nurtured and where we grow. The limitations of physical bodies and senses constrain us, shaping us into societal norms. We are part of the garden of humanity, nurtured by this Queen. We are here to learn love, to learn joy, and to be shaped into abundant creatures.

What lessons do I need to use from my heritage?- 9 of Disks
This is the integration of all elements, the knowledge that I am made up of fire, water, air and earth in equal and balanced measures. The 9 of Disks reminds me to know myself and that I do already know myself.  I am a beautiful part of the natural order of life. I am meant to be here. I am an intentional person. I am part of the whole, connected to the eternal through my eternal soul as well as all the tiny bits of this and that which are a part of me for a instant and then gone. The lesson here is a simple but powerful reminder that I am a part of everything and this life has meaning.

What should I know about the present?- The Star
This card was immediately my favorite message from the Wolf ancestor. It was great to see a Major card for the present moment. This vibes with my desire to live fully in the now and bring hope and joy into it. Now is the most important time. Now is the only time. The Star is a messenger of hope. She shines bright in the darkness. She is authentic and true. She spreads peace and understanding. These are beautiful ideals to bring into the present. I must strive to be true to my Higher Self, to my inner Star. This requires me to set aside my ego, my illusions of separateness, my regrets, and my fears. To be The Star is no easy thing in practice, but at least it is a wonderfully easy thing to understand in theory. The theory is written upon our hearts. It is a constant in our souls. We all live in hope.

What message do I need about the future?- 6 of Swords
The imagine on the 6 of Swords is a heartwarming one. I see an angel guiding me and protecting me in my future. He is helping me along my path, providing lessons with empathy and thoughtfulness. This is the angel Raphael, who leads us towards completion and integration by enlightening us in our ignorance, healing us, and caring for us. His gentle manner allows the weaker and neglected aspects of myself to be helped along in order for me to become my whole self. I can lean on his acceptance and guidance in the future, knowing that this energy is a natural part of myself.

I enjoy how the symbol of the Wolf is now my friendly dog spirit guide in this image. This animal energy is as essential to me as the developing balance of masculine/feminine or light/dark energy represented by the children. The symbol of the caduceus that Raphael holds, which was also in the 9 of Disks, represents this perfect balance of all aspects and parts of myself coming together in harmony. What a peaceful message to keep in mind for the future. It might not be an easy path, but I am not alone or unprotected on it.

Well, there you go. Some messages from my ancestors. Why don’t you give this reading a try as well? I found it to be insightful and comforting. The Mary-el Tarot is suited to this type of reading with it’s heavy symbolism and deep spirituality. It would be interesting to do this with a more light-hearted deck and see if I got more whimsical messages or more something else. If you would like to read more thoughts and ideas about contacting your ancestors with the tarot, follow along on the Tarot Blog Hop!  Here are the links to hop along!!



Exploring the Shadow with the New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th, 2016 brings a powerful energy of introspection and reflection. Scorpio, a deeply emotional water sign, asks us to look within our hearts in order to clear ourselves of judgements, projections, fears, and blocks. This is not easy work, it takes a high level of self awareness and consciousness to confront your shadow self. The New Moon is a wonderful time to start fresh with the energy of the waxing moon guiding your growth in the direction you choose now. What can the Scorpio New Moon reveal to you at this time which will help you heal, connect with your heart center, and let go of harsh criticisms of those are you? Let us look at what advice the tarot has for us now:


V of Cups rx Deviant Moon Tarot

What truth is hidden from me that this New Moon can reveal now?- V of Cups rx
You are ready to move on and leave past hurts and regrets behind you. Do you not know this?- You are ready. Do not keep yourself in an emotional holding pattern when you can move on. There is potential for new relationships and self-acceptance. Let this New Moon usher in a new phase of self love, openness and understanding in your current relationships, and a willingness to allow new relationships into your world. Whatever it is that has you feeling down or emotionally withdraw, you can handle it. You are handling it. You have handled it nicely. Now it is time to focus on what still remains and what you want to create in your realm of emotional wellbeing. Scorpio and Cups energy is all about that watery, emotional realm where you dig deep, realize you are a total badass who can take the pain of living in this world, and thrive after your adversity. It’s time to make that realization, to claim your power, and to look towards a brighter and stronger future. Only you can let the past go, so give yourself the space and time to accept that power.

The Hermit Deviant Moon Tarot

The Hermit
Deviant Moon Tarot

How can this revelation help clear me of criticisms, judgements, and obstacles?- The Hermit
The Hermit finds the hidden wisdom inside of herself through solitary spiritual exploration. As you’re letting go of those past hurts and regrets with the V of Cups, you may find it easier to do that work if you give yourself plenty of alone time. Spend a night in, alone with your journal or other creative outlet. Don’t watch TV or read a book or distract yourself in any way. Just connect with your spirit self, your spirit guides, your spirituality. What does your soul believe the purpose of your life to be? Why are you alive? Why is anyone alive? What do these questions make you think and feel? The Hermit deals first with her inner world, with caring for her soul, and though that self knowledge, works to change her world. The Scorpio New Moon begins the darkest time of year when we can explore that inner world with the greatest ease as barriers between light and dark erode and shift. You can transform yourself now as well if you are willing to be your Hermit and take the time to connect to your inner wisdom. Let the darkness be your guide.

VIII of Wands rx

VIII of Wands rx Deviant Moon Tarot

What am I projecting onto others that I need to confront and cleanse from my emotional waters?- VIII of Wands rx
When it feels like life has become stagnant or stale, we often have a tendency to blame these feelings on other people. “If only so-and-so would do his part we would be so much farther along.” Or, “If it wasn’t for so-and-so I could be in such a better position in life.” What you can do now is take your power, your agency, your ability to affect change in your life, and own that. Yes, other people do present obstacles sometimes, but there are always work arounds to getting what you want if you are willing to be creative, to sacrifice, to reevaluate, and to just plain make it work. When you are having your Hermit time, working through your emotional V of Cups energy, don’t rush it, or force it, or define a way that it has to be. The only thing it has to be is your way. The only thing you have to do is try. Outcomes are irrelevant, so detach and flow. This is all about you, not what other people are doing or thinking. A guided meditation might be helpful for this, or perhaps a massage, or a slow yoga class. Remember to be thankful and grateful to yourself for making the effort at all. It is not every day that you are so kind to yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this Scorpio New Moon Reading for us all. If you never want to miss a New Moon Reading, sign up for my newsletter which comes out each New Moon. If you would like a insightful personal email tarot reading, please get in touch with me: I’d be happy to discuss with you the perfect reading to help you feel encouraged and empowered to shape your own destiny. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


The Zombies are Coming!!!!

Are you in the spooky Halloween spirit? I sure am! And just for fun I’m offering a Halloween inspired reading that “predicts” how you will fair in the zombie apocalypse. For this week only, join in for some silly Halloween shenanigans and get your completely fictional tarot card reading for the approaching zombie apocalypse. I’ll draw three cards from the totally amazing Zombie Tarot Deck and tell your fortune for the very affordable price of $5. Here is an example of the one I did for myself:


The Zombie Tarot Deck: The Lovers, IX of Cups, and VIII of Hazards

When the apocalypse comes I’m going to have to make some tough life choices pretty quick. The love of my life is going to be infected with the zombie virus right away, leaving me with the decision of whether or not to become a zombie myself so that I can stay with her. Oh dear, I always thought Kristen would survive the zombie apocalypse for much longer than I would, so I’m surprised and dismayed. Our love is strong though, so I won’t abandon her, but I decide not to become a zombie myself. I mean really, it doesn’t look pretty being a zombie so I decide to see how long I can stay alive.

So what can I do to survive? Well, It seems like holing up in a bunker is the best option. I’m really good at alone time and daydreaming, so living a solitary existence  in a bug out shelter turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I have plenty of time to read books, write stories, learn tarot, practice my firearms skills, and meditate. Things will probably clear up eventually above ground and then I can emerge to a world with a lot less annoying people. I’ll end up on the beach someday if I appropriately ration my canned goods. This would be a little more interesting with the internet, but we all have to make sacrifices to survive.

But whatever happened to my lover, you ask? Well, I couldn’t become a zombie to stay with her, but I also couldn’t let her just roam the earth eating brains and being a terrible nuisance. The solution was to figure out a way to store her head in some formaldehyde and hope that someday huge advances in science would be able to put her back together again. In the meantime, I have someone to talk to in my bunker and she never interrupts me or disagrees.  It was hard work figuring out how to preserve a zombie head, but true love and plenty of time on my hands can accomplish a lot. Together indefinitely in our bunker, my love and I.

So what do you say? Want to know what your fate will be in the zombie apocalypse?  It’s time get undead… or will you survive?  I’ll send you your reading within a day for just five buckaroos. What a steal! Go ahead and click below for some Halloween fun 🙂 I’m only offering this reading until Sunday, November 7th so act quick!

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Anxiety and Relief- It’s a Wheel of Fortune We Spin

Too often I feel like there is just too much to get done. This causes me a lot of anxiety!!!!! My head is just buzzing with ideas, projects, goals, desires, and necessities. I need to find time to write that fun blog post before my inspiration gets away. I can’t wait to do tarot readings for my beautiful clients! But if I don’t go the grocery store soon there will be no food in the house besides that jar of pickled jalapenos. Oh, and advancing info for Kristen’s tour was supposed to be done last week and now I’m out of printer ink anyway. Gotta get some exercise in, gotta make a doctor’s appointment, need to get to the post office, gotta walk the dog- wait, I have a dog?!

Guys, Kristen and I adopted a sweet rescue dog named Cosmo TODAY. We have been fostering him for the last week and can’t imagine why anyone would give up this beautiful, sweet, silly fella. He is just a wonderful dog. We almost can’t believe he has found his forever home with us. We are in love! Welcome to the family, Cosmo!


“Oh my goodness, is this my new home? Is my name Cosmo now? Oreo was a silly name, I prefer Cosmo and I prefer to live here with my new moms.”

If you haven’t been following along with the blog, let me just fill you in that this dog adoption has been a long time coming. I’ve been talking about it for years and we hoped to get a dog at the beginning of this year finally. Moving to Nashville, tours to Europe, and LIFE got in the way of making this dream a reality. It felt like there were just too many obstacles, too many things to get done, not enough time, not enough money, etc. Besides, wouldn’t a rescue dog destroy the house? I don’t anything about dog training! Would my landlord decide we couldn’t have pets? It was all too much and I would never be ready. There would always be something that came first or got in the way and I would never get it together. Despair!

Don't despair, Deird. The right moment to find me was always now.

“Don’t despair, Deird. The right moment to find me was always now.”


Now, seemingly all of a sudden, and seemingly after years of waiting, I have Cosmo in my life. Just like that, fate has turned around and said, “You are ready. You do have time. You’ll figure out the money. Here is your new puppy.” I’m not going to tell you that the anxiety has melted away, but the uncertainty has, and that is a start. We are on the upswing! The Wheel of Fortune teaches us that our lives go in cycles. Sometimes we feel hopeless and sometimes we are full of hope. In our world of duality, this is the only way we can understand good fortune, by experiencing some bad luck at times.

Why the Wheel of Fortunes spins is fascinating to contemplate but ultimately irrelevant. We can spend our entire lives seeking the meaning of it all, but very few will find enlightenment. The rest of us will have to live with not knowing why things happen. It’s just the way the Universe works. It’s great to be a part of the universal plan: exhilarating, heartwarming, frustrating, agonizing, and everything in between. Whatever the point of it all is, I certainly hope I find out someday. Meanwhile, I try to be grateful. Today it is easier than other days to say exactly what I am grateful for: Cosmo. His soft brown eyes and close snuggles relieve my anxiety just a little at a time, bringing me more fully into the present moment…

"I'm here to snuggle and have a good time."

“I’m here to snuggle and have a good time. Oh, and chew up your sneakers so watch out for that.”


If you are super into dogs like me, you can follow Cosmo on Instagram @cosmorawks!

Vacation Away Message!

Hi there, my beautiful star seeds!  Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot! If you are new here, let me introduce myself as a traveling tarot reader. I love to travel. I’ve been to over 30 countries, 47 of the states, and have lived in many places. And guess what? This travel bandit is off in Europe for five weeks until October 6th, 2016!

One might be wondering why I decided to start a trip the day that Mercury goes retrograde, an infamously jinxed day for travel, technology, and communication. Well, sometimes you can’t plan around the stars, but you can plan your mindset! My mindset has been super organized and detail-oriented, great characteristics for a Mercury in Virgo retrograde with the double action of the Sun in Virgo. I have the logistics for this trip worked out. So I’m not worried, I’m pumped about using this grounding, earth energy to my advantage. Mercury retrograde can be a productive and perspective changing time. Use this Virgo energy to supercharge projects you want to finish up now. AND the New Moon is in Virgo today!  Virgo madness!

All of this planning, and a wonderfully successful August at The Willow Path Tarot, has left me a little worn out though. Another aspect of a retrograde period is accessing other re- words, for example: recovery, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. All things I could really use! For that reason, I will only be offering postcard or handwritten tarot readings for the next five weeks while I am traveling. I decided not to bring my computer on this trip and that means email readings would just be too tricky. I want to take a break from this Mac and recuperate my creative spark! I love long-hand writing though and penpals so if you would like a snail mail reading, feel free to order one any time! 

Kristen and I are off to Ireland, Germany, and Norway. If you happen to be in one of those countries and want to meet up for an in-person reading, let’s do it!  That sounds amazing. We are also open to suggestions about what we should do, see, eat, and drink while we are over there, so feel free to comment with recommendations! Kristen has already booked 15 shows (!) along the way, but there are still lots of nights off so if you happen to want to do a house show or offer a venue, that’s welcome information as well 🙂 We are so excited to be seeing new places, meeting wonderful people, and expanding our world view. If you would like to see pictures of our trip check me out on Instagram!

Until next time, sending you lots of high vibes, belly laughs, and warm hugs!

New Moon in Virgo Tarot Reading for September 1, 2016

Happy September and Happy New Moon in Virgo! The deep earth energy of the New Moon today has me thinking about fall and the end of the year. It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already slowly drawing to a close. Now it’s important to take stock and reacquaint ourselves with the goals we set at the beginning of the year, the progress we have made, and the forward path we want to pursue. I’ve designed a special tarot reading for us all to work with the Virgo earth energy now at this New Moon. Enjoy!
FullSizeRender (3)

What needs to be organized or finished in order to feel more productive? II of Wands
Virgo is calling on you to live out the vision you have created for your life. You had an idea, a plan, a vision, a path to follow. You know what you want. You’ve made excellent decisions or at least you are trying your best and feel motivated and optimistic. The II of Wands is creative and inspired, and is a wonderful sign that you actually are already feeling organized and ticking off boxes on your To Do List. The energy of the Virgo New Moon is working to support you in continuing this process. The challenge now is to start thinking longer-term. You may need to branch out from your comfort zone in order to expand and make great progress. Think of this as a fun challenge that you can meet with enthusiasm and creativity. Oftentimes we fear that which we don’t know, yet encountering the unknown is the only way to acquire further knowledge. You can do this. Sit down now with the power of the New Moon at your back, and made a long term vision for your future.

Where should attentions be focused for the remainder of the year?The World
You can start the vision by focusing on the remainder of the year. You started this year with big goals and The World card is telling you that you can accomplish those big goals. The World is a card of completion and integration. You can succeed, you are succeeding, you have succeeded. When you are sitting down to envision your long-term goals, why not start out by making a list of what steps you have taken and achieved up to this point. Congratulate yourself! You’re doing awesome! Now, what do you want to do next that will make you feel whole, sustained, and an integral part of your surroundings? The World and the II of Wands often indicate travel or new locations. Do you feel like you have seen enough of your world? Maybe it’s time to plan and execute a trip that you have long been hoping to take. The World is yours to discovery. What are you hoping to find?

How to best shower the body and environment with love and attention?VII of Wands
The VII of Wands indicates a struggle against the odds, one where you have to fight to hold your position, drawing deeply upon your inner-strength of purpose. Perhaps you have been working to create a healthy lifestyle and a secure home environment for some time now and finally feel like you have found a routine and space that serves you. Stick to it! Challenges will definitely crop up that will make you feel like falling off the proverbial wagon, but one slip, or even 15 slip ups, doesn’t mean you have failed or have to throw in the towel. Life is a process, you just have to keep trying and hold true to what you want. Clarity of purpose is more important that flawless execution of the plan. Do not berate yourself, just dust yourself off, recommit to your goal, and acknowledge that perfection is impossible. You will always be learning and growing until the day you die. Then- who knows!?

Best wishes for a happy and productive New Moon in Virgo!