Learn Tarot

Recommended Tarot Resources:

Learning the Tarothttp://www.learntarot.com/
This is Joan Bunning’s FREE tarot learning website, and it also comes in handy book form if you need meanings when not online!  This is a great beginner’s guide, I have it bookmarked and also keep a copy of the book handy when traveling.

Guardian Gateway Telesummits:
Think of these telesummits as podcast series about tarot that you can listen to and learn tarot on-the-go or in your quiet moments. I LOVE listening to different tarot readers perspectives on the card meanings and different aspects of tarot. These are recorded live but can be downloaded and listened to at your own pace. I am an affiliate of these recordings because I think they are awesome and I want you to find out about them!

Tarot Telesummit 3– Special Topics in Tarot Wisdom, everything from birth cards, to tarot timing, to tarot and dreamwork. Lots of wisdom here to listen in on.

Tarot Telesummit 2– This one had a recording for of each of the suits, pips, and court cards. There is a guided meditation during each call as well, which is so fun!

Tarot Telesummit 1– This one went into each of the Major Arcana cards and also included a guided meditation. You can even get just the MP3s of the meditations set to music!

Astrology Telesummit– Not tarot related but an amazing overview and deep exploration of astrology if you are also interested in learning about the signs and planets in the sky.

Tarot Websites I Love:
Carrie Mallon– Carrie creates amazing blog posts about tarot, creativity and self-discovery. She also makes the occasional awesome youtube video.

New Age Hipster– Vix is a one of a kind lightworker who writes pop culture tarot blogs and is making woo woo mainstream and totally hip.

The Tarot Lady– Theresa Reed is a tarot business master mind- a must read for anyone
thinking of starting her own tarot business!

Kelly-Ann Maddox– Kelly-Ann Maddox is a tarot goddess. Go check out her blog right now! She also has an amazing youtube channel with tons of learn tarot tutorials.

Beth Owl’s Daughter- I love Beth’s weekly card draws and her insights into the changing of the astrological signs. Every Wednesday she posts a beautiful picture for peace.

Biddy Tarot– This is Brigit Esselmont’s tarot business website and it has lots of fantastic resources beyond just tarot card meanings! Brigit also does a ton of business advice for those thinking of starting a tarot reading business.

Recommended Yearly Planner:
Leonie Dawson’s Biz and Life Workbooks
I love these workbooks! They truly help you get clear about your goals, explore your motivations and dreams, and keep you on track throughout the year.  I also use the weekly/monthly planner on a daily basis to keep all my To Do lists in one spot 🙂

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