Walking Memory Lane with the VI of Cups

The VI of Cups represents the remembered ideal of childhood past.  With that remembrance comes a nostalgia for idyllic, faded memories of innocence and good times. You may have a strong urge to take a walk down memory lane, looking at old photographs or reading favorite letters (or emails) that you saved from friends and family, or even a past love now fondly remembered.  This remembering is all well and good as long as you don’t get stuck in the past…

Inland Octupus Toy Store Walla Walla, WA, USA

Inland Octupus Toy Store
Walla Walla, WA, USA

Keywords:  Nostalgia, memories, childhood, children, idealized past, walk down memory lane, golden age, reunions, homecoming, innocence, enjoyment of childish pursuits, fun and games

Reversed:  Repressed memories, childhood trauma, distorted remembrance, stuck in the past, naive, over expectation




The VI of Cups represents the remembered ideal of childhood past.  With that remembrance comes a nostalgia for idyllic, faded memories of innocence and good times. You may have a strong urge to take a walk down memory lane, looking at old photographs or reading favorite letters (or emails) that you saved from friends and family, or even a past love now fondly remembered.  This remembering is all well and good as long as you don’t get stuck in the past.  Your goal is to live in the present moment of your life, to focus on what is happening now.  But a little daydreaming about your favorite memories might be just the thing to make you feel warm and fuzzy about yourself right now.

When the IV of Cups comes up in a reading it can mean that currently you are reflecting on what you have done so far this month, year, or lifetime and comparing it to the ambitious goals and dreams you set for yourself.  Are you fulfilling your hearts desires?  Have you completely changed what you want for yourself now that you are older and wiser?  Reflecting upon these questions right now can get you much closer to living the life you intend to live, instead of the one you are absent-mindedly living.

The VI of Cups may simply represent children and the childish games they play being a part of your life right now.  Perhaps you are taking up an old hobby that used to bring you joy, or planning a games night with friends, or a day with a niece or grandson.  What activities did you enjoy as a kid that you no longer do?  Why aren’t those activities fun for you anymore or haven’t you even tried them out recently?  The VI of Cups wants you to have some fun for the sake of having fun.  Take the should out of your day and find out what that looks like for you.

Rider Waite Smith deck

VI of Cups reversed
The warning that comes with the VI of Cups in reverse is that you are losing yourself in the past.  You can’t entangle your current emotional and mental processes from what happened before.  Perhaps you are just going over and over a scenario in your head that made you feel bad, sad, rejected or abused.  You keep replaying the scene in your head and thinking of what you could have said or done to make it different.  Well, unfortunately you can’t change the past.  You can get stuck there though and fail to move on.  The VI of Cups is telling you it’s time to heal and look for simple joy in your life.  The reversal is telling you that you can best do this by redirecting your thoughts and feelings from bad past experiences to times you when you had good experiences in the past.  Learn from your mistakes or experiences and move on from here on out.

With the Vi of Cups in reversed you could be focusing on how naive you were to think you could accomplish so much by this point, and feeling a bit disappointed with your shortcomings and life’s let downs.  Remember though that when we set out to make big changes or leaps and strides, we tend to overlook the small steps that get us to our goals.  If you are feeling downtrodden or inadequate compared to what you had hoped to feel by this point in your life, don’t beat yourself up!  Negativity helps no one.  Take the time instead to congratulate yourself for all that you have done so far.  Pat yourself on the back.  Toast to your accomplishments. Each small effort you make toward your goals will accumulate in the long run. Don’t get trapped in looking back and regretting.

The VI of Cups often indicates a childhood trauma that is still effecting you today.  It is hard to be human, and no one grows up in a bubble of perfection and happiness.  It’s impossible to make it to adulthood without trials and the scars they produce.  But sometimes these issues and traumas from the past resurface in a way that means we have to deal with them.  Maybe you can no longer dismiss and bury childhood or family issues anymore.  They are going to keep coming up until you get that shit sorted out.  It might not be pretty, easy, or enjoyable work, but the results will be empowering and powerful for you in the long run.

Card Meaning with the II of Pentacles

Pentacles2Keywords:  Balance, multitasking, juggling, making decisions, weighing options, running the gauntlet, happily dancing through all of life’s activities and obstacles

Reversed:  Imbalance, indecision, stop multitasking, too many balls in the air, out of control, avoiding conflict, single focus 

Affirmation:  I accomplish my goals with ease and grace.

Associated Major card: Temperance

The II of Pentacles is all about achieving balance and often with an element of grace thrown in there.  The Pentacles represents earth energy, so practical concerns will be in high focus with this card.  The Twos are about decision making, so the II of Pentacles asks you to make practical decisions about your day-to-day life. You need to feed yourself, do work, make money, find a place to sleep, exercise your body- all earth oriented activities. Each needs to get done, sometimes all at once.  The II of Pentacles figures out how to bring all those needs into harmony.

II of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith tarot

II of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith tarot

What ends up happening is that the II of Pentacles turns into the quintessential tarot card for multitasking.  Traditionally, the card depicts a man juggling two pentacles in the air while standing on one foot.  Good for him!  He looks like he has got his shit together and luckily, you can relate.  You are feeling confident and a bit jubilant.  Sure, you have a lot of balls in the air, but you enjoy your life.  You created all this and you are committed and loving it.  Somehow you’re holding it all together and it’s working!

The key to keeping this up is to carefully weigh and sensibly make your decisions. The motto of the II of Pentacles is:  I accomplish my goals with ease and grace.  When this card comes up in a reading you’re not worried about picking the wrong thing, or doing things out of order.  You are in the flow.  You can see the plan.  You are rattling things off your to list like a mad person, absolutely committed to and engrossed in your life.

When you see the II of Pentacles in a reading you could very well have a positive train of thought about yourself that goes something like this: “You are an amazingly capable, intelligent, resourceful human being. There are so many awesome things you want to do with your life and you are doing them! You love eating and make it an enjoyable time of your day.  Sleeping is the best and you even get to snuggle at the same time. Bathing!? Bring on the sweet smells of clean skin! You run errands with a skip in your step and you are doing what you love for a living. Therefore your whole life is a journey of awesome and you have boundless energy to fit in learning, creative projects, hanging out with friends, and even reading pointless sci-fi books by the pool.  Wake up and smile!”

II of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

II of Pentacles       Shadowscapes Tarot

II of Pentacles reversed:
One common attitude with the II of Pentacles reversed goes something the opposite of above, thinking: “Let’s face it- you’re never going to get it all done.  There are just too many awesome things that you want to do with your life and only so much time.  You also are required to make time for things like eating, sleeping, and bathing.  You have a million errands to do to facilitate those things, and you have to somehow earn money so you can pay for your eating, sleeping, and bathing as well.  That leaves just enough time to complain that you didn’t have enough time, and then it’s time for bed.  Wake up, repeat.”

So, finding balance is often easier said than done. Like the picture of Balancing Rock in Arches National Park above, sometimes it can feel like the odds of staying balanced are slim. Life can be pretty topsy turvy and deciding how to keep all of the elements of your day in check, can be overwhelming.  It seems like you are constantly one step away from dropping all those balls you are juggling and having them shatter into a million pieces on the ground around you.  I mean, who’s to say a slight earthquake won’t topple Balancing Rock tomorrow?  Everything is crazy!

One thing that can help with the overwhelm of the II of Pentacles reversed is to just stop multitasking.  Stop everything.  Breathe.  Then do one things at a time.  It’s all about single focus and completion of each of your tasks.  Then it’s knowing what to do next. Make a list of action items and only reveal to the top one to yourself.  When you are finished that action item, let yourself contemplate and act on the next item.  Maybe even set up rewards for when you reach certain benchmarks.  You can figure this out.  You are capable.

8345854877_d2b54ab42f_oThe worst that you can do is give up or resist change.  Try taking your focus into your physical body.  Do some balancing activity, such as tree pose from yoga, and just breathe into it.  Can you align the energy of your body with your goals for the day.  Check in with yourself periodically throughout the day to see if you are starting to lose confidence or get overwhelmed.  Remember, the II of Pentacles is just a beginning card and you can work to create a support system and method to make things run more smoothly and be less overwhelming in the future.  Take it one day at a time.

Card Meaning: IV of Swords


Keywords: rest, recuperation, healing, meditation, taking a break, releasing your thoughts, non-action, putting aside worries, freeing yourself from anxiety, doing nothing, mindfulness, contemplation.

Reversed: restlessness, lack of peace, risk of illness or exhaustion, need for a break, denial of rest, suppressed anxiety,leaving a meditative state, time to act, ready to confront the world, rejuvenated, healed.

Associated major card: The Hermit

The IV of Swords ask you to put aside your worries and fears and take a break from the relentless barrage of your thoughts. The Swords represent the mental realm, and we all know that the mind can be a rather overactive place. You thoughts can cycle endlessly, never stopping to take a pause and leave you in peace. This is how the mind works. You have to make a conscious effort to quiet it, to bring it to stillness, to take a break from thinking. The IV of Swords reminds you of the need for a necessary and healing rest from thinking. You can recuperate, recovery, and recharge after a pause away from your mind.

Rider Waite Smith deckImagine yourself removing your thoughts from your mind, hanging them up on the wall, and spending some quiet time apart from those thoughts. This is excellent reminder to meditate. Try out a guided meditation for relaxation. Concentrate on your breath and how the air flows in and out of your body. Do not get annoyed at little creeping thoughts that try and pop back into your consciousness, but rather accept them and let them float away. The benefits of such a practice will be bountiful and clear to you when you emerge from your meditation ready to take on your challenges and tasks with renewed vigor. Stopping a repetitive thought pattern for a moment can break it’s hold on your and help you explore and discovery new options.

Interestingly, the IV of Swords can also be asking you to immerse yourself even more fully in your thoughts. Examine your mind. Observe what you are thinking, think about your thinking, and think about your thoughts. Question them. Watch them. Critique them. What hold do they have over you? How is your mind keeping you in place, keeping you from taking necessary risks, stopping you from trying new things that you desire? What negative thought patterns are creating fear, anxiety, and stagnation. Your mind wants to keep you safe. It does this by trapping you into doing the same things over and over again, things that didn’t kill you before will likely keep you alive now. But isn’t there more to life than being alive? There are other ways to do things than the tried and true method your mind is advocating for by keeping you in fear. Watch your mind try and hold you in place then refuse to do the same things again just because of fear of the new. This will set you free.

The IV of Swords can be a sign of mindfulness. It can mean full absorption in the moment. If your mind is busy with too many thoughts and ideas, remember once again to meditate for calmness. This time, focus in on one thing. Is it the delicious food you are eating? Is it the glorious massage you are receiving? Is it the feel of your legs are you jog around the park? Immerse yourself in the task at hand. This is where true joy lies, in this present moment. There is no time but the present. The more fully you live and accept your present moment, the more happiness and joy will enter your life.

IV of Swords reversed:


IV of Swords rx Shadowscapes tarot

When the IV of Swords appears, know that you are ready. You have gone through a period of introspection, of quiet contemplation and meditation. You have healed your tired mind, recovered after a period of intense action, and taken the necessary rest from the world of doing and creating. Hopefully, this is a good sign that you know how to take care of yourself, connect with your calm inner center, and get the rest you deserve. Now you can move forward with clarity of purpose and strength of mind. Remember that this place of calm is always inside you and you are perfectly welcome to return there to recharge whenever you need to in the future. Actually, this retreat is necessary and you could even schedule in time for meditation and relaxation on a regular basis in order to give yourself something to look forward to going forward.

The IV of Swords can be a sharp reminder that it is time to stop hesitating or waiting till you have more time and energy. Perhaps you have been giving your goals and intentions a ton of thought (potentially up to a dangerous point of obsessive thinking) and not a whole lot of action. That strategy may have been working for you up to a point, letting life unfold without resistance, surrendering to the moment.  Now the point has been reached that it is time to get to business, though. Get out of your head, out of your bed, and stop mentally planning or meditating upon the right course of action. You have everything you need to start the real actions of manifesting your desired reality.

On the other hand, if you find that you have been all go, go, go and had very little time for rest and reflection, schedule a break now. Make sure you are giving yourself the time and space to get out of your head and rest on a regular basis. Neglecting your physical and mental cycles of action and non-action can lead to overexertion, illness and exhaustion. You aren’t a machine that can just stay permanently on. You need time to be low, to be quiet, to be still. You do not need to be constantly creating and manifesting. Sometimes you need to just be. When the IV of Swords shows up reversed, take a stock of your energy levels, pair down your overpacked schedule to allow more sleep and quiet time. Taking preventative measures now to recharge will end up taking a lot less time than you will waste being sick and burnt out if you don’t sneak in rest on the regular now.

New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading for November 11, 2015

The New Moon in Scorpio brings an intense energy of flowing, emotional depth. This dark depth can be a bit scary or daunting to confront, but promises the greatest source of rebirth and renewal in your life. The New Moon provides an excellent opportunity to use this deep energy for going within and personal reflection. It time to delve deep into your subconscious in order to take a good look at your value as a person, your emotional triggers that block your ability to embody and demonstrate that value, and situations that can help bring out the best in you. Let’s work with the powerful energy of the New Moon in Scorpio to set intentions around renewal and growth as this year 2015  begins to draw to a close.

VI of Swords rxed Rider Waite Smith Tarot

VI of Swords rxed
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

What is my solid foundation from which I can express my personal value?– VI of Sword reversed
The VI of Swords is a card of movement and transition. With this card in reverse, we see a steadfastness and commitment to a position that is very admirable. You are not easily swayed by changing tides, opinions, or fads. You know what you stand for and what you strive to achieve. It is a wonderful to feel secure and determined in your purpose at this point in the year. Keep your determination up and your eye on the prize. Do not let alternative paths or conflicting opportunities muddy the clearness of your mental waters. Of course, it is always beneficially to check in with yourself and make sure your actions are still aligned with your goals. Don’t be blind to problems or issues that crop up and challenge your course. These things happen for a reason even if ultimately it is a reason your can never understand. The VI of Swords reversed is here to congratulate you for your steadfastness of purpose while gently reminding you that even the best laid plans encounter obstacles which require your flexibility and fluidity.

X of Pentacles rxed Rider Waite Smith tarot

X of Pentacles rxed
Rider Waite Smith tarot

What triggers my negative emotional responses that do not reflect my higher purpose?– X of Pentacles rxed
The X of Pentacles is a card of success and commitment, two very highly valued attributes in our society. Your negativity monster is likely to rear its ugly head when you consider whether or not you will ever be truly secure and successful. Will you ever have everything figured out? Will you ever have your happily ever after? When the futility of all your hard work threatens to overwhelm you, its time to step back, take a deep breathe and reevaluate your situation. First, be grateful for all that you do have and congratulate yourself for all that you have done. You are amazing! A positive outlook is much more productive at creating more positivity. Fake it till you make it if you must!, especially if you have already allowed yourself a healing down time to wallow and express your sadness. The next step is to redefine happiness and success. These definitions should be deeply personal and not a mimic of what everyone else says. Know that is not what you do as much as how you do it. Make your main goal in life to bring more love and light into the world for yourself and your people, and see how that perspective alters the way you go about your daily routine.

Knight of Swords rxed Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Knight of Swords rxed
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

What positive message does my subconscious want to share with me now?- The Knight of Swords rxed
You’ve got time. The Knight of Swords reversed is here to let you know that there isn’t any rush. You don’t have to grow, change, or do anything with great haste. You are a work in progress. Every stage of your life is worth living so there is no need to go charging off and miss the step you are at now. Actually, it is very necessary to slow down at this point or you run the risk of burning yourself out. Your subconscious is sending you a little message of warning to take care of yourself by entering into a more peaceful state. Yes, it can be wonderful to be bursting with ideas and energy, and wanting to take action right away but honestly, you are only one person, capable of so much. Make time for rest and relaxation away from your busy mind and its lists of action items.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon reading. If you want to take the energy of the reading a step further, ask your cards: “What area of my life should I look to renew and grow at this time?” What card did you draw and how does it inspire or motivate you to seek renewal in your life at this time? I drew the King of Wands whose energy encourages me to seek renewal in the domain of my creative pursuits. His are qualities I endeavor to carry with me as inspiration when setting my goals for 2016.

Court Card Index for Your Enjoyment!

The Tarot Court Cards
Learning the various meanings of the tarot court cards can be tricky business. I find it can be helpful, when studying the tarot court cards to relate the energy of each of these court cards to a particular feeling, situation, or person in my life. This practice brings the card to life for me, and helps me commit the essence of the card meaning into my memory. I’ve blogged about each of the courts cards and here is a handy index of all my those posts for your ease of enjoyment.  Yippee!:

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King of Cups: A King Amongst Cups

Page of Pentacles: The Page of Pentacles Loves to Learn
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Page of Swords: The Page of Swords is Ready for a New Way of Thinking
Knight of Swords: The Knight of Swords Charges Off Towards the Prize
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Page of Wands: Kick Off the Year with the Page of Wands
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Queen of Wands: Queen of Wanderers and Boundless Creativity
King of Wands:  The King of Wands Has Some High Expectations

The King of Swords Scheduled this Blog Post 2 Weeks Ago

King of Swords Rider Waite Smith tarot

King of Swords
Rider Waite Smith tarot

I find it can be helpful, when studying the tarot court cards to relate the energy of each of these court cards to a particular feeling, situation, or person in my life. This practice brings the card to life for me, and helps me commit the essence of the card meaning into my memory. Today, I am channeling the energy of the King of Swords. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently on a vacation in South America for a total of three months. Much of this trip is planned as a vacation, which means I’m taking time off from blogging!  So how is it that this blog post is published today? I used the King of Swords excellent ability to see the big picture, plan and strategize, execute those plans, make decisions, and use his intellect to schedule this post two weeks ago! The King of Swords is the perfect persona to take on when getting ready at work to leave for an extended vacation.

I feel like the ruler of my little tarot kingdom pretty hard right now. I’m in command! This is the first time I’m writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them for this blog. The mental clarity of the King of Swords helped me map out what posts I wanted to write, when I could write them ahead of time, and when I should schedule them to post in order to have great content going up on the blog even while I’m on vacation.  The King of Swords kicks ass at this kind of logical work system, using his power of reason and analysis to make sure everything is fair and square before hitting “schedule” on these posts.

King of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

King of Swords
Shadowscapes Tarot

The King of Swords also happens to be a great energy to channel for tarot readings. This King gives excellent advice and is therefore a great person to turn to for a tarot reading. His readings might not be as intuitive as others, but his knowledge of the cards will be impeccable. His ability to see the big picture helps him create a narrative from the cards that is so well articulated and logical, you will be easily understand the messages of the cards with him as your guide.  He doesn’t leave out any of the messy or hard bits from a reading because of his high standards of truth and ethics which oblige him to reveal to you all that is revealed him.  That the fair thing to do. If you’re trying to look at a situation objective, especially a personal situation when reading the cards for yourself, try working with the King of Swords to help you step back and gain that outsider perspective that he offers to a reading.

The example set by the King of Swords is great to look up to when you are feeling like slacking off.  To tell you the truth, it was very stressful and a lot of hard work to get these posts ready in time. I had lots of other things I needed to do to prepare for my trip and working twice as hard on this blog left little time for relaxing. But the King of Swords is stern and demanding. He knows that sometimes it needs to be all work in order for it to be all play later on. That’s the double-edged sword he holds in his hand. That is fair. That is balance. The King of Swords doesn’t let emotions get in the way, as he is objective and rational in his approach. He sees limitations and rationally figures out how to get around them or break through them.

7251090So today I use this powerful and authoritative energy of the King of Swords to follow through on the plans I have laid out for The Willow Path Tarot while I am abroad. The great news is that I am still available for readings while I am traveling, so feel free to get in touch if you would like to receive a personalized tarot reading direct to your inbox.  Or, even better, I would love to send you a tarot reading on a post card from one of the spots I stop at in South America!  Even the King of Swords loves to get some snail mail love every once in a while :)!


The Queen of Pentacles Mothers Us All

Queen of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

Queen of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith deck

For the last two weeks I’ve been housesitting for 4 cats, 4 dogs, and 5 horses in a lovely home, on a beautiful piece of land in North Carolina.  It occurred to me tonight as we picked up our mess around the house and got our last snuggles in with the animals, that I have been channelling some strong Queen of Pentacles energy during these two weeks. The Queen of Pentacles is the earth mother.  She is The Empress archetype incarnate. She is the lover of the nature, she nurtures all who come under her care, she is giving, generous, and abundant with her love and attention. Thirteen animals (and one special girlfriend) require my boundless care on a daily basis.  They deserve it and they inspire it from me.  As I’m typing I look down at the little, old man of gray kitten on my lap and count his 5 remaining teeth, each as precious.


The Queen of Pentacles is the ultimate mother. Although I am a Cancer, I’ve never been interested in having human children.  I am intensely devoted to the idea of having pets in my life though. Animals to care for and share my life with are high on my priority list.  Many tarot readers interpret the rabbit in the image of the Queen of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck pictured above, to be a sign of fertility.  But, perhaps this bunny is a symbol of this Queen’s love of animals.  We as humans are animals ourselves, although we often forget that, and to our detriment. Living with pets brings us closer to the aliveness of our humanity.  They remind us of our bodies, the enjoyment of movement, of importance of touch, exercise, fresh air, not to mention the less highly regarded bodily functions ;).  Spending time with animals reminds us of what unconditional love really means, as it is their natural state of being.

Snickers and I having some snuggle time.  She looks like she is hugging me, but really she is just looking for treats in my pocket!

Snickers and I having some snuggle time. She looks like she is hugging me, but really she is just looking for treats in my pocket!

The Queen of Pentacles can strongly connect to the nature of animals because she too is capable of unconditional love.  This Queen looks at her child, at her pet, at a tree, or a blade of grass and knows that it is perfect and worthy of love simply by existing.  She will do anything for those she loves, from simple acts of nourishing with food and providing adequate shelter, all the way to listening to your problems and nursing you back to health when you are ill.  Whatever it takes, the Queen of Pentacles does it as a matter of course, without seconds thoughts or hesitation. She will give you all the practical necessities of life, making you feel safe and secure. Best of all, she does it with a swift practicality that is so down to earth and approachable, you just know that you aren’t imposing on her. She sets everyone at ease.

Dusty the old man cat.  We call him Robot kitty because he has some neurological problems from a strok

Dusty the old man cat. We call him Robot Kitty because he has some neurological problems from a stroke.  Is he a robot cat spy!?


This little gray kitty named Dusty, who is on my lap right now, got a cold earlier this week.  He was sneezing and wheezing, not eating, only sleeping and leaking crusty eye buggers.  He looked like hell. I’d never seen a cat with a cold before, honestly, so we called the vet and took him in to get hydrated and antibiotics. As I held this goopy old man cat at the vet’s office, I felt like the Queen of Pentacles would be so approving and proud of my actions.  This is how you care for others, even old cats who have already had strokes and walk around like a robot.  Even when he stinks and is covered in puke and boogers, this Queen sees only a soul who needs love and attention.  I am so happy to see this Dusty healthy and clean again!  Taking him to the vet felt so down-to-earth and necessary, I was totally in full on Queen of Pentacles mode!

What makes you feel like a Queen of Pentacles?  When do you feel loving, generous, practical, down-to-earth, giving, abundant, and mothering?  Maybe your children or pets give you this feeling, but it could be your coworkers, your friends, your book, your business, or your bicycle.  The possibilities are endless! We all have her calm inner center that wants to provide shelter, nourishment, comfort and love for others. How can you connect with that center and radiate joy and abundance in your life? Maybe a rescuing a cat or dog from your local animal shelter could help!