Pisces New Moon Reading, February 26, 2017

The New Moon in Pisces brings today a powerful, intuitive energy that is perfect for imagining the life of your dreams. Now is the time to bring your personal vibration into alignment with the energy of those dreams. Practice raising your energy up to the level at which you want to achieve on a normal basis by holding onto the wonder and happiness that your dreams inspire inside of you. Hold onto that wonder whenever, wherever you can and watch it become a natural part of yourself.

Pisces is a water sign, exposing the emotional depths of your soul. Use this New Moon to notice any blockages in the flow of your emotions and set the intention of clearing these blocks so you can live peacefully and openly with a loving heart. Pisces energy is compassionate and understanding, ready to bring the whole world to this next level of appreciation and love of one another. You too play a part in creating the vibrational energy of this planet. What do you want to contribute to that energy? Spend a little time today contemplating these messages from the tarot and integrating some Pisces New Moon energy into your life:

Linestrider Tarot

Linestrider Tarot:     X of Wands,    V of Wands,    II of Pentacles

What will help me bring my personal energy into alignment with the high vibration of my dream life?  Ten of Wands
There is a careful combination of effort and flow embodied in the X of Wands. At first it may seem like raising your vibrational energy takes a lot of energy. Yet, something about it is also somehow effortless. The energy of a 10 card in the tarot is one of transition. You have reached completion with the 9 but you haven’t quit gotten to a new cycle with the 1. You are in between and you have a decision to make. Are you going to level up, taking your vibration to the next level? Or are you going to stay at the status quo? The X of Wands reminds you that by laying down your burdens, leaving behind what no longer serves you, are you better able to raise yourself up. Think of making your heart light as a feather. You can’t carry around unnecessary past hurts, regrets, failures, and mistakes if you expect to become light as a feather.

Examine what you are holding onto and ask yourself the simple question of whether or not these commitments and projects, goals and opportunities light you up or whether they have grown dim and weak? Why hold onto ideas, tasks, and goals that you aren’t passionate about? Let me tell you that just because “You have gotten this far,” is not a reason to carry on. You get to decide your journey and what it means to follow through on that journey. If your path was leading somewhere but now branches off in a new direction, be content that this new direction in no way devalues where you have come from. Life works in mysteries ways and it’s best not to resist where your heart is leading you next.

How can I clear blockages in my emotional realm so that my vibration can be raised?
V of Wands reversed
This card is all about letting go of comparing yourself to others, FOMO, and creating unnecessary competition. Your greatest emotional goal is to love yourself. It is difficult to give yourself the love and appreciation you need to grow when you are mostly focused on what other people are doing. You gain nothing by thinking, “So-and-so is doing what I want to do and doing it better.” Only you can do you. By default that means no one can do it like you. So go do it! Go be you! Stop comparing yourself to the competition or even thinking that this is a competition. Life is not a competition. If you absolutely must think it terms of “winning” see if you can win at loving yourself the most, shining the brightest, creating whenever you get an idea or inspiration, and then loving what you created.

If you want to clear emotional blockages, your first step is to take your focus off the world around you and set that focus within. For a lot of people this is extremely difficult. We shy away from our feelings, from quiet time, from being still and going within. Maybe there is a way to ease into it for you though. Perhaps a long drive, journaling, meditating, cleaning the windows, yoga, long nature walks, a relaxing massage, cooking, running, mowing the yard, tightrope walking, etc could get you into the self-reflective mood. Bottom line is that you gotta make the time for yourself. It’s imperative. Look within and remind yourself over and over and over again, for as long as it takes to sink in, that you do not need to struggle or compete against other people. You do not need to fear you are missing out when in fact you’re just comparing yourself to someone else. You are doing your life your way and that is the best way for you. Now repeat all of that again as many times as needed until you GET IT.

How can I show compassion and understanding for the world around me? 
II of Pentacles
Let’s not just pay lip service to the idea of greater understanding and compassion for all humanity, while actually doing nothing to engender that goal. The II of Pentacles reversed says that maybe you mean well, but you’ve got a lot of other things going on in your life and never really find time for world peace. Okay, don’t feel like I’m judging or criticizing. We all live busy lives and this reading is as much for me as for you, so I’m included in this little rebuke. Even if you’re busy, you can insert compassion and love into your busy everyday. Complete your tasks with grace. Be immersed in what you are doing. Be present. Bring joy into your actions, especially when you find yourself mechanically repeating a process you have done many times before. The dishes always need to get washed, but what about finding the simple satisfaction in the washing. Don’t let your mind wander to what you will do after the dishes or what you did last week, but instead be present in that moment of washing and find that you are content and at peace. That is the peace you want to bring to the world. It is a singular focus on what is good right now. When we pay attention to the now, to everything we have to be grateful for, and all the details that make life wonderful and magical (and I’m including the dishes in that magic!), we easily raise the vibration of the planet.

Quickly remember a time when you were just brooding on hurt feelings or having a pretend conversation where you finally found the perfect abusive words to tell someone off who had wronged you. These types of negative energy don’t raise your vibration or the vibration of the planet. It’s okay to let go of insults and injuries. You can still keep the lessons and while releasing the pain. If you absolutely cannot stay in the moment and stay present, go to an imagined happy place! Imagine your perfect day, your perfect job, your perfect partner, etc. and run with that energy. You’ll find yourself in a much better mood and also may just happen to attract more positive vibes into your life through the practice. When we imagine a better world, a better life, and are infused with the hopeful and ecstatic energy of getting what we want, we easily raise the vibration of the ourselves and the planet.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon in Pisces reading from The Willow Path Tarot. I love doing these monthly intention setting readings for this blog. I also love doing personalized readings for clients if you would like to book a New Moon reading, or other type of reading, get in touch at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Innovative Aquarius New Moon Reading for January 27th, 2017

The New Moon today arrives in the sign of Aquarius. This is the sign of innovation, originality, larger perspective, and revolution. If you want to shake things up in your life, this is the perfect New Moon to energize your intentions to make your own rules, take a risk, and be your true, unique, unconventional self. Open yourself up during this New Moon to receive completely new, unlooked for, and unprecedented ideas. You may be shocked and wonderfully surprised to have a breakthrough in understanding about your life purpose and what you want to do with that purpose. You have an increased capacity to learn and discovery new things with Aquarius now.

You are still only human though and have some limitations. Remember to set your priorities and not over schedule and exhaust yourself in the next two weeks of the waxing Moon. Pick the idea, project, or inspiration that you are most drawn to now and zero in your focus on huge progress instead of spreading yourself too thin over a ton of great ideas. You’ll have lots of other New Moons this year to work with so pick the intentions that will best be realized with the helpful energy of Aquarius! Here is some pertinent advice from the tarot on how to work with this gorgeous and bright Aquarius New Moon energy:


The Linestrider Tarot: Queen of Wands, II of Pentacles reversed, IX of Swords reversed

How can I best be my unique, unconventional self? Queen of Wands
Oh yes! The Queen of Wands is a shining example of how to be authentic to yourself. As with all the Queens, she is deeply and maturely connected to her inner, emotional world. She understands herself, accepts herself, and wants to share that self-confident vibe with those around her. The Queens all have the capacity and the propensity to nurture and support. Right now there is a vibrant energy not only to be your own, unique self, but to lift others up to shine brighter as their true, magical selves.

The gift of the suit of Wands is just that- magical. Wands is fire energy, the shine from deep within that lights up our lives and helps us light up the lives of those around us. The Queen of Wands asks you to get in touch with what lights you up inside. What is your divine spark? What is your inspiration you want to develop and share? What is your creation power? The Queen of Wands can be viewed as The Magician at work in this world, manifesting her ideas into reality. When you connect to what makes you special, different, unique, wild and free, you channel that ability to make your life and yourself into whatever you desire. You are not limited by societal values or regulations, you are encouraged and empowered to be whatever it is that you were born to be. Let the Queen of Wands be your guide in saying YES! to your soul purpose and your Higher Self.

What area of my life needs the most focused r/evolution right now? II of Pentacles rx
The II of Pentacles is all about multi-tasking, getting things done, taking on the world and it’s mountain of obligations and kicking ass. Yet, with this reversal we are being asked to narrow it down, to focus on one task at a time, to say no to that which we aren’t drawn to do. The world can ask us to do a hell of a lot. In fact, it can be an overwhelming and impossible amount that society demands of us. We are supposed to work and have a career, develop ourselves and have hobbies, be healthy, active, eat well, support our friends and family, buy everything that is made, have more fun than our neighbors, and never settle until we have lived our dreams. BLARGH- that is just too much.

Instead of doing, doing, doing, the II of Pentacles rx would like you to take a step back right now with the New Moon. Sit down and focus on just one thing- rest. What does it feel like to be still? Can you stop your thoughts? Can you stop your busy body? What visions emerge when you clear your mind of the day-to-day and allow for a larger perspective on your life. Instead of getting bogged down in the details of what is happening in your life right now, set yourself free into the joy and peace of the moment. Try to frolic and float on the idea that you are alive, you are possibility, you can create. When you are filled with that joy of being you and being able to do so much- then go ahead and ask yourself what you actually want to do with that ability. Dream big! This could be your entire life purpose that you are realizing, so remember that it takes an entire lifetime to fulfill a life purpose. Give it all the time you have.

How can I ground myself when I’m carried away with new ideas?  IX of Swords rx
The IX of Swords are the cyclical thoughts that spiral into negativity and anxiety. We all have them and we all are obliged to deal with them. Part of being human is having a brain that never wants to stop spinning out thoughts and tends to repeat and prioritize thoughts about fear, worry, defeat, and despair. Why it has to be like this, I don’t know. The good news is that we can learn to be aware of our thoughts, even if we can’t control their incessant nagging that we are the worst, and will fail, and are just not worth it. When you are aware that you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself and those around you, you can decide not to listen to those thoughts. They are crazy! They aren’t true! They are you!

The IX of Swords asks us to double down on that awareness and also to let those thoughts go. Try to work past the point of recognizing and dealing with your anxieties and move towards recognizing and dismissing them. Basically, try to spend less time with your thoughts and more time with a clear mind. Perhaps its time to step up your meditation practice and really get comfortable with a state of no thought. I know I am terrible at this, so I will try to start really small: 3 calming breathes or a 5 minute guided meditation or just a moment to put my hands on the ground or a tree and be one with the energy of this world. I am a part of it after all. Keep working to be the master of your thoughts and the effort will get easier. Your thoughts want to keep you from being your authentic self, but you know you don’t want them to succeed. 🙂

Thanks for reading the Aquarius New Moon Reading. I hope you enjoyed it! These monthly ideas and readings are all inspired by Lisa Michaels’ blog, so if you want to get even more into moon cycles, I highly recommend signing up for her newsletters as well. One of my goals for this year to get a little PDF together of all the New Moon tarot spreads I have done over the years so you can have a couple of New Moon inspired tarot spreads at your finger tips any time you want to work with the moon and tarot- two of my favorite energies!

Until next time XOXOXO!


Card Meaning with the II of Pentacles

Pentacles2Keywords:  Balance, multitasking, juggling, making decisions, weighing options, running the gauntlet, happily dancing through all of life’s activities and obstacles

Reversed:  Imbalance, indecision, stop multitasking, too many balls in the air, out of control, avoiding conflict, single focus 

Affirmation:  I accomplish my goals with ease and grace.

Associated Major card: Temperance

The II of Pentacles is all about achieving balance and often with an element of grace thrown in there.  The Pentacles represents earth energy, so practical concerns will be in high focus with this card.  The Twos are about decision making, so the II of Pentacles asks you to make practical decisions about your day-to-day life. You need to feed yourself, do work, make money, find a place to sleep, exercise your body- all earth oriented activities. Each needs to get done, sometimes all at once.  The II of Pentacles figures out how to bring all those needs into harmony.

II of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith tarot

II of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith tarot

What ends up happening is that the II of Pentacles turns into the quintessential tarot card for multitasking.  Traditionally, the card depicts a man juggling two pentacles in the air while standing on one foot.  Good for him!  He looks like he has got his shit together and luckily, you can relate.  You are feeling confident and a bit jubilant.  Sure, you have a lot of balls in the air, but you enjoy your life.  You created all this and you are committed and loving it.  Somehow you’re holding it all together and it’s working!

The key to keeping this up is to carefully weigh and sensibly make your decisions. The motto of the II of Pentacles is:  I accomplish my goals with ease and grace.  When this card comes up in a reading you’re not worried about picking the wrong thing, or doing things out of order.  You are in the flow.  You can see the plan.  You are rattling things off your to list like a mad person, absolutely committed to and engrossed in your life.

When you see the II of Pentacles in a reading you could very well have a positive train of thought about yourself that goes something like this: “You are an amazingly capable, intelligent, resourceful human being. There are so many awesome things you want to do with your life and you are doing them! You love eating and make it an enjoyable time of your day.  Sleeping is the best and you even get to snuggle at the same time. Bathing!? Bring on the sweet smells of clean skin! You run errands with a skip in your step and you are doing what you love for a living. Therefore your whole life is a journey of awesome and you have boundless energy to fit in learning, creative projects, hanging out with friends, and even reading pointless sci-fi books by the pool.  Wake up and smile!”

II of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

II of Pentacles       Shadowscapes Tarot

II of Pentacles reversed:
One common attitude with the II of Pentacles reversed goes something the opposite of above, thinking: “Let’s face it- you’re never going to get it all done.  There are just too many awesome things that you want to do with your life and only so much time.  You also are required to make time for things like eating, sleeping, and bathing.  You have a million errands to do to facilitate those things, and you have to somehow earn money so you can pay for your eating, sleeping, and bathing as well.  That leaves just enough time to complain that you didn’t have enough time, and then it’s time for bed.  Wake up, repeat.”

So, finding balance is often easier said than done. Like the picture of Balancing Rock in Arches National Park above, sometimes it can feel like the odds of staying balanced are slim. Life can be pretty topsy turvy and deciding how to keep all of the elements of your day in check, can be overwhelming.  It seems like you are constantly one step away from dropping all those balls you are juggling and having them shatter into a million pieces on the ground around you.  I mean, who’s to say a slight earthquake won’t topple Balancing Rock tomorrow?  Everything is crazy!

One thing that can help with the overwhelm of the II of Pentacles reversed is to just stop multitasking.  Stop everything.  Breathe.  Then do one things at a time.  It’s all about single focus and completion of each of your tasks.  Then it’s knowing what to do next. Make a list of action items and only reveal to the top one to yourself.  When you are finished that action item, let yourself contemplate and act on the next item.  Maybe even set up rewards for when you reach certain benchmarks.  You can figure this out.  You are capable.

8345854877_d2b54ab42f_oThe worst that you can do is give up or resist change.  Try taking your focus into your physical body.  Do some balancing activity, such as tree pose from yoga, and just breathe into it.  Can you align the energy of your body with your goals for the day.  Check in with yourself periodically throughout the day to see if you are starting to lose confidence or get overwhelmed.  Remember, the II of Pentacles is just a beginning card and you can work to create a support system and method to make things run more smoothly and be less overwhelming in the future.  Take it one day at a time.

New Moon Reading for March 20th, 2015

Another moon cycle comes to a close and so another begins!  This New Moon in water sign Pisces will be occurring tomorrow March 20th, 2015, and bringing with it the start of spring in the northern hemisphere. This is an excellent time to set a couple of intentions or goals for the coming four weeks, or even reevaluate your goals for the year. Working with this short energy cycle of the moon can help you get in touch with your own inner four week energy cycles, and manifest smaller parts of your overall year goals.  Today, I asked the tarot cards for advice for all of us on setting our intentions now at the Pisces New Moon. Enjoy and best of luck with making progress on your goals in the next four weeks!

The Tower rxed Shadowscapes

The Tower rxed

What energy will help you:  The Tower reversed
Allow yourself to unravel, deconstruct, or fall apart a bit this month ahead. If you thought you were building one thing, let the possibility enter your mind that perhaps you are indeed building something else entirely. Break down old foundations, question everything, entertain new options.  The month ahead has a huge energy of change. The Tower reversed is asking you not to avoid change. Don’t cling to the old!  Let it go!  It isn’t a total disaster to realize that you need a course redirection. Going with the flow is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Instead of resisting and avoiding a new opportunity, try to just float along down whatever path opens up to you now.  See what happens! The Tower can be a scary card to look upon, but the underlying message is that nothing in life is certain or guaranteed. Let that uncertainty be your blessing, let it open up new possibilities in the coming month, and allow a change of course to be a hopeful and exciting possibility in your future.  Most of all, do not resist that which is.

II of Pentacles rxed Shadowscapes Tarot

What will hinder your intentions:  II of Pentacles rxed
Spreading yourself too thin will be your greatest obstacle in the month ahead. At times in your life, everything just flows and you’re able to balance all of the different elements of your day-to-day existence. Other times, it can be difficult to keep yourself on track and focus on your goals. This month, try to do one thing at a time. You are super capable but you will get sidetracked if you try to do everything at once. There is a beauty in following through to completion with one project and then starting up the next thing. Flow from one focus to the next instead of trying to divide your attention between multiple things at once.  The Tower shows that the waters of your life may be a bit choppy this coming month, and the II of Pentacles is advising you to keep going in face of major change. If it feels like it’s all too much, remember that you don’t have to do it all right now. Pick the one or two intentions you want to work on this month, and let the others go. They will still be there for another moon cycle if they are necessary.  


The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot

What to expect in the coming month:  The Empress
Expect abundance this month. The Empress is here to show us that the month ahead is ripe for creativity and creation. If you have an area of your life that you want to grow and flourish, putting all your eggs into that one basket will pay off handsomely in the month ahead. The II of Pentacles reversed reminds us not to do too many things at once, and The Empress now assures us that that which we do choose to focus on, will be blessed with intense growing power.  The Empress doesn’t mess around when it comes to devoting heaps of love, beauty and feminine creation energy into her passions. She is all in! The Tower reversed indicates that this passion project may be something unexpected or unintended, a new direction that may seem so “not you”, but if you’re doing it how could it be anything but “you”?!  This New Moon brings with it a change of season, and here in the USA that means SPRING, and the start of another year of growth.  The Empress is here to remind us that spring is all about planting seeds, and that any seeds we choose to plant right now need to be loved, focused on intentionally, and allowed to grow outside of the normal bounds of what we think it is possible.

Blessed New Moon!  I hope you let these insightful messages from the tarot help to guide you in the coming moon cycle starting tonight.  If you would like to share your own experiences, New Moon wishes, or order a personalized New Moon reading, please get in touch at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.com!

Getting EVERYTHING Done with the II of Pentacles

two_pentacles copyThe II of Pentacles is the quintessential tarot card for multitasking.  Traditionally, the card depicts a man juggling two pentacles in the air while standing on one foot.  Good for him! He looks like he has got his shit together even though things are a bit up in the air and topsy-turvy.  There are some waves of turmoil in the background of the image, but a boat manages to maneuver over the waves safely.  The act of balance is well achieved with the II of Pentacles. Decisions are carefully weighed and sensibly made. The motto of the figure in this image is:  I accomplish my goals with ease and grace. But how can one be so agile and well-balanced?!  I vacillate between two opposite states of mind on a fairly regular basis:

1. Give up!  Let’s face it- you’re never going to get it all done.  There are just too many awesome things that you want to do with your life and only so much time.  You also are required to make time for things like eating, sleeping, and bathing.  You have a million errands to do to facilitate those things, and you have to somehow earn money so you can pay for your eating, sleeping, and bathing as well.  That leaves just enough time to complain that you didn’t have enough time, and then it’s time for bed.  Wake up, repeat. (This is a more common attitude with II of Pentacles reversed.)


2. Never give up! You are an amazingly capable, intelligent, resourceful human being. There have so many awesome things you want to do with your life and so much time! You love eating and make it an enjoyable time of your day.  Sleeping is the best and you even get to snuggle at the same time. Bathing!?  Bring on the sweet smells of clean skin! You run errands with a skip in your step and you are doing what you love for a living. Therefore your whole life is a journey of awesome and you have boundless energy to fit in learning, creative projects, hanging out with friends, and even reading pointless sci-fi books by the pool.  Wake up, smile!

The II of Pentacles always gives me that extra spring in my step when it comes up for my daily tarot card draw.  Today I felt a little overwhelmed by all the things I want to do at the Grand Canyon while we are here.  The II of Pentacles says to me: “You have plenty of time today to get a backcountry camping permit and then cook a healthy breakfast.  You can also get some internet time in for blogging, tour management, and keeping up with family and friends. This afternoon is a wonderful time for a short hike.  Tonight, you need to pack,cook, and prepare for a backpacking trip. You can also make it to the post office, the grocery store, and watch a movie at the visitor center.  Go, go gadget Deird!”

II of Pentacles Shadowscapes deck

II of Pentacles
Shadowscapes deck

You know what is great about most of those things? I’m not actually multitasking.  I’m doing one thing after another all day, but I’m not doing any two things at the same time.  Multitasking really doesn’t work that well for me. I get confused when I try to do too much at once.  It’s all about focus, completion and then knowing what to do next.  The II of Pentacles represents earth energy, so practical concerns will be in high focus with this card.  I need to feed myself, do work, make sure I have a place to sleep, and exercise my body- all earth oriented activities.  The 2s are about balance and decision making, so I have to decide what comes first and what needs to get done before dark, and what can even wait until tomorrow if need be.  And hopefully, my fairy helper spirits will assist in making it all happen just as I see them doing for the figure in the Shadowscapes tarot to the left.  Wish me luck!