A Bright Dark Moon Today in Leo, July 23, 2017

We have a beautiful New Moon today in the sign of Leo today! It’s time for us to shine out our deepest fire light into the dark moon night. Here is your tarot reading to help you set your intentions and focus your desires for the moonth ahead ūüôā

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: Father of Wands, Judgement, V of Pentacles

How can I have more fun and games in my life?- Father of Wands

The Father of Wands is Leo fire energy through and through. He is definitely not afraid to have fun, yet has more ingrained limits and boundaries for that fun than, say, the Knight of Wands. The Father of Wands loves leadership and challenges, so his idea of fun and games might be a bit more productive and results-oriented than frivolous and just passing the time. Think more along the lines of summiting a mountain, playing competitive sports, rock climbing or other outdoor adventures, rather than a peaceful nature walk or sitting in the forrest. He would rather swim across a lake or river than lay out and tan. He likes a rousing game of bar trivia rather than just pints and gossip.

The Father of Wands exudes positivity. He loves to shine, be out in the sun, and be social. He also envisions big dreams so there is a tendency to make things larger than life. This guy loves to seize the day, so carpe diem away this month. Plan activities that spark your creativity and make your feel alive. The Father of Wands is a great sign for fun times ahead this month, just make sure you plans things that have a bit of direction or purpose. Fun simply for the sake of fun may allude you with this bold, driven energy in charge.

How can experience my radiance and increase my self-confidence?- Judgement

Ah, Judgement, a weighty concept and card. Self-judging is the thing that stands in between most of us and our radiance. We judge ourselves against others, against societal expectations, and against our own high standards. And we always come up short somehow, decreasing our self-confidence and adding a bit more misery into our lives and into the world.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. We could stop setting unobtainable goals forced on us by the media and marketing that exists solely to sell more products and not make our lives better as advertised. We could stop comparing ourselves to our neighbors and trying to keep up with the Joneses. We could sit down and listen for our inner calling, for what we actually want and need, and decide what is right on an individual basis. It seems obvious that what causes you to be radiant and self-confident might be different that what works for your best friend. Yet it’s so easy to forget.

Now is the time to remember that you are a unique snowflake. Start treating yourself as a whole person in this moment instead of a constant work in progress that needs to be judged, weighed, measured, and added up. You are complete right now. You do not have to wait for a future you that has done this or that in order to be radiant and confident now. This Judgement card signifies acceptance and surrender to who you inherently are.

What am I passionate about and should pursue?- V of Pentacles

The number V cards in the tarot Minor Arcana point towards strife and challenge. It is a turning point, a transition from the building energy of Ace to IV and the closing energy of VI to IX. You may find yourself at a point when you are not entirely sure what you are passionate about pursuing. You thought you were headed in one direction but now that you have gotten this far you’re questioning if you really want to go through with it. The issue resides with the relationship between material wealth and spiritual wealth. What are you doing that is good for your wallet versus what are you doing that is good for your soul. And which one is more important? Can you find balance?

The best thing you can do to figure this out is to spend time on it. Use the energy from Judgement to listen for your inner calling, the right direction for you, the path you want to pursue. Let the struggle happen, don’t avoid it. We like to shy away from sadness, isolation, illness, loss, and hurt- who want to stay in pain? The thing is that the pain won’t go away unless you deal with the things that are causing it. Use the bright, happy energy of Leo to shine some light into your dark places and offer healing to those pains you have been or want to avoid. A glass half full attitude can go a long way towards helping your find a solution at this time.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this New Moon in Leo tarot reading. Guess what? We have another New Moon in Leo coming up on August 21st! AND a total solar eclipse which will be fully visible from my home in Nashville, TN. Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies everybody! I can’t wait!



Tarot Blog Hop: A Tarot Art Project with the Kings


Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot! If you are following along on the June Tarot Blog Hop, or are a regular reader of this blog, know that today’s blog is a special entry on a topic that many other tarot bloggers are writing about right now as well. The topic is “a tarot art project for non-artists.” We are all finding inspiration in non-tarot related artwork and then creating a tarot card out of that artwork.

This just happens to be something I do every Wednesday at The Willow Path Tarot! I take photos from my personal Instagram feed, which is about my travels and life outside of tarot, and associate those images to a tarot card. Eventually, I plan to print out all these images and make my own tarot deck from my travels. I’m still in the beginning phases of that process, so today I’d like to share with you how things are going with the Kings in this newly developing tarot deck.

King of Cups Gunnison National Forest Colorado, USA

King of Cups
Gunnison National Forest
Colorado, USA

So, in my travel tarot deck, which I’m tentatively calling The Travel Tarot Deck (ahhh, I know, so original!), the Kings are going to be represented by mountains.¬†I’ve chosen mountains to represent the Kings because I associate mountains with stability, security, maturity, and rulership, all personality traits of the Kings in the tarot deck. I chose this one on the left here to be the King of Cups because of the river in the picture, bringing together the Cups which represent water, and the mountains which represent the Kings. The King of Cups is compassion and welcoming, he goes with the flow, much like a river. He brings comfort and kind words, understanding and mediation. The King of Cups is balanced and generous, bringing peace and harmony with his careful demeanor. This river in Colorado definitely gives me that peaceful feeling of the Cups and the mountains add the dimension of the strength of a King.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

King of Wands                                                     Sedona, Arizona, USA

I’ve chosen this rock formation in Arizona to be the King of Wands. The red color of the rocks makes me think of dry, summer heat and the Fire of the Wands. I associate Wands with summer and this card has a summery feel to me. I think this might be a part of or near the rock formation called Devil’s Bridge, and the King of Wands always seems like a bit of a devil to me. He is charismatic, passionate, and tempting. He has the energy of someone who knows what he wants and knows how he can get it. Even so, he is an honorable person, responsible and hard-working, almost tirelessly so. The King of Wands has a vision and a plan to go along with that vision. This range in Sedona prickles with a brittle heat that causes visions to dance before our eyes. The King of Wands understands the visions seen in the fire and can¬†work with it to greatest effect.


King of Pentacles                                                   Colca Canyon                                        Cabanaconde, Peru

This photo on the left is one I’m thinking about using for the King of Pentacles. There is a deep Earth energy to a canyon, and this photo is of Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyon hikes in the world. It was a long way down, requiring a lot of the strength and determination of a King to finish. The King of Pentacles is in it for the long haul in every aspect of his character. He is practical, calculating, and under control. He is disciplined and powerful. This King is also connected to the abundance of the Earth, offering brute strength like these canyon walls, but also fertile abundance much like the oasis at the bottom which has shade, water, and a place to rest after a difficult effort. I’m not entirely sold on the image because it seems a bit dry and I associate Pentacles with winter so I would like to do something more snowy, but… for now it has got me thinking.


King of Swords                                                              Red Rock Canyon National Park                               Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This photo I’m thinking of using for the King of Swords, but am also not completely satisfied with it. That’s ok, though since I’m planning on seeing many more mountains before this deck is finished. ūüôā I like this one for now because there is something dark and brooding about it, which reminds me of the King of Swords. He is the King of logic and reasoning. His powerful intellect understands the concepts of truth and justice. Something about that kind of mental prowess is dark to me. There is a tendency towards black and white thinking, when so often the world is made up of shades of grey. The King of Swords excels at interpreting that grey area, defining it and forcing it back¬†to black and white. The light and dark interplay of the mountains in this photograph remind me of that balance the King of Swords achieves.

Okay, that’s my contribution to the June Tarot Blog Hop! ¬†I hope you enjoyed learning about the Kings in my Travel Tarot Deck and come back to the blog often to see the progress I’m making on my Instagram inspired deck. You can hop back or forward using the links below to see what other everyday picture and photos have been made into tarot cards by my fellow tarot bloggers!


Jenny Lake Grand Tetons National Park, WY, USA

The Emperor                                                           Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons National Park             Wyoming, USA

New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading for November 11, 2015

The New Moon in Scorpio brings an intense energy of flowing, emotional depth. This dark depth can be a bit scary or daunting to confront, but promises the greatest source of rebirth and renewal in your life. The New Moon provides an excellent opportunity to use this deep energy for going within and personal reflection. It time to delve deep into your subconscious in order to take a good look at your value as a person, your emotional triggers that block your ability to embody and demonstrate that value, and situations that can help bring out the best in you. Let’s work with the powerful energy of the New Moon in Scorpio to set intentions around renewal and growth as this year 2015 ¬†begins to draw to a close.

VI of Swords rxed Rider Waite Smith Tarot

VI of Swords rxed
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

What is my¬†solid foundation from which I can express my personal value?–¬†VI of Sword reversed
The VI of Swords is a card of movement and transition. With this card in reverse, we see a steadfastness and commitment to a position that is very admirable. You are not easily swayed by changing tides, opinions, or fads. You know what you stand for and what you strive to achieve. It is a wonderful to feel secure and determined in your purpose at this point in the year. Keep your determination up and your eye on the prize. Do not let alternative paths or conflicting opportunities muddy the clearness of your mental waters. Of course, it is always beneficially to check in with yourself and make sure your actions are still aligned with your goals. Don’t be blind to problems or issues that crop up and challenge your course. These things happen for a reason even if ultimately it is a reason your can never understand. The VI of Swords reversed is here to congratulate you for your steadfastness of purpose while gently reminding you that even the best laid plans encounter obstacles which require your flexibility and fluidity.

X of Pentacles rxed Rider Waite Smith tarot

X of Pentacles rxed
Rider Waite Smith tarot

What triggers my negative emotional responses that do not reflect my higher purpose?–¬†X of Pentacles rxed
The X of Pentacles is a card of success and commitment, two very highly valued attributes in our society. Your negativity monster is likely to rear its ugly head when you consider whether or not you will ever be truly secure and successful. Will you ever have everything figured out? Will you ever have your happily ever after? When the futility of all your hard work threatens to overwhelm you, its time to step back, take a deep breathe and reevaluate your situation. First, be grateful for all that you do have and congratulate yourself for all that you have done. You are amazing! A positive outlook is much more productive at creating more positivity. Fake it till you make it if you must!, especially if you have already allowed yourself a healing down time to wallow and express your sadness. The next step is to redefine happiness and success. These definitions should be deeply personal and not a mimic of what everyone else says. Know that is not what you do as much as how you do it. Make your main goal in life to bring more love and light into the world for yourself and your people, and see how that perspective alters the way you go about your daily routine.

Knight of Swords rxed Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Knight of Swords rxed
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

What positive message does my subconscious want to share with me now?- The Knight of Swords rxed
You’ve got time. The Knight of Swords reversed is here to let you know that there isn’t any rush. You don’t have to grow, change, or do anything with great haste. You are a work in progress. Every stage of your life is worth living so there is no need to go charging off and miss the step you are at now. Actually, it is very necessary to slow down at this point or you run the risk of burning yourself out. Your subconscious is sending you a little message of warning to take care of yourself by entering into a more peaceful state. Yes, it can be wonderful to be bursting with ideas and energy, and wanting to take action right away but honestly, you are only one person, capable of so much. Make time for rest and relaxation away from your busy mind and its lists of action items.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon reading. If you want to take the energy of the reading a step further, ask your cards: “What area of my life should I look to renew and grow at this time?” What card did you draw and how does it inspire or motivate you to seek renewal in your life at this time? I drew the King of Wands whose energy encourages me to seek renewal in the domain of my creative pursuits. His are qualities I endeavor to carry with me as inspiration when setting my goals for 2016.

The King of Wands Has Some High Expectations

King of Wands Rider Waite Smith tarot

King of Wands
Rider Waite Smith tarot

I find it can be helpful, when studying the tarot court cards to relate the energy of each of these court cards to a particular feeling, situation, or person in my life. This practice brings the card to life for me, and helps me commit the essence of the card meaning into my memory. Today, I‚Äôm feeling a strong resonance with the King of Wands…reversed. This King is a visionary, an entrepreneur and a creative force. He is full of inspiration, enthusiasm, projects, plans, ideas, goals, and activities. He takes on all of this creativity with a knowledge of responsibility and also his own capability.¬†This King is a go-getter and loves to follow through on his goals. Look at the image on the left here, this King looks like he is about to jump up from his throne and get shit done. He knows exactly where he is going, is super efficient at completely his tasks, and moves fluidly on to the next project without hesitation or doubt.

Like I said, most of the time I feel more in touch with my inner King of Wands reversed. This is an energy of overwhelm and disappointment, that I’ve set far too high of expectations for myself and I’m a huge let down. Why can’t I create all the things that I imagine and am passionate about creating? Why can’t I meet my goals and follow through on my plans? The King of Wands reversed is the best at looking down his nose at setbacks and failures and making you feel bad about yourself. What is the point of that though!? It makes me anxious, hasty or lazy, impulsive or hesitant. There are so many things to do next, so I can even focus to decide on the best course of action.

bigstock-The-word-Everything-on-a-To-Do-45656401-670x376Let’s face it, we all have way too much going on. It’s like the Cult of Busy is taking over our society and if you’re not constantly DOING, as the King of Wands so easily embodies, then you are incomplete and wasting your life. It’s feels as though you are required to schedule more things than you can possible accomplish in order to ever feel accomplished, but then you can’t get to that feeling accomplishment because you’ve set impossible goals. So where does that leave us? Let down and disappointed in ourselves, which generally puts us even farther from our goals because we have to spend time feeling bad and wallowing now!

I’m determined to get out of this King of Wands reversed mindset. One of the things I do to feel accomplished is to make a short To Do List every day, instead of the incredibly long life goals list that can be to daunting to even look at, let alone tackle. On my daily short list I will pick one or two big goals for the day off the master list, and then write a bunch of small goals then I get to feel great about when I cross them off. For example, I have 4 tasks that I can knock out in a half hour each day that make me feel like I’ve done some serious work on my To Do List and I’m a super busy and amazingly capable person. All within half an hour! ¬†Look at me crossing things off my list like a champ! ¬†Here are my 4 items for this moon cycle:

  1. Plank Challenge– I’m doing this with a friend, so each day I spend a few minutes doing this tough exercise which makes me feel like a total badass afterwards, even if it I have to take breaks. Then I have a friend who congratulates me every time I do it!
  2. Spanish Practice- I’m going on a trip to South America next month, so I want to refresh my Spanish skillz. I downloaded an app called DuoLingo and every day I do a couple of lessons on my phone to help me feel prepared and smart.
  3. Daily Draw- I like to draw a tarot card for myself each morning and journal about what I feel it means for my day ahead. I love spending time with tarot every day so this is exciting and fun for me, plus it’s built-in studying to become a better reader and I get documentation of my life and my process I can look back on later.
  4. Yoga or Stretching- Doing 10 minutes of yoga moves and/or stretching once a day makes me feel super accomplished. I mean, who doesn’t want to be flexible and breathe? This is a bit more my speed than meditating, but generally I try to think of nothing but my breathe and body movements during this time. I use an app for this too, called Sworkit, to guide me through the movements without thought.

What are one to four things you could do each day that would make you feel like you really kicked ass at your day? This is working within the system, trying to tweek our modern lives just a tad to get in a flow with our busy culture. How can you find ways of doing out in the world that that sit well with you.  Hone in on your goals and intentions and prioritize those things over the noise of daily life.

to-do-list-nothingThe alternative is to just reject that cult of busy. Look at your list of goals and ask yourself if you really want those things, or if you feel pressured or required to do them. If you feel a sense of disinterest, dread, or unnecessary obligation to do things that aren’t right for you, just cross those right off the list now. Being busy is not necessary for a healthy and happy life. The King of Wands does not sit easily upon his throne of constant action and doing things. He is jumpy and intense and always focused outwards. You can take time to just be, to not do anything at all, and see how that space you create calms you and prepares you to take on your challenges and goals with a steady mind, body and soul.

Relationship Tarot Reading Example for Little Old Me

My favorite way to try out a new spread is to do a reading with the spread for myself. Below you will find an example reading of my latest special on The Willow Path Tarot: the love reading. Doing readings for myself is one of the best perks of running a tarot business.  I get to give myself lots of free advice and guidance!  You can try out this tarot spread on your own or order one done by me here!  (Pssst, I also have an amazing spread for all the sassy single people out there!)

The Heart of the Relationship:  Mother of Swords reversed

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Mother of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

The Mother of Swords is described in the Wild Unknown as “experienced and all-seeing”. ¬†Basically, she is one level-headed, rational, kick-ass Queen of the Mind. ¬†In this relationship reading, I see her as representing both myself, and my finance, Kristen, as a pair. ¬†We are not all-knowing, we don’t have everything figured out, this isn’t all well-traveled relationship territory for us. We are still experimenting and experiencing. We are still growing and seeing what happens as a couple. ¬†We are still on that journey toward the Mother of Swords’ level of sureness and calm understanding that years and years of a being with someone in a relationship brings. ¬†Yes, we’ve been together for about 3 years now, and we are engaged, but we are not in a place where we could offer sage advice to budding couples, or look back and say “Remember when we were young and just getting to know each other?” ¬†Sigh. ¬†There are a lot of things that we do know about each other, but there is so much yet to learn, so many experiences that will add to our ability to see and understanding each other and our relationship.
Also, this card reversed made me think that we are not the most logical of pairs. What brings us together isn’t totally rational. We don’t sit around and think our relationship makes sense because of A, B, and C. ¬†Often what draws lovers to one another isn’t surface level stuff, but rather the intuitive sense of emotion that makes love so obvious to those experiencing it. ¬†The Mother of Swords reversed reminds me that the heart of our relationship isn’t found along the level of the mind, but much more profoundly on the level of our hearts.

What Is the Relationship Weakness:  VI of Wands

VI of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

VI of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

The VI of Wands points out that I feel one of my weaknesses in my relationship is my ability, or rather inability, to withstand public recognition. Kristen’s whole being in life demands to be seen and acknowledged. She’s an Aries with a Leo moon! ¬†She is a musician who wants to be on stage every night, entertaining the masses and being adored for it. ¬†I like to be on the sidelines, watching happily from a dark corner, part of the crowd but by no means the center of attention. Kristen is such an extroverted person, that perhaps the weakness of our relationship revolves around different way of expressing our passions in public. ¬†When someone hears I’m a tarot reader I just say “Yep!” In contrast, if someone asks Kristen about her music, she is whipping out a guitar and a business card instantaneously.
Another idea this card gave me with that maybe we need to sell ourselves as a power couple a little bit more. Maybe we should be putting ourselves out there as a couple, and asking people to appreciate and recognize how cool we are. ¬†It is really hurting me to write this! ¬†What if, instead our weakness is actually delusions of grandeur, that we have the best love, the best relationship, and people should be looking up to us? Ha, I certainly don’t feel that way, but I often ask myself: ¬†is everyone this happy in their relationships? ¬†Am I so good at living positively in the now that I have manifested exactly what I always wanted? ¬†And also, couldn’t we achieve so much more together if we had one unified goal instead of our separate goals?

What Is the Relationship Strength:  The Chariot

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot

The Chariot
Wild Unknown Tarot

Oh dear, this kinda confirms my last point about the VI of Wands and needing to work more ambitiously together as a couple. ¬†The Chariot is all about power, determination, assertiveness, basically: getting shit DID and letting people KNOW. ¬†I love this card from The Wild Unknown tarot as well- a horse! ¬†Kristen’s spirit animal is a horse, and currently we are caring for 5 horses on a farm in North Carolina. ¬†This is emblematic of our commitment to doing what we love. We want to spend time with animals, so we find some that need love for a couple of weeks. We want to see the whole country, so we figure out how to make money and live in a van. This adventure that we live together is so driven. ¬†We power along in our van, Chariot style, ready to ask for what we want, knowing that we deserve it. And don’t even talk about giving up or quitting!
I think it’s super interesting here that the VI of Wands and The Chariot, both representing triumph and victory came up as our relationship weakness as well as our relationship strength. So often the things that make us strong, are also the things that tear us apart. ¬†If we are both such passionate and ambitious people, and we cannot align our goals, we will soon drift far apart and fast, as our roads quickly diverge. ¬†I don’t believe that is what the future holds for us, given my personal feelings, and the energy of this tarot reading. ¬†We have the strength to combine our life purposes and move forward with self-confidence, determination and drive. ¬†The Chariot is an archetype, it’s the theme of our relationship, and can far outweigh the pull back worry of the minor arcana, everyday of the VI of Wands. ¬†I should look for more ways that we can work together, each of us using our own unique gifts, especially introversion versus extroversion, inner power versus outer power expression.

How to Deepen the Relationship:  Father of Wands

Father of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Father of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

If I’m to go along with along with the theme that this reading seems to be taking, I say the Father of Wands is here to tell Kristen and I to go into business together. The Father of Wands is a visionary and a self-assured entrepreneur. ¬†If I want to deepen my relationship, I could work with Kristen on more creative projects. ¬†We both currently support each other’s businesses, but perhaps there is more we could be doing. ¬†We have a travel blog website called CatvsOwl, that we both agree has a lot of potential but also ends up on the back burner every time. ¬†There are so many other jobs to do before sitting down to write a blog post about our vandwelling, travel life, that it isn’t much of a travel blog. Yet? Or perhaps there is some other creative collaboration that we could cooperate on. ¬†We have far off dreams to open a bar/bookstore called The Librewery (steal the name and DIE!). But that is not for now, it is for someday, so just something to keep in mind!
The Father of Wands is a fiery, passionate person who has so many ideas that are well-put into action. ¬†Unfortunately, all the responsibility doesn’t suit this personality very much. Although the Father of Wands is capable and responsible, he would rather be off starting something new, being creative, and following his inspiration. ¬†Perhaps Kristen and I could switch off being the creative and wild one in the relationship, and the one who is responsible and practical. ¬†That way we both get to follow the sparkle of our suns now and again without being weighed down with too much reality. ¬†Which leads me to my last card….

Shining Guidance for the Relationship:  Father of Pentacles

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Father of Pentacles
Wild Unknown Tarot

The Father of Pentacles is the pragmatic, responsible, and hardworking provider. If Kristen is going to be deep in songwriting mode, I will have to be in the role of practical caregiver, making sure we have money to pay the bills and healthy food on the table. Then when I want to run off and create my own tarot deck, she can be sure to cook me dinner and clean the bathroom. ¬†I like how we have two Father cards here, which correspond to the Kings in other tarot decks. ¬†The Kings are the socially responsible ones, the ones in command of their kingdoms, and in control of their destinies and lives. ¬†I like thinking that Kristen and I have that power within us. ¬†We are able to operate in our patriarchal, masculine energy dominant world. We can take care of each other and our lives. ¬†This authority is not exclusive to men, we all hold it for ourselves. We don’t have to be followers or subjects. ¬†Our relationship can be regal and colorful like the buck in the Wild Unknown Father of Pentacles card. The physical world, represented by the pentacles, is full of magic and wonder for us. ¬†Together we can enjoy all this physical reality has to offer us.

Wow, this reading was all kinds of fun! ¬†I didn’t expect these cards to show up at all, but you never know what the tarot will reveal to you at a given time. The issues and themes this reading brought up are not ones I had thought much about, but they make a lot of sense to me, and really open me up to new possibilities. I love The Wild Unknown deck, every time I use it I feel intrigued, inspired, and magical.

Feel free to use this spread to do a relationship reading for yourself!  I also have one for all the single lovers out there.  Let me know how it goes in the comments below if you try it out!

Aquarius New Moon Reading for January 20th, 2015

Another moon cycle comes to a close and so another begins! ¬†The New Moon in air sign Aquarius will be occuring on January 20th, 2015. ¬†This is an excellent time to set a couple of intentions or goals for the coming four weeks. ¬†Working with this short energy cycle of the moon can help you get in touch with your own four week energy cycles, and manifest smaller parts of your overall year goals. ¬†If you are still working on planning out those year long goals, I recommend Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Year planner. ¬†Today I asked the tarot cards for advice for all of us on setting our intentions now at the Aquarius New Moon. Enjoy and best of luck with making progress on your goals in the next four weeks!

VIII Strength Rider Waite Smith deck

VIII Strength
Rider Waite Smith deck

What energy will help at this New Moon:  Strength
Strength is the card of compassion, of courage, of quiet and enduring control. ¬†When setting your intentions for the coming month, do so with the conviction that you will succeed because of your ability to persevere, your bravery, and your love for what you do. Strength is the archetype of power, patience, fortitude, and determination. ¬†If it feels like you set too lofty of goals for 2015 overall, Strength reminds you to fight your battles one at time. ¬†It’s still January after all- you don’t need everything to be perfectly in place already! With each smaller monthly victory, you will gain confidence, you will learn important lessons, and you will find the strength you need to keep going toward the bigger picture. Let Strength guide you in setting intentions for the month with her gentle compassion, innocence, and love.


Knight of Wands Rider Waite tarot

Knight of Wands
Rider Waite Smith tarot

What energy will hinder this month:  Knight of Wands
The Knight of Wands initiates battles for the sheer joy of the fight, regardless of whether there is anything worthwhile to be fought over or won. This type of boundless enthusiasm will be an obstacle for you when setting your intentions for the coming New Moon cycle. If you find yourself still chasing after a million hopes and ideas for your 2015, try to find some quiet time to work out which of those ideas of yours you are most passionate about and which are only serve to crowd out or cloud your vision. The Knights are all about action and doing, but first you must take the time to figure out what intentions you want to act upon, before you start doing anything. With so much enthusiasm and fire going into the year, be careful not to burn yourself out acting without a concrete plan of attack.


King of Wands Rider Wait Smith tarot

King of Wands
Rider Wait Smith tarot

What to expect this month: King of Wands
Well, it looks like we are all going to take my advice into account and be truly visionary this month! ¬†The King of Wands takes that passionate, fire energy of the Wands and uses in responsibly as a King. This is the most antsy of the Kings though, ready to jump off his throne and pursue an idea or vision. ¬†He must remember to find his calm inner center, to make decisions from a place of reason and depth. This month you may feel like you are just barely keeping it all together, but you are doing it, you are very capable of manifesting your visions into reality. King of Wands energy says to me that you will be successful in setting your goals this month and sticking to them. This is great news, especially for all the entrepreneurs out there struggling to grow your businesses like me! ūüôā

Best of luck working with the solid, compassion energy of Strength this New Moon cycle. Use this strength to settle down and plan more strategically for the coming year.  You have so much power within you at this time to sit down and really map out what your vision for the year is overall.  I will check in with you again on setting your intentions at the next New Moon in Pisces on February 18th, 2015!

Yule Time Tarot Spread

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Today we’re going to do a special tarot spread all about giving and receiving, things we do in abundance at this time of year. ¬†Our hop wrangler, Arwen Lynch, describes the spread like this: “Yule, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Winter. Whatever you call this time of year, it is a season of gift giving, gift receiving and sharing with family and friends for a majority of the world. Whether Papa Noel brings you a candy cane or the Winter Witch brings you switches, it‚Äôs a time of anticipation. The anticipation of what I might be getting and what I am giving are equal joys for me.” ¬†Arwen has designed a unique tarot spread that will help us reflect on and explore our personal journey during this season of giving and receiving.

yuleHere is the tarot spread!                          

                         The Joy Of Gifting

  1. What gift would you give the world if you could?
  2. What gift would you want from the world?
  3. What gift have you gotten that has brought you joy?
  4. What gift have you given that has brought you joy?
  5. What is one last thing you would like to share about this season?


The Moon Rider Waite Smith deck

The Moon
Rider Waite Smith deck

A gift I would like to give the world:  The Moon
Wow! I would love to give the world The Moon!  I mean, in the metaphorical sense of the phrase that I would love to be able to give the world EVERYTHING: the moon, the stars, anything wonderful and magical that exists. In a more traditional tarot card meaning sense, The Moon stands for the unconscious, the mysterious, the chaotic, and anxieties and fears of the unknown. Therefore, I would like to be able to give the world peace of mind, relief from anxiety, diminishing fear of the unknown.  I would love it if people could be comfortable in uncertainty, learn to navigate their darker waters and deal with their shadow issues. It seems like a lot of people in the world are living in fear, overthrown by their emotions, and unable to use wisdom and intuition to help themselves or others. I wish a release from fear for the whole world!

The Empress Rider Waite Smith deck

The Empress
Rider Waite Smith deck

A gift I want from the world?:  Empress reversed
The reversal here says to me that this isn’t something that I am currently getting from the world. ¬†I could take this in a literal sense and say that the world is not particularly abundant or fertile right now because it is winter where I live. I would love a nice ripe tomato, but that isn’t going to happen! ¬†The Empress also represents the feminine, and I would love it if the world was a more balanced place for both men and women. Women do not have the same opportunities or experiences out in the world, and I would very much like this to be different. ¬†The whole archetype of the feminine is repressed almost everywhere in the world, creating an imbalanced, unharmonious world. ¬†Who does this situation benefit? Why do we allow it to continue? How do we bring greater balance into the world?


Queen of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

Queen of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith deck

A gift that has given me joy: The Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles is the feminine archetype of The Empress brought into physical form. She is the person in your life who has given you boundless security, comfort, and love. ¬†My own mother was such a woman, loving me unconditionally, encouraging me to reach for my dreams, and also there to lend me a hand or a chocolate chip cookie whenever I was in need. Having her as a role model, helps me recognize and value these traits in other people. ¬†I’m constantly meeting people who open their hearts and homes to me because of my life on the road and I appreciate these gifts I’m given. ¬†People like the Queen of Pentacles show me that the world is a magical and wonderful place, something which I can often forget when I see it only as mundane and ordinary. ¬†This Queen helps me see the magic of it all.

kingwandsRWSA gift I’ve given that has brought me joy: King of Wands
The King of Wands is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a bold leader out in the world. ¬†Is this a gift I’ve given the world? That would be nice! I surely try to accomplish this with my business, The Willow Path Tarot. ¬†This was the year that I became an entrepreneur, starting this tarot business, envisioning what it can and will be and bringing it out into the world. ¬†I hope that I have influenced and inspired other people through my work. I hope other aspiring tarot readers are motivated to follow along on this own career paths. I hope the readings that I have done for my clients have inspired them to live creativity, passionately, and with a fire in their hearts to succeed. ¬†I hope I am a responsible guardian of that inspiration and creativity.

IV of Cups Rider Waite deck

IV of Cups
Rider Waite deck

One last thing to share about the season:  IV of Cups
The IV of Cups reminds us of two important lessons for the holidays and the close of the year. ¬†1. This is a wonderful time to reflect and look back on all that we have gone through over the course of 2014. ¬†Spending time meditating, journaling, looking through old notebooks or photographs and getting a handle on what happened last year is a wonderful way to appreciate your accomplishments and memorialize your year. ¬†2. ¬†This is a time when the unexpected or unlooked for may materialize out of thin air. Don’t close off your heart or soul to new experiences and to the amazing surprises that life has in store for us. The holidays are full of magic, we should all believe, have some faith in the universe, and let the wonder of the season into your heart.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about Yule time giving and receiving! ¬†Please feel free to comment below and then follow along to the next blog on the hop using the link below! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Many Merry Wishes for the Season!!!