Find Love Through Balance with the New Moon in Libra, October 19th, 2017

It’s that magical time of month again- New Moon time! The New Moon, this month in the sign of Libra, is a wonderful time for setting intentions on what you want to grow, create, accomplish, or manifest in the coming four weeks. It can be helpful to develop those intentions with the energy of the Moon’s current sign. So in what areas of life does Libra help support us this month? I chose three Libra strengths to set intentions around: love and all relationships, finding balance, and being diplomatic and fair. Then I asked the tarot to give us some advice around these Libra themes to help us in our intention setting time.

Give the below tarot advice a read through and then take a moment to sit back and come up with your intentions for the month. Try to pick just a few intentions in order to put maximum manifestation power behind those intentions. The more honed in and focused your are on your intention, the better your results will be.

Rider Waite Smith tarot deck: Death reversed, The World reversed, The Fool reversed

What will help you appreciate and improve your relationships and be loyal, supportive, and committed to the people you love?- Death reversed
You have to let go of the past in order to make room in your heart for what you truly want out of your relationships. So often we repeat relationships patterns over and over again. We choose variations of lovers and friends who we haven’t had successful or positive relationships with and we repeat those relationship patterns with each new partner. This obviously leads to similar results and outcomes with new relationships. You’ve got to let this go! Let the past go! Try something completely different and see how getting out of your comfort zone can be scary but oh, so rewarding. Don’t be afraid of change. Instead, embrace change as your ultimate best source of happiness and fulfillment. Change is how we grow, develop, and reach that next level. Let this New Moon signal a transition away from unhealthy past relationships (and this includes your relationship with yourself), towards more fulfilling and positive relationships in your present.

Intention: I set the intention to clear away past relationships that I cling to out of fear of change. I am open to change, releasing my comfort zone in order to find loving and fulfilling relationships.

How and when can you be more diplomatic and fair-minded?The World reversed
Carrying on with the theme of letting go, closure, and moving on, The World invites us to use this New Moon to find internal completion. Now we must go through the process of ending or finishing a phase of life. This process can’t be rushed. There are no short cuts here. We must go through all the effort, mess, and unease of figuring out what happened, how we feel about it, what it might have meant, and then putting it behind us. This is tough work, but it is so necessary. What is blocking you or holding you back from closure? Hash out what feels unfair or unjust. Speak your truth, even if it is just to yourself, because you need to do this for yourself above all others. There may be no way to achieve a feeling of fairness and even the score, but that’s not the point. The point is to reach a place of peace in your heart. The world is an unfair place, there’s no rule or reason to much of what happens in our lives, but there is a chance for acceptance and space to move on.

Intention: I set the intention to learn from my past, accept my present moment, and allow for hope and change in the future. Unfair or unjust things may happen in my life, and even though I do no know what the reason or lesson is of those events, that do no define me.

What area of your life needs attention in order to foster balance and harmony in your life?- The Fool reversed
Being dedicated to closure and letting go of the past is your wonderful strength right now, yet there is a still a need to balance out all the ending energy with a hope and faith for a new beginning. You do not have to focus solely on the past. There is still room for positivity and optimism about the next big thing coming your way. Foster a sense of possibility and openness to what the Universe has to offer you as you deal with your past. Ready yourself for a risk, for a leap of faith into a bright new future. Trust that you will succeed. Act as if there is no such thing as failure and believe in yourself 100%. You are not quite ready to take that leap as you shake old patterns and transition into a new mindset, but a big part of creating that new mindset is a bright belief that a new day is upon you and anything is possible. Hold that candle of hope and joy inside of you. Bring balance to your life by admiring and tending to that new light, even as you extinguish the last flames of an older light. This transition time is beautiful, miserable, necessary, and wonderful.

Intention: I set the intention to balance my energy between clearing away what no longer serves me from the past and opening up to what is possible in my present moment. I ready myself for a leap of faith into a bright future. 

Happy New Moon in Libra!

New Moon in Libra- October 12, 2015

Happy New Moon in Libra!  It’s time for our regular New Moon reading to help set our goals and intentions for the coming month, backed by the energetic power of the moon up there in the sky. The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to consider the concept of balance and how it relates to your life. There is a common conception that keeping the various aspects of our lives in harmonious balance will bring greater joy and peace to our lives. We want to have a healthy work/life balance.  We want to eat a balanced diet. We want to balance our inner and outer worlds.  Do you believe in these ideas? Do you seek greater balance in your life? Let’s ask the tarot some Libra supported questions about setting an intention to create a more balanced life and focus ourselves on that goal this coming moon cycle.  Here’s what the tarot has to say!:


Son of Wands Motherpeace Tarot

Where do I need to seek greater balance in my life?- Son of Wands reversed
Have you been taking things a little too lightly lately, maybe leaning toward laziness or excessive partying? Well, it might be time to take a break form the party life, and buckle down a little bit in terms of work. Yes, we all deserve a light-hearted break but this can only really be enjoyable if we are actually taking a break from something, instead of just being a goof off.  What area of your life deserves a bit more effort and focus this month? Wands encourage creative pursuits, so don’t keep procrastinating on starting that novel, exercise routine, book club, volunteer program, art class, home improvement, etc. If it all just seems too overwhelming and you can’t figure out which of your million ideas to get going on- just pick one!  The Libra New Moon can promote hesitancy making decisions, so be very aware of where you are holding yourself back from making a decision by hemming and hawing over the pros and cons for too long. Put all your ideas in a hat and pick one! If your gut tells you to put your first choice aside, keep picking until you have that aha! moment of clarity about what you want to get working on now.  Then use this Son of Wands encouraging burst of energy to get you off and running.

The Empress Motherpeace Tarot

The Empress
Motherpeace Tarot

How can I foster and support this balance?- The Empress
The Empress is here to support you with love and abundance when reaching toward balance this New Moon. Remember, you are enough, you have enough, there is enough to go around. These are the teachings of The Empress, which we (archetypically) receive in childhood as the unconditional love from our mothers. It’s time to connect with all things feminine and bring more of the feminine principle into your life. This energy is very creative, as it is essential to the creation and gestation of all human life. This goes well with the Son of Wands who wants to bring action and masculine active energy into your month. The Empess is the balance to this masculine assertive energy, with her ability to allow, flow, and be receptive to the energy within and surrounding her.  It is so necessary to connect with your inner Empress this New Moon in order to let her natural, sensual, abundant love support you in your quest to find balance. This is a good sign that it will not be all hard work, but rather flowing and natural work that will lead to creation, manifestation, and gentle love coming into your life this New Moon.


Priestess of Discs Motherpeace Tarot

What is blocking my ability to find or work within this balance?Priestess of Discs reversed
This one is a duh card, a smack in the face that you haven’t been utilizing your inner Empress.  The Priestess of Discs (or Queen of Pentacles in other decks) is the earthly embodiment of The Empress archetype.  Here is The Empress brought to life in your every day routine. The reversal means you are so not being a nurturing, physical, loving, compassionate Earth Mother. That lack is blocking your ability to find harmony and balance in your life. We live in a very masculine dominated society of doing.  Look for every day ways to integrate feminine balance.  The woman depicted in the card is doing some simple yoga stretches, an excellent way to balance and connect to the flow of energy in your body. Can you find 5 minutes a day for yoga, breathing and stretching?  How else could you connect with the physical world in order to focus on balance?  Try appreciating the natural world around you, even if it’s a single flower you buy at the supermarket, just look at it and love it naturally.

I hope you are having a wonder New Moon in Libra! I’m wishing you the best in your endeavors and the never ending balancing of the scales that karma presents in our lives. Get in touch if you would like a personal New Moon reading!