Innovative Aquarius New Moon Reading for January 27th, 2017

The New Moon today arrives in the sign of Aquarius. This is the sign of innovation, originality, larger perspective, and revolution. If you want to shake things up in your life, this is the perfect New Moon to energize your intentions to make your own rules, take a risk, and be your true, unique, unconventional self. Open yourself up during this New Moon to receive completely new, unlooked for, and unprecedented ideas. You may be shocked and wonderfully surprised to have a breakthrough in understanding about your life purpose and what you want to do with that purpose. You have an increased capacity to learn and discovery new things with Aquarius now.

You are still only human though and have some limitations. Remember to set your priorities and not over schedule and exhaust yourself in the next two weeks of the waxing Moon. Pick the idea, project, or inspiration that you are most drawn to now and zero in your focus on huge progress instead of spreading yourself too thin over a ton of great ideas. You’ll have lots of other New Moons this year to work with so pick the intentions that will best be realized with the helpful energy of Aquarius! Here is some pertinent advice from the tarot on how to work with this gorgeous and bright Aquarius New Moon energy:


The Linestrider Tarot: Queen of Wands, II of Pentacles reversed, IX of Swords reversed

How can I best be my unique, unconventional self? Queen of Wands
Oh yes! The Queen of Wands is a shining example of how to be authentic to yourself. As with all the Queens, she is deeply and maturely connected to her inner, emotional world. She understands herself, accepts herself, and wants to share that self-confident vibe with those around her. The Queens all have the capacity and the propensity to nurture and support. Right now there is a vibrant energy not only to be your own, unique self, but to lift others up to shine brighter as their true, magical selves.

The gift of the suit of Wands is just that- magical. Wands is fire energy, the shine from deep within that lights up our lives and helps us light up the lives of those around us. The Queen of Wands asks you to get in touch with what lights you up inside. What is your divine spark? What is your inspiration you want to develop and share? What is your creation power? The Queen of Wands can be viewed as The Magician at work in this world, manifesting her ideas into reality. When you connect to what makes you special, different, unique, wild and free, you channel that ability to make your life and yourself into whatever you desire. You are not limited by societal values or regulations, you are encouraged and empowered to be whatever it is that you were born to be. Let the Queen of Wands be your guide in saying YES! to your soul purpose and your Higher Self.

What area of my life needs the most focused r/evolution right now? II of Pentacles rx
The II of Pentacles is all about multi-tasking, getting things done, taking on the world and it’s mountain of obligations and kicking ass. Yet, with this reversal we are being asked to narrow it down, to focus on one task at a time, to say no to that which we aren’t drawn to do. The world can ask us to do a hell of a lot. In fact, it can be an overwhelming and impossible amount that society demands of us. We are supposed to work and have a career, develop ourselves and have hobbies, be healthy, active, eat well, support our friends and family, buy everything that is made, have more fun than our neighbors, and never settle until we have lived our dreams. BLARGH- that is just too much.

Instead of doing, doing, doing, the II of Pentacles rx would like you to take a step back right now with the New Moon. Sit down and focus on just one thing- rest. What does it feel like to be still? Can you stop your thoughts? Can you stop your busy body? What visions emerge when you clear your mind of the day-to-day and allow for a larger perspective on your life. Instead of getting bogged down in the details of what is happening in your life right now, set yourself free into the joy and peace of the moment. Try to frolic and float on the idea that you are alive, you are possibility, you can create. When you are filled with that joy of being you and being able to do so much- then go ahead and ask yourself what you actually want to do with that ability. Dream big! This could be your entire life purpose that you are realizing, so remember that it takes an entire lifetime to fulfill a life purpose. Give it all the time you have.

How can I ground myself when I’m carried away with new ideas?  IX of Swords rx
The IX of Swords are the cyclical thoughts that spiral into negativity and anxiety. We all have them and we all are obliged to deal with them. Part of being human is having a brain that never wants to stop spinning out thoughts and tends to repeat and prioritize thoughts about fear, worry, defeat, and despair. Why it has to be like this, I don’t know. The good news is that we can learn to be aware of our thoughts, even if we can’t control their incessant nagging that we are the worst, and will fail, and are just not worth it. When you are aware that you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself and those around you, you can decide not to listen to those thoughts. They are crazy! They aren’t true! They are you!

The IX of Swords asks us to double down on that awareness and also to let those thoughts go. Try to work past the point of recognizing and dealing with your anxieties and move towards recognizing and dismissing them. Basically, try to spend less time with your thoughts and more time with a clear mind. Perhaps its time to step up your meditation practice and really get comfortable with a state of no thought. I know I am terrible at this, so I will try to start really small: 3 calming breathes or a 5 minute guided meditation or just a moment to put my hands on the ground or a tree and be one with the energy of this world. I am a part of it after all. Keep working to be the master of your thoughts and the effort will get easier. Your thoughts want to keep you from being your authentic self, but you know you don’t want them to succeed. 🙂

Thanks for reading the Aquarius New Moon Reading. I hope you enjoyed it! These monthly ideas and readings are all inspired by Lisa Michaels’ blog, so if you want to get even more into moon cycles, I highly recommend signing up for her newsletters as well. One of my goals for this year to get a little PDF together of all the New Moon tarot spreads I have done over the years so you can have a couple of New Moon inspired tarot spreads at your finger tips any time you want to work with the moon and tarot- two of my favorite energies!

Until next time XOXOXO!


New Moon in Capricorn, December 29th, 2016

It is the last New Moon reading of the year! Goodbye 2016! I hope you all had the best of years! 2016 was ruled by the soul-searching energy of The Hermit, which heralds the end of a 9 year tarot cycle. Many things came to an end during 2016 and you may have recently felt a sense of release and completion in certain aspects of your life. And even if you didn’t, now is the perfect time of year to let go of pain, sadness, angry, and resentment, leaving it behind you with 2016. At the very least we can recommit to the idea that our past does not control our present.

Capricorn New Moon energy is wonderful for taking back control of the practicalities of your life. It’s time to create plans and structures that will work to make your life comfortable and secure. Now is the time to sit down and write out all you are thankful for about 2016 and set down your goals for 2017. Special focus on the areas of home, finances, physical body, and owning your responsibilities are emphasized by this New Moon. What healthy and happy lifestyle do you want to create in 2017? Lay out those plans now in order to take advantage of the practical, Capricorn earth energy.

If you would like guidance and insight from the tarot at this time consider ordering an email reading. You could choose a personalized Capricorn New Moon reading to help with your goal setting strategy now. It’s also that special time of year when we all like to reflect on the past year and envision the new year. I’m offering an Empowering 2017 Tarot Reading until the end of the Capricorn Sun cycle on January 18th, 2017. Order yours up today to help you create the best year ahead with the help of the tarot 🙂 Here’s what the tarot has to say for all of us in this coming moon cycle:


The Hermetic Tarot: King of Pentacles,   Ace of Wands,   Two of Pentacles

What will help close out 2016, leaving behind that which you don’t want to bring along into 2017? What to leave behind now?- King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles asks you to pay appreciative attention to all that you have been working on for the past nine years (or just the last year if 9 is bit too ambitious for you!). This King represents abundance, achievement, wealth, and fulfillment. He points to all that you have accomplished, all your successes, all that you have built. It’s the perfect time to take note of the instances when you have been responsible, detail-oriented, and focused in order to reach your goal. I’m sure you can think of quite a few things you are proud of doing in the past nine years. Why not let that really sink in at this New Moon? Take time to reflect, make a list of some of your favorite accomplishments, or create a photo collage or slideshow of your greatest hits from this time period. Try to do some kind of ritual, ceremony, activity, or whatever! that brings you into reflection mode. Remember, when you focus on what you want to bring into your life, you attract more of that energy. When you tell the Universe that you feel good for having achieved X, Y, and Z, you become super-infused with that energy which can help you in the next 9 year cycle to achieve even more!

How can you stay positive and focus on optimism and success in 2017? What kind of year is ahead?– Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is a fresh start, a new beginning, a spontaneous spark of inspiration or passion in the coming year. This goes along beautifully with the 1 (one) energy of The Magician who will rule over 2017. It is time to manifest something all together different and new to you. When you want to focus on the positive, one of the best things you can do for yourself is refrain from going over and over past failures and regrets in your head. Snap out of the negativity pattern by having something bright and fiery fresh to distract you and get you back into the present. Even if you want to be doing the same old routines that you really enjoy, it really couldn’t hurt to spice things up a little bit with the new year. Say you have a workout routine that has yielded great results, super! Now it can’t hurt to add a few new moves, try out a different run route, get some fresh workout music, or some other little change to keep you fired up about your fitness. If you have completely failed repeatedly to find a physical fitness routine that works for you, the Ace of Wands suggests that you do something totally different, maybe even something you have been avoiding or think wouldn’t be fun. Give it a shot anyway! The Ace of Wands is full of surprises and keeping your life full of new experiences and ideas will help keep you focused on positivity and inspired in 2017.

What will help create structure and set achievable goals for 2017? Let’s set you up for success and happiness in 2017!– Two of Pentacles

It’s all about balance with the II of Pentacles when you’re working on setting goals for 2017. There is as much need to make the decision to get things done as there is a need to plan out down time for rest and recuperation. You want to look at all the different areas of your life that need tending and bring into harmony how much you are doing you with how much you are just being you. Think, for example, about your home. You probably have some projects you want to do around the house, some ways you can improve your living situation, making your home into your very own. This is a lot of action and doing, so you also need to make sure you are just being in your home. Plan out time to rest, relax, and appreciate your home environment. The II of Pentacles points out this need to bring both activity and stillness into every area of your life, with a special emphasis on the home, finances, the physical body, and the environment which are all ruled by Pentacles and Capricorn as Earth element cards. The II of Pentacles stresses the need for time management, creating priorities, and adapting to the ways you will change and grow during the year. You don’t have to have it all figured out now, I mean you’re never going to have it all figured out! So set yourself manageable and fun goals that you can focus on accomplishing with grace and ease.

There it is! Your last New Moon Reading for the year. I’m wishing you all a wonderful New Year 2017 and I’ll be back with lots more content in the new year. Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like a tarot reading of your own, jammed packed with direction and advice for your new year, sent direct to your inbox. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!  Happy New Year!

A Nurturing New Moon in Cancer, July 4, 2016

Happy New Moon in Cancer! Yes, I know I’m a tab bit late, but honestly, I feel like the fresh energy of renewal lasts for a couple of days around the New Moon, so here we go catching the tide as it rises! The New Moon in Cancer is all about nurturing, and the best thing I could do to nurture myself yesterday was not stress out about doing a blog post. We are all trying our best, people, we are all just doing the best we can (Insert crazy giggle and arm waving)! If we truly believe that, though if we do our best to love and nurture ourselves and our efforts, this creates more love and less negativity in our lives. That’s the goal: less thinking about the flaws and more marveling at the ability to manifest anything at all. What an accomplishment! Let’s ask the tarot for some advice at this New Moon in Cancer about nurturing ourselves and this great world we live in:

Ace of Wands Wild Unknown tarot

Ace of Wands
Wild Unknown tarot

What area of my personal life needs more nurturing?: Ace of Wands
Your creative drive could use a bit of love and care. Ask yourself if you have been neglecting your Inner Artist of late. When was the last time you created something just for fun, perhaps something silly or “impractical”? When was the last time you burst into song, leapt into a dance, grabbed a paintbrush, or did a cartwheel? When was the last time you laughed until you worried a little bit that you might pee your pants? The Ace of Wands is the root of inspiration, the spark of an idea, the first shoot of creativity. It must have fertile soil from which to grow, though. If you don’t let yourself have any fun and games, don’t let your inner child run amok, or just get out of that routine, routine, routine, produce, produce, produce mentality, you run out of steam to continue. The best thing you can do to nurture your creativity is to get back to the source. Dip into your inner world of joy and inspiration. What would you create if you could make or do anything, even if it seemed pointless and useless? Is something truly useless if it brings happiness and light into this world? Who cares if no one sees or appreciates your masterpiece, or if it turns out not to be a masterpiece at all but an elbow macaroni necklace. Nurture the spark of your inner passion, allow it to be weird or different or frivolous. Just make sure you love yourself. Tell yourself that your efforts are worthwhile and meaningful because they are necessary to who you essentially are as a human being.

X of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

X of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

How can I be more nurturing and supportive of my creations?: X of Swords
Get out of your head! Stop your negative self talk! Okay, admittedly easier said than done. Where are you supposed to go if you have to leave your head?  What if your inner criticism monster will simply not leave you alone? Start with the small step of self awareness. Every time you slip into anxiety mode where every worst case scenario is absolutely going to destroy you, make a conscious effort to simply say, “There it is. There’s my negative self talk. This is me making up a future that doesn’t exist in which everything is bad.” Sure, it might not stop the monster inside your head, but it does separate you and all your potential from that thing that only sees failure and doom. You are inherently not a doom monster, you just have one lurking inside of you telling you that you don’t deserve nurturing or support or anything good at all in your life. And then even if you do deserve it sometimes, the world will conspire against you so that it never comes. Take a tiny 5 minutes from your day and imagine the best case scenario. If you can take the time to write down you happiest outcome, do that as well. Now refer back to that positive outcome once a day. Is it so unobtainable? Is it so crazy to think that you are a good, deserving, amazing person? Nurture that positivity, let it grow and expand. You are ultimately the only person necessary when it comes to nurturing yourself.

The Sun rx Wild Unknown tarot

How can I contribute to creating a more nurturing and caring world around me?: The Sun reversed
The world around us is a living, vibrant, constantly changing and evolving place. We all want to save the Earth as a planet and unite in love and peace as humans and living things on its surface. None of us know how to do that, though. There are lots of ideas about how we could protect the planet and how we could all get along. The thing is, nothing is guaranteed or even particularly effective at this point. So how do we live with that uncertainty? How do we trust in the joy and radiance of The Sun? How can we have faith and belief in a happy ending? Well, we just do. I think it’s simply the human condition. We are limited in our senses and in our knowledge. We don’t know what the meaning of life is and we don’t know what happens after we die. All we can do is try to be happy, try to be loving and kind to each other, try to respect the environment in which we live, and hope that that is good enough. There is so much light and positivity available to us, The Sun reminds us, but the reversal speaks of surprises and hidden joys. We never know what is going to happen in the future. We can only hope for the best, for deep meaning, or a purpose, for it all to be revealed to us someday.

Best of love and nurture at this New Moon in Cancer. As always, if you need a more in depth personalized reading, please get in touch. I am available for email readings any time!


New Moon in Libra- October 12, 2015

Happy New Moon in Libra!  It’s time for our regular New Moon reading to help set our goals and intentions for the coming month, backed by the energetic power of the moon up there in the sky. The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to consider the concept of balance and how it relates to your life. There is a common conception that keeping the various aspects of our lives in harmonious balance will bring greater joy and peace to our lives. We want to have a healthy work/life balance.  We want to eat a balanced diet. We want to balance our inner and outer worlds.  Do you believe in these ideas? Do you seek greater balance in your life? Let’s ask the tarot some Libra supported questions about setting an intention to create a more balanced life and focus ourselves on that goal this coming moon cycle.  Here’s what the tarot has to say!:


Son of Wands Motherpeace Tarot

Where do I need to seek greater balance in my life?- Son of Wands reversed
Have you been taking things a little too lightly lately, maybe leaning toward laziness or excessive partying? Well, it might be time to take a break form the party life, and buckle down a little bit in terms of work. Yes, we all deserve a light-hearted break but this can only really be enjoyable if we are actually taking a break from something, instead of just being a goof off.  What area of your life deserves a bit more effort and focus this month? Wands encourage creative pursuits, so don’t keep procrastinating on starting that novel, exercise routine, book club, volunteer program, art class, home improvement, etc. If it all just seems too overwhelming and you can’t figure out which of your million ideas to get going on- just pick one!  The Libra New Moon can promote hesitancy making decisions, so be very aware of where you are holding yourself back from making a decision by hemming and hawing over the pros and cons for too long. Put all your ideas in a hat and pick one! If your gut tells you to put your first choice aside, keep picking until you have that aha! moment of clarity about what you want to get working on now.  Then use this Son of Wands encouraging burst of energy to get you off and running.

The Empress Motherpeace Tarot

The Empress
Motherpeace Tarot

How can I foster and support this balance?- The Empress
The Empress is here to support you with love and abundance when reaching toward balance this New Moon. Remember, you are enough, you have enough, there is enough to go around. These are the teachings of The Empress, which we (archetypically) receive in childhood as the unconditional love from our mothers. It’s time to connect with all things feminine and bring more of the feminine principle into your life. This energy is very creative, as it is essential to the creation and gestation of all human life. This goes well with the Son of Wands who wants to bring action and masculine active energy into your month. The Empess is the balance to this masculine assertive energy, with her ability to allow, flow, and be receptive to the energy within and surrounding her.  It is so necessary to connect with your inner Empress this New Moon in order to let her natural, sensual, abundant love support you in your quest to find balance. This is a good sign that it will not be all hard work, but rather flowing and natural work that will lead to creation, manifestation, and gentle love coming into your life this New Moon.


Priestess of Discs Motherpeace Tarot

What is blocking my ability to find or work within this balance?Priestess of Discs reversed
This one is a duh card, a smack in the face that you haven’t been utilizing your inner Empress.  The Priestess of Discs (or Queen of Pentacles in other decks) is the earthly embodiment of The Empress archetype.  Here is The Empress brought to life in your every day routine. The reversal means you are so not being a nurturing, physical, loving, compassionate Earth Mother. That lack is blocking your ability to find harmony and balance in your life. We live in a very masculine dominated society of doing.  Look for every day ways to integrate feminine balance.  The woman depicted in the card is doing some simple yoga stretches, an excellent way to balance and connect to the flow of energy in your body. Can you find 5 minutes a day for yoga, breathing and stretching?  How else could you connect with the physical world in order to focus on balance?  Try appreciating the natural world around you, even if it’s a single flower you buy at the supermarket, just look at it and love it naturally.

I hope you are having a wonder New Moon in Libra! I’m wishing you the best in your endeavors and the never ending balancing of the scales that karma presents in our lives. Get in touch if you would like a personal New Moon reading!

New Moon in Leo Tarot Reading- August 14th, 2015

Happy New Moon in Leo!  The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle of energy in your life, and this one is spirited in with the creative, fire energy of Leo at its back. With the Moon in Leo, I thought this would be a great time to ask the tarot for a reading about opening ourselves up to having more fun, romance, and creativity in our lives. Leo is a fierce fire sign that is confidence, self-expressive, warm, caring and generous. How can we bring more of this energy into our lives in order to manifest the fun, positive, loving vibes we wish to project and to surround ourselves with this month?

3swordsSSFirst step: III of Swords reversed
The first thing to do is let go of the past. When you spend too much time going over and over in your mind all the hurts, mistakes and sorrows of the past, you trick your emotions into thinking that those things are still real in the present moment. This creates an unhealthy emotional and physical existence for you now, even though the things that went wrong are in the past. But how to leave despair and heartbreak behind, how to stop thinking about it? This is a personal journey, individual to each of us. The best thing you can do is to know that you must leave the past behind you, that it is gone, and you did your best and now it’s over. Can you even admit this to yourself yet? The past is gone and it’s ok. Once you allow this thought into your repertoire of repeating, cyclical thoughts, it will start to take over and dominant your inner narrative. Let this be your mantra until it really sinks in and lets the past slip away. You can do!  Once you get your mind to stray away from overthinking the past, you will be able to make room for happy, creative, and fun thoughts.

FoolSSStep two: The Fool
Once you have accepted the past and figured out how to leave it in the past instead of dredging it up to torture yourself, you are ready for a new beginning. The Fool wants you to be open and free, to spread your arms and take a leap of faith into the unknown world of your future desires. The Fool has confidence and courage that that leap of faith will find her caught up by the winds of good fortune, adventure, and destiny. That belief, that intense faith in the Universe, cannot be denied. Whatever happens in your life, happens for a reason, and perhaps it will take a lifetime to figure out what lesson it is you learned from all the shit that came before, but denying its worth gets you nowhere. When you say no to the past, when you say that things are unfair and shouldn’t be happening to you, when you deny the present moment, you tell the Universe that you like negativity and want to live with your head in the sand. Focus instead of what small things you have in your life that you are grateful for and thank the Universe for those things. Like The Fool, you can make a small new beginning every day by shifting your attention away from the past, and getting into the positive energy of whatever you do have now. Bring activities, emotions, and thoughts into your life that support your actual desires for yourself.

6pentsSSStep three:  VI of Pentacles
One thing that will help you is to get up close and personal with your personal system of giving and receiving. How can you create a sense of balance in your life, when you feel like you are putting out in equal measure to what you are getting back?  This is not so easy to figure out and it isn’t the same for everyone. This is an intuitive perception that you are going to have discern for yourself. If you are feeling put out by what your partner is constantly asking for in your relationship, without getting much in return- ask for what you want. If you are feeling unappreciated or overworked at your job– let you boss and coworkers know. If you feel the world is always shitting on you and never giving you want you want- let the world know what you want.  A vague or persistence feeling of unease and disappointment can seem like a small weigh on your shoulders, but overtime it can really drag you down into despair and hopelessness. It doesn’t have to be that way. You need to balance out the power in your life, and take the right amount for yourself. Put that negative feeling into words and then share those words with the right people. Actually defining the problem will get you so much closer to getting to the bottom of this and helping you find that creative, happy spark that comes with this New Moon in Leo.  Press onward!

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon in Leo tarot reading. If you would like to order up a personalized reading to get in touch with your inner joy and sense of childlike fun, get in touch!  I do a special $10 3-card reading for all new subscribers to my mailing list. What a deal!  Also, a reminder that I will be traveling from Sept 10- Dec.10 this fall and will only be doing 1-3 card readings during that time. So, if you have been thinking about getting a more in depth reading from me, order yours by Sept 10, 2015.  Happy New Moon!

New Moon Reading for July 15th, 2015

Happy New Moon in Cancer!  The Moon is introspective and emotional in Cancer, so this could be a great night to find a secluded spot to yourself and have some alone time. Make yourself a home cooked meal, listen to some soothing music, spend some time journaling or meditating, and just be comfortable with yourself. If you have the chance to go for a swim- take it!  Here is a helpful tarot reading for you in the coming moon cycle!

The Fool rxed Wild Unknown Tarot

The Fool rxed
Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy to bring in: The Fool reversed
The Fool wants to spring into your life with an energy of spontaneity, innocence, possibility, and new beginnings. This is a happy, go-lucky energy that is bursting with fresh enthusiasm and spirit. Unfortunately, something is blocking this energy from being fully realized right now. It’s time to ask yourself what is holding you back from taking a leap of faith into that fresh new start you have been wanting so much to take. Why are you telling yourself no to your dreams and how can you stop that? Start getting honest with yourself and all your excuses. This Fool energy is present potential all around you and you can access it. Its just a matter of figuring out how to open up to this energy. It’s not an easy thing to figure out for sure but the next card can give a little insight into possible obstacles holding you back.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Mother of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy to release:
Mother of Swords reversed

The Mother of Swords is one smart cookie, but she is all cold logic and the rational approach. Western culture idealizes rationality, science, and the realm of the mind. Everything can be hypothesized, experienced, proven and theoreticized. Right? I say wrong! The universe is really just chaos and making sense of that chaos is beyond the powers of the mind. Sometimes you need to trust your intuition, listen to your calm inner voice that knows what is right for you, and perhaps doesn’t seem to make sense logically. That’s what needs to be done now to make a fresh start. You need to get out of your head. Stop telling yourself what can and cannot be done, what makes sense versus what is just crazy, and instead start dreaming that anything is possible. Once again, I’ll admit it’s no easy feat to change your way of thinking. A good start in that direction is to simply become aware of your thoughts. Listen to them as if you and those thoughts are separate (hint, you are). Next time you notice yourself putting yourself down, think “I’m thinking negative thoughts about myself right now.” This way you can watch your thoughts unfold and hold yourself a bit apart from them. Don’t identify yourself with the thoughts, but rather with the presence watching the thoughts. You are awesome, but your mind is trying to sabotage you into thinking you aren’t good enough. Stop listening to it!

Ace of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Ace of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

Energy all around you: Ace of Wands
This Ace of Wands represents inspiration and new beginnings, just as The Fool does. This reinforces the great potential this coming moon cycle to start afresh. Get in touch with what you are passionate about, what lights you up inside. This is the time to let that spark ignite into a full on flame. Whatever it is that you have been putting off, this month is the time to get out of your head and start doing it. Don’t let yourself be trapped by negative thoughts or doubts. Tell yourself that you can do it, you are capable, you are creative and inspired, and you are ready, willing and able. Once you start this new narrative, this positive affirming voice in your head that encourages you instead of puts you down, you are already well on your way to living your passion. The fact that this Ace of Wands shows up here in the upright position is a great sign that you are headed in the right direction and you will succeed in overcoming your negative thought patterns in order to make a big leap forward toward your goal to start anew.

If you need some clarity about how to jumpstart your fresh start this coming moon cycle, get in touch for a tarot reading! I would love to help you clearly define your goals, get you motivated, and clear away your obstacles to living your best life.

Happy New Moon in Cancer!

Tarot Reading for the Gemini New Moon on June 16th, 2015

Another moon cycle comes to a close and so another begins!  This New Moon in air sign Gemini will be occurring on June 16th, 2015. The New Moon is an excellent time to set a couple of intentions or goals for the coming four weeks, or even reevaluate your goals for the year. Working with this short energy cycle of the moon can help you get in touch with your own inner four week energy cycles, and manifest smaller parts of your overall year goals.  Today, I asked the tarot cards for advice for all of us on setting our intentions now at the Gemini New Moon. Enjoy and best of luck with making progress on your goals in the next four weeks!

VIII of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

VIII of Pentacles
Wild Unknown Tarot

What will help your intentions: VIII of Pentacles
Hard work! Ok, sometimes we get lucky and things just flow, but oftentimes we actually have to put in the time and effort to accomplish our goals. The VIII of Pentacles reminds you to keep plugging away. If you are trying to create something tangible and perfect, keep honing your skills, you are improving toward mastery of your craft. If your intentions are more in the mental or emotional realms, there are still some concrete things you can do to increase your abilities. Try buying a new book on the topic your intentions relate to, or taking a class. You have been building up a fine set of skills, but there is still a need to push ahead. Ask yourself if there is a person you can ask for help, instruction, wisdom, or guidance. It can be tempting to try and do it all by yourself, but sometimes you reach a point where you need help to make a break through.

X of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

X of Cups
Wild Unknown Tarot

What will hinder your intentions: X of Cups
What will hinder your progress this month is thinking that once you accomplish this goal of yours, everything will magically fall into place and you can live happily ever after. Listen, the grass is always greener on the other side, until you get there and feel disillusioned and let down. Then the grass is greener somewhere else, maybe even back where you started, which is just insanity- stop it! Thinking that the future can solve all your problems is where you have gone astray. Instead of focusing solely on some great and all powerful future, bring your attention into the now. Where is your happiness now? Now is the only time you can actually experience, the future will always be later and the past can never be relived. So focus on what you want to bring into the now, fully immerse yourself into what is positive and useful about your present moment.

Father of Cups rxed Wild Unknown Tarot

Father of Cups rxed
Wild Unknown Tarot

What to expect in the coming moon cycle: Father of Cups reversed
This month will find you feeling a bit introspective and perhaps a tad reclusive, when it comes to meeting your goals for the month. Make sure to schedule yourself plenty of alone time, as the mental, emotional, and physical demands of others could leave you feeling exhausted if you don’t find time to recoup alone. All of the VIII of Pentacles energy that will help you reach your goals indicates that you will feel fulfilled and positive if you can really focus on yourself and not get too wrapped up in what other people are thinking and doing. The Father of Cups is generous, diplomatic and socially extroverted, all things you will not be feeling too much with this reversal. Let someone else throw the first summer BBQs and give yourself the space and time you need for yourself. The good news is, that the Gemini energy of this New Moon will help you communicate clearly and effective what you are doing and why, so that any constraints you put on your social obligations will be well understood by your family and friends. Just tell it like it is, and try to keep emotions out of it.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s New Moon reading.  Remember, I’m always available for email readings if you would like a personalized New Moon reading based on your particular set of intentions for the months.  Check out my Email Readings page for more details and I wish you the best of luck working with the energy of this coming moon cycle!