Falling in Love with the II of Cups

The II of Cups often indicates the beginning of a romance. This card brings up a lot of the feelings and issues that come up at the beginning of a relationship. You’re getting to know each other, feeling a bit dizzy in love, and experiencing that euphoria of being seen and cared about. You’re also making decisions at every second about whether or not you can get along, if you like their personality, if you can relate on important issues. There is a lot at work in a new relationship that brings up the decision making power of the II cards…


Toscanini’s Ice Cream Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Keywords: Partnership, romance, heartfelt decisions, relationships, balance, nurture, feelings,caring, respect, understanding, peace, cooperation, collaboration, compromise, reciprocity

Reversed: Independence, failure to choose, break-up, fresh start, imbalance, negativity in relationships, inequality, uncooperative, uncompromising







The II of Cups is a always a crowd favorite when it shows up in a reading. This is because almost every deck I know of will have a peaceful scene on it, something imbued with love perhaps, or just something serene. I have a lot of pictures to choose from with two vessels, but I think I’m settled on this ice cream shot for a couple of reasons. First of all, ice cream may be physically cold, but there is a warm, fuzzy feeling to going out for ice cream that resonates with the meaning of the II of Cups. Ice cream makes us feel happy, safe, luxurious, and young. The II of Cups mimics that joyful experience of an ice cream date, pointing out the light-hearted, nurturing, lovey feeling of life.

The second reason I choose this image is because this shot is from one of my first dates with Kristen. Going out to ice cream is a great date, especially for a first one. It can be quick and care-free and doesn’t involve alcohol, which can be good for a first date ūüôā ¬†The II of Cups often indicates the beginning of a romance and an ice cream date can certainly be romantic. This card brings up a lot of the feelings and issues that come up at the beginning of a relationship. You’re getting to know each other, feeling a bit dizzy in love, and experiencing that euphoria of being seen and cared about. You’re also making decisions at every second about whether or not you can get along, if you like their personality, if you can relate on important issues. There is a lot at work in a new relationship that brings up the decision making power of the II cards.


Sierra Nevada Brewery                                        Chico, California, USA

The II of Cups is a nurturing card. If it isn’t about a romantic relationship for you, it may be about your friendships or how you interact with your family. You will be able to express or show how deeply you care about your loved ones and be able to receive their love in return. You can get together to enjoy the quiet wonders of life, or make important decisions based out of love and respect. You feel compassionate and caring, working to cooperate and get along swimmingly with those around you. Your ability to compromise and reach decisions that meet the needs of everyone involved is high at this time.

The II of Cups isn’t exclusively about love and romance though. If you are doing a work or career reading, this card is an excellent indicator that a business deal will be clinched, a job interview will be go well, or a healthy partnership can be formed. There is a positivity and inspiration around your work life right now. It may turn out that you make deep friendships at work, or even start a business or job working with people you already love, a spouse or a dear friend. You can find some real community in the work place and achieve big results through collaboration. The positive aspect of this card is also a good indication of financial stability. You are making good decisions for your finances and your work will be lucrative.

II of Cups reversed:

II of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

II of Cups rx
Shadowscapes Tarot

The reversal of the II of Cups indicates an imbalance in a relationship. If it is a romantic relationship, you may feel like you are giving, giving, giving, and receiving very little in return. Conversely, you may find that you do not reciprocate the strong feelings of a partner and are thinking about ending the relationship. Either way, feelings are out of wack in your relationship and you need to take a step back and reevaluate. What is this relationship based on? Is there a deep, abiding love here or just a passing love? Do you want to start making compromises to make this relationship work is it best to move on from this relationship before more feelings are hurt? Every relationship we have is meaningful and teaches us important life lessons, but not every relationship is meant to last a life time.

Of course, this feeling of imbalance, non-reciprocity, inequality, or negativity could apply to any personal relationship. You could be missing a long lost friend, feeling shut out by your child, unappreciated at work, or outcast from your friend group. Perhaps you are feeling overworked or over-relied upon. All your friends or colleagues are dumping their negativity on you and you want to get some independence and some me time to focus on your own peace, growth, and wisdom seeking. When the II of Cups comes up reversed in a reading, take a good look for imbalances or inequalities in your relationships. There are steps you can take to improve those relationships, even if stepping away from them for a time is the best idea right now. You deserve mutual respect and understanding and it’s time to figure out how to get that.

Dominating Your Life with The Emperor

The archetype of the¬†The Emperor represents stability.¬†The Emperor is card IV in the tarot. Numerologically, the number 4 is square and stable, reminiscent of a tall, strong mountain. The Emperor is like a solid, heavy stone firmly grounded in the earth, but rising high enough above it to watch over the land below. When The Emperor appears in a reading, he tells you that now is the time to¬†create and cultivate stability, it will come naturally…


Jenny Lake Grand Tetons National Park, WY, USA

Jenny Lake
Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming, USA

Keywords: stability, rulership, authority, accountability, initiative, leadership, structure, father figure, groundedness

Reversed: disorder, disorganized, spacey, ungrounded, undisciplined, lack of leadership, absence of father figure

You can find my meditation experience with The Emperor with Biddy Tarot’s Soul Meditations here.¬†


The archetype of the The Emperor represents stability. The Emperor is card IV in the tarot. Numerologically, the number 4 is square and stable, reminiscent of a tall, strong mountain. The Emperor is like a solid, heavy stone firmly grounded in the earth, but rising high enough above it to watch over the land below. When The Emperor appears in a reading, he tells you that now is the time to create and cultivate stability, it will come naturally.

The Emperor comes after the¬†The Empress in the tarot deck. The Empress represents abundance and fertile creation. Following along on the Fool’s Journey, whatever you gave birth to with The Empress energy¬†is ready to grow, develop strong roots, flourish, and stabilize with Emperor energy. This is a natural progression from idea to fruition. Contemplate what it is that you have¬†developed, gestated, or manifested. ¬†The Emperor will see those things take true and stable form. This is the balance of complimentary feminine and masculine energy.

The Emperor                Rider Waite Smith deck

The Emperor is a ruler and therefore deals with developing and attaining new levels of authority. This can show up in many different ways in your life. For example, if you have been working on a business idea, you will truly start to feel like an authority in that field. Or perhaps you are working on personal development, and will find yourself feeling like a ruler of yourself at this time. When thinking about relationships, you may be moving away from an Empress time colored by the beauty and sensual exploration of a new or long-lasting love, while now you will focus more on firm commitment and the power of a steady long-term relationship.

The energy of The Emperor will allow you be highly organized, strategic, and a problem-solver- all qualities of an ideal ruler. This increased level of domination and authority of The Emperor does bring a sense of power and accomplishment, but also one of strong accountability. It can be wonderful to be in charge and do things your own way.  You get to rule your kingdom, make the rules, and not ask for permission for anything.  Enjoy this power, even as you remember that with great power comes great responsibility (or so I heard in Spiderman ;)).

The Emperor gets to rule the empire, but he does it with the best interests of all his subjects in mind.  Share your wisdom with others, offer guidance, be a grounding force for those around you that need that strong Emperor energy. Note that flexibility is always needed in life, so do not box yourself into a dogged routine.  Regularly check in with yourself and make sure you’re leading in a direction that still corresponds to your overall life goals. You can be a mentor or support system for others now.

The Emperor card is ruled by Aries, which is a cardinal, fire sign. A cardinal sign is a natural leader sign, which is quite obviously represented by The Emperor. Fire signs are born initiators, ready to start new projects, get the ball rolling, and lead the charge. The important thing to remember is follow-through. Aries fire energy can be very good for starting, but not always good for staying the course and finishing. Luckily, the solid and responsible aspects of The Emperor can help you maintain progress and keep up your efforts.  Expect much masculine fire energy now, where you are ready to take charge and establish a structure for all projects or goals you set.  The Emperor is good at decision-making and self-control, which are characteristics that lead to success.

The Emperor reversed:
When The Emperor shows up in reverse in a reading, it’s time to delve into the power structures in your life. Where are you giving away your power? Where are you failing to claim your power? How can you get your power back? Something is blocking you from developing your full strength, and often that block is fear. Fear that you will make the wrong decision, fear that your choices will bring too much responsibility, or fear that you will fail. The Emperor in reverse gives you the advice to examine your fear and decide how to get your power back.


The Emperor rx Shadowscapes tarot

It isn’t easy to accept responsibility and control of life. So often we choose to let matters run their course, leave the ball in someone else’s court, or surrender to the whims of the Universe in defeat or withdrawal. It is hard to know if something is just not meant to be or if we are not working hard enough to claim what we desire. The Emperor reversed asks you to at least check in with yourself and make sure you aren’t giving up the fight because you are scared, or tired, or facing setbacks.

Sometimes life is just full of obstacles and everything sucks. That doesn’t mean you need to give up on your business idea, or your relationship, or whatever is giving you grief¬†these days. It will be worth it to push through. Do something! The Emperor is about action, domination and rulership, remember. She doesn’t take shit or sit on her hands and worry. She knows she has to act now, to make a decision, to use her head and be logical and just.

So gather your scattered thoughts. Put thing in order. Give yourself goals and structure. Ground yourself in the physical world. Imagine you are a mountain in your own life. You are the tallest thing around and you survey your kingdom with a scrutinizing eye. Get aggressive on your fear, confronting it, challenging it, dealing with it, and living with it. With The Emperor reversed you have a clear sign of what you need to do: get grounded and stable, make a plan and a structure, act decisively and rationally, and then claim your power. You can be the ruler of your own life.

The X of Wands Helps Focus Your Purpose

Valle del Diablo San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Valle del Diablo
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Keywords: overburdened, taxed, trying too hard, struggling, taking on too much, stress, responsibility, attainment, achievement, accomplishment, cycle change

Reversed: avoiding a burden, uncertain what to do, shirking responsibility, overcoming obstacles, de-stressing, last hurdle, refocusing attention




The suit of Wands is about inspiration and creativity. It is soul essence ready to burst into manifestation.  The number 10 is a turning point. It is between an ending and a beginning. With the X of Wands you find yourself overwhelmed by creative urges. There are so many paths to take, so many options, you have taken on too much. You are bursting with ideas, but you are also paralyzed by ideas. Can you possibly create all that you have the potential to create?  Can you do it all?

It’s great and wonderful to be an ideas person and be inspired but it’s not good when you never actually create. With the X of Wands you may see that you have all these amazing ideas and then you don’t act on any of them. Perhaps you even write them down and then thumb through your inspiration notebook thinking and thinking about starting off each and every project. ¬†But there are too many! ¬†You start nothing! ¬†You just keep thinking about them all, and carrying them around. ¬†You create all kinds of reasons why they are too hard, because they are too big and plentiful.¬†Even divine inspiration can become a burden when you let it build up to the point of overwhelm.

X of Wands Shadowscapes tarot

X of Wands
Shadowscapes tarot

So the X of Wands asks you to choose one path. It’s time to get back to the Ace of Wands and the purity of single intention. It’s time to put aside some of those ideas of yours and refocus. Put everything else aside for now. Try and fend off your other ideas or work them into a grand scheme that you are already plowing away one. When new ideas crop up ¬†tell them, “Hello, great idea, I may have time and space for you when I finish the great idea that I’m already on.” Then totally forget about that other idea. You need to focus. You need to take it one step at a time. Everything else can wait.

Don’t worry about your inspiration being too big or hard. For example, if you want to record an album, you need to first learn how to play an instrument or how to sing. Then you need to learn how to write songs, then find a way to record an album, and then release it. Don’t just sit around and think about your dream and never even learn how to make music! ¬†Who cares if it’s a huge goal. Who cares if it takes forever. What else are you doing? What does it matter if you spend your whole life working towards your dream? Wouldn’t that actually be a beautiful way to live? Treat your goals like a prize instead of burden and you will transform the intense energy of the X of Wands into the fresh spring of inspiration with the Ace of Wands. Allow this cycle to turn into a new beginning.

X of Wands reversed:

The reversed X of Wands can signal that you are succeeding in focusing your creativity. You are realizing that of all your great ideas there is one that you want to pursue the most. You are putting aside all your myriad worries and doubts about your goal.  You are ready to stop guilt tripping yourself about the ones that have to wait or need to be discarded. The feeling of being overwhelmed or burdened by inspiration is starting to fade in the face of your new concentration. If you draw the X of Wands reversed in a past position, or current energy position, this is probably what you are encountering. You are letting the options fade into the past and picking one path for yourself now.


X of Wands rx                         Rider Waite Smith deck

On the other hand, a reversed X of Wands reversed in a future card position could indicate in a reading that you are still blocked or refusing to narrow your focus. You have buried your head in the sand¬†and will never do anything. All ideas are abandoned, you get a job at a gas station, and you spend the rest of your nights watching TV. No more dreams, no more ambition, no more creativity. Okay, hopefully it’s not such a dire situation that you won’t snap out of it now that you are aware of your stagnation. ¬†The X of Wands reversed pops up as a reminder to get going, to not give up, to realize that you have a great idea inside of you that you long to pursue. Now is the time, go and get it! Here is the gentle reminder that you are a creative person, that you are inspired, that there is something special and unique that only you can bring into this world. Make it with your authentic soul essence and it will be truly an original creation from your heart.

An Abundant New Moon in Taurus Tarot Reading, May 6, 2016

There is a beautiful New Moon in the sign of Taurus today.  Yippee!  Taurus is an Earth sign so this is a great time to put your plans into physical form, perhaps by writing them down. What are you looking to create?  Where are you seeking abundance?  What fertile soil do you contain now that can optimize growth in your life?  Take some time for yourself to really relax and explore these questions.

Treat yourself not only to time off for meditation and journaling but also to luxurious treats at the Taurus New Moon. Think about scheduling a massage, buying a new outfit, eating a fancy meal, or beautifying your home with flowers or new colors. Focusing on the beautiful, lovely, abundant aspects of your life will help you attract more of these Taurus characteristics into your life with this New Moon. Venus is also in her natural sign of Taurus right now, so there is double potential for experiencing pleasure, intimacy and love at this time.  How lovely for us all!

The tarot has some great advice for us right now at the New Moon in Taurus for working towards financial security, loving relationships, and physical relaxation. If you would like a personalized reading, please get in touch at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.com or check out my email readings page!

Page of Cups Shadowscapes tarot

Page of Cups
Shadowscapes tarot

What will help me¬†move confidently toward my goals for financial security and abundance?–¬†Page of Cups

The Page of Cups brings messages of love, abundance, and fresh emotional starts. ¬†This card is Venus telling you that you already have everything you need in order to be financially secure and abundant. What you really need is more joy, sunshine, and love in your life, not more money. ¬†When you focus on what brings you happiness, on enjoying your youth or your fresh starts, and stop worrying about money, you will find that you actually are secure. ¬†Does money buy love? ¬†It seems to be common knowledge in all cultures that money does not equal happiness. ¬†What is the point of your life then- to be happy or to be rich? ¬†If you can’t have both, wouldn’t you pick happiness? ¬†What would be the point of financially abundant life if all that money did not bring an¬†abundance of love and joy? The Page of Cups is here to tell you that the more confidently you reach for happiness, the closer you will come to financial abundance. A life in which you focus on what you love instead of what you lack relieves anxiety, improves quality of life, and enhances your relationships by being a person that others enjoy

The Hanged Man Shadowscapes Tarot

The Hanged Man
Shadowscapes tarot

How can I create more love, acceptance, and intimacy in my relationships?- The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man asks you to be patient, to be still, to listen and observe. ¬†Are you allowing your loved ones to be themselves? ¬†Are you acknowledging the unique traits of the people in your life and allowing them to shine forth in their best capacity? Oftentimes, when we try to change people, when we try to put them in a box, or make them conform, we limit and suppress our ability to love. ¬†People can change. ¬†We all change every day. ¬†Humans are not static, but that change works best when it comes from within. When we force others to change, it usually leads to unhappiness and doesn’t stick anyway. ¬†The Hanged Man suffers a bit from not being able to influence the world as she waits for a shift in perspective, a change in the wind, the right moment to act. ¬†There is much suffering in life, though, it’s a given. ¬†The willingness to wait for a phase to be completed usually deepens our most intimate relationships. ¬†We allow our children to be teenagers for years, knowing we will love the adults they become even if they are little nightmares in the meantime. ¬†We accept that our partners will go through career uncertainty, Saturn returns, midlife crises, etc, but who they essentially are doesn’t change. Our souls are eternal and lovable. The Hanged Man goes with that flow, trying to see from new angles, and waiting to understand instead of reacting tactlessly.

IX of Swords Shadowscapes tarot

IX of Swords
Shadowscapes tarot

How can I invite more relaxation, patience, and luxury into my life?- IX of Swords

The biggest hurdle to finding relaxation is anxiety. Relaxation and anxiety are opposites. ¬†They are mortal enemies. ¬†If we put our anxieties aside relaxation enters to soothe, fortify, and rejuvenate us. When anxieties win out we exhaust, deplete, and confuse ourselves with striving and worrying. ¬†The Taurus New Moon wants you to stay, “NO!” to anxieties for a little bit. ¬†Will a facial solve your issues at work? ¬†Will a gourmet meal solve your weightloss concerns? Will a bouquet of flowers help pay the rent at that apartment? ¬†Probably not, but a little self care might just give you the strength to confront your challenges with renewed determination and clarity of vision. ¬†You weren’t going to solve all of your problems tonight regardless, so why not take the night off, heat up some water, steam your pores open and then give them a scrub with some honey and sea salt. ¬†It’s just an hour of your night, you already have all those things in your kitchen, and you’ll feel so lovely afterwards you won’t be so anxious about your work, weight, love life, kids, problems, etc. This goes along with the Page of Cups urging you to focus on love and positivity. ¬†Take a break from anxiety and the negative, it doesn’t help anyone for you to be a dark storm cloud, least of all yourself!


Embracing Alone Time with The Hermit

The Hermit removes herself from society.  It appears that she is wandering off into isolation, but that is actually not the case at all.  There is deep purpose here, a determination in her slow stride. She is on a personal mission, making a conscious decision to remove herself from the stimuli and distractions of the world.  On her own she can rely upon her inner guidance, all that she has learned, experienced and observed up until this point.  She is full of wisdom.


Mary’s Peak ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Oregon, USA

Keywords: solitude, alone time, withdrawing from society, rest, soul-searching, introspection, reflection, inner wisdom, inner guidance,self-knowledge, culmination, totality, preparation for the next step

Reversed: extroversion, superficiality, blocked reflection, loneliness, avoiding society, denial of self-awareness, refusing inner-wisdom, busy, stressed, over-worked

Associated Minor card:
IV of Swords

Read my experience with The Hermit during Biddy Tarot’s Soul Meditations here.

The Hermit removes herself from society.  It appears that she is wandering off into isolation, but that is actually not the case at all.  There is deep purpose here, a determination in her slow stride. She is on a personal mission, making a conscious decision to remove herself from the stimuli and distractions of the world.  On her own she can rely upon her inner guidance, all that she has learned, experienced and observed up until this point.  She is full of wisdom.


The Hermit       Shadowscapes Tarot

When The Hermit shows up in a reading, know that you need to withdraw from society in order to spend some time in reflection, meditation, and conscious exploration of your inner wisdom. You will make the time and effort to clear your schedule, The Hermit will help you with that if you won’t help yourself. Obstacles to peaceful alone time will resolve themselves and you must take that offering.

This quiet time alone is what it takes to process fully what has come before.  You are at a pinnacle, you are at a culmination, and you need to let it alllllllll sink in. The Hermit is an end point after a long, beautiful journey.  At the end of that journey you are transformed through the calm integration of all of the myriad experiences of the journey.  In order to let the Wheel of Fortune spin you into a new cycle of existence, into whatever comes next, you first must pause to understand and process where you are at now.

The Hermit understands herself. ¬†She understands how her mind, body, heart, and spirit operate. ¬†She knows the reason why she does the things she does, and she knows the things about herself and other people that she definitely does not understand. ¬†It doesn’t all have to make sense, she must simply trust in herself and the Universe. ¬†It all happens for a reason sure, but it is likely an unknowable reason. ¬†The Hermit’s spirituality is infinite, anything is possible, and we have no idea what that anything might hold or why it might all happen the way it does.

When The Hermit shows up in a reading, take a quiet time out.  It could be a silent drive to work when you usually listen to the news.  It could be a half hour peacefully looking at a tree or a candle instead of reading or watching TV before bed.  A long meditation on your breathe, a solitary hike in the woods, a week away on silent retreat- anything that makes you feel like a Hermit.  Channel this energy now to bring greater self awareness.  You will find answers from within that you have been seeking without.

The Hermit reversed:

The Hermit                  Rider Waite Smith deck

The need for solitude is unmet, unavailable, or denied when The Hermit shows up in reverse. ¬†Perhaps you want greatly to spend time alone, but things keep cropping up that are out of your control to prevent and somehow only you can handle them. ¬†Ask yourself what would happen if you just unplugged, if you were unreachable, if you were unavailable in a crisis. ¬†Would someone else step up? ¬†Would it end up not even being a crisis, but just a hiccup? ¬†Would the world end if you weren’t there to save it? The answer is likely no.

Clear your schedule, turn off your phone, computer, all of it, even the lights.  You need to decompress and you are not allowing it.  That will only lead to a build up of stress which can cause all kinds of health problems. Just 5 minutes of peaceful meditation a day is a huge help.  Lose yourself in the solitude of a cup of tea, a stroll through a garden, a reverential list of all that you are grateful for in your life.  Lose yourself in peaceful reflection, even if you have to schedule it into your day.  Set an alarm and a timer and just fucking do it.  The Hermit reversed is not kidding around here about how necessary this is.

On the complete other hand, The Hermit reversed could show up to say that you have overstayed your visit to solitude land. ¬†Have you completely cut yourself off from your friends, family, and work because you are too lazy or selfish to help others, do your job, or be part of society? It’s time to get back in the game. ¬†What synthesis are you avoiding? Don’t be afraid to fully confront why you have secluded yourself. ¬†Be honest and open about what is holding you apart and see what it will take to get yourself back into society. Unless you are actually a Hermit seeking enlightenment or an secluded religious¬†life, your life can not to be lived out in complete solitude.

Sourcing Your Motivation with The Chariot

The Chariot is a card of conviction, courage, and ambition. ¬†When this card shows up for you get ready to take control of your life situation and lead your Chariot in the direction that you want to head. ¬†Do you know what you are trying to accomplish? ¬†Do you know what your goals are?…

This is where I live. In Lady Van on the road.

Lady Van                                                                    Bear Tooth Pass                                                Montana, USA

Keywords:  conviction, determination, will-power, drive ambition, focus, control, victory, success, confidence, overcoming obstacles, persistence, domination. aggression, strength

Reversed: setbacks, lack of progress, loss of will, over- controlling, powerless, unfocused, unambitious, antagonistic, stubborn, in denial, loss of self-confidence, out of control

You can find my experience with The Chariot during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.

You can read my informative and entertaining Travel Tarot installment on The Chariot here.

The Chariot is a card of conviction, courage, and ambition. ¬†When this card shows up in a reading get ready to take control of your life situation and lead your Chariot in the direction that you want to head. ¬†Do you know what you are trying to accomplish? ¬†Do you know what your goals are? ¬†Very few people articulate what their goals are and even fewer people write those goals down, make action plans, and then refer back to those plans with regularity and focus. ¬†The Chariot tells you it’s time to dream big because will power is on your side right now.

checklistWhy not give this approach a try when you come up with The Chariot in a reading?: 1.) Take a pen and paper (or computer, tablet, clay and chisel, whatever),  2.) Write down your major life goal at this moment, 3.) Make a step-by-step plan of how you can achieve this goal, 4.) Set a timeline, and 5.) Get to work!  Keep this goal sheet somewhere that you can see it every day and reread it until your goals are crystal clear in your mind.  The Chariot is here to support your ambition with motivation and determination.

The Chariot does not bulk at the magnitude of a goal or lose control of forward momentum. ¬†The Chariot is on a mission and that mission takes precedence over other daily concerns. ¬†It’s all about the big picture, so thinking and acting in ways that align with your overall mission is the key. The Chariot is in action, connecting with what it feels like to drive and be driven. The¬†determination and ambition of The Chariot helps us to climb mountains, overcome obstacles, and achieve our goals victoriously.

Don‚Äôt wait for your perfect moment, or insist that your dream be realized perfectly. ¬†Make compromises, make decisions, push harder, be persistent, follow your dream. ¬†Take the reins of your own life, follow your passions, set a crazy ambitious goal and then attack! It is your persistence that matters. ¬†If you are dedicated and committed to bringing your dreams into reality, no matter the outcome you will be happy with your actions and yourself. ¬†The Chariot embodies the idea that the journey is more important than the destination. ¬†When you say yes to your life, to what you want, and work hard, that’s what creates a happy life.

The Chariot reversed:

The Chariot Rider Waite Smith tarot

The Chariot
Rider Waite Smith tarot

The the big lesson of the Chariot reversed is: things are not always within our control, sometimes we can’t make progress, and we all experience setbacks. When The Chariot reversed comes up in a reading, get ready for roadblocks.  Perhaps you already know just what is getting in your way, but if not, keep your eyes peeled for obstacles, setbacks, and slow going.

Setbacks are the perfect opportunity to reexamine your goals. ¬†Have you gotten off track? Are you still as excited and determined about your goal as when you started working towards it? ¬†Perhaps you are feeling a bit disillusioned that your goal is too lofty or too far off. The Chariot reversed is asking you to recommit, to find that passion again or to release or rewrite that goal. There’s no shame in slow progress or stalled progress. There’s no shame in determining that this is not what you want anymore and setting new goals. ¬†There is no one right way to do life. ¬†You can choose your own adventure.

The most we can hope for and attract into our hearts is the will to keep going. ¬†We can‚Äôt let setbacks lead to total loss of drive and ambition- to giving up and quitting. ¬†Oftentimes, the reversed Chariot shows up in a tarot reading to remind you of the importance of your ambition and a need to increase your determination. ¬†Spend some time refocusing. ¬†Strive for mental clarity. ¬†Look for what lights you up inside, what gets you going, what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. ¬†It’s time to look for your lost or wayward ambition and reign it back into control.

If you need help getting in touch with the ambition and drive of your inner Chariot consider getting a tarot reading! ¬†I’m happy to work with you to reconnect to your motivation and drive. ¬†Let’s get started today!

Questioning Society with The Hierophant

The¬†Hierophant is characterized by the examination of how society functions. It’s about exploring and questioning the structure of your society and the systems that support that structure. What are the systems that keep you in your place?…

The Beinecke Library Yale University New Haven, CT

The Beinecke Library
Yale University
New Haven, CT

Keywords: structure, discipline, the tried and true way, tested method, organized religion, wise counsel, tradition, identifying with a group or the ego, societal average 

Reversed:  undisciplined, unorthodox, unstructured, unrestrained, thinking outside the box, against the grain, rebellious, making your own rules, untraditional, original, independent

You can find my experience with The Hierophant during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.


The Hierophant is characterized by the examination of how society functions. The main theme of this card is exploring and questioning the structure of your society and the systems that support that structure. What are the systems that keep people in their places and allow things to run in a proscribed way? Are these systems effective, efficient and top notch? When you draw The Hierophant in a reading you may find yourself agreeing to conform to societal roles based upon your positive answers to these questions. Things are just great the way they are!

The Hierophant card can bring increased discipline to your life. This energy tends towards the serious side, as self-examination and societal questioning are not undertaken light-heartedly but rather with sobering reflection. Be prepared to enter a more introspective and focused period. Hierophant energy will make it easier to buckle down and get to work, instead of skipping off after fun distractions. You will find yourself willing to make sacrifices in order to meet your goals, ready for structure as well as discipline in your life.

Be prepared to tackle projects you have been leaving on the back burner, as The Hierophant does not relate to slackers. Working with The Hierophant, any goal that supports your higher purpose in life will be in focus. Those things that don’t elevate your life goals or your soul purpose will likely be left by the wayside as you concentrate on what really matters to you deeply right now.

The Hierophant has a strong urge to conform to tradition, sticking to the tried and true way of doing things. Conventionality can be very useful. It suggests that there are systems for doings things in society that work. There are already ways of using those systems that produce desired results. Sometimes it can be incredibly useful to be ‚Äúinside the box‚ÄĚ, and use all the lessons that others learned before you. It‚Äôs not always necessary to reinvent the wheel.


The Hierophant Rider Waite Smith deck

The Hierophant represents collective identity or the group mind. Our civilization has specific ways of operating and teaching us how to think and function in society. These systems help us live together in relative peace and harmony. Proper education, morals and etiquette are subjective concepts though, and when this card pops up you will find yourself wondering who made up all these rules!  The Hierophant puts the spotlight on the establishment and asks you to think very clearly and openly about what is right for you as well as open up your mind about what could be good for other people.

The Hierophant represents your cultural heritage, both in your society at large and within your smaller family unit. The Hierophant asks you to take a closer look at the way tradition works in your family and reconsider whether your proscribed roles and activities still apply to you and make you feel happy and useful in your family as you grow.

The Hierophant’s is often depicted in the tarot as the head of¬†organized religion. The word hierophant comes from the Greek hierophantes ‚Äúone who teaches the rites of sacrifice and worship.‚Ä̬†The Hierophant is the ultimate authority on how to commune with the divine. When The¬†Hierophant appears you will likely find yourself contemplating your spirituality. What rituals do you use to connect to the divine? What does it mean to have a soul and what is the purpose of the soul? What divine forces affect our world, in what ways, and how can we in turn affect those forces? These questions may lead you deeper into your faith and connect you more closely with your religious community.

Since The Hierophant acts as the head of organized religion he represents an authority figure. This type of person is often a very wise counselor. You may find yourself seeking the guidance of someone or many people who are wiser than you. Your human experience is similar to the experience of millions of people who came before you and you can benefit from lessons already learned. You will benefit greatly from finding a counselor to guide you through your troubles.

The Hierophant energy also comes with a strong urge to share your own knowledge and skills with others. You may find that you are called upon to be the wise counselor for those less experienced than you. The Hierophant is a master at what he does, so you could finally reach a place where you are ready to teach others what you know. It will come easily for you to accept your authority on a subject and get ready to preach what you already practice. Don’t be shy. If people did not want your opinions, knowledge, and experience, they would not be asking you in the first place. Your way of doing things could be very appealing to others so that they want to follow along with your rules.

The Hierophant reversed:

The Hierophant Shadowscapes tarot

The Hierophant
Shadowscapes tarot

When you draw The Hierophant card in reverse you will find yourself disagreeing with how things are currently operating in your society and want to rebel, think outside the box, innovate and change things. You will find the proscribed traditions and methods of your society to be inefficient, narrow-minded, or ineffective and want to do things differently. You need to get out of the box!

Your spiritual questioning may lead you to find that your religion really doesn’t work for you anymore. Perhaps you are considering how you commune with your God and finding that the rituals and authorities in your church are interfering with your actual belief system and your personal relationship with God.¬†You have a strong desire to create your own rituals for communing with the divine that is particularly potent and valuable to you right now.

Be careful with The Hierophant reversed not to fall into a tyrannical mode where you require that people follow precisely your way of doing things. There may be a tendency to get a bit full of oneself and start dictating how other people live. Remember that you got to where you are at by questioning the norm, so allow that others can live their best lives by doing some independent thinking themselves.

Constantly questioning what exactly is going on here could have some interesting consequences with The Hierophant reversed.  You may find yourself rebelling against the social norm, going against the grain, and trying something unorthodox or original. Examining the structures that dictate how are society works and asking if that is really the best way can lead to innovation and invention. You may determine that you can break down restrictions and expand. The Hierophant is the authority figure, but when you question him you assert your own independence of thought. Even if you end up agreeing with his point of view, the important thing here is that you exercised your ability to question.