Going the Distance: 5 Tarot Card for a Happy Marriage

Love, love, love! Okay, you may have noticed that it is not February anymore, the month of love. So sorry, I never seem to end up blogging as much as I intend to in a given month. The good news is that there is no end to the ideas and topics I have for blog posts, so even if I don’t write a bunch to share with you every month, I will never stop sputtering them out every now and again. Love is love, and it is a wonderful thing to think about and read about any month of the year. Am I right?!

I hear a lot of advice about the importance of consistency when blogging. It helps your audience know what’s coming and stick around to read on a regular basis. I just want to let you know that I appreciate you, even if I don’t blog consistently, and for everyone who hangs around regardless of my blog release schedule, I love you! I do send out my newsletter consistently each New Moon, so sign up for that!

Now, let’s talk about the tarot cards that show in up a reading for those long term relationships that end up culminating in a blissful union!

Rider Waite Smith Tarot: IV of Wands, III of Cups, The Lovers, The World, X of Cups

First off, I’ve chosen the IV of Wands. This card is about milestones, those big, life-defining events that come around and rock your world every once in a while. What would you call getting married besides a momentous milestone?! I love seeing the IV of Wands show up in a reading anytime, as it is such a celebratory and joyful card, but when you’re looking for information or advice about a relationship, pulling this card will surely put a smile upon a reader’s face. In the image above from the Rider Waite Smith tarot, we see two lavishly dressed and decorated people, cheering you to come join them under four Wands which look like a traditional Jewish wedding chuppah. The imagery itself is suggestive of a wedding and that is always a good sign if you’re wondering whether it’s time to pop the question.

IV of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot

The IV of Wands also stands for harmony within a union, meaning that two people will come together to form a beautiful blend of complementary attributes. This will be a peaceful and loving relationship, bringing you a sense of tranquility that the search is over and you can transition into a new phase of your life. The IV number shows that this relationship is one in which you can build a stable home, a home where you can express yourself freely and each grow as individuals, as well as grow as a couple. There will be acceptance and space given when changes occur, because we all are changing every day and that is a wonderful thing to share with another human being. In the beginning of a marriage, it is a great time to acknowledge and discuss this fact of constant development and growth. Make a pact that you each will be constant and stable for each other, while still allowing that you each will be different people as the relationship and time progresses.

Next up we have the III of Cups, which in the Rider Waite Smith deck above shows a trio of merry women toasting their Cups of love while dancing. This looks like the kind of wedding I would like to be at! There are deep emotions with the Cups cards, and the building of a solid foundation with the 3 aspect. At a wedding the happy new couple shares food and drink with all their guests as a symbol of the bounty of their union. This card comes up when you’re planning a lavish wedding, or even a simple supper, but definitely an event where everyone walks away with full bellies and happy hearts. It will be a day when people can put their troubles aside and focus on all the happiness and love that life has to offer. This a positive and lovely card to draw as you plan a ceremony and reception that will leave you, your partner, and everyone in attendance in a state of harmony and joy.

III of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

The III of Cups represents a union at which friends and family come together to form a larger unit. There is community building and sharing, aspects of any marriage at which two families are brought together to create one family. Friendship groups will also be joined, which nowadays can be almost more important than the bringing together of families. When you marry a person, you marry their whole family and community. The III of Cups shows that circle of people surrounding your union and blessing it with their love and acceptance. It is also a reminder to always find the fun in your relationship. As you spend the rest of your lives together, think back to the excitement of your wedding and keep that memory of good times, dancing, and celebrating near to your heart.

Of course, I have to include The Lovers in the list of tarot cards that signify a wedding or other sacred celebration. The Lovers is the ultimate card of union, the joining of opposites, and the combining of values. In any marriage you want to feel like you are channeling the energy of The Lovers on your wedding day. Many people get married in June, the 6th month of the year, which corresponds with card VI The Lovers. There is an energy of combining and aligning with this card. It is important to know what your own personal values are as an individual and then to explore and question whether your personal belief system is able to combined with the personal belief system of another person. You’re committing to taking life’s journey with another person and will need to make choices as a unit to live that journey together.¬†Hopefully, you did all of that exploration while you were dating and now that the marriage is imminent you have a sense of peace and excitement that your shared values will carry you forward throughout your marriage.

The Lovers
Linestrider Tarot

The Lovers is also about passion and romance, so it is a wonderful card to see for a wedding because it is not only about true love, but also romantic and sexual compatibility. Your attraction goes beyond lust and gratification and takes on the deeper level of soul fulfillment. Our soul’s have these human bodies for a reason and a marriage promises to fulfill that sexual need throughout your life.

Love is the recognition of oneness in a world of separation. It is so hard for us to see that we are all made of the same stuff and we’re all connected as one. Love makes it easy to see that connection, to feel oneness with another human being, and to tear down the walls of separation that are constructions of our egoic minds. The Lovers is symbolic of physical as well as emotional unity and it is THE card you want to see when you’re considering an upcoming marriage proposal or wedding.

Next up we have The World, which is a card of culmination. The World indicates the space between an ending and a beginning when everything is connecting and finishing, while simultaneously recycling and starting anew. A marriage is the end of a courtship, the climax of a romance that has lead to this point when two people decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together. It is also the beginning of a new chapter in that romance, when they begin the cycle of growth together again. Marriage is an example of one of life’s most beautiful cycles, one that most of look forward to experiencing.

Rider Waite Smith tarot

There is a deep sense of accomplishment with The World. Finding your person, falling in love, and committing to a lifetime together was quite a task. Now you can celebrate and rejoice, dance as the woman in Rider Waite Smith deck does in her wreath in the sky. You envisioned this happy time and now it is finally here. Try to be present and appreciate your wedding, if you can ūüôā You may find that you feel more whole, more complete, and that you understand your place in the world a little bit better. Your marriage provides wholeness with your spouse but also with your combined families joining into something greater. Lastly, The World is a sign that a honeymoon abroad could be in the works as this can be a card about world travel. Make sure your passport is current!

The last card I have to suggest that denotes a happy marriage when it comes up in a reading is the X of Cups. This is the happily ever after card. In the Rider Waite Smith depiction we see two figures holding each other and gazing at a rainbow of Cups in the sky, in front of them dance their children in the pasture by their lovely little home. This is the white picket fence, the 2 kids (a boy and a girl, of course!), the perfect home, the sharing of emotions and love. This is what we imagine marriage will be like when we are growing up and dreaming about falling in love. It can be a sign that you are seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses, so a little reality check might be in order. You aren’t just imagining all of this happiness, are you!?

Rider Waite Smith tarot

I don’t want this introspection to come across as a buzzkill, but rather as an opportunity to explore all the feelings you are having about and with your partner. Sit down and have this dream together, envision your happiest future, share your wildest dreams. This mutual sharing can create a strong and lasting bond as you near your wedding knowing that you have a mutual vision of your future together. When your values are in alignment, you will be able to act in loving support and appreciation of your spouse. The X of Cups suggests you do the work of aligning your visions, connecting your hearts, and making a real life together. Now is the perfect time to indulge in some fantasy about how you can continue to love and support each other the rest of your days!

I hope you enjoyed this little exploration into 5 tarot cards that I think indicate a happy marriage in the works, when they come up in a reading. What cards do you think of when you imagine the perfect cards to draw for a happy marriage?

Tarot Blog Hop: A Tarot Art Project with the Kings


Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot! If you are following along on the June Tarot Blog Hop, or are a regular reader of this blog, know that today’s blog is a special entry on a topic that many other tarot bloggers are writing about right now as well. The topic is “a tarot art project for non-artists.” We are all finding inspiration in non-tarot related artwork and then creating a tarot card out of that artwork.

This just happens to be something I do every Wednesday at The Willow Path Tarot! I take photos from my personal Instagram feed, which is about my travels and life outside of tarot, and associate those images to a tarot card. Eventually, I plan to print out all these images and make my own tarot deck from my travels. I’m still in the beginning phases of that process, so today I’d like to share with you how things are going with the Kings in this newly developing tarot deck.

King of Cups Gunnison National Forest Colorado, USA

King of Cups
Gunnison National Forest
Colorado, USA

So, in my travel tarot deck, which I’m tentatively calling The Travel Tarot Deck (ahhh, I know, so original!), the Kings are going to be represented by mountains.¬†I’ve chosen mountains to represent the Kings because I associate mountains with stability, security, maturity, and rulership, all personality traits of the Kings in the tarot deck. I chose this one on the left here to be the King of Cups because of the river in the picture, bringing together the Cups which represent water, and the mountains which represent the Kings. The King of Cups is compassion and welcoming, he goes with the flow, much like a river. He brings comfort and kind words, understanding and mediation. The King of Cups is balanced and generous, bringing peace and harmony with his careful demeanor. This river in Colorado definitely gives me that peaceful feeling of the Cups and the mountains add the dimension of the strength of a King.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

King of Wands                                                     Sedona, Arizona, USA

I’ve chosen this rock formation in Arizona to be the King of Wands. The red color of the rocks makes me think of dry, summer heat and the Fire of the Wands. I associate Wands with summer and this card has a summery feel to me. I think this might be a part of or near the rock formation called Devil’s Bridge, and the King of Wands always seems like a bit of a devil to me. He is charismatic, passionate, and tempting. He has the energy of someone who knows what he wants and knows how he can get it. Even so, he is an honorable person, responsible and hard-working, almost tirelessly so. The King of Wands has a vision and a plan to go along with that vision. This range in Sedona prickles with a brittle heat that causes visions to dance before our eyes. The King of Wands understands the visions seen in the fire and can¬†work with it to greatest effect.


King of Pentacles                                                   Colca Canyon                                        Cabanaconde, Peru

This photo on the left is one I’m thinking about using for the King of Pentacles. There is a deep Earth energy to a canyon, and this photo is of Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyon hikes in the world. It was a long way down, requiring a lot of the strength and determination of a King to finish. The King of Pentacles is in it for the long haul in every aspect of his character. He is practical, calculating, and under control. He is disciplined and powerful. This King is also connected to the abundance of the Earth, offering brute strength like these canyon walls, but also fertile abundance much like the oasis at the bottom which has shade, water, and a place to rest after a difficult effort. I’m not entirely sold on the image because it seems a bit dry and I associate Pentacles with winter so I would like to do something more snowy, but… for now it has got me thinking.


King of Swords                                                              Red Rock Canyon National Park                               Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This photo I’m thinking of using for the King of Swords, but am also not completely satisfied with it. That’s ok, though since I’m planning on seeing many more mountains before this deck is finished. ūüôā I like this one for now because there is something dark and brooding about it, which reminds me of the King of Swords. He is the King of logic and reasoning. His powerful intellect understands the concepts of truth and justice. Something about that kind of mental prowess is dark to me. There is a tendency towards black and white thinking, when so often the world is made up of shades of grey. The King of Swords excels at interpreting that grey area, defining it and forcing it back¬†to black and white. The light and dark interplay of the mountains in this photograph remind me of that balance the King of Swords achieves.

Okay, that’s my contribution to the June Tarot Blog Hop! ¬†I hope you enjoyed learning about the Kings in my Travel Tarot Deck and come back to the blog often to see the progress I’m making on my Instagram inspired deck. You can hop back or forward using the links below to see what other everyday picture and photos have been made into tarot cards by my fellow tarot bloggers!


Jenny Lake Grand Tetons National Park, WY, USA

The Emperor                                                           Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons National Park             Wyoming, USA

Learning to Try with the Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles holds the pentacles symbol of pure Earth energy in her hands. This is the potential of the Ace through X pentacles cards ready to be put into form. The Page is ready to do something with all the potential of the suit. Pages are about learning, about taking risks, about starting out. The Page of Pentacles is ready to explore, learn, and try out all kinds of earth energy pursuits.

Paradise Guest Lodge Buffalo, WY, USA

Paradise Guest Lodge
Buffalo, WY, USA

Keywords:  student, apprentice, earthy, practical, new beginning, focus, connection to nature, financial opportunity, manifesting

Reversed:  unfocused, short-term focus, rejecting learning, impractical, fresh start still in the future, loss of financial stability

Element: Earth
Direction: North
Season: Winter



You can read my Court Card personal story of how to relate to the Page of Pentacles energy here. 

The Page of Pentacles holds the pentacles symbol of pure Earth energy in her hands. This is the potential of the Ace through X pentacles cards ready to be put into form. The Page is ready to do something with all the potential of the suit. Pages are about learning, about taking risks, about starting out. The Page of Pentacles is ready to explore, learn, and try out all kinds of earth energy pursuits

When the Page of Pentacles shows up in a reading, she usually is pointing you towards a new start, or a need to experiment in the realm of Earth.  This includes things like: career change, going back to school, building or buying a new home, redecorating, planting a garden, getting in shape, a healthy lifestyle change, financial planning, self-care, and sports or hobbies, especially outdoor ones.  Ask yourself where you need some fresh energy and direction in the Earth element of your life.  Ground and center yourself in your body and on this Earth and ask for guidance.  What does your body have to tell you? What does Mother Earth have to tell you?

The great thing about Pages is that there is little responsibility involved in the actions of this youthful figure. She is experimenting, she is trying things out, she doesn’t have to be perfect or even know what she is doing at all! ¬†The important part is to try, to take a chance, to go out on a limb and say, “I can do it… maybe!” No one expects the Page to be exceptional or get it just right the first go around. There is a leniency and allowance with the energy of the Page.

Page of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

Page of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

This type of experimental behavior is youthful, but you do not have to be young to use it. ¬†As children we are not particularly concerned with the outcomes of our efforts. We are eager to learn and nonplussed by failure. ¬†As we grow older, we lose this urge to try without consequence. ¬†We start to care about “wasted effort” and “failure”. ¬†This concern keeps us from trying things that we don’t already know how to do or think will be very hard to learn and we might not be able to.

A good example of this would be learning an instrument. At age 8 we don’t care how terrible our violin practice sounds to ourselves and anyone else within 100 miles. ¬†But when we are 28 or 48 or whatever, we are embarrassed and easily frustrated by how long and hard we have to work to sound anything less than humiliating on the violin. ¬†We avoid anything we won’t be good at right away, and certainly anything we may never be good at!

The Page of Pentacles shows up in a reading to remind you of how silly that mentality is. She encourages you to try even though you may be scared or embarrassed. She says, “The only real form of failure is refusing to even try in the first place.” There is supportive energy now with the Page of Pentacles to act youthful and experimental. ¬†Try something new, just do it!

Reversed Page of Pentacles:
This card in reversed is a non-starter.  Something or someone (probably yourself!) is stopping you from making a fresh beginning, starting a new project, learning, or experimenting.  Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemies, refusing to pursue our dreams or goals.  We want to be a violinist but the effort is too great, the noises we produce too horrifying, the long journey to Bach stretching endless into the future. The Page of Pentacles reversed wants to give up before she even starts because of illusions and fears.


Page of Pentacles rx Shadowscapes tarot

The important thing to remember here is that you will never succeed or become a great violinist if you don’t ever try. ¬†Each time you practice you are exponentially closer to your goal than if you never even get a violin to practice on in the first place. ¬†If you’re worried about being 75 years old before you’re any good, what a silly thing to worry about! Wouldn’t you rather be a badass 75 year old violin player than a person who has never even tried to play the violin at all!?

The Page of Pentacles shows up in reverse in your reading as a indicator that you need to take a look at what you are not doing that you wish you were doing. ¬†Do you want to be out hiking but haven’t planned a single vacation or left a free weekend all summer? ¬†You need to get your priorities straight or you will miss out on summer’s abundance. ¬†Do you want to get a new job or move up in your job but you haven’t filled out a single application or spoken with anyone about increasing your responsibility? ¬†Well, it’s time to step up and ask for what you want. ¬†It is very rarely that our heart’s desires are offered to us on a silver platter, but even if they are it’s often a silver platter of our own conjuring. ¬†The Page of Pentacles reversed says, “Speak up! Act now! Try instead of letting your life pass you by! Are you going to listen to her?

Walking Memory Lane with the VI of Cups

The VI of Cups represents the remembered ideal of¬†childhood past. ¬†With that remembrance comes a nostalgia for idyllic, faded memories of innocence and good times. You may have a strong urge to take a walk down memory lane, looking at old photographs or reading favorite letters (or emails) that you saved from friends and family, or even a past love now fondly remembered. ¬†This remembering is all well and good as long as you don’t get stuck in the past…

Inland Octupus Toy Store Walla Walla, WA, USA

Inland Octupus Toy Store
Walla Walla, WA, USA

Keywords:  Nostalgia, memories, childhood, children, idealized past, walk down memory lane, golden age, reunions, homecoming, innocence, enjoyment of childish pursuits, fun and games

Reversed:  Repressed memories, childhood trauma, distorted remembrance, stuck in the past, naive, over expectation




The VI of Cups represents the remembered ideal of¬†childhood past. ¬†With that remembrance comes a nostalgia for idyllic, faded memories of innocence and good times. You may have a strong urge to take a walk down memory lane, looking at old photographs or reading favorite letters (or emails) that you saved from friends and family, or even a past love now fondly remembered. ¬†This remembering is all well and good as long as you don’t get stuck in the past. ¬†Your goal is to live in the present moment of your life, to focus on what is happening now. ¬†But a little daydreaming about your favorite memories might be just the thing to make you feel warm and fuzzy about yourself right now.

When the IV of Cups comes up in a reading it can mean that currently you are reflecting on what you have done so far this month, year, or lifetime and comparing it to the ambitious goals and dreams you set for yourself.  Are you fulfilling your hearts desires?  Have you completely changed what you want for yourself now that you are older and wiser?  Reflecting upon these questions right now can get you much closer to living the life you intend to live, instead of the one you are absent-mindedly living.

The VI of Cups may simply represent children and the childish games they play being a part of your life right now. ¬†Perhaps you are taking up an old hobby that used to bring you joy, or planning a games night with friends, or a day with a niece or grandson. ¬†What activities did you enjoy as a kid that you no longer do? ¬†Why aren’t those activities fun for you anymore or haven’t you even tried them out recently? ¬†The VI of Cups wants you to have some fun for the sake of having fun. ¬†Take the should out of your day and find out what that looks like for you.

Rider Waite Smith deck

VI of Cups reversed
The warning that comes with the VI of Cups in reverse is that you are losing yourself in the past. ¬†You can’t entangle your current emotional and mental processes from what happened before. ¬†Perhaps you are just going over and over a scenario in your head that made you feel bad, sad, rejected or abused. ¬†You keep replaying the scene in your head and thinking of what you could have said or done to make it different. ¬†Well, unfortunately you can’t change the past. ¬†You can get stuck there though and fail to move on. ¬†The VI of Cups is telling you it’s time to heal and look for simple joy in your life. ¬†The reversal is telling you that you can best do this by redirecting your thoughts and feelings from bad past experiences to times you when you had good experiences in the past. ¬†Learn from your mistakes or experiences and move on from here on out.

With the Vi of Cups¬†in reversed you could be focusing on how naive you were to think you could accomplish so much by this point, and feeling a bit disappointed with your shortcomings and life‚Äôs let downs. ¬†Remember though that when we set out to make big changes or leaps and strides, we tend to overlook the small steps that get us to our goals. ¬†If you are feeling downtrodden or inadequate compared to what you had hoped to feel by this point in your life, don‚Äôt beat yourself up! ¬†Negativity helps no one. ¬†Take the time instead to congratulate yourself for all that you have done so far. ¬†Pat yourself on the back. ¬†Toast to your accomplishments. Each small effort you make toward your goals will accumulate in the long run. Don’t get trapped in looking back and regretting.

The VI of Cups often indicates a childhood trauma that is still effecting you today. ¬†It is hard to be human, and no one grows up in a bubble of perfection and happiness. ¬†It’s impossible to make it to adulthood without trials and the scars they produce. ¬†But sometimes these issues and traumas from the past resurface in a way that means we have to deal with them. ¬†Maybe you can no longer dismiss and bury childhood or family issues anymore. ¬†They are going to keep coming up until you get that shit sorted out. ¬†It might not be pretty, easy, or enjoyable work, but the results will be empowering and powerful for you in the long run.

Pisces New Moon Reading: March 8, 2016

Happy New Moon in Pisces!  The New Moon is a wonderful time to set your intentions for the next four week moon cycle. What seeds do you want to plant now, nourish in the coming weeks, and watch grow?  With the moon in Pisces, this is a potent time to tap into your intuition and access your inner guidance. You may find that hidden messages in your dreams are not so hidden with the moon in Pisces, making you able to hear and act on the subtle advice your receive from your subconscious while you sleep. Pisces also loves to help others, be a supportive member of the group, and try to make things better for those they love.  Remember to try not to set your sights on too many things at once; intentions can be more easily manifested when you only focus on one or two at a time. I draw my inspiration from Lisa Michaels, who has TONS of wonderful advice on intention setting on her website.

Here is what the tarot has to share with us at this New Moon in Pisces!


Queen of Swords rx Shadowscapes tarot

What special message does my intuition want to share with me now?-¬†Queen of Swords reversed. The Queen of Swords is rational. ¬†She uses her whip smart brains to make decisions according to her well-structured moral code. ¬†With this card reversed, our subconscious is simply emphasizing the need to depend less on logic and more on intuition. It can be extremely tough for us to step outside of the mind in our modern society. We are constantly told to subjugate our gut feelings in order to focus on what “makes sense”. ¬†The Queen of Swords is a wonderful part of each of us, but we have to consciously choose to ignore her, or put her insistent need for “scientific proof” on the back burner. Sometimes you just know what you have to do without reading the instructions or following the rules. It’s time to learn how to trust yourself on that.

Knight of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

Knight of Pentacles
Shadowscapes Tarot

How can I listen to and allow my intuition to guide me going forward?-¬†Knight of Pentacles.¬†¬†The Knight of Pentacles is dogmatic. He just keeps plodding along. When you are feeling tired, stressed out, depressed, hurt, angry, frustrated,¬†whatever,¬†you can channel your inner Knight of Pentacles to help you keep going. His is approach is not¬†fancy or complicated, it’s just to not give up. You have to begin somewhere. The only sure fire way to totally fail is to never even try in the first place. Even if you have no idea how to move forward, or how to start trusting your intuition, don’t give up before you even started. ¬†No matter how many of your attempts to develop and trust your intuition go awry, you still have to keep going. Use the energy of the Knight of Pentacles to prop yourself up with unwavering determination. You may have more or less energy for the job on any given day, but resting doesn’t mean you have given up the fight.


VII of Cups Shadowscapes tarot

How can I show compassion and strive to make the world a brighter place?-¬†VII of Cups rx.¬†It’s time to stop making up excuses and finding ways around helping others. Maybe you have felt like it is someone else’s responsibility to fix what ails the world, since there isn’t much that just little old you can do. Well, if everyone does exactly the same thing, wait for someone else to step forward and start change, then we all get nowhere. Whereas, if we each did just one little thing to make the world a brighter place, regardless of whether or not it was going to “fix everything”, than we each bring the world one step closer to love and kindness. Don’t wait for the perfect gesture of compassion and kindness either. Just pick one! ¬†Choose whatever feels right today and remember to do the same thing tomorrow. Each of us can make a difference, and tons of minuscule differences add up.

Alright, there is your New Moon tarot reading for March 8, 2016. If you would like to get a personalized New Moon Reading, they are only $20 on my readings page.  You can order one through Paypal today and it will be in your inbox, waiting to insight and empower you by Friday!  Yippee!  



Card Meaning: IV of Pentacles

927730_404539576364100_349520660_nKeywords: control, stability, security, grounded, reality-focused, down to earth, conservative, cautious materialism, miserliness, greed, close-minded, stuck, emotionally distant, resistant to change, focused on work and money

Reversed: unstable, out of control, releasing control, surrender, connection with spirit, spending generously, wasting money on trivialities, outside of your comfort zone, ungrounded

Associated card: The Emperor


The IV of Pentacles is about grounding and connecting fully with the physical world. The Pentacles represent Earth energy, the world of all that is tangible- this computer, that tree, those people over there. All of the things that can be assessed with the five senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. The number four is numerological representative of stability. It is the square that solidly plants itself in reality. The IV of Pentacles is a reminder to be physically connected to reality. When the IV of Pentacles appears in a reading, it asks you to question how you can bring yourself back to reality? How can you keep yourself grounded in the physical world you inhabit?

Rider Waite Smith deck

The IV of Pentacles is often perceived as a somewhat ‚Äúnegative‚ÄĚ card, because it can signify miserliness, greed, and close-minded resistance to change. It is often about making money, working to further your career, and valuing possessions over everything else in life. These are not concepts we generally put a high value on in the tarot business world. The card can come as a warning not to value money over all else. Money cannot buy you emotional security and your possessions do not define you. The old expressions “you can’t take it with you” comes to mind, as a warning when this card shows up in your reading. Materialism can be the opposite of being grounded.



IV of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

IV of Pentacles
Shadowscapes Tarot

When I see the dragon in the IV of Pentacles from the Shadowscapes Tarot above, I notice his tail turning to gold. This could be a sign of money taking possession of him, but it can also be seen as the golden value of being connected with the Earth. The dragon ages and dies and slowly decays, and that whole cycle adds value to the Earth and to the dragon. ¬†So this is a perfect time to ask yourself whether you are too closely identified with possessing the earth, rather than being a part of the earth. There may be a need to be cautious or conservative in your approach. If you have been working extra hard for security and peace of mind in your financial situation, know that you have achieved that goal now, and don’t go overboard. You don’t have to keep working overtime or seeking further promotions at work. Perhaps you have found just the right comfort spot for yourself and can rest easy for a while.

Wild Unknown Tarot

Wild Unknown Tarot

The IV of Pentacles from the Wild Unknown Tarot easily depicts the sense of interconnectedness that I’m talking about between yourself and the physical world of the senses. Appreciating that interconnectedness and deeply experiencing it can bring color and value to your life. When you draw the IV of Pentacles in a reading, check your money attitude for sure, but also check your reality-o-meter. Are you living in a cloud? Are you ignoring important physical truths? We are here on Earth, in this reality, for a reason, so don’t discount this physical world in search of a higher truth. You will find that truth here. Think about how your body feels, reacts, grows, and diminishes in vitality with the seasons. Get in touch with the comfort that security and stability in your body evokes in you. Paying careful attention to your physical health will increase your mental contentment as well.

The IV of Pentacles reversed:

The IV of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you are ready to release control and surrender to fate at this time. These actions may be somewhat out of your comfort zone, but life is about taking risks. You cannot grow as a person if you do not think outside of the box a little bit and try new things. You will benefit from thinking less about your money in terms of watching it pile up, and think more about what that money can create in the world. Spend generously on others who are in greater need than you, especially if those people or projects you invest in are helping the earth, nature, or our environment.

You may be feeling slightly ungrounded, or disconnected from the earth with the IV of Pentacles reversed. This could mean a stronger connection to spirit, an emphasis on thinking or feeling, or just a general ignorance of your physical needs. Make sure you pay special attention to your body when this card comes up in a reading. You could be neglecting your physical health, especially if you are focusing too much on work and not enough time on self care, exercise, and your diet. Bring your attention to your body and ask it if it is feeling vibrant, how you can align your energy with your physical well-being, and what will nourish and nurture you at this time.

The reversed IV of Pentacles can also denote a sense of wildness. Things are out of control. You are feeling uncomfortable or unstable with your work, financial situation, or the direction your career is heading. It could be that your employment is not secure. You may find that you have been wasting your money on things that do not bring meaning or joy into your life. Remember, that things do not buy happiness. Happiness is not for sale. If you want to bring order and security back into your world, write down all the things you really need to survive. Pull your mind away from material objects, think of just the bare minimum. Then focus in on the relationships, experiences and feelings that you want to bring into your life. Balancing these elements of your life will help you deal with the insecurity of the IV of Pentacles reversed.

Card Meaning: The High Priestess

Red Woods

The High Priestess                                          Redwood National Park                                Northern California, USA

Keywords: Intuition, the subconscious, accessing the Higher Self, wisdom, being rather than doing, feminine divine, life mysteries, shadow self, looking within, calm inner center, deep knowing.  

Reversed: Confusion, hidden mysteries, denial of the shadow or feminine self, need for stillness, distrust of intuition, actions out of alignment with ideals.

Associated minor card: Queen of Cups

You can find my experience with The High Priestess during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.

The High Priestess speaks of your ability to access your calm inner center. There is a power inside of you that is only available through your stillness. Slow down, be quiet, meditate, and allow for calmness. The High Priestess is non-action; she is being. Go within and dwell there for a time. Bask in your inner sanctuary. Accept that there are answers inside of you, that you can be certain, that you can do what is inherently right for you. You have this expansive power. Use this rejuvenating and clarifying energy to take appropriate action moving forward. You will be able to take the right next steps because you have taken the time and space you need to connect with your sense of inner knowing.

Rider Waite Smith tarot

Rider Waite Smith tarot

The High Priestess knows how to access the collective consciousness and to explore the inner world and the shadow self. She is not afraid of the darkness. The High Priestess is a card I often associate with a professional tarot reader, or any person who is strongly connected to her/his intuition. Perhaps now is a good time to pull out your tarot deck and draw some cards asking for messages from within your soul. Or you could get in touch with a mentor, counselor or friend who gives excellent advice from the heart. You are especially receptive to wise counsel at this time so look for signs and messages all around you. Slow down and take a break from action. Constantly busying yourself with tasks, projects, and jobs will cloud your vision of the larger picture of your life and your purpose as a person and co-inhabitant of this universe.

The High Priestess reversed:

High Priestess Shadowscapes Tarot

The High Priestess Shadowscapes Tarot

The reversal of The High Priestess indicates a blocked need to find your calm inner center. You need to access the essence of being but something is holding you back, either yourself or your current life situation. Further wisdom is necessary before you can take appropriate action. This is a challenge to tap into your intuition and develop it more fully. There is a lot of work you can do to explore your intuition and learn to trust it and share it. Begin by trying to immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Put thoughts and feelings from the past and about the future away. Imagine there is only now and feel your mind, body, and spirit as perfect at this time. The energy of The High Priestess is crucial for opening up the third eye, which will help direct you in where and how to place your focus.  Once you go through the slow, quiet process of acknowledging and accepting your present self, you will be able to accept the past and move forward with confidence and wisdom. Do not allow yourself to continue to be blocked from your inner wisdom.