Tarot Blog Hop: Teaching Connection through Tarot


Welcome to the Beltane Tarot Blog Hop! Beltane marks the beginning of summer, the waxing of the sun, the beauty of fertile Earth coming fully to life to nourish us all. It is just wonderfully beginning to get hot here in Nashville, which is a delight that it has held off this long. I’m so excited that you have hopped over to my blog and are (mildly) interested to read my response to this hop’s theme question: “What can I teach the world?” I’d like to teach the world the benefits of tarot. 

The other day, an inquisitive person asked me, “How is a tarot reading useful?” I didn’t hesitate in my passionate answer, “The time of a tarot readings is a wonderful and needed opportunity to sit down, take a breathe, and think about your life. During this time you don’t have to do anything. You are taking stock of what happened in the past, what is currently happening in your life, and where it is all heading. You get a quiet period to contemplate your big picture and ask yourself, “Do I like how things are going? Do I want to alter my path? What choices can I make to create the life I desire?” This time spent consulting with your intuition can set you up to make big moves in a conscious direction.”

We all need that time to pause, even if we are cruising at full speed towards amazing results. The society I find myself a part of is all go, go, go! Even yoga has become a workout and time in the car is for massively consuming podcasts at 1.5x speed (I can’t handle either of those things, but I know that they are popular!) The time of a tarot reading opens up a space to slow down. All electronic devices can be shut off and put away. The analog, physical, and beautiful nature of the cards brings a sensual pleasure to a tarot reading. You can pick of the cards, you can look into your tarot readers eyes, you can take the opportunity to have a real, meaningful conversation. 

Lately, I’ve become really interested in honest and open conversations about real life. Usually, I find myself having social interactions that are pretty superficial, discussing the weather, or TV shows, or what my dog is up to these days. There is a need within me, and one I see reflected in other people I meet under the right circumstances, to have deeper conversations. I want to talk about creativity, love, the meaning of life, and the mystery of the Universe. I want to talk about the emotional and mental patterns that have gotten us where we am now and the changes we would like to make to grow. I want to talk about the risks we are all taking to get out of our comfort zones, and what is guiding us through that risk taking process.

A tarot reading is a great time to have a conversation about what scary risks are being avoided or resisted. I enjoy reading so much, because it gives me an “excuse” to have a meaningful conversation with another human being, the type of conversation I always want to be having. The tarot cards gives us both something to focus on during that conversation to ease into what can be an awkward or scary opening up of the soul’s desires. Of course, the other magical part of the reading is the 2 cents that the Universe adds to a tarot reading. So often, the cards we draw reveal or uncover what part Fate is playing in life. The experience and reaction to that awareness of Fate can be life altering. It gives a chance to work with Fate, to make choices with the Universe in mind, to shape your own Destiny.

I hope you continue along the tarot blog hop to encounter the next wonderful teaching…



Deep Dives into the Scorpio New Moon, November 18, 2017

The New Moon is the best time of the month to get in touch with the astrological energy supporting intention setting for your next four weeks. This New Moon in Scorpio encourages you to dive deep into your subconscious, your watery emotional realm, your most heartfelt desires and focus on self development and personal mastery. This is a wonderful time to confront your addictions or other bad habits and make positive changes towards the life you want. Scorpio asks you to question and examine what is motivating your excesses and bad behaviors. What is missing from your life? What do you need to let go of? How can you facilitate this transformation? This is the process of death and rebirth that is so strongly connected with the energy of Scorpio. Do not be afraid to really get to the bottom of things and do some soul searching. It’s worth diving into your shadow in order to move forward into the light as a fuller version of yourself.

Below are three questions for you to ask the tarot at this Scorpio New Moon. I used the Mary-el Tarot to do an example reading for myself, and perhaps it will help you access your subconscious at this time as well. The Mary-el Tarot is beautiful and strange, and doesn’t read for me like other decks. I rely heavily upon the book of interpretations that Marie White includes with her deck in my reading here:

Mary El Tarot: IX of Wands, Page of Wands, X of Swords

What is unseen that needs to come to the surface?- IX of Wands
Creative Fire energy and the Free Will to create whatever my destiny prescribes are represented here by the lion and the woman in the card image, respectively. The lion is wild, untamed, passionate, creative, transformative, and intense. It is me without the armor of my personality and societal influences which keep me humble and in check. This fire lies beneath the surface of my conscious self that I present to the world. I can use my free will to access this fire and use it to create my future, though. I am limitless and unrestrained as long as I acknowledge that I am not a victim of circumstance. I can be whatever I want to be. Just because I don’t have something, doesn’t mean I can’t get it. Just because I have never done something, doesn’t mean I can’t do it now. I learn through my trials and errors and can continuously reinvent and reimagine who and what I am. Now, with the help of the Scorpio New Moon, I can dig deep to get in touch with my creative side, my inner fire, and bring my wild side into the light. There is no reason to be restrained and under control when we can each burn as bright as the sun, brilliant and genius in our life creations.

What emotional burdens, old habits or beliefs do I need to let die, let go of, clear away?- Page of Wands
It is time for me to accept that I have faith and strong beliefs and move onto using those strengths. I have a tendency towards nihilism, a willingness to feel that life has no meaning. This is reactionary behavior though, as it isn’t that I truly believe that life has no purpose, but rather that that purpose in unknowable. Faced with the idea that I may never consciously understand the purpose of my life, I reject meaning all together. Deep down I do believe and have a strong faith that my life, and life in general, has meaning. There is a reason that this all happening. It just makes me so tired to go over and over in my mind that I don’t know what that meaning is. This Page of Wands asks me to get out of my head, to move away from my thoughts, and just listen to my soul’s calling. My soul does call me to me, I can simply listen and accept, instead of going back into my mind to analyze and despair over mental failings of understanding. This life is not to be understood in words and numbers, it is to be known in the depth of my soul. Now is the time to set aside the old habits of thinking and the burden of needing logical explanations.

How can I prepare for rebirth and set the stage for growth?- X of Swords
“The ego is the eternal limited by words.” Here I set the stage for growth by living the message from the Page of Wands: it is time to break free of the prison of my thoughts. The Swords represent the mental realm and all the energy I’ve been expending upon thinking and living in my thoughts. I have built up my self image there, my ego is wrapped up in my mind, I create and protect this image of myself with words and my attachment to my intelligence. The X represents an ending, but also a beginning. It contains both 10 and 1. It is the space in between, where I ready myself for transformation. I’m preparing for a way of being that includes silence and trust, instead of constant words and doubts. We each create our lives by the limits of our mindsets. What if we each adopted a mindset of limitlessness? What if we didn’t draw conclusions based on fear and anxiety? What if we let anything be possible? The image of the X of Swords is Scorpio, is Death, coming to sweep away old ways of thinking and create an open space for limitlessness.

I loved doing this little reading for myself this morning of the New Moon. The Mary El tarot just blows my mind every time I do with a reading with it. If you’re interested in receiving an email reading for your own New Moon energy and intention setting, please get in touch. Happiest of New Moons to you!


Tarotscopes for November- Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Welcome to the wonderful month of November!  We are definitely in the tail end of 2015 now, so it’s a great time to consider all that you’ve accomplished thus far and make a super short list of a couple things you want to get done before the year is out. Good luck! With the Sun in Scorpio we are all experiencing an energy of death and rebirth, with a surge towards letting things go that no longer serve us. Perhaps there are things on that To Do List that aren’t important to you anymore- cross them off now! No need to waste your time on goals of the past. For all of you Scorpios out there, this is your time to shine with the Sun riding high in your sign. Make a wish for your new year of life with the clear intention to follow through on that goal. Here are your tarotscopes for November!

IX of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

IX of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

Scorpio- IX of Swords
You are totally ready to confront and tackle your fears and anxieties this month, Scorpio friends. The image of the IX of Swords brings to mind the stuff of your worst nightmares, the things buried deep within that wake you up at night in a cold sweat.You’re not taking any more of that same old bullshit this year. You are a master of confronting the mysteries of life, you know how to go within and be reborn. This is a whole new year of your life, the perfect time to shed the past and experience rebirth! It’s time to vanquish deep hidden fears, bring them out of the dark, and conquer them. You are a person of intense emotional currents that flow through and around you. This year brings a challenge to face your fears, to rule with your mind instead of letting your mind rule you, to direct the currents of your emotions. You are up to the challenge! Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Sagittarius- IV of Cups
An uncharacteristically, introspective month awaits you, my happy Sag friends. Perhaps this last month before your birthday has got you thinking about yourself, your place in the world, and how you feel about your life. Use this period of self reflection to your advantage in order to do some deep inner work. Don’t just avoid your real life difficulties by shutting yourself off. Work on yourself first in order to tackle outer issues with inner strength.

Capricorn- VIII of Cups
The VIII of Cups mirrors the energy of the Scorpio New Moon to release and let go. It can be very hard to walk away from a past love, or job, or life situation that once dominated your world and even made you quite happy.  Just because something was perfect for you in the past, does not necessitate that situation continuing to be the right one for you. With this New Moon, look into your heart and really examine the burdens of the past that you can begin to let go of and gently move away with grace and an open heart.

Aquarius- V of Cups reversed
Leave regrets and hard feeling in the past this month, my serious Aquarius friends. When you release the hurt emotions of the past you make space in your heart for new feelings of happiness and peace. The V of Cups reversed supports this release and indicates that you really are ready to move on.  Regrets serve no purpose but to keep you trapped in the past, instead of immersed in the possibilities of the present.

Pisces- The Empress
A time of abundance and flourishing, creation is upon you now, my dreamy Fish friends. This month, focus on what you want to birth into this world. Get in touch with your feminine side which supports the subconscious, your inner world, and your ability to accept and flow with the energy of the Universe. The Empress is the mother of us all, so contemplating motherhood, Mother Nature, and the Goddess are all supported activities this coming month. Be sensual and present in your physical body to increase your power.

Aries- Father of Wands reversed
Once again, you’re riding high on expectations for yourself that might be a bit out of wack with reality, my feisty Ram friends. You are a seriously capable person, but even you can’t do it all. Dream big, but then bring those dreams down to reality with an action plan that is actually doable. Don’t neglect your inner world when making these dreams, it’s not all about what you can accomplish out there, but how it makes you feel inside that ultimately determines the level of your success in your endeavors.

Taurus- X of Wands
November has you feeling a bit overburdened and struggling to decide what your priorities are going forward. It’s great to be inspired and full of ideas and projects, but when you take on too much, all those ideas suffer from lack of focus, time, and resources. You can decide now if you want to take the hard road and keep spreading yourself thin over a dozen projects, or narrow your focus and accomplish one or two things at a time. The choice is yours, but know things aren’t going to get any easier trying to do it all.

Gemini- Mother of Pentacles
The Mother of Pentacles is here to nourish, love and support you this month, lucky Geminis. Ask yourself if this is an energy that you wish to embody in order to show kindness and generous to those who you hold most dearly in your life, or to the inhabitants of this world in general. Or perhaps you are looking for this kind of unconditional love from a person in your life. Do not be afraid to ask someone to take care of you in your time of need this coming November.

Cancer- V of Wands reversed
Things are going to start falling into place this month in regards to your passions and inspirations, Crabby friends. Conflicting ideas and emotions will resolve and lead you to be more focused and on target toward completing your projects for this year. If you have been at odds with your coworkers or friends, look for a conflict resolution this month, and be hopeful that all that intensity will result in some really impassioned work.

Leo- IX of Pentacles reversed
November is not going to pass you idly by, my brave little Lions. You are ready for action and hard work! Unfortunately, all that huffing and puffing towards your goals might find you expending way too much energy on work, with limited results. In fact, you would do better to work less, but more efficiently, so you have time for fun leisure activities. We all need that balance of work and play in our lives to keep us healthy and happy.

Virgo- The Devil reversed
If you have felt awfully restricted and locked down, expect some relief this November, my Virgo friends. Get ready to detach and break free from the bonds that are keeping you down. You are ready to see past the greed of materialism, the addictions of our society, and do your own things, wild and free. Don’t be afraid to get riled up and passionate about your interests and goals. The Devil wants you to take your power back.

Libra- III of Wands reversed
Be careful that you haven’t lost track of your life vision, Libra old pal. What are your long-term goals? What is your plan of attack? If you are experiencing delays or obstacles, do not be overly dismayed by the setbacks. Life does not often go according to plan, but completely giving up or being inflexible to adjust the plan to keep yourself on track, only punishes yourself. Reexamine your priorities and keep you dream alive and in focus!

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!

New Moon in Libra- October 12, 2015

Happy New Moon in Libra!  It’s time for our regular New Moon reading to help set our goals and intentions for the coming month, backed by the energetic power of the moon up there in the sky. The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to consider the concept of balance and how it relates to your life. There is a common conception that keeping the various aspects of our lives in harmonious balance will bring greater joy and peace to our lives. We want to have a healthy work/life balance.  We want to eat a balanced diet. We want to balance our inner and outer worlds.  Do you believe in these ideas? Do you seek greater balance in your life? Let’s ask the tarot some Libra supported questions about setting an intention to create a more balanced life and focus ourselves on that goal this coming moon cycle.  Here’s what the tarot has to say!:


Son of Wands Motherpeace Tarot

Where do I need to seek greater balance in my life?- Son of Wands reversed
Have you been taking things a little too lightly lately, maybe leaning toward laziness or excessive partying? Well, it might be time to take a break form the party life, and buckle down a little bit in terms of work. Yes, we all deserve a light-hearted break but this can only really be enjoyable if we are actually taking a break from something, instead of just being a goof off.  What area of your life deserves a bit more effort and focus this month? Wands encourage creative pursuits, so don’t keep procrastinating on starting that novel, exercise routine, book club, volunteer program, art class, home improvement, etc. If it all just seems too overwhelming and you can’t figure out which of your million ideas to get going on- just pick one!  The Libra New Moon can promote hesitancy making decisions, so be very aware of where you are holding yourself back from making a decision by hemming and hawing over the pros and cons for too long. Put all your ideas in a hat and pick one! If your gut tells you to put your first choice aside, keep picking until you have that aha! moment of clarity about what you want to get working on now.  Then use this Son of Wands encouraging burst of energy to get you off and running.

The Empress Motherpeace Tarot

The Empress
Motherpeace Tarot

How can I foster and support this balance?- The Empress
The Empress is here to support you with love and abundance when reaching toward balance this New Moon. Remember, you are enough, you have enough, there is enough to go around. These are the teachings of The Empress, which we (archetypically) receive in childhood as the unconditional love from our mothers. It’s time to connect with all things feminine and bring more of the feminine principle into your life. This energy is very creative, as it is essential to the creation and gestation of all human life. This goes well with the Son of Wands who wants to bring action and masculine active energy into your month. The Empess is the balance to this masculine assertive energy, with her ability to allow, flow, and be receptive to the energy within and surrounding her.  It is so necessary to connect with your inner Empress this New Moon in order to let her natural, sensual, abundant love support you in your quest to find balance. This is a good sign that it will not be all hard work, but rather flowing and natural work that will lead to creation, manifestation, and gentle love coming into your life this New Moon.


Priestess of Discs Motherpeace Tarot

What is blocking my ability to find or work within this balance?Priestess of Discs reversed
This one is a duh card, a smack in the face that you haven’t been utilizing your inner Empress.  The Priestess of Discs (or Queen of Pentacles in other decks) is the earthly embodiment of The Empress archetype.  Here is The Empress brought to life in your every day routine. The reversal means you are so not being a nurturing, physical, loving, compassionate Earth Mother. That lack is blocking your ability to find harmony and balance in your life. We live in a very masculine dominated society of doing.  Look for every day ways to integrate feminine balance.  The woman depicted in the card is doing some simple yoga stretches, an excellent way to balance and connect to the flow of energy in your body. Can you find 5 minutes a day for yoga, breathing and stretching?  How else could you connect with the physical world in order to focus on balance?  Try appreciating the natural world around you, even if it’s a single flower you buy at the supermarket, just look at it and love it naturally.

I hope you are having a wonder New Moon in Libra! I’m wishing you the best in your endeavors and the never ending balancing of the scales that karma presents in our lives. Get in touch if you would like a personal New Moon reading!

Tarotscopes for October- Happy Birthday Libras!

Welcome to the wonderful month of October, tarot lovers! Beautiful spring days are blooming in the Southern Hemisphere where I am traveling now. Meanwhile, bright fall colors are emerging into their full glory up in the Northern Hemisphere from whence I came.  What a glorious month October is all over the Earth and every Libra is lucky to call this their birthday time of year.  Without further ado, here are your tarotscopes for the month of October! Enjoy!

IV of Wands rxed Deviant Moon Tarot

IV of Wands rxed
Deviant Moon Tarot

Happy Birthday Libra!
IV of Wands reversed
Birthdays are always a time of transition and this year finds you reflecting deeply upon what growing another year older means to you, beautiful Libra friends. There is a tendency this year to judge your accomplishments, your relationships and your physical place in the world and find them lacking. You may have a feeling of discouragement or dissatisfaction with where you are at now. Shouldn’t you have a better job? Shouldn’t you have the perfect relationship figured out? Shouldn’t you have a beautiful and safe home and family life? I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the answer to those questions is a big NOPE!  You shouldn’t be, have, or do anything specific or proscribed. Your life is your own, your journey is personal, you don’t have to measure yourself against any standard. At your birthday time, work on accepting your path, your place, where you are at and who you are. Be present and thankful for being.  You don’t have to do anything in particular but be your fullest self.

Scorpio- II of Swords
It’s decision making time, Eagle friends! Use your brain power, logic and rationality to determine what is the best course of action this October. Remember to keep your heart open to possibilities and allow that whatever path you choose, it is the only one that exists for you. There are no alternatives once you have decided so be peaceful with your choice.

Sagittarius- Knight of Swords
You are ready to charge ahead on some new ideas this month, my little Archers. Your energy will be high and your ability to communicate will be strong, so use these skills to your advantage. This is a great time to map out an action plan for your goals. Write down your strategy, but do not be too hasty in ticking off your action items.  Be thorough!

Capricorn- III of Cups reversed
October will be a tricky month for balancing work and play for you, Cappy friends. You may have a strong desire to party it up, but there just isn’t time for that overindulgence. Try to integrate little doses of fun into your everyday life without going overboard. Fun in moderation will keep you on pace with your work without leaving you feeling neglected.

Aquarius- VI of Wands
Accomplishments will abound in October for my Water Bearer friends. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have accomplished, and soak up the admiration of those around you who appreciate your hard work. There is still much to be done, but it’s a good idea to sit back and enjoy your progress for a moment before diving back into the work again.

Pisces- Knight of Pentacles
October is going to be a steady, plodding, routine month for you, Fish friends. A Knight is full of energy though, so at least you will have plenty of endurance to keep up your pace. You are building a strong foundation for yourself, but try to find some down time away from your work. Go explore the beauty of the natural world as a break from the routine.

Aries- X of Cups
What a pleasant month October has in store for you, Ram friends! This will be a time of joy, peace, familial happiness, and contentment. Take the time to truly appreciate and be thankful for your life, your work, your people, and the world. Share emotions and kind words with those closest to you in order to make the most of this joyful month for you.

Taurus- King of Swords reversed
Be wary of overly aggressive mental energy this month, Bull friends, either in yourself or from someone in a position of authority. You may feel a strong rational pull to exert your control over your life, the people you work with, or your family and friends.  Ease up on the logic, manipulation and bossy pants attitude- no one likes it! Alternatively, someone may be lording their authority over you and you certainly won’t enjoy it.

Gemini- IX of Swords reversed
There will be marked decrease in your worries and anxiety this month, Twins friends. Whatever has been hanging over your head, keeping you up at night, will start to dissipate. Expect to feel some relief or control over the workings of your mind. Remember that anxiety is nothing but a projection of a worse case future that does not exist now and most likely will not come to pass in the future. Stop living in the future and live now!

Cancer- Queen of Wands reversed
This October will find you predisposed to spend some time in your shell, my Crab friends. While it’s ok to shy from the limelight recuperating and being alone, make sure you aren’t isolating yourself or holding yourself back from recognition of your awesomeness. You don’t have to take center stage but make sure you at least show up and take credit for your contributions to the production.

Leo- IV of Pentacles
Financial stability and physical control of your personal environment will be high on your priority list this month, Lion friends. It’s great to feel stable and secure, but just remember that you can’t take it with you when you die, so try to open to being generous with your abundance. Get real with yourself about what you actually physically need and what is just icing on the cake that perhaps is best shared with others.

Virgo- Justice
October finds you seeking balance and fairness in your life, Virgin friends. How can you create a just environment for yourself and for those around you. It will be of utmost important to you to make sure you are not taking advantage of anyone, or being taking advantage of yourself. All must get their due share of your time. Keep a sharp eye out for where your energy seems like it is being demanded unfairly and nip that in the bud!
Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed these short Tarotscopes for October! These are supposed to be fun and get you thinking about monthly energies and the tarot.  Get in touch if you would like a reading tailored specifically to you. I do empowering and insightful 1 or 2 card readings for just $10!  Happy October!

New Moon Reading for July 15th, 2015

Happy New Moon in Cancer!  The Moon is introspective and emotional in Cancer, so this could be a great night to find a secluded spot to yourself and have some alone time. Make yourself a home cooked meal, listen to some soothing music, spend some time journaling or meditating, and just be comfortable with yourself. If you have the chance to go for a swim- take it!  Here is a helpful tarot reading for you in the coming moon cycle!

The Fool rxed Wild Unknown Tarot

The Fool rxed
Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy to bring in: The Fool reversed
The Fool wants to spring into your life with an energy of spontaneity, innocence, possibility, and new beginnings. This is a happy, go-lucky energy that is bursting with fresh enthusiasm and spirit. Unfortunately, something is blocking this energy from being fully realized right now. It’s time to ask yourself what is holding you back from taking a leap of faith into that fresh new start you have been wanting so much to take. Why are you telling yourself no to your dreams and how can you stop that? Start getting honest with yourself and all your excuses. This Fool energy is present potential all around you and you can access it. Its just a matter of figuring out how to open up to this energy. It’s not an easy thing to figure out for sure but the next card can give a little insight into possible obstacles holding you back.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Mother of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy to release:
Mother of Swords reversed

The Mother of Swords is one smart cookie, but she is all cold logic and the rational approach. Western culture idealizes rationality, science, and the realm of the mind. Everything can be hypothesized, experienced, proven and theoreticized. Right? I say wrong! The universe is really just chaos and making sense of that chaos is beyond the powers of the mind. Sometimes you need to trust your intuition, listen to your calm inner voice that knows what is right for you, and perhaps doesn’t seem to make sense logically. That’s what needs to be done now to make a fresh start. You need to get out of your head. Stop telling yourself what can and cannot be done, what makes sense versus what is just crazy, and instead start dreaming that anything is possible. Once again, I’ll admit it’s no easy feat to change your way of thinking. A good start in that direction is to simply become aware of your thoughts. Listen to them as if you and those thoughts are separate (hint, you are). Next time you notice yourself putting yourself down, think “I’m thinking negative thoughts about myself right now.” This way you can watch your thoughts unfold and hold yourself a bit apart from them. Don’t identify yourself with the thoughts, but rather with the presence watching the thoughts. You are awesome, but your mind is trying to sabotage you into thinking you aren’t good enough. Stop listening to it!

Ace of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Ace of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

Energy all around you: Ace of Wands
This Ace of Wands represents inspiration and new beginnings, just as The Fool does. This reinforces the great potential this coming moon cycle to start afresh. Get in touch with what you are passionate about, what lights you up inside. This is the time to let that spark ignite into a full on flame. Whatever it is that you have been putting off, this month is the time to get out of your head and start doing it. Don’t let yourself be trapped by negative thoughts or doubts. Tell yourself that you can do it, you are capable, you are creative and inspired, and you are ready, willing and able. Once you start this new narrative, this positive affirming voice in your head that encourages you instead of puts you down, you are already well on your way to living your passion. The fact that this Ace of Wands shows up here in the upright position is a great sign that you are headed in the right direction and you will succeed in overcoming your negative thought patterns in order to make a big leap forward toward your goal to start anew.

If you need some clarity about how to jumpstart your fresh start this coming moon cycle, get in touch for a tarot reading! I would love to help you clearly define your goals, get you motivated, and clear away your obstacles to living your best life.

Happy New Moon in Cancer!

Tarotscopes for July- Happy Birthday Cancers!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to me! The sun was happily shining away in the watery sign of Cancer 33 years ago when I decided to grace the Earth with my presence. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the long days of summer, getting their tan on, and enjoying some time in the water. Cancers love water, so make sure to bring your favorite Cancer to the lake, ocean, or stream this month. Make sure to pack lots of drinks and get ready to share some juicy conversations about love, feelings, and the meaning of life. Here are you tarotscopes for the month of July!


IX of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith tarot

Cancer- IX of Pentacles reversed
You’re still working hard at incorporating the lessons and new skills from last year into your every day experience. It’s an important to finish up and solidify what you have been trying to accomplish last year, in order to create a healthy, happy year to come. Don’t give up just yet on your ideals, when you are so close to achieving your goals for yourself. Harmony, and the rest and relaxation that comes after a job well done, are right on your horizon. This new year will see your current challenges transcended and a time of stability and comfort begin. The IX of Pentacles energy is here, ready to usher in a year when you can finally sit back in relax, feeling like you have accomplished what you set out to do. Make sure to plan some especially luxuries activities for yourself. I’m thinking a delicious dinner, a deep tissue massage, and some time floating around on a boat in the lake.  Happy Birthday Cancer!

Leo- X of Wands
Lots of hard work coming up for you in July, Leo friends. You are a super motivated and fired up person, but make sure you aren’t taking on more than you can handle. Try focusing on finishing up the projects you have already started before launching into any new ones.  All work and no play, is not a good idea for summer time.

Virgo- IX of Wands
It’s all about perseverance this July, Virgo friends. If you are feeling worn out or put upon, look for ways to fortify yourself in order to keep going. It might seem like the odds are stacked against you, but believe me- you’ve got this! Nourish your mind, body, and soul for a continued effort; it will pay off.

Libra- V of Pentacles
Looks like July might be a rough one for you, Libra friends. Be careful not to overspend because your financial situation may take a turn for the worse. Keep yourself open to spiritual fulfillment over physical or financial abundance. Being prepared for adversity will help you overcome it more quickly.

Scorpio- The Sun reversed
A perfect, summer sunshine radiates over you. Happiness is going to find you when you least expect it this month, Scorpio friends. Don’t worry too much about what you think will bring your joy, but know in your heart that vitality, warmth, success, and abundance is your right. An awakening is coming.

Sagittarius- Ace of Pentacles reversed
This July, ask yourself what’s holding you back from your potential, Sag friends. All around you an energy of new beginnings and growth awaits, but you are feeling unwilling or unprepared to seize it. Try not to shy away from your potential, confront your dreams and goals, and take one small step forward this month.

Capricorn- V of Swords
You will be overwhelmed by thoughts and opinions this July, Cappy friends, and might not have the polished diplomatic skills necessary to effectively communicate. Be wary that you don’t pick fights just because you know you can “win”. Sometimes a battle avoided is much better than completely obliterating an unprepared opponent.

Aquarius- The Magician reversed
It’s time to start manifesting your dreams this month, Aquarius friends. It’s the first leap of faith into the world of creation that is tripping you up, though. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back forever. Try a mental exercise of imagining an ideal outcome for your situation, and then let it all go and see what happens in real life.Seize your personal power!

Pisces- III of Swords reversed
It’s time to put sad times behind you, my little Fishies. It you are still regretting past decisions or actions, you need to let it go. What came before does not have to define who you are in this moment now. You can begin afresh and move forward with the knowledge that everything does happen for a reason, one you may never know, but that’s ok.

Aries- Mother of Swords reversed
You may be sorely tempted to wear your sarcastic bitch pants this month, Aries friends. My advice is to use them sparingly, though. Some of your friends can handle the blunt truth of things and see the fun and games in sarcastic wit, but others can be easily hurt. If you gotta let your inner bitch out, choose the time and place wisely, and warn others!

Taurus- Temperance reversed
Keeping everything in balance is going to be a challenge for you this July, Taurus friend. The good news is, that when you do achieve a harmony and flow between your thoughts and actions, between your desires and your obligations, and between your work and play, the sense of peace you feel will be more than deeply satisfying, it will be transcendent.

Gemini- Father of Cups
July will be an uncharacteristically emotionally month for you, Gemini friends. You may find yourself with a deep sense of compassion and understanding, and want to act as a peacemaker or mediator between your friends or family members. Be generous, supportive and giving of yourself this July, just going with the flow of your feelings.

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!