Innovative Aquarius New Moon Reading for January 27th, 2017

The New Moon today arrives in the sign of Aquarius. This is the sign of innovation, originality, larger perspective, and revolution. If you want to shake things up in your life, this is the perfect New Moon to energize your intentions to make your own rules, take a risk, and be your true, unique, unconventional self. Open yourself up during this New Moon to receive completely new, unlooked for, and unprecedented ideas. You may be shocked and wonderfully surprised to have a breakthrough in understanding about your life purpose and what you want to do with that purpose. You have an increased capacity to learn and discovery new things with Aquarius now.

You are still only human though and have some limitations. Remember to set your priorities and not over schedule and exhaust yourself in the next two weeks of the waxing Moon. Pick the idea, project, or inspiration that you are most drawn to now and zero in your focus on huge progress instead of spreading yourself too thin over a ton of great ideas. You’ll have lots of other New Moons this year to work with so pick the intentions that will best be realized with the helpful energy of Aquarius! Here is some pertinent advice from the tarot on how to work with this gorgeous and bright Aquarius New Moon energy:


The Linestrider Tarot: Queen of Wands, II of Pentacles reversed, IX of Swords reversed

How can I best be my unique, unconventional self? Queen of Wands
Oh yes! The Queen of Wands is a shining example of how to be authentic to yourself. As with all the Queens, she is deeply and maturely connected to her inner, emotional world. She understands herself, accepts herself, and wants to share that self-confident vibe with those around her. The Queens all have the capacity and the propensity to nurture and support. Right now there is a vibrant energy not only to be your own, unique self, but to lift others up to shine brighter as their true, magical selves.

The gift of the suit of Wands is just that- magical. Wands is fire energy, the shine from deep within that lights up our lives and helps us light up the lives of those around us. The Queen of Wands asks you to get in touch with what lights you up inside. What is your divine spark? What is your inspiration you want to develop and share? What is your creation power? The Queen of Wands can be viewed as The Magician at work in this world, manifesting her ideas into reality. When you connect to what makes you special, different, unique, wild and free, you channel that ability to make your life and yourself into whatever you desire. You are not limited by societal values or regulations, you are encouraged and empowered to be whatever it is that you were born to be. Let the Queen of Wands be your guide in saying YES! to your soul purpose and your Higher Self.

What area of my life needs the most focused r/evolution right now? II of Pentacles rx
The II of Pentacles is all about multi-tasking, getting things done, taking on the world and it’s mountain of obligations and kicking ass. Yet, with this reversal we are being asked to narrow it down, to focus on one task at a time, to say no to that which we aren’t drawn to do. The world can ask us to do a hell of a lot. In fact, it can be an overwhelming and impossible amount that society demands of us. We are supposed to work and have a career, develop ourselves and have hobbies, be healthy, active, eat well, support our friends and family, buy everything that is made, have more fun than our neighbors, and never settle until we have lived our dreams. BLARGH- that is just too much.

Instead of doing, doing, doing, the II of Pentacles rx would like you to take a step back right now with the New Moon. Sit down and focus on just one thing- rest. What does it feel like to be still? Can you stop your thoughts? Can you stop your busy body? What visions emerge when you clear your mind of the day-to-day and allow for a larger perspective on your life. Instead of getting bogged down in the details of what is happening in your life right now, set yourself free into the joy and peace of the moment. Try to frolic and float on the idea that you are alive, you are possibility, you can create. When you are filled with that joy of being you and being able to do so much- then go ahead and ask yourself what you actually want to do with that ability. Dream big! This could be your entire life purpose that you are realizing, so remember that it takes an entire lifetime to fulfill a life purpose. Give it all the time you have.

How can I ground myself when I’m carried away with new ideas?  IX of Swords rx
The IX of Swords are the cyclical thoughts that spiral into negativity and anxiety. We all have them and we all are obliged to deal with them. Part of being human is having a brain that never wants to stop spinning out thoughts and tends to repeat and prioritize thoughts about fear, worry, defeat, and despair. Why it has to be like this, I don’t know. The good news is that we can learn to be aware of our thoughts, even if we can’t control their incessant nagging that we are the worst, and will fail, and are just not worth it. When you are aware that you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself and those around you, you can decide not to listen to those thoughts. They are crazy! They aren’t true! They are you!

The IX of Swords asks us to double down on that awareness and also to let those thoughts go. Try to work past the point of recognizing and dealing with your anxieties and move towards recognizing and dismissing them. Basically, try to spend less time with your thoughts and more time with a clear mind. Perhaps its time to step up your meditation practice and really get comfortable with a state of no thought. I know I am terrible at this, so I will try to start really small: 3 calming breathes or a 5 minute guided meditation or just a moment to put my hands on the ground or a tree and be one with the energy of this world. I am a part of it after all. Keep working to be the master of your thoughts and the effort will get easier. Your thoughts want to keep you from being your authentic self, but you know you don’t want them to succeed. 🙂

Thanks for reading the Aquarius New Moon Reading. I hope you enjoyed it! These monthly ideas and readings are all inspired by Lisa Michaels’ blog, so if you want to get even more into moon cycles, I highly recommend signing up for her newsletters as well. One of my goals for this year to get a little PDF together of all the New Moon tarot spreads I have done over the years so you can have a couple of New Moon inspired tarot spreads at your finger tips any time you want to work with the moon and tarot- two of my favorite energies!

Until next time XOXOXO!


Tarot Blog Hop: Asking Advice of Our Ancestors


For this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop we are focused around the the holiday of Samhain, this time of year when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest. Each blogger will be communing with the tarot and with their ancestors to see what interesting and rewarding connections can be made. I chose to use The Mary-el Tarot deck to communicate with my ancestors because I feel like this deck holds that magic potential to contact spirits and guides. Here are the cards I drew with the questions and interpretations that I gleaned from them below:fullsizerender

What ancestors am I communicating with today?- 7 of Cups
The Wolf is my animal self and my higher self. I encounter the Wolf when I go off of the well-beaten path through life and instead strike out on my own. When I create my own path through life, I encounter the Wolf. He leads me through my subconscious, reminding me that reality as I know it is just one way of perceiving some of what exists in my own way. The Wolf is earthy. He connects me to this planet. The Wolf is also otherworldly and mysterious, connecting me to the Moon.

When I asked what ancestors I’m communicating with, I’m not entirely sure what the answer is with this Wolf. He lies outside of that path through life that my ancestors created for me. He is all of reality and also outside of my reality. He shows that special meeting point when I change myself and therefore change reality, opening up the possibility of seeing more than I saw before. The Wolf is my spirit guide through the darkness.

What can you tell me about the meaning of human life on Earth?- Queen of Disks
The Queen of Disks is the embodiment of love on Earth. She is The Empress in physical form: womankind, motherhood, fertility, joy, and sustenance. The physical form is important to the meaning of life. The Wolf understands this and works harmoniously through the Queen of Discs. The Earth is where we are nurtured and where we grow. The limitations of physical bodies and senses constrain us, shaping us into societal norms. We are part of the garden of humanity, nurtured by this Queen. We are here to learn love, to learn joy, and to be shaped into abundant creatures.

What lessons do I need to use from my heritage?- 9 of Disks
This is the integration of all elements, the knowledge that I am made up of fire, water, air and earth in equal and balanced measures. The 9 of Disks reminds me to know myself and that I do already know myself.  I am a beautiful part of the natural order of life. I am meant to be here. I am an intentional person. I am part of the whole, connected to the eternal through my eternal soul as well as all the tiny bits of this and that which are a part of me for a instant and then gone. The lesson here is a simple but powerful reminder that I am a part of everything and this life has meaning.

What should I know about the present?- The Star
This card was immediately my favorite message from the Wolf ancestor. It was great to see a Major card for the present moment. This vibes with my desire to live fully in the now and bring hope and joy into it. Now is the most important time. Now is the only time. The Star is a messenger of hope. She shines bright in the darkness. She is authentic and true. She spreads peace and understanding. These are beautiful ideals to bring into the present. I must strive to be true to my Higher Self, to my inner Star. This requires me to set aside my ego, my illusions of separateness, my regrets, and my fears. To be The Star is no easy thing in practice, but at least it is a wonderfully easy thing to understand in theory. The theory is written upon our hearts. It is a constant in our souls. We all live in hope.

What message do I need about the future?- 6 of Swords
The imagine on the 6 of Swords is a heartwarming one. I see an angel guiding me and protecting me in my future. He is helping me along my path, providing lessons with empathy and thoughtfulness. This is the angel Raphael, who leads us towards completion and integration by enlightening us in our ignorance, healing us, and caring for us. His gentle manner allows the weaker and neglected aspects of myself to be helped along in order for me to become my whole self. I can lean on his acceptance and guidance in the future, knowing that this energy is a natural part of myself.

I enjoy how the symbol of the Wolf is now my friendly dog spirit guide in this image. This animal energy is as essential to me as the developing balance of masculine/feminine or light/dark energy represented by the children. The symbol of the caduceus that Raphael holds, which was also in the 9 of Disks, represents this perfect balance of all aspects and parts of myself coming together in harmony. What a peaceful message to keep in mind for the future. It might not be an easy path, but I am not alone or unprotected on it.

Well, there you go. Some messages from my ancestors. Why don’t you give this reading a try as well? I found it to be insightful and comforting. The Mary-el Tarot is suited to this type of reading with it’s heavy symbolism and deep spirituality. It would be interesting to do this with a more light-hearted deck and see if I got more whimsical messages or more something else. If you would like to read more thoughts and ideas about contacting your ancestors with the tarot, follow along on the Tarot Blog Hop!  Here are the links to hop along!!



Exploring the Shadow with the New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th, 2016 brings a powerful energy of introspection and reflection. Scorpio, a deeply emotional water sign, asks us to look within our hearts in order to clear ourselves of judgements, projections, fears, and blocks. This is not easy work, it takes a high level of self awareness and consciousness to confront your shadow self. The New Moon is a wonderful time to start fresh with the energy of the waxing moon guiding your growth in the direction you choose now. What can the Scorpio New Moon reveal to you at this time which will help you heal, connect with your heart center, and let go of harsh criticisms of those are you? Let us look at what advice the tarot has for us now:


V of Cups rx Deviant Moon Tarot

What truth is hidden from me that this New Moon can reveal now?- V of Cups rx
You are ready to move on and leave past hurts and regrets behind you. Do you not know this?- You are ready. Do not keep yourself in an emotional holding pattern when you can move on. There is potential for new relationships and self-acceptance. Let this New Moon usher in a new phase of self love, openness and understanding in your current relationships, and a willingness to allow new relationships into your world. Whatever it is that has you feeling down or emotionally withdraw, you can handle it. You are handling it. You have handled it nicely. Now it is time to focus on what still remains and what you want to create in your realm of emotional wellbeing. Scorpio and Cups energy is all about that watery, emotional realm where you dig deep, realize you are a total badass who can take the pain of living in this world, and thrive after your adversity. It’s time to make that realization, to claim your power, and to look towards a brighter and stronger future. Only you can let the past go, so give yourself the space and time to accept that power.

The Hermit Deviant Moon Tarot

The Hermit
Deviant Moon Tarot

How can this revelation help clear me of criticisms, judgements, and obstacles?- The Hermit
The Hermit finds the hidden wisdom inside of herself through solitary spiritual exploration. As you’re letting go of those past hurts and regrets with the V of Cups, you may find it easier to do that work if you give yourself plenty of alone time. Spend a night in, alone with your journal or other creative outlet. Don’t watch TV or read a book or distract yourself in any way. Just connect with your spirit self, your spirit guides, your spirituality. What does your soul believe the purpose of your life to be? Why are you alive? Why is anyone alive? What do these questions make you think and feel? The Hermit deals first with her inner world, with caring for her soul, and though that self knowledge, works to change her world. The Scorpio New Moon begins the darkest time of year when we can explore that inner world with the greatest ease as barriers between light and dark erode and shift. You can transform yourself now as well if you are willing to be your Hermit and take the time to connect to your inner wisdom. Let the darkness be your guide.

VIII of Wands rx

VIII of Wands rx Deviant Moon Tarot

What am I projecting onto others that I need to confront and cleanse from my emotional waters?- VIII of Wands rx
When it feels like life has become stagnant or stale, we often have a tendency to blame these feelings on other people. “If only so-and-so would do his part we would be so much farther along.” Or, “If it wasn’t for so-and-so I could be in such a better position in life.” What you can do now is take your power, your agency, your ability to affect change in your life, and own that. Yes, other people do present obstacles sometimes, but there are always work arounds to getting what you want if you are willing to be creative, to sacrifice, to reevaluate, and to just plain make it work. When you are having your Hermit time, working through your emotional V of Cups energy, don’t rush it, or force it, or define a way that it has to be. The only thing it has to be is your way. The only thing you have to do is try. Outcomes are irrelevant, so detach and flow. This is all about you, not what other people are doing or thinking. A guided meditation might be helpful for this, or perhaps a massage, or a slow yoga class. Remember to be thankful and grateful to yourself for making the effort at all. It is not every day that you are so kind to yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this Scorpio New Moon Reading for us all. If you never want to miss a New Moon Reading, sign up for my newsletter which comes out each New Moon. If you would like a insightful personal email tarot reading, please get in touch with me: I’d be happy to discuss with you the perfect reading to help you feel encouraged and empowered to shape your own destiny. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


Fire Energy Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Aries

The Aries New Moon is upon us and with it comes some intense fire energy.  Get ready to light things up! Aries is all about action, individuality, self-expression, and inspiration.  This is a time to start something new that has been brewing inside of you, or to find sudden inspiration to do something you’ve never done before!  Work with the Aries New Moon to bring into your life a couple of intentions or aspirations for the next moon cycle.  New Moons are all about beginnings, planting seeds, and slowly starting to flourish.  This would be a great night to sit by a fire and spell out your intentions or goals.  Tell a friend or lover, journal it in your notebook, or just gaze into the flames to envision your future.  Here is some practical advice from the tarot on working with the energy of the New Moon in Aries!

The Hierophant Shadowscapes tarot

The Hierophant
Shadowscapes tarot

Where do I need more fire energy in my life to spark new inspiration and creativity?- The Hierophant
You need more fire energy in your work, in your society, in your belief system, in your personal world structure.  The Hierophant is not a fiery guy, but he is a persistent, steady, wise and hard-working guy.  He is inspired by truth, by faith, and by his community. He asks you to bring fire energy into your daily routine.  If you are not normally a super energetic or spontaneous person, this type of fire energy will be right up your alley.  Instead of jumping in, you can plan it out.  You can systematically say,  “I need more passion and soul in this area of my life.  This is how I’m going to do it.”  You will have creative insights and more drive than usual to pinpoint those areas, make those changes, and bring about change.  If you are normally quite fiery, The Hierophant asks you to direct that fire, to streamline it into huge achievement.  If you’re always be tugged by the divine muses to create, now is your chance to channel those nudges of creativity into a full roaring fire of productivity.  Work with Hierophant energy to create that channel, to make systems and processes for bringing your inspiration into form.  This is a wonderful time for hard-working accomplishments.

The Hanged Man Shadowscapes Tarot

The Hanged Man
Shadowscapes Tarot

What can I do or create to better express my personality and individuality?- The Hanged Man rx
You need to stop waiting around for the perfect moment and act now.  You need to stop putting other people’s needs first and get your oxygen mask before assisting your neighbor.  There is a certain honor to altruistic behaviors, but not when you take it to the extreme of martyrdom, especially when no one even asked you for help in the first place.  Do you even know what you want?  How do you want to live? What do you want to create?  What is your soul person?  The Hanged Man asks you to take a look at those questions with fresh perspective, new angles, a spotlight of hope and wonder.  Don’t hesitate, don’t delay, now is the time.  You can dig deep into your psyche and explore your soul.  You can shine a light on yourself and recognize who you are.  You can figure out how you are hiding or repressing your individuality and personality.  You can decide not to continue those practices of self-denial and martyrdom.  You are the most important person in your life.  There is no “your life” without you, so start treating yourself as #1.


IX of Cups           Shadowscapes tarot

How can I have more fun and glowing active energy in my life?- IX of Cups
Open up your heart!  The IX of Cups wants you to know that fun and games are good for you.  Having fun soothes the weary spirit.  It heals the wounded heart.  When you let fire energy and inspiration glow inside of you, you also allow for feelings of happiness and joy to be acceptable.  You do not have to be a miserable person.  You are not obligated to be negative, or trapped, or hate the things you are doing. You can take a fresh approach.  You can say that you are lucky, that you are blessed, and that you love the life you’re living.  You can be happy to be alive.  You don’t have to be jaded to fit in.  You don’t have to worry about seeming like a nut or a superficial person for not being bogged down by the sadness and weight of the world.  If we each enjoyed ourselves a little more, brought more happiness and love into the world, and smiled at one another, perhaps the burdens of the world would start to dissipate.  Perhaps we are perpetuating sorrow by clinging to it when it is better to focus on love than to focus on anything else at all.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon reading for the fire energy of Aries on this April 7, 2016. This was a pretty heavy reading, lots of intense energy for us!  As usual, if you would like to order a personalized New Moon reading or any email tarot reading, please check out my readings page and select the right reading for you.  I look forward to working with you to create empowered change through personal insight and self-discovery.  XOXOX!

Relationship Tarot Reading Example for Little Old Me

My favorite way to try out a new spread is to do a reading with the spread for myself. Below you will find an example reading of my latest special on The Willow Path Tarot: the love reading. Doing readings for myself is one of the best perks of running a tarot business.  I get to give myself lots of free advice and guidance!  You can try out this tarot spread on your own or order one done by me here!  (Pssst, I also have an amazing spread for all the sassy single people out there!)

The Heart of the Relationship:  Mother of Swords reversed

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Mother of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

The Mother of Swords is described in the Wild Unknown as “experienced and all-seeing”.  Basically, she is one level-headed, rational, kick-ass Queen of the Mind.  In this relationship reading, I see her as representing both myself, and my finance, Kristen, as a pair.  We are not all-knowing, we don’t have everything figured out, this isn’t all well-traveled relationship territory for us. We are still experimenting and experiencing. We are still growing and seeing what happens as a couple.  We are still on that journey toward the Mother of Swords’ level of sureness and calm understanding that years and years of a being with someone in a relationship brings.  Yes, we’ve been together for about 3 years now, and we are engaged, but we are not in a place where we could offer sage advice to budding couples, or look back and say “Remember when we were young and just getting to know each other?”  Sigh.  There are a lot of things that we do know about each other, but there is so much yet to learn, so many experiences that will add to our ability to see and understanding each other and our relationship.
Also, this card reversed made me think that we are not the most logical of pairs. What brings us together isn’t totally rational. We don’t sit around and think our relationship makes sense because of A, B, and C.  Often what draws lovers to one another isn’t surface level stuff, but rather the intuitive sense of emotion that makes love so obvious to those experiencing it.  The Mother of Swords reversed reminds me that the heart of our relationship isn’t found along the level of the mind, but much more profoundly on the level of our hearts.

What Is the Relationship Weakness:  VI of Wands

VI of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

VI of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

The VI of Wands points out that I feel one of my weaknesses in my relationship is my ability, or rather inability, to withstand public recognition. Kristen’s whole being in life demands to be seen and acknowledged. She’s an Aries with a Leo moon!  She is a musician who wants to be on stage every night, entertaining the masses and being adored for it.  I like to be on the sidelines, watching happily from a dark corner, part of the crowd but by no means the center of attention. Kristen is such an extroverted person, that perhaps the weakness of our relationship revolves around different way of expressing our passions in public.  When someone hears I’m a tarot reader I just say “Yep!” In contrast, if someone asks Kristen about her music, she is whipping out a guitar and a business card instantaneously.
Another idea this card gave me with that maybe we need to sell ourselves as a power couple a little bit more. Maybe we should be putting ourselves out there as a couple, and asking people to appreciate and recognize how cool we are.  It is really hurting me to write this!  What if, instead our weakness is actually delusions of grandeur, that we have the best love, the best relationship, and people should be looking up to us? Ha, I certainly don’t feel that way, but I often ask myself:  is everyone this happy in their relationships?  Am I so good at living positively in the now that I have manifested exactly what I always wanted?  And also, couldn’t we achieve so much more together if we had one unified goal instead of our separate goals?

What Is the Relationship Strength:  The Chariot

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot

The Chariot
Wild Unknown Tarot

Oh dear, this kinda confirms my last point about the VI of Wands and needing to work more ambitiously together as a couple.  The Chariot is all about power, determination, assertiveness, basically: getting shit DID and letting people KNOW.  I love this card from The Wild Unknown tarot as well- a horse!  Kristen’s spirit animal is a horse, and currently we are caring for 5 horses on a farm in North Carolina.  This is emblematic of our commitment to doing what we love. We want to spend time with animals, so we find some that need love for a couple of weeks. We want to see the whole country, so we figure out how to make money and live in a van. This adventure that we live together is so driven.  We power along in our van, Chariot style, ready to ask for what we want, knowing that we deserve it. And don’t even talk about giving up or quitting!
I think it’s super interesting here that the VI of Wands and The Chariot, both representing triumph and victory came up as our relationship weakness as well as our relationship strength. So often the things that make us strong, are also the things that tear us apart.  If we are both such passionate and ambitious people, and we cannot align our goals, we will soon drift far apart and fast, as our roads quickly diverge.  I don’t believe that is what the future holds for us, given my personal feelings, and the energy of this tarot reading.  We have the strength to combine our life purposes and move forward with self-confidence, determination and drive.  The Chariot is an archetype, it’s the theme of our relationship, and can far outweigh the pull back worry of the minor arcana, everyday of the VI of Wands.  I should look for more ways that we can work together, each of us using our own unique gifts, especially introversion versus extroversion, inner power versus outer power expression.

How to Deepen the Relationship:  Father of Wands

Father of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Father of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

If I’m to go along with along with the theme that this reading seems to be taking, I say the Father of Wands is here to tell Kristen and I to go into business together. The Father of Wands is a visionary and a self-assured entrepreneur.  If I want to deepen my relationship, I could work with Kristen on more creative projects.  We both currently support each other’s businesses, but perhaps there is more we could be doing.  We have a travel blog website called CatvsOwl, that we both agree has a lot of potential but also ends up on the back burner every time.  There are so many other jobs to do before sitting down to write a blog post about our vandwelling, travel life, that it isn’t much of a travel blog. Yet? Or perhaps there is some other creative collaboration that we could cooperate on.  We have far off dreams to open a bar/bookstore called The Librewery (steal the name and DIE!). But that is not for now, it is for someday, so just something to keep in mind!
The Father of Wands is a fiery, passionate person who has so many ideas that are well-put into action.  Unfortunately, all the responsibility doesn’t suit this personality very much. Although the Father of Wands is capable and responsible, he would rather be off starting something new, being creative, and following his inspiration.  Perhaps Kristen and I could switch off being the creative and wild one in the relationship, and the one who is responsible and practical.  That way we both get to follow the sparkle of our suns now and again without being weighed down with too much reality.  Which leads me to my last card….

Shining Guidance for the Relationship:  Father of Pentacles

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Father of Pentacles
Wild Unknown Tarot

The Father of Pentacles is the pragmatic, responsible, and hardworking provider. If Kristen is going to be deep in songwriting mode, I will have to be in the role of practical caregiver, making sure we have money to pay the bills and healthy food on the table. Then when I want to run off and create my own tarot deck, she can be sure to cook me dinner and clean the bathroom.  I like how we have two Father cards here, which correspond to the Kings in other tarot decks.  The Kings are the socially responsible ones, the ones in command of their kingdoms, and in control of their destinies and lives.  I like thinking that Kristen and I have that power within us.  We are able to operate in our patriarchal, masculine energy dominant world. We can take care of each other and our lives.  This authority is not exclusive to men, we all hold it for ourselves. We don’t have to be followers or subjects.  Our relationship can be regal and colorful like the buck in the Wild Unknown Father of Pentacles card. The physical world, represented by the pentacles, is full of magic and wonder for us.  Together we can enjoy all this physical reality has to offer us.

Wow, this reading was all kinds of fun!  I didn’t expect these cards to show up at all, but you never know what the tarot will reveal to you at a given time. The issues and themes this reading brought up are not ones I had thought much about, but they make a lot of sense to me, and really open me up to new possibilities. I love The Wild Unknown deck, every time I use it I feel intrigued, inspired, and magical.

Feel free to use this spread to do a relationship reading for yourself!  I also have one for all the single lovers out there.  Let me know how it goes in the comments below if you try it out!