Learning and Integrating with the New Moon in Gemini, June 13, 2018

Happy New Moon in Gemini! As we start off another cycle with the Moon, this time we are given the airy, communicative energy of Gemini to guide us through the next four weeks. Gemini rules over the realm of the mind, so this month I thought I would help us connect our mind to our intuitive side by using the Mary-el Tarot deck for our moon reading. Whoa, this deck always blows me away with its depth. It takes me to another realm of the subconscious and intuitive realm more than any other tarot deck that I use. For this reason, I have refrained from doing readings for other people with this deck. I rely heavily upon the book that Marie White includes with her deck and love delving into the esoteric ideas that she communicates therein. Gemini energy loves to communicate lessons so this month I’m exploring what we can learn and how we can use those lessons in the coming month ahead. Enjoy!

Mary-El Tarot deck

What lessons can I learn during the Gemini moon cycle?- Queen of Wands
This Queen is a master of her internal fire energy. She carries a light that shines brightly in all the darkest corners of her inner world. This light illuminates that which wants to remain hidden- the true self. It can be scary and difficult to face our true self. We want to hide, we want to show up as society would have us be, we want to be “normal.” Yet, each of us is unique and incredible, fierce and bright, strong and capable. The Queen of Wands asks you to learn the lesson of self-confidence, of self-reliance, and of self-love. She wants you to hold up a mirror and look at your true self and see yourself as a gift, as perfect, as the miracle that you are incarnate. She fills this act with warmth and kindness, using her inner fire to make you feel secure and safe revealing yourself. At this Gemini New Moon, you can learn about the potential that you hold within you. You can learn to be self-assured and luminous like the Queen of Wands.

Mary-El Tarot deck

How can I integrate this lesson into my experience?- The Moon
There is something mysterious and unknowable about this process of self-realization and self-actualization. Where does your “yourness” reside? What makes you “you”? Why can’t you transform into someone else? Your only option is to come more fully into yourself, to be more authentic, to be more confident, to be more you. The Moon asks you to use your intuition and explore the area of your subconscious in order to access your inner Queen of Wands. The Moon is your secret place, your inner realm, your hidden side that you want to keep away from the world. It’s your dark side of the moon, never brought into the light. What purpose does all the secrecy serve? This Gemini moon cycle asks you to reveal yourself, to go within, shine a light, and emerge from that darkest of places in order to show up in this lifetime. You cannot show up for your life and really experience it when you are expending so much energy hiding your true self. Use the light of the Moon, the energy of the Moon, the intuition of the moon, to allow yourself to become more fuller yourself during this cycle.

Mary-El Tarot deck

What secret does Gemini have to share with me now?- 8 of Discs
In this card we see an image of the binary world, of two sides coming together, of the Twins of Gemini standing together but never touching. In the space between these two pillars of energy there is an innocent and pure lamb. This lamb represents you. It represents your ability to be more than one thing, to have more than one side, to be multi-faceted, and exist in the space between. The space between is balance, it is truth, and it is honest. This space is also light and airy, just like Gemini. It isn’t heavy or dark, but free and transformational. You can exist in a lighter and freer space when you give up the cultural mandate to pick sides, to see things in black and white, or to choose either/or. What if you chose both? This Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to explore the riddle of what exists outside of opposites, or what happens when you don’t take sides, and how you can choose more than one option if you use your creativity.

I hope you enjoyed this tarot reading for the New Moon in Gemini. I hope it generates a desire to do some deep thinking. Gemini energy is great for thinking! Use all those brilliant thoughts to explore something totally irrational, like intuition. This world we live in is not as black and white and binary as we have come to accept. Accept nothing! Question everything! That will make for an interesting month ahead with the powerful insight and creativity of Gemini on your side.

Yule Time Tarot Spread

Welcome to the final Blog Hop of 2014!  You can find links to the whole hop here:


Today we’re going to do a special tarot spread all about giving and receiving, things we do in abundance at this time of year.  Our hop wrangler, Arwen Lynch, describes the spread like this: “Yule, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Winter. Whatever you call this time of year, it is a season of gift giving, gift receiving and sharing with family and friends for a majority of the world. Whether Papa Noel brings you a candy cane or the Winter Witch brings you switches, it’s a time of anticipation. The anticipation of what I might be getting and what I am giving are equal joys for me.”  Arwen has designed a unique tarot spread that will help us reflect on and explore our personal journey during this season of giving and receiving.

yuleHere is the tarot spread!                          

                         The Joy Of Gifting

  1. What gift would you give the world if you could?
  2. What gift would you want from the world?
  3. What gift have you gotten that has brought you joy?
  4. What gift have you given that has brought you joy?
  5. What is one last thing you would like to share about this season?


The Moon Rider Waite Smith deck

The Moon
Rider Waite Smith deck

A gift I would like to give the world:  The Moon
Wow! I would love to give the world The Moon!  I mean, in the metaphorical sense of the phrase that I would love to be able to give the world EVERYTHING: the moon, the stars, anything wonderful and magical that exists. In a more traditional tarot card meaning sense, The Moon stands for the unconscious, the mysterious, the chaotic, and anxieties and fears of the unknown. Therefore, I would like to be able to give the world peace of mind, relief from anxiety, diminishing fear of the unknown.  I would love it if people could be comfortable in uncertainty, learn to navigate their darker waters and deal with their shadow issues. It seems like a lot of people in the world are living in fear, overthrown by their emotions, and unable to use wisdom and intuition to help themselves or others. I wish a release from fear for the whole world!

The Empress Rider Waite Smith deck

The Empress
Rider Waite Smith deck

A gift I want from the world?:  Empress reversed
The reversal here says to me that this isn’t something that I am currently getting from the world.  I could take this in a literal sense and say that the world is not particularly abundant or fertile right now because it is winter where I live. I would love a nice ripe tomato, but that isn’t going to happen!  The Empress also represents the feminine, and I would love it if the world was a more balanced place for both men and women. Women do not have the same opportunities or experiences out in the world, and I would very much like this to be different.  The whole archetype of the feminine is repressed almost everywhere in the world, creating an imbalanced, unharmonious world.  Who does this situation benefit? Why do we allow it to continue? How do we bring greater balance into the world?


Queen of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

Queen of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith deck

A gift that has given me joy: The Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles is the feminine archetype of The Empress brought into physical form. She is the person in your life who has given you boundless security, comfort, and love.  My own mother was such a woman, loving me unconditionally, encouraging me to reach for my dreams, and also there to lend me a hand or a chocolate chip cookie whenever I was in need. Having her as a role model, helps me recognize and value these traits in other people.  I’m constantly meeting people who open their hearts and homes to me because of my life on the road and I appreciate these gifts I’m given.  People like the Queen of Pentacles show me that the world is a magical and wonderful place, something which I can often forget when I see it only as mundane and ordinary.  This Queen helps me see the magic of it all.

kingwandsRWSA gift I’ve given that has brought me joy: King of Wands
The King of Wands is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a bold leader out in the world.  Is this a gift I’ve given the world? That would be nice! I surely try to accomplish this with my business, The Willow Path Tarot.  This was the year that I became an entrepreneur, starting this tarot business, envisioning what it can and will be and bringing it out into the world.  I hope that I have influenced and inspired other people through my work. I hope other aspiring tarot readers are motivated to follow along on this own career paths. I hope the readings that I have done for my clients have inspired them to live creativity, passionately, and with a fire in their hearts to succeed.  I hope I am a responsible guardian of that inspiration and creativity.

IV of Cups Rider Waite deck

IV of Cups
Rider Waite deck

One last thing to share about the season:  IV of Cups
The IV of Cups reminds us of two important lessons for the holidays and the close of the year.  1. This is a wonderful time to reflect and look back on all that we have gone through over the course of 2014.  Spending time meditating, journaling, looking through old notebooks or photographs and getting a handle on what happened last year is a wonderful way to appreciate your accomplishments and memorialize your year.  2.  This is a time when the unexpected or unlooked for may materialize out of thin air. Don’t close off your heart or soul to new experiences and to the amazing surprises that life has in store for us. The holidays are full of magic, we should all believe, have some faith in the universe, and let the wonder of the season into your heart.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about Yule time giving and receiving!  Please feel free to comment below and then follow along to the next blog on the hop using the link below!                                               Many Merry Wishes for the Season!!!


New Moon Reading for July 26th, 2014

For this New Moon in Leo on July 26th, I did a reading to help us all to release old patterns at this time.  I also asked what would help us do this release, and then what we should allow to grow with the moon in the next couple of weeks. I used the Deviant Moon tarot deck for the reading.  Here is what I drew:

To release:  Page of Cups What will help:  The Moon What to let grow:  The Star

To release: Page of Cups              What will help: The Moon             What to let grow: The Star

What to let go of before this New Moon:  Page of Cups
It’s time to let go of childish and immature emotional patterns.  You are ready to be emotionally mature and stable.  You are letting your feelings run over the same ground again and again, hoping to feel something different.  This is madness!  Stop reflecting, contemplating, stewing in, and obsessing over how your little heart feels.  You need to feel something new and you can’t do that if you’re still mulling over how you used to feel.  Get into this present moment and engender the kinds of feelings that you want to be experiencing now.  Emotions and feelings can grow and develop over time, let yourself get to the next phase.

What will help you to release and let go:  The Moon
Perhaps this is a bit of a cheeky, redundant, or obvious answer, but work with The Moon at this New Moon to help reset your emotions and outlooks.  The whole point of this reading is to let the energy of the moon support you in letting go at this time.  Many of us in the modern world are disconnected from moon cycles, influences, and energies.  Perhaps now is a good time to acquaint yourself with the different phases of the moon.  Try to note each day where the moon is in its cycle from New on July 26th to Full on August 10th. Spend some time looking up at it, being very still and present in the moment, and let its light and energy absorb into you.  This period of stillness and meditation does not to involve any self reflection.  Put your thoughts and emotions away and just be very aware of the energy that surrounds you and emanates from within you.  These moments of conscious presence will help you to let go of old emotional patterns that are no longer serving you, or are now hindering or harming you.  Being self aware will help you grow and develop with the ever increasing light of the moon.

What to let grow:  The Star
There is a shining hope inside of you.  Let you inner Star out to shine for yourself and others.  The Star works in harmony and serenity with everything around her.  While you are out under the night sky soaking in the energy of The Moon, let your awareness expand to encompass the whole vista of stars in the sky as well.  Can you feel the energy of the stars so far away?  Can you compare your small self to the vastness of the Universe and put your problems and issues in perspective?  The Star invites you to be hopeful and content that you can bring balance and harmony into your emotional patterns in the coming weeks.

There you have your New Moon Reading for July.  If you subscribe to The Willow Path Newsletter or are already a subscriber, you’re able to purchase a more personalized New Moon Reading for just $10.  Let the insightful and transformative power of tarot help you develop your own self awareness!  Best wishes and Happy New Moon!

Tarot Blog Hop- Union of Opposites


Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot to everyone on the Tarot Blog Hop!  This season’s hop is about The Union of Opposites which come together beautifully at this fresh and fertile time of year at Beltane.  Spring is announcing itself loud and clear in the northern hemisphere (even though it may be only 45F here in Boston!  Eek!), with luscious flowers and budding tree leaves.  The great blue heron was back on the river today when I walked to work, which must be the first true blessing of May Day.

The Moon Rider Waite Smith deck

The Moon
Rider Waite deck

The Sun Rider Waite Smith deck

The Sun           Rider Waite deck

The very nature of our existence revolves around opposites.  We have no way of defining something without an equal definition of that thing’s opposite.  Try to understand what night time is without having any knowledge of daylight, and you will see what I mean.  One must exist for the other to exist. This is true of all opposites, making it easy for us to see how wonderful the creative union of these opposites can be.

The major arcana of the tarot explores the truly grand oppositions of our lives.  An example of this is The Moon as night, and The Sun as day, representing an archetypal oppositions around which our entire Earth revolves.  More major arcana oppositions can be seen in The Empress as the archetype of the feminine while The Emperor represents the masculine.  The Hermit can signify inward exploration while The World is indicative of outer exploration.  The Lovers, the tarot card of Beltane, is the essence of the union of opposites in just one card.  There are many ways to show these necessary and beautiful oppositions because the major arcana cards are guiding forces in our lives.

The minor arcana, being a mirror to reflect our daily lives, is naturally created out of oppositions as well.   The tarot can help us explores these everyday challenges in helpful and productive ways.  Often oppositions will present themselves in a reading, showing you the two sides of your question or issue.  Sometimes just one side of an issue will pop up and it can be helpful to then think to yourself- ok, now what is the opposite of this situation?  What do I want to bring into my life more, and what needs to back off a bit to create a happy union of these opposites?  Opposing cards are helpful for delving into the multifaceted lives that we live.  Here are a few opposing minor arcana pairs that I noticed while going through the deck for this blog post:


V of Wands                   Rider Wait deck


VIII of Cups                   Rider Waite deck

V of Wands:

Fighting for what you want and need, getting what you deserve

as opposed to

VIII of Cups:
Walking away from what you don’t need, leaving behind what doesn’t serve you

Union of Opposites:
 Recognizing what you should fight for and what you should walk away from, finding a healthy balance between your physical and emotional needs.


VII of Swords               Rider Waite deck


III of Pentacles           Rider Waite deck

VII of Swords:

Being a lonewolf, acting out of your own self interest, being fiercely independent

as opposed to

III of Pentacles:
Working as a group, doing what’s best for everyone, combining efforts

Union of Opposites:
  Knowing when to work alone and when to consult the group, integrating your own personal freedom with the needs of the group.


VI of Pentacles           Rider Waite deck


IV of Pentacles             Rider Wait deck

VI of Pentacles:

Charitable giving, giving freely of materials possessions to those in need

as opposed to

IV of Pentacles:
Miserliness, holding tightly to materials possessions all for oneself


Union of Opposites:  Balancing out how much you receive and how much you give, knowing when to hold on tight and when to release.

IV of Swords Rider Waite deck

IV of Swords
Rider Waite deck


VII of Wands              Rider Waite deck

VII of Wands:

Spirited action, effort and movement, passion and attack

as opposed to

IV of Swords:
Spirited inaction, rest and relaxation, meditation and healing


Union of Opposites:   Finding the strength to carry on by giving yourself space and time to relax and heal, knowing when to go full speed ahead and when to stop and contemplate.

III of Cups Rider Waite deck

III of Cups
Rider Waite deck

IX of Swords Rider Waite deck

IX of Swords
Rider Waite deck

III of Cups:

Celebration with friends, harmony and acceptance, community

as opposed to

IX of Swords:
Dread and misery alone at night, anxieties and fears, isolation


Union of Opposites:  Recognizing the dual pitfalls of carefree partying as well as losing yourself in worry and anxiety, finding a healthy balance between alone and social time.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg on oppositions that are represented in the minor arcana of the tarot.  Exploring these opposites and how they explain and facilitate their opposing cards through an intrinsic union can be revelatory and inspiring.  I hope you enjoyed this post in the Tarot Blog Hop and stay to check out more of my blog or return in the future!  Don’t forget to explore your own tarot deck to find the meaningful union of opposites between those cards that most sing to you!

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