Expanding with the Sagittarius New Moon, December 18, 2017

It’s a beautiful day for a New Moon! Well, depending on where you are, the New Moon might be on the 17th or 18th. Here in Nashville it’s at 12:30am on the 18th, but I’m just gonna go ahead and post this on the 17th because it’s written! In my opinion, the New Moon window of activating those intentions of yours for the coming month includes the day before, day of, and day after the New Moon. I mean, we can’t always do it all in one day so it’s good to have some leniency in your life, right? Ease into it, let the New Moon energy take you through a couple of days of intentional focus.

This time around we encounter the New Moon’s intention setting energy backed by the expansive vibes of Sagittarius. The Sun is also in Sagittarius right now, as well as the planet Saturn. That’s a lot of Sag energy for us to work with. Let’s all spend the day contemplating our own personal philosophy of the meaning of life. Imagine what you want to do with your life, where you want to go, what you want to learn. Do the values you hold that make up your life philosophy support and align with what actions you are taking in your life? I hope so! If not, it’s a wonderful time to make some changes and get your dreams and your actions on the same page. I asked the tarot for some guidance and advice at this New Moon and here is what I came up!

Linestrider Tarot: The Star reversed, III of Cups, VII of Pentacles

Which area of my life should I focus on now in order to best increase and support expansion?The Star reversed

Ah, The Star, what a beautiful card, what a beautiful energy. It tells us to focus on hope, faith, light, and possibility. The Star is the light at the end of the tunnel when you feel like you’ve been through great difficulty and darkness but finally see a way back to optimism, solutions, positivity, and the belief that there is goodness and light in the Universe. The reversal I see as a need to focus on the internal. This light and hope is something that comes from inside of you. You do not need to look for The Star externally, in the world around you, but rather shine that eternal light from within yourself.

The Star also reminds us to let go of hurt, regret, negativity, grudges, pain, and a way of looking at things that exacerbates damage and burdens. The Law of Attraction advises us to focus on what we want to create more of in our lives. When we obsess about the negative, we inadvertently tell the Universe to bring us more of that since we are so set on dwelling in that energy. When we focus on all the positive and wonderful things about ourselves and who we are and the light we bring, we get into a place of gratitude that allows us to bring more and more of those blessings into the world with the backing of the Universe.

Bottom line: Focus on the bright light shining within you, full of hope and inspiration, and that will be the beauty that you grow and expand in this Moon cycle.

Where am I cutting off expansion because of limiting thoughts about what is possible?    III of Cups

This III of Cups reminds me of an area of my life where I feel like possibilities are a bit stagnant- friendships and emotional connections with people. Perhaps you can relate to feeling like it new friendships don’t come easily. I moved to Nashville two years ago and I still haven’t really made any friends, no one I call to meet for coffee or share long conversations with about the things that really matter to me. I listen to ideas about how it is difficult to make friends as an adult, as if easy and natural friendships are the domain of youth alone. That seems super limiting to me, don’t you think? I don’t see any reason to hold that as my truth. That mindset certainly does serve me anything good. Perhaps during this moon cycle, you too can focus on and expand the friendships zone of your life. Use the Star as a talisman or focal point for that positivity. You can shine, just as you are, attracting friends, deepening connections and and  the life you want to live.

What is the meaning of my life?VII of Pentacles

So what does life mean? I’m not sure that’s the most fair question to ask a tarot deck and I certainly wouldn’t choose the VII of Pentacles as the meaning of life. It doesn’t yell a definitive answer or tell me very much at all right at first glance. Life is about growth and reflection. Life is about wondering and trying and thinking about it again and then trying some more. It’s about putting in a long-term, intense effort and never really knowing if all that trying was really the “right thing” to do.

I do like the idea of Pentacles being involved in the meaning of life, because I think the body and the Earth are very important; they are integral to why we are here. I believe our souls chose our bodies and chose to be on Earth at this historical moment. There are other worlds and other forms of being, but I chose to be here now in this body and time. The lessons of this life are the ones I am meant to learn. There is no struggle in that. There is no wondering why. There is just surrender and acceptance in the knowledge that “good” or “bad” experiences, this life is why I am here. The VII of Pentacles is all about the long haul, pacing yourself, and allowing things to develop as you go. Plant the seeds you want to see sown and you’ll be in a much better place than trying to grow something but planting nothing at all.

Bottom line: Build a big beautiful nest of your life to show your abundance, gratitude, and your positive mindset even if you don’t know why you’re doing it.

You can use your cards to ask the same questions  as a tarot spread or I’m happy to do a personalized reading just for you 🙂  As you can see above, I decided to ask what the meaning of my life is today! This is not something I’ve asked the tarot before and I thought- why not?!  Have you ever asked the tarot what the meaning of life is? Did you get a good response? Lots of love and light to you at this dark period of the Moon. Go set those intentions to make it an awesome month ahead  😉


The Star Reversed Still Shines Bright

The Star Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star reversed
Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star is a wonderful card of hope, belief, tranquility, harmony, and faith in yourself and others.  The Star shines a beautiful light onto your life, one of magic, possibility and opportunity.  It comes after The Tower in the Major Arcana,  a card which represents a time of break down, of structural crumbling, and of swift and sudden change.  When The Star shows up in a reading reversed, it can mean that the energy of The Tower still lingers.  Perhaps there are pieces of your foundation that you are clinging to that really you need to let go of with the rest of the structure that was broken.  The Tower can be difficult to face, and sometimes it takes a while to recover and move on, to see the bright light of The Star shining through to lead you on to your next adventure, in order to form a more solid and firm foundation.

I draw a card daily for my own tarot study, and The Star reversed was the one I drew this morning.  I like to journal a little paragraph about the card and what I think it means for me at this point in my life.  I find this to be a good way to learn card meanings, relating them to even the most mundane aspects of my life.  The Star reversed felt big today though, far from a minor blip in my life experience.  After spending a month on the ranch working at an unsatisfactory job and wishing I was doing tarot, I spent a week out in the woods of Yellowstone Park.  I found the time in the woods to be healing, calm, and relaxing- but I still didn’t find enough time for tarot.  Does that mean that there indeed isn’t enough time to practice, study, and run a tarot business in my life?  Or does it mean that I’m bad a setting priorities and getting things done?  I’m not sure what the answer is here.  What I do know is that I need to shake up my tarot practice, set new goals for my career and life purpose, and start building a new foundation for myself, one that better aligns with my day to day existence.

So how do I reach for The Star and find new hope and build new structure in my life? Step one, I’m going to get a tarot reading, of course!  And I don’t mean doing a reading for myself.  We all need objective outsiders, like a professional tarot reader, to give us perspective and help us move forward at times.  So I’m excited to connect with Carrie Ann over at Happy Fish Tarot tonight, to get some tarot love for myself.  Sometimes you have to treat yourself well (actually you should do this on the regular!), and I’m doing just that for myself :)!  Happy Full Moon!

New Moon Reading for July 26th, 2014

For this New Moon in Leo on July 26th, I did a reading to help us all to release old patterns at this time.  I also asked what would help us do this release, and then what we should allow to grow with the moon in the next couple of weeks. I used the Deviant Moon tarot deck for the reading.  Here is what I drew:

To release:  Page of Cups What will help:  The Moon What to let grow:  The Star

To release: Page of Cups              What will help: The Moon             What to let grow: The Star

What to let go of before this New Moon:  Page of Cups
It’s time to let go of childish and immature emotional patterns.  You are ready to be emotionally mature and stable.  You are letting your feelings run over the same ground again and again, hoping to feel something different.  This is madness!  Stop reflecting, contemplating, stewing in, and obsessing over how your little heart feels.  You need to feel something new and you can’t do that if you’re still mulling over how you used to feel.  Get into this present moment and engender the kinds of feelings that you want to be experiencing now.  Emotions and feelings can grow and develop over time, let yourself get to the next phase.

What will help you to release and let go:  The Moon
Perhaps this is a bit of a cheeky, redundant, or obvious answer, but work with The Moon at this New Moon to help reset your emotions and outlooks.  The whole point of this reading is to let the energy of the moon support you in letting go at this time.  Many of us in the modern world are disconnected from moon cycles, influences, and energies.  Perhaps now is a good time to acquaint yourself with the different phases of the moon.  Try to note each day where the moon is in its cycle from New on July 26th to Full on August 10th. Spend some time looking up at it, being very still and present in the moment, and let its light and energy absorb into you.  This period of stillness and meditation does not to involve any self reflection.  Put your thoughts and emotions away and just be very aware of the energy that surrounds you and emanates from within you.  These moments of conscious presence will help you to let go of old emotional patterns that are no longer serving you, or are now hindering or harming you.  Being self aware will help you grow and develop with the ever increasing light of the moon.

What to let grow:  The Star
There is a shining hope inside of you.  Let you inner Star out to shine for yourself and others.  The Star works in harmony and serenity with everything around her.  While you are out under the night sky soaking in the energy of The Moon, let your awareness expand to encompass the whole vista of stars in the sky as well.  Can you feel the energy of the stars so far away?  Can you compare your small self to the vastness of the Universe and put your problems and issues in perspective?  The Star invites you to be hopeful and content that you can bring balance and harmony into your emotional patterns in the coming weeks.

There you have your New Moon Reading for July.  If you subscribe to The Willow Path Newsletter or are already a subscriber, you’re able to purchase a more personalized New Moon Reading for just $10.  Let the insightful and transformative power of tarot help you develop your own self awareness!  Best wishes and Happy New Moon!

The Star and also Wandering Stars

The Star Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star
Shadowscapes Tarot

Today, in my daily tarot draw I got The Star card, and was ever so delighted.  I love The Star tarot card.  Looking at the image here from Stephanie Piu-Mun’s Shadowscapes tarot deck, it is easy to feel the sense of hope, faith and peace that the card signifies.  I feel lucky that it is one of my tarot birth cards, it so wholly resonates with what I think life is all about.  Everyone may have their hard knocks during a lifetime, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel through any hardship.  The Star reminds me of this, that if I have a little faith, look to my own spirituality and convictions, I can be inspired to find new beginnings and create abundance and serenity in my life. Yes, sometimes things are lackluster, or really suck, but those times can teach us important lessons and help us grow.  Then I think, perhaps everyone is drawn to their tarot birth card.  I mean, isn’t that the point!?  If you’re interested in finding out your own tarot birth cards, you could use this calculator from The Tarot School.

In an effort to connect with the energy of The Star, I’ve been spending some time outside standing underneath the night sky, just looking up.  I bet we all wish upon a star sometimes, and that little hope and imagination that that wish can come true attracts that wish’s fulfillment into your life.  If you let it!  Just the simple act of putting your desire into words, letting yourself have a dream and acknowledge it, is the first step toward a new beginning, toward growth, toward self transformation.  I find it easy to be optimistic and expansive under the stars.  If you want to bring hope into your life, it’s a wonderful thing to let the stars shine on you, count all the possibilities that exist for you, and let your own light shine out as well.

Recently, I have learned where Saturn is currently in the night sky and also that the ancient Greeks word planet means “wandering star”.  It brought me no small amount of joy to find Saturn all by myself tonight up above the rooftops.  This got me thinking about what it could have been like all those thousands of years ago to wonder why some of the stars moved across the night sky in such a different way to the vast majority of those shiny lights above.  I love to imagine how it felt to not know something about the universe way back then, bring myself up to our current understanding, and then extrapolate out into all that we do not know now but hopefully will learn in the future.  There are so many things about the universe and how it works that our present scientific knowledge does not explain.  I was just reading National Geographic the other day, with a cover story about black holes, and how we have no scientific theories that can handle what goes on inside of them.  We have so much to learn! Maybe we will someday learn how tarot cards work :).

The extremely high level of perspective of black hole portals between universes left me feeling absolutely bizarre and wacky inside.  Our universe is potentially just a small universe among universes, our galaxy even smaller, our solar system a speck, our planet but a nano-particle and each of us? – so small and short-lived we barely even register as existing amongst all this vastness.  Really puts your problems in perspective huh?  That kind of high level thinking blows my mind, but it also does help a little bit in alleviating some of my angst about every day bullshit.  I like stepping back and asking myself- does this really matter in the grand scheme of things?  Perhaps stepping all the way back to a universe level is a bit too much ;), but even little steps back to any given week or month or year can help ground me and give me hope that this is but a blip in my life.  The Star reminds me to always have faith that my life is ever evolving and I can keep making it better if I believe I can.