A Personal Reading for the New Year 2019

Happy New Year! Each year I love to sit down and enjoy some “me time” by delving into the energy of my year ahead using the insight and guidance of the tarot. I use the spread that I offer to everyone on my email tarot readings page so you can get an idea of what my reading style is and if you would like a similar reading for yourself. I’ll be offering this reading until January 13th, so you can order one any time up until then 🙂

I wish each of us the positivity and perseverance to make 2019 an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable year for ourselves, and for each other. 

Now, here’s my reading for me!

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

1. A 2019 overall theme card: V of Cups reversed
2. A positive influence to guide me: II of Swords reversed
3. An energy that will challenge my growth: The High Priestess reversed
4. A message to promote abundance, gratitude, and healing: VI of Swords 
5. Relationship/love influence ahead: The Empress reversed
6. Career/work energy ahead: IV of Pentacles reversed
7. Wellbeing/spiritual calling coming: II of Cups

Let the reading begin! The first thing I noticed about these cards is that I drew mostly reversals. This is a call to go inside and process a major change in my outer world with a corresponding transition of my internal world. 2018 was an incredibly challenging year for me, perhaps more so than any year of my life. I suffered a major loss that caused me to swing between denial and depression for the last six months. Change in life situations can be difficult to impossible when a corresponding inner transition does not accompany the outward changes of circumstances. I’m ready to accept my loss and start healing.

The V of Cups reversed as the theme card of my year ushers in a year of acceptance, healing, and moving on. I’m at a turning point, as every 5 card indicates. I’m still in the struggle, but the reversal shows me that I am making progress, I am ready to move on and acceptance that the past cannot be changed. I am determined to release and let go, but also uncertain of what the future holds. I feel like I’m in an in between place, processing an ending before starting a developmental journey that will be the beginning of a new chapter of my life. The V of Cups reversed reminds me to be gentle and quiet, especially when it comes to my emotions which can be volatile and erratic. Dealing with disappointment, regret, and loss requires substantial time and patience and I want to give those to myself this coming year.

The acceptance that I feel gives me hope for the next chapter of my life. I intend to be more self-aware, more empathetic, stronger, wiser, self-validating, self-possessed and more creative. I have a lot of exploration, reflection, and redesign work to do in my head, heart, and very spirit. Hopefully, the outcome of that internal work will be a more evolved version of myself, built upon the new knowledge I gained during this transition period. The V of Cups reversed gives me encouragement that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that painful, messy growth is sometimes the best option available, and that I will be okay.

The II of Swords reversed is a positive influence to guide me in the year ahead. Honestly, this feels more like a warning that a warm hug. I am confused and disoriented about what comes next in my life, and have a tendency to take in a lot of information and advice in order to choose my best path. Perhaps the II of Swords reversed is patting me on the back for getting off of social media for a while. I decided to put Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter out of my life for the foreseeable future. My brain is overwhelmed with new information from all angles, which just isn’t helpful. I want to make decisions about my future that are based on my values and what’s best for me. Being in touch with that inner knowing can be difficult when I bombard myself with all kinds of messages about how to life my best life. Even positive, life-affirming messages can be too much for a soul in full-on growth phase. I need to keep it simple and quiet.

The II of Swords also shows the positive influence of taking a break from trying to integrate two opposing points of view. Being in disagreement and conflict for the last half of the year has left me frazzled and weary of continuing to state my opinions, philosophies, and beliefs without any change or compromise. The space between viewpoints feels like the blackhole depicted in the II of Swords above. Instead of a vibrant and alive space, it feels dull and dead. Taking a break from that conflict, just focusing on myself, and being quiet sounds fantastic at the moment. This space to myself is a positive influence in 2019.

The High Priestess reversed as the energy that will challenge my growth really supports this idea of quiet and calm. This card represents the subconscious and the use of intuition. Being a tarot reader, you won’t be surprised that I highly value the use of intuition in decision making and planning out life path steps. It may surprise you to learn that I don’t feel like I have been connected to my intuition. The denial that I wrote of earlier is part of that. I had created an identity for myself based upon my life situation instead of upon my eternal self or “me-ness”. When the reality of my life situation changed, I didn’t know who I was anymore, which is an unhealthy way to live. Denying the need for internal transition and creation of a self-validated identity blocked my intuition last year. It would burst out in fits and tantrums (literally!) but then I would shove it away again. “It’s time to change, Deird. You have to let go. Your reality has changed and you can’t stay the same.” But I wouldn’t listen.

My challenge in the year ahead is to start listening to my intuition again. The II of Swords reversed shows me stuck in a situation in which I can’t figure out which path forward will have the least negative consequences for me. The High Priestess reversed calls me to trust and have faith that I’ll pick the right path for me if I just quiet down and listen. One of the challenges that comes with this is that this quiet time is very self-focused after a period of intense interest and dependence on other people’s emotions and needs. It is extremely hard for me to put my needs first and breaking from this pattern requires intense effort on my part. Learning to acknowledge my own wants and need, self-validate, and hold onto myself in the face of other’s demands is my current challenge. Meeting that challenge will allow amazing growth for me.

The hard messages of the last two cards are softened by the healing energy of the VI of Swords. Finally an upright card! and this one shows the shift towards a new mindset and perspective on life. It may be difficult, dark, and unwanted but it is definitely happening, no if, ands, or buts about it.  I must remember, though, that relief is not withheld from me now or in the future. This transition holds healing, it is a rite of passage, it is a movement from one stage of life to the next. The movement is subtle and sometimes excruciatingly slow, but there is a shifting and I will arrive on a distant shore a healthy and more whole version of myself. There is no reason to look back with regret or imagine that the past wasn’t “real.” The past was what I was capable of as the person I was at the time. Now I am transforming and will be capable of more.

The VI of Swords often indicates travel and that is something that I think would be very healing for me. I am not in a place financially where I can afford travel, but making plans and saving up are the only things currently on my agenda for the year. I always love to travel, it allows me to stay present in the moment much more easily than in my day-to-day life. Being in the present is a wonderful place to be. It is the time when everything is happening. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had to travel in the past and hopeful and excited about future possibilities for travel. I also recognize that I am traveling at this moment, just not physically, all the movement is within me, happening at a glacial and elegant pace.

The VI of Swords indicates a low mood, the blues, and depression. The thing for me to remember is that this is normal and that pruning back, healing, regeneration, and new growth can all happen here. It certainly doesn’t feel good to be depressed but it is a necessary part of the transition process. Everyone has their winter, when everything dies and the world gets cold. At this darkest time, we can still remember the warmth of the summer and hold hope for the spring. Taking things one day at a time, noting what progress I do make, and being gentle and patient with myself are all recommended.

I drew The Empress reversed for my love/relationship energy going into 2019. Perhaps it hasn’t been abundantly obvious if you don’t know me, but this loss that I’m dealing with is one of love and relationship. The Empress reversed also indicates a need for some alone time to believe in myself again, to get in touch with my own needs and wants in life, outside of my relationship. I’ve been neglecting my own power, my own place, my own life path. I’m uncertain about what the future of my relationship is, besides knowing that what is was is over and what comes next is unknown- something or nothing that is left to be seen.

The Empress reversed reminds me that I need to be careful not to place myself in a situation where I’m waiting to see what happens, though. This isn’t about my relationship anymore, whatever it was is over, and whatever it is going to be is uncertain. In that uncertainty I need to work on my own emotional issues and mental problems and spiritual calling. This is independent and personal work that I’m doing, not to try and patch things up or pass the time waiting, but rather now is my time. It’s all about my relationship with myself. I want to believe in myself again. I want to trust myself. I want to validate myself. I want to live my values. I want to get ahold of myself and feel together internally again.

The Empress reversed is also an indicator for depressed mood and negativity, this time in the area of love. What can I say- I’m a bag of laughs these days!  Okay, see I still do have a sense of humor, but I’m also okay with being sad. I’m not going to fight it. I’m not going to pretend everything is fine. I’m not going to pretend I’m enjoying this. I’m not going to try and avoid, ignore, or speed up this winter mood. Sometimes I laugh because I say I love personal development and growth, but then when I’m presented with it so obviously and immensely, I’m all, “No thanks! This sucks!” It doesn’t help to remind myself that I will look back on this time as hugely meaningful and important, but I do still know that that is true. 

The presence of The High Priestess reversed and The Empress reversed indicates a need to connect more positively with my feminine energy. I have been passive to the point of being disconnected from my abundant creativity and personal life energy. This doesn’t mean I have to push myself to do, do, do and create. Rather it’s time to nurture and love myself quietly and calmly. Building myself back up may take a while as I reconnect to my calm inner center, my ability to manifest magic, my inner beauty and my inspiration to create. This is a gentle process with no need for the pressure to suddenly be restored and in the full swing of creation. Life is a complex interconnected system, not a machine that can be quickly fixed with new parts. A solid foundation of self love, self esteem, and self possession can flow out into all areas once it is firmly established. That is something I really need to work on this year with The Empress and The High Priestess as my guides.

For the work and career energy of my 2019 I drew the IV of Pentacles reversed. This points out a relative lack of interest in career stability in my life at the moment. Going through so much turmoil in my relationship department has really pulled my focus away from the material world of finances and work. Of course, I still need money to live my life and I’ve been mostly focused on not spending too much so that I can feel secure that I’m not living outside of my means. This could be a great time figure out what my needs actually are and step outside of my usual comfort zone of work to try and meet those needs. It doesn’t look like 2019 is shaping up to be a financially successful year, but knowing that that energy is lacking in my life right now could be just the kick in the pants I need to start turning things around for myself.

Lastly, I drew the II of Cups for the energy of wellbeing and spirituality that 2019 brings with it. I love, love, love seeing this card as the last one in the reading. It evokes a sense of self love and living in alignment with my values that I really need right now. When a person truly loves themselves, validates themselves, and can stand on her own two feet, that is when she is most capable of forming meaningful and lasting relationship with another person. I aim to see myself positivity, honor and respect myself, treat myself how I want to be treated by others, so to say. The II of Cups comforts me that I am following my spiritual calling and doing what is best for my wellbeing at this time. I’ve felt out of alignment with the Universe, like the Universe is playing cruel and unusual tricks on me. I know that that is not how the Universe works, I just can’t see the patterns, the master plan, all of destiny laid out before me- and I never will! But I will see pieces, and I will be consoled, and certain things that I need to know now will come to light in their own time and way.

As far as physical wellbeing, the II of Cups suggest balance and moderation in all things. When we take care of our emotional needs, we often end up simultaneously addressing the physical ailments of the body. When we work and relax in equal measure, it can quiet the mind and the body. When we spend as much time exploring and uncovering our inner world as we do creating in the outer world, we derive more peace and joy in life. This year I need to remember to harmonize the duality within me between the internal feminine and the external masculine energies. This is wonderful advice for anyone but especially those who have been doing far too much and are getting increasingly overwhelmed by the demands of the modern world and society. Maybe you too want to take a break from social media for a while?  😉

Okay, I am going to leave it on that positive note. This reading was uncomfortably personal for me and I may only leave it up for the short time that this reading spread is available to order on the email readings page. This is a great example of how a tarot reading can bring up present uncomfortable truths, things we don’t want to face but when we do, we grow exponentially. Are you ready to discover the transformative power of tarot?

Happy New Year 2019!!

Relationships Reflection with the New Moon in Libra, October 8, 2018

The New Moon we are graced with today is in Libra, the sign ruled by the planet Venus. If you’re into astrology at all, you’ve probably heard much talk recently about the Venus retrograde cycle that is currently taking place. Starting on October 5th, and lasting for the next 40 days till November 16th, Venus will appear to backtrack across the sky and the zodiac signs of Scorpio into Libra. The retrograde movement of the planets is associated with going within, reflection, and reassessment. These energies are particularly potent within the realm of Libra/Venus which rules relationships, the feminine, balance, love, and values. We will all feel a summons to reexamine our relationships: our romantic relationships, friendships, business partnerships, and most importantly our relationship to ourselves. This is a great time to ask the tarot for some guidance on what intentions can best help us navigate this moon cycle for optimum balance and harmony. Here are some prompts for you to try:

~What intention can I set to help me focus on emotional balance during this moon phase?
~What intention can I set to help me create harmony and equality in my relationships?
~What intention can I set to help me deal with Venus’ call for self reflection and reassessment of the past?

Here is a reading for us all using my favorite fall deck, the Zombie Tarot:

The Zombie Tarot: Five of Cups, King of Cups, Page of Pentacles

~What intention can I set to help me focus on emotional balance during this moon phase?
Five of Cups
The V of Cups signifies difficult emotions such as regret, longing, grief, and sadness. It often comes up at a time when it feels like all has been lost. You are faced with crushing disappointment and have no idea what could lift your dark mood. The world looks bleak. There is a tendency now to obsess about what has passed, what has caused you pain, what is gone and can never return. The imbalance in the world is that feelings, emotions, and matters of the heart are not as important and meaningful as power, money, and big business. When people’s lived experiences don’t matter, especially those of women, what is the point of society? Who does it actually serve?

At this New Moon, set the intention to move away from the darkest depths of grief and despair. In order to bring balance into your life you will need to allow for hope and optimism to be present and acknowledged. There is no need to question the validity of your pain, the horror of your past, the sadness you have felt. That pain is real and that pain is acknowledged. The thing is, you can’t stay there and relive it forever. That isn’t for your highest good, that isn’t going to solve any of your issues, that isn’t going to make it better- ever. What will make your situation better, and consequently improve the lives of all those in your life that love and care about you, is to open yourself up to the possibility of future happiness. Appreciating the small moments of your day, practicing gratitude and kindness, and saying yes to what you DO want- this will help you move forward and heal. Set the intention to invite hope and love into your life and leave guilt, doubt, and grief behind.

~What intention can I set to help me create harmony and equality in my relationships?
King of Cups
The King of Cups is empathetic, diplomatic, generous, and deeply kind. He is compassionate, creative, understanding, and aware. These are all characteristics that we should set our intentions towards being in the month ahead. The King of Cups is the ultimate symbol of harmony and equality embodied in human form that the tarot has to offer us. This card comes as a very good sign that we have the emotional maturity and depth of character to manage and improve our relationships during this moon cycle and continue that through the whole Venus retrograde cycle.

There’s a certain amount of restraint to the King of Cups as well, he doesn’t overflow with emotion but rather balances emotion with intellect. He knows how to communicate matters of the heart without emotional manipulation, waterfalls of tears, or screaming matches about who cares more. He has control over his emotions, knows how to set boundaries between personal and shared feelings, and can provide stability and support for those around him. Set the intention this month to act as a King of Cups yourself when dealing with issues of balance and harmony in your relationships. How would you like to be treated? How would you like to be spoken to? How can you compromise and negotiate? The King of Cups is here to back you up with quiet, sensitive, and understanding vibrations.

~What intention can I set to help me deal with Venus’ call for self reflection and reassessment of the past?
Page of Pentacles
A Page is always a good sign for new beginnings, just like a New Moon. This Page has a rather responsible and determined youthful energy, bringing fresh opportunity or possibility to your life. His appearance signifies a real exuberance for learning about yourself by diving into the self-reflection and reassessment demanded by this Venus retrograde with an eagerness to learn new things about yourself. Now is the chance to see your past in the bright light and perspective of your present self!  Set the intention to go into this cycle with an open mind and a willingness to learn new things about yourself.

Maybe you’re not the type of person who delights in processing the past and rehashing old issues, well- you just might have to do it anyway this season. Don’t be afraid to go down this road of analysis. The Page of Pentacles is offering up many learning opportunities in a spirit of wonder, but also practicality. Don’t be surprised if your self assessment unearths some old dreams about home, finances, work, or your body that were lost along the way. You could find yourself revved up by a great business idea you had before, a renewal of a project around the house, a job pop up you always wanted, or a refreshed diet and exercise plan. The point is, set the intention to be wide-eyed and open to possibility, the Page of Pentacles isn’t adapt at reengaging with the past, but he sure can make the most practical use of what he finds there.

Okay, there you have it, a New Moon Reading for Libra. I hope you found it insightful and useful. If you would like to get a personalized reading, I am available!  I do email readings, online readings (Skype or Google Hangout), and in-person readings in Nashville, TN. Hit me up at thewilllowpath@gmail.com if you would like to set something up!

Creating Structure with the New Moon in Capricorn

Hello, and welcome to the first New Moon tarot reading of 2018. If you haven’t managed to start off the year with that bang! you were planning or imagining, this New Moon is the perfect time to finally set those intentions for the year ahead and get your plan mapped out for how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish this year. It isn’t too late. In fact, now is the time you are best supported in intention setting because the New Moon in Capricorn loves this stuff. You’ve had a chance to rest from the holidays and readjust to the changing of that digit on the calendar, and can look with clarity at the road ahead.

Even if you did manage to make an amazing plan for the year ahead with big and beautiful intentions scheduled out for each and every day, this New Moon in Capricorn still lends you support to reexamine and reassert your commitment to your plan. Capricorn is an Earth sign and therefore aids you in grounding and centering yourself for the time ahead. Look to your health, home, and finances to assess whether or not you feel connected to these areas and have solid intentions and plans for your Earthy sector. How does your body feel? What could improve in your home environment? How are you feeling about your finances? Let Capricorn give you ideas for creating a solid, stable, structured, and disciplined approach to your new year.

Here’s a tarot reading for the Capricorn New Moon!:

The Wild Unknown Tarot: Father of Swords, Father of Cups rx, The Empress rx

How can I commit to and take responsibility for my intentions for the coming Moon cycle and the year ahead?– Father of Wands

The Father of Wands is a King card, it is an energy that readily accepts responsibility, in fact, you were born for it. You were born to excel and to lead. Even if you are only leading your own life you will inevitably end up leading others by this outstanding example. You are fully capable of taking control of your life and making it what you want it to be. You have an inclination and an innate ability to use your creativity, to connect with your light from within, and to shine that light out into the world around you. This personality is one that takes action, follows her spirit, and lives out her destiny without doubt or shame. Capricorn, ruled by the planet/energy of Saturn wants you to connect with what lights you up inside and use that knowledge to plan your year ahead. Remember that you are in charge of your life. You are responsible for yourself and how you decide to deal with your challenges and your good fortunes. The Father of Wands asks you to commit to actions aligned with your soul purpose, to what ignites your passion and inspires you.

What structures do I need to put in place in order to live up to my intentions?– Father of Cups reversed

Another Father/King card, showing the mature and responsible energy of Saturn/Capricorn all around you at this time. This King deals in the realm of emotions, and with the reversal we see an even deeper and more pronounced need to go within yourself and wade through the emotions that are connected to your goals for 2018. How do you want to feel this year? What are the feelings that you want to experience or generate? Will working on and accomplishing your goals garner those feelings? All of your emotions are connected with all of your actions, and the Father of Cups wants to make sure you understand and accept those connections. The easier and more natural it is for you to engender the feelings you want to invoke through your actions, the more flow you will experience in accomplishing your goals for the year. You want to put into a place a structure that weaves your emotions in with your inspiration to create actions that further your progress. Spend a little time today connecting to your emotional realm to get clear on what you want to feel in the year ahead.

How and where can I apply more grounding energy in my life?– The Empress reversed

The Empress is a beautiful Earth energy of abundance and love, with the reversal suggesting an inward bent to this energy. In other words, make sure you are nurturing and loving yourself from the inside all the way to the outside. When we care for, respect, and love ourselves, we set ourselves up to best care for, respect, and love others. Apply grounding Capricorn energy inward to build a firm foundation of self respect and self love. The Empress reversed also warns against overabundance, though, asking you to make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Overindulgence in food, overexertion in exercise, overspending to create comfort, overwork, or even suffocating those around you with over nurturing are all possibilities of going overboard with the abundance of The Empress. Focus most intensely on the values of Empress, rather than the possible rote actions of mothering and creation that she implies.

Be aware that you need your goals to be fulfilling of your life-long values in order to create meaning in your life. For example, a goal like, “Do 100 tarot readings,” does not really fulfill a value. Rather something like, “Develop deeper understanding of humanity, intuition, and how to use the tarot to explore the meaning of life,” might be more useful and satisfying in the long run. You can go out and do 100 tarot readings this year, but the act of doing tarot reading #100 won’t be as soul-fulfilling as the feeling that you have learned so much and understand tarot and people so much more because of your actions. Connecting a core value attached to a core emotion to your actions will make the things you put on your To Do List for 2018 more satisfying and likely to get done this year!

I like how we got all ruler cards (2 Kings and an Empress!) in this reading, which really speaks to the responsible and structured vibe of this Capricorn New Moon. We have such great support for using our mastery of self in order to further our goals, learn, and grow in 2018. Don’t be afraid of using what you already know and love about yourself as a stepping stone to do good work. Yes, there is still tons to learn and you’re probably wrong about most of the things you think you know right now, but that’s how life works! We can’t live in fear of the unknown, of taking risks, of being wrong, or of failure. These things are so necessary and useful. The pain of failure creates meaningful experiences that help us learn way better and faster than if we do nothing at all and let things stay at the status quo until someone or something comes along and makes us change. Wouldn’t you rather be the instigator, living out your own dreams, rather than a bystander who has change forced upon them by outside forces? Take control now with the Capricorn New Moon. Boldly state your intentions and wishes for the month and year ahead without fear or dread of the unknown or failure. Taking responsibility for your life is wonderful!

A beautiful morning last February, 2016 in Ocala Forest in Florida, USA.

Best wishes for your Capricorn New Moon day. I hope you can take the time to connect with the Moon and with the Earth energy of Capricorn today. Spend a few minutes outside in nature to thank our Mother Earth for supporting us in our plans for the year ahead and providing us with a wonderful home in which to learn and grow. If you would like a personalized New Moon reading, I am always available for email readings anytime!  Get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Gemini New Moon Messages Tarot Reading, June 4th, 2016

What’s new, everybody!? Well, the moon is new in the sign of Gemini today, which may give you a deeper desire to communicate and engage with those around you. The Gemini New Moon is communicative, so this is a great time to get your message out there. What do you want to tell your lover, your friends, your coworkers, or the whole wide world? You have the ability and gumption to spread the word with this New Moon, whether it be in writing, a conversation, or a work of art, etc. As usual, I’ve done a special tarot reading to help us get in alignment with the fresh, inspired energy of the New Moon. This month’s reading gives us each advice from the tarot:

The Hierophant Shadowscapes tarot

The Hierophant
Shadowscapes tarot

What message do you need to share at this New Moon?- The Hierophant
The Hierophant wants you to share your wisdom, your knowledge, and your expertise. We each have things that we just know how to do better than others. Perhaps you have extensive experience in a matter which you see a friend or loved one struggling with now. Why not offer them your insight into the situation, share your story? You don’t have to force your perspective or advice down their throat, but you can gently let them know that they are not alone and they will get through it. The Hierophant is a reminder that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel since most of the time you are not the first human to ever go through something. If you are struggling, look to a wise counsellor for help, someone who you can trust and open up to. Often getting a feeling into words and off your chest is the first step towards healing.


The Emperor rx Shadowscapes tarot

What advice will help you most effectively communicate this message?- Emperor rx
Like I mentioned above, the best way to communicate with others is avoid condescending or lording your experience over them. Just because you have done it and can see the solution or feel like it is so easy to get over whatever is bugging your friend, just means you are forgetting how hard it was before. You need to tune into your empathy instead of Mr. Fix-It behavior. Instead of saying, “You know what you need to do, xyz, etc.?,” try saying, “Ugh, that is tough but I’m sure you can get through it and I support you.”  Do you see the difference? In that same vein, if you are the one doing the sharing, ask yourself if you are looking for advice or support? Find a friend or counsellor who will meet that need. There is a big need for love, generosity, and acceptance now so open up your heart to the warmth of others.

VI of Swords rx Shadowscapes tarot

VI of Swords rx
Shadowscapes tarot

How can you channel your creativity and inspiration to learn to communicate?- VI of Swords rx
It is time to learn how to let go. Well, it is always time to learn how to let go since this is a constant process for us baggage holder humans. Our minds want to cling to past hurts, slights, and regrets, but honestly those rarely serve us in any helpful capacity. It’s time to find some techniques for moving into the present and out of the past. Your Hierophant advisor may have some thoughtful ideas on how to go about doing this so look for mentors or guides to lead you to the next level of letting go. You need to learn to recognize your resistance, your blocks, and your triggers. These are constants that you will find popping up over and over again in a similar pattern. Getting a firm grasp of where your resistance crops up is a great step towards working to overcome it.

Gemini energy is fresh and playful so make an effort to get out there and have some fun while the New Moon is energizing this sign. Air signs love to be outside breathing in refreshing oxygen, so take some time for outdoor play.  Gemini also has a great sense of humor so enjoy a good laugh at a funny movie or playing games with friends. When was the last time you played charades? This is the perfect opportunity to communicate through play!

As usual, I invite you to get in touch if you would like a personal New Moon reading! I am available for email readings that we can customize to whatever question you have for the cards.  I look forward to hearing from you!

New Year 2016 Tarot Reading

A new year is upon us, and with it comes an energy of new beginnings, new plans, and new excitements. This is a great time to take some time and contemplate what you have accomplished, where you are at with your goals, and consider and plan out how to move forward with your life. I designed a special tarot spread to help me examine my life situation, determine where to focus my energy in the coming year, and get inspired for new projects and dreams. Check it out below and consider ordering your own or one for a friend as a New Year’s present for 2016! This spread is completely customizable so feel free to ask me to focus in on any one area of your life or expand to other areas. Right now, I have a SPECIAL OFFER of $5 off if you sign up for my mailing list or even if you are already a newsletter subscriber!  That makes this amazing 7 card reading just $35 instead of the normal $40.  Whoot!  Happy 2016!

My 2016 Tarot Reading


  1. Reality Check- This card explores where you are at right now in your life. Is this where you want to be?- The World reversed
  2. Course Correction- This card asks what will help you get on track moving forward. How can you focus your goals?- The Fool reversed
  3. Watch Out Ahead- This card examines road blocks and challenges ahead. What will lead you astray this year?- II of Swords
  4. Theme for 2016- This card brings up the central theme or overall outlook for your year 2016. What is your superpower for the year that will give you strength and guidance? What energy will be pervasive this year?- Knight of Wands reversed
  5. Love Outlook- The Hanged Man
  6. Career Outlook- V of Wands reversed
  7. Well-being Outlook- III of Pentacles reversed 

Part I: My Reality Check
The first three cards of this reading bring into the light where I am at right now in my life. The World reversed really resonates with me after being a constant traveler through this world for the last year and some. The reversal shows that this period of travel is not quite over yet! In February I planning on getting an apartment after 18 months on the road in the USA and abroad. The World reversed reminds me that I’m still wrapping up this time of travel. I am in a period of culmination. I have many life lessons accumulated that I still need to integrate into my consciousness. I have goals that I have not accomplished which require my attention. There are challenges cropping up that are preventing me from reaching my goals, and I need to push through these challenges toward completion.

Now is a great time to ask myself how I can effectively draw this era to a close and get ready to settle down a little bit, starting a new chapter of my life. How can I meet my challenges head on and overcome them? My plan is to move to Nashville, get an apartment, adopt a rescue dog, and perhaps find some part-time work to supplement my income from The Willow Path Tarot. What do I need to do to get ready for that transition? Where do I need closure before I can move forward? How do I deal with potential lack of closure until I can move into the next phase of my life? The next two cards have some advice for me.

The Fool reversed tells me that a lot of time and energy need to go into wrapping up my current life situation before I can move on. It’s a signpost saying: “Stay in the moment.”  I want so much to focus on the future and all the great things that I have dreamed up, my fresh beginning, my leap of faith into the unknown, but unfortunately it isn’t just the right time for that. I’m still bringing closure to the present and need to focus on some mundane life things: getting my doctors appointments made before I lose my health insurance, earning money so that I can make rent payments soon, packing up my things and making sure I have everything in order to move. I’m not quite ready for my new beginning just now. First I have to take care of this year’s business. This is hard for me because I’m so excited, but it’s necessary in order to start out on the right foot when I do get to Nashville. It’s time to address what has to get done first so that my fresh start has the best chance of being successful and free.

My biggest challenge ahead is making decisions with an open heart and a clear focus. The II of Swords brings up my issue of not wanting to choose one way over another, not wanting to reveal myself, and trying to hide my emotional processes. It can be really hard for me to make decisions and I see this indecision as a major character flaw. I can be super hard on myself when I come up against a tough choice, thereby making the situation even worse through self judgement over taking too long to decide things. Working with the II of Swords is my challenge and also a positive change goal for 2016.

I’m making this move to Nashville with my fiancee, Kristen, and we both have a strong desire to make things fair and equal. This is a natural drive coming from the prominent placement of Libra in both of our astrological charts. Sometimes this gives us common ground but it can also be a bit maddening with it’s exactitude. It’s important that the move to Nashville be good for both of us. We both should have our needs met. No one should have an unfair advantage or win more compromises than the other. The II of Swords represents this balancing act that can end up closing doors and keeping us blocked and separate. Constantly being fair and asking what is logical or reasonable can throw a wrench into the march of progress. My challenge is to not get stuck in the tangle of decisions (II of Swords) that need to be made to close one chapter (The World reversed) and start another (The Fool reversed).

Part II: My Theme for 2016

knight of wandsThe energy of the Knight of Wands reversed is going to color my 2016. This is an energy of haste and delay. It is one of frustration and varying degrees of effort and concentration. It tells me that 2016 is going to be a bit of challenge for me! I’m constantly going to be confronted with obstacles and setbacks. Even now, as I try to bring closure to last year, I feel like there is too much to do, and I can’t focus my attention on any task long enough to complete it. If I do try and finish something up, things that are out of my control crop up to prevent me from finishing. The Knight of Wands reversed is a bad ass though, and I’m working up the stamina and courage to drive my creative dreams forward. There is a need for action and advancement this coming year.

The key to working with an energy like that of the Knight of Wands reversed is by first acknowledging that it exists. Knowing is half the battle, they say. That is the great thing about a tarot reading, it can help you acknowledge what is going on in your life in a very straight forward way so that hopefully you can pull your head out of the sand and start working towards solutions. This is not my destiny, I have personal power over my life that allows me to shape my own future. Now that I know there are a lot of road blocks, delays, and frustrations ahead of me this year, I can be prepared for a choppy flow ahead. I can adopt strategies to deal with frustrations and remember to focus on gratitude and my successes, more than wallowing in my delays and failures.

The Knight of Wands also has a personal significance to me, as this card often represents Kristen in my readings I do for myself. Last year, we traveled the country promoting her music. Almost everywhere we went and everything we did was dedicated to her music career. This year, I want to focus more on myself. In order to do that, I need to set aside time for my goals and projects and allow less time for hers. I know that sounds simple, but relationships are often like this. How do we get stuck in a rut and how do we get out of it?

I see the Knight of Wands reversed as a personal challenge to spend more time on working for myself and working on myself. This Knight has a tendency to get anger when situations are out of his control, so I will benefit greatly from finding techniques and practices that keep me calm in the face of opposition. When I grow impatient or restless, as I most certainly will time and again this coming year, having mechanisms in place that soothe and diffuse these situations is going to be crucial. The impulse to rush ahead will need to be tempered with reasoned thinking about consequences and desired outcomes. Things will not just fall into place, so having a system by which I can check in on my progress and my feelings will help me a lot. I need to focus on the things I can control and not give fuel to the fire of that which is out of my hands.

Part III: Your 2016 Outlook
IMG_8399Things seem to be at a pretty calm status quo with my love life in 2016. It’s not very exciting, but it’s nice to hear! The Hanged Man represents a time of being, as opposed to a time of doing. Some times relationships are just fine the way they are. We don’t have to be growing and progressing every single day of our lives. It is fine to take a pause and just enjoy where we are at in the moment. We will both benefit from spending quiet time together, as opposed to always working and manifesting our shared dreams. This year, the best thing we can do for our relationship is find quiet chill time together, especially as we are planning a wedding. Finding time to just enjoy each other and our love is going to be a priority.

The Hanged Man can also bring to mind sacrifice and martyrdom. As this relates to my overall year card of the Knight of Wands reversed, I might find myself making compromises that I wasn’t intending to make. This could add to my overall frustration that I’m not focusing enough on myself and instead spending too much time doing things for my partner. Ugh. Yet, The Hanged Man takes lots of time to make decisions and knows how to calmly access his inner knowledge in order to sense the right direction for himself. When I am feeling pulled in too many directions by my love, I can sit with the peaceful, slow energy of The Hanged Man and get my priorities back into focus.

More fiery wands show up in my career outlook for 2016 with the V of Wands reversed. This card suggests a strong desire to avoid conflicts and comparisons. One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is constantly compare ourselves to other people working in the same field. This weighing of ourselves against what other people do, accomplish and have, mostly just serves to make us miserable. What about finding my own path? What about doing things my own way? I can play outside of the rules. I can do things the way that works well for me. I can define success on my own terms. The V of Wands reversed encourages me to be an individual and do things my way.

When I stop spending all my time comparing myself to what others are doing and seeing if I measure up, I can focus my time and energy on my actual goals. This increased focus is a positive sign for my career in 2016. A V energy is a middle energy though, so this is just an initial hurtle to clear in my journey toward creating a sustainable tarot reading career. I still want to incorporate my work as a tour manager and a librarian into my future career, so this struggle isn’t over yet. It’s just a time when I can put some clear focus into my business and make some progress.

The Knight of Wands reversed combined with the V of Wands reversed emphasizes the creative struggles that lie ahead for me this coming year. The suit of wands is all about passion, fiery creation energy, the spark of new plans and projects, and the motivational desire to get things going. The reversal may point to a need to work through this creativity on an internal, personal energy. Not having much fire in my chart, the reversals may also indicate a blockage or inability to get things started. This is yet another warning note from the tarot that I may have a frustrating and challenging year ahead of me. I’m can heed this warning though and stay present, doing my best to confront challenges and deal with my obstacles in a calm and straightforward way, instead of flying off the handle.

Finally, my physical and spiritual well-being in 2016 is represented by the III of Pentacles reversed. This is a card of creating strong foundations and working as a team to accomplish practical goals. When it is reversed, these aspects my not come so easily. I need to dedicate more time to my well-being. I want to create a firm foundation based on simple principles for keeping myself healthy. This includes eating right and exercising, two things I have not been doing regularly. I may benefit from finding people with common goals who can be my support network. Or I need to find the personal reserves and strength to do these things by myself. The Knight of Wands reversed as my partner combined with the III of Pentacles reversed can be a sign that Kristen will not be a helpful influence, I may need to find other workout buddies or healthy eating supporters instead of relying on her in this aspect.

As far as spiritual well-being in the coming year, one of my goals is to better define what my spirituality actually is. The III of Pentacles reversed tells me that I’m unlikely to find a clear definition of this in the world from other people. This is something I need to figure out on my own, on my own terms. The Knight of Wands reversed is not going to help me here either, as this energy of frustration and delay will only sweep me further away from my quest for a spiritual foundation that is strong and clear for me. I’m interested to see how this well-being card shapes up for me in 2016. Hopefully, all of my internal efforts to achieve greater harmony with my physical body and develop my spiritual practice will succeed in creating a powerful foundation from which I can grow even after 2016.

Part IV: The Wrap Up
I found this reading to be truly insightful. I loved the numerology that showed up in the energy of my current situation with the closing and beginning card 22 The World reversed, then card 0 The Fool reversed, followed by the II of Swords. What a natural progression! I’m in a phase of finding closure before I can move into an excellent new beginning. My challenge is be patient and present in the moment without being distracted and overly involved in a future that cannot evolve without a culmination in the present. Still, I need to plan for that future in order to make it productive and true to myself. The big obstacle is to cut through indecision and keep growing. I kind of want to wait and see what happens but that approach isn’t going to work here, I need to plan and act! It’s a tricky moment I’m in, finding a balance between the present and the future that allows for deep focus on each almost simultaneously.

The Knight of Wands reversed shows me that 2016 is going to present me with many challenges. These will probably leave me frustrated and angry much more than this watery Cancer is used to feeling. It’s great that I’m going to be fired up, creative, and inspired, especially about my career with the V of Wands, but delays and situations which are out of my control, could cause me some real heartache and anger. I know I can always find solace and comfort in the deep, peaceful and tranquil oasis of my love and relationship ruled by The Hanged Man. I know I have a safe haven to retreat to when things get ugly out there. I should be careful not to rely too heavily on inaction and being though, as the Knight of Wands energy of movement will be constantly present and pushing me forward. Too little forward motion will only cause me more frustration. Building a strong and thoughtfully crafted place in my physical body and spiritual being will be a worthwhile project, but probably a solo effort of internal journeying. Overall it looks like an interesting year ahead!  Lots of moving parts inside, but a calm surface for the outside world!

Well, there you have it, my tarot reading outlook for 2016! Please get in touch if you would like to order one for yourself or a friend for the holidays. This reading will only be available till the end of January, so that you can gain that fresh perspective on the year when it is still new. Right now I have a SPECIAL OFFER of $5 off if you sign up for my mailing list or even if you are already a newsletter subscriber!  That makes this amazing 7 card reading just $35 instead of the normal $40.  Just send me an email at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.com for this special offer code after you sign up for the mailing list 🙂 Whoot!  Happy 2016!