A Bright Dark Moon Today in Leo, July 23, 2017

We have a beautiful New Moon today in the sign of Leo today! It’s time for us to shine out our deepest fire light into the dark moon night. Here is your tarot reading to help you set your intentions and focus your desires for the moonth ahead ūüôā

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: Father of Wands, Judgement, V of Pentacles

How can I have more fun and games in my life?- Father of Wands

The Father of Wands is Leo fire energy through and through. He is definitely not afraid to have fun, yet has more ingrained limits and boundaries for that fun than, say, the Knight of Wands. The Father of Wands loves leadership and challenges, so his idea of fun and games might be a bit more productive and results-oriented than frivolous and just passing the time. Think more along the lines of summiting a mountain, playing competitive sports, rock climbing or other outdoor adventures, rather than a peaceful nature walk or sitting in the forrest. He would rather swim across a lake or river than lay out and tan. He likes a rousing game of bar trivia rather than just pints and gossip.

The Father of Wands exudes positivity. He loves to shine, be out in the sun, and be social. He also envisions big dreams so there is a tendency to make things larger than life. This guy loves to seize the day, so carpe diem away this month. Plan activities that spark your creativity and make your feel alive. The Father of Wands is a great sign for fun times ahead this month, just make sure you plans things that have a bit of direction or purpose. Fun simply for the sake of fun may allude you with this bold, driven energy in charge.

How can experience my radiance and increase my self-confidence?- Judgement

Ah, Judgement, a weighty concept and card. Self-judging is the thing that stands in between most of us and our radiance. We judge ourselves against others, against societal expectations, and against our own high standards. And we always come up short somehow, decreasing our self-confidence and adding a bit more misery into our lives and into the world.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. We could stop setting unobtainable goals forced on us by the media and marketing that exists solely to sell more products and not make our lives better as advertised. We could stop comparing ourselves to our neighbors and trying to keep up with the Joneses. We could sit down and listen for our inner calling, for what we actually want and need, and decide what is right on an individual basis. It seems obvious that what causes you to be radiant and self-confident might be different that what works for your best friend. Yet it’s so easy to forget.

Now is the time to remember that you are a unique snowflake. Start treating yourself as a whole person in this moment instead of a constant work in progress that needs to be judged, weighed, measured, and added up. You are complete right now. You do not have to wait for a future you that has done this or that in order to be radiant and confident now. This Judgement card signifies acceptance and surrender to who you inherently are.

What am I passionate about and should pursue?- V of Pentacles

The number V cards in the tarot Minor Arcana point towards strife and challenge. It is a turning point, a transition from the building energy of Ace to IV and the closing energy of VI to IX. You may find yourself at a point when you are not entirely sure what you are passionate about pursuing. You thought you were headed in one direction but now that you have gotten this far you’re questioning if you really want to go through with it. The issue resides with the relationship between material wealth and spiritual wealth. What are you doing that is good for your wallet versus what are you doing that is good for your soul. And which one is more important? Can you find balance?

The best thing you can do to figure this out is to spend time on it. Use the energy from Judgement to listen for your inner calling, the right direction for you, the path you want to pursue. Let the struggle happen, don’t avoid it. We like to shy away from sadness, isolation, illness, loss, and hurt- who want to stay in pain? The thing is that the pain won’t go away unless you deal with the things that are causing it. Use the bright, happy energy of Leo to shine some light into your dark places and offer healing to those pains you have been or want to avoid. A glass half full attitude can go a long way towards helping your find a solution at this time.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this New Moon in Leo tarot reading. Guess what? We have another New Moon in Leo coming up on August 21st! AND a total solar eclipse which will be fully visible from my home in Nashville, TN. Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies everybody! I can’t wait!



Card Meaning: V of Pentacles


Keywords:  challenges, hard times, difficulties, poverty, insecurity, physical need, loneliness, despair, worries, financial troubles, adversity, failure, obsessed with material, possessive, lack of spirituality

Reversed: passing hard times, easing of difficulties, finances looking up, confidence building, experiences over possessions, spiritual approach

Associated major card: The Chariot

The first thing to do when you see the V of Pentacles come up in a reading is to not panic. ¬†Wringing your hands in worry is not going to help you get through the challenges that the V of Pentacles represents. ¬†Remind yourself that life happens in cycles. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. If you didn’t have these down cycles, you would not understand the concept of up. ¬†Your life is not always soothe sailing, but you are strong and capable and will get through this hard time.

In fact, there are really important lessons to learn from these hard times that will shape and change you, allowing you to grow and flourish into your best self.  Remember, it is how we handle ourselves in a crisis that can define who we are the most. People who are good at weathering storms and dealing with the shit of life are said to have character. When the V of Pentacles shows up for you, believe that you are entering into a character building phase of your life.

The V of Pentacles, like all the V cards in the tarot, is concerned with difficulties and conflicts. Since the Pentacles represent earth energy, the conflict here is with all things connected to earth: money, home, security, and the body. The most immediate and often feared reaction to the V of Pentacles is money problems. It can indicate that you are short on cash these days for any number of reasons. It could be that you have lost your job or that you are underemployed or underpaid. You might have lost a lot of money on the stock market, or your home depreciated in value, or you have big medical bills to pay.

Regardless of the circumstances, you are feeling insecure financially and probably need to change your money mindset. Focusing on your lack actually attracts greater or continued hardship. Try focusing on abundance, for just one minute at a time, as often as you can throughout the day. What are you grateful for?  What can you afford?  What do you already have that you will never lose?  You will make it through.

V of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck

V of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith deck

If it’s not money that is failing you, it could be your health. The V of Pentacles can indicate a time of illness or injury. It could be something as simple as the common cold or as terrible as a fall and a broken bone. Whatever it is, remember that you live in a physical body that is doing it’s best. If you are feeling down and out about the state of your physical form, try focusing in on what you can praise about your body. Send that broken bone healing vibes and remind all your unbroken bones how much you appreciate them.

When you are sick, remember to rest and feed your body what it needs. There is a good chance you will recover from whatever is ailing you at this time. The V of Pentacles is not generally an end game card, it is a down cycle from which you can recover.  Allow yourself the time, space, and energy to heal instead of berating yourself or excessively worrying about what is wrong with your body.

In general, the V of Pentacles indicates that something is off about how you interact with the physical world. You may find that you are just putting too much emphasis on the physical and neglecting the other aspects of yourself. Remember you have a mind, heart, and soul which need care as well. Be sure you are allowing yourself to use your smarts and exercise your mind. Explore your feelings and figure out if you are stuffing them away or allowing yourself to express your heart’s desires.

Mostly importantly, make sure you are in touch with your soul purpose and with your spirituality. Focusing too intensely on the physical world breaks our connection to the divine. We are not here on this planet to accumulate money and possessions. There is more to it than that and the V of Pentacles comes up for you as reminder to tap into that soul purpose and realign your actions with your core values.


V of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

V of Pentacles reversed:
When the V of Pentacles comes up reversed in a reading it indicates your readiness and ability to move forward from hard times. You have fully experienced whatever difficulties you had to go through and are ready to move on. ¬†So, if you have recently lost your job, it’s time to stop feeling horrible about that and start putting together an awesome resume to send out with your cover letters. There is nothing wrong with letting yourself sink into the disappointment and hurt of being fired, or let go, or not getting a job in the first place. Life is tough and you don’t have to be strong all the time. But the V of Pentacles is here to tell you that enough is enough, you’ve had a good cry, let’s try to get back on the horse.

The same readiness is apparent when the V of Pentacles indicates a health issue. ¬†You are mending, you are recovering, you are healing. Your body is ready to go from rest mode back into action mode. Get outside, get some fresh air, dust yourself off and get back in the game. Remember to be gentle with yourself, especially if your body has been considerably weakened by an illness. You are doing your best, you can’t expect to be right back at your physical peak. It’s time to set new expectations and goals to accommodate your new physical condition.

The V of Pentacles reversed is a good sign that you are valuing experiences and your spirituality over possessions. That old phrase “you can’t take it with you” is really resonating with you right now. You feel a strong connection to the work you are doing, that is valuable to you and to other people. You feel safe and secure in the world, knowing that you have a roof over your head, food in the cupboards, and some money in the bank for the next rainy day. You are beginning to develop some confidence in yourself, your abilities and your life direction. You may still be getting out of the muck, but things are looking up and you can do more than just say what you are grateful for, you can really feel what you are grateful for in your whole body.

V of Pentacles and Grumpy Pants

V of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

V of Pentacles
Shadowscapes Tarot

There are some cards in the tarot deck that just aren’t my favorites to draw. Recently, I did an exercise I found on James Wells’ Circle Ways blog, whereby I got to know myself and my tarot deck (the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Piu-Mun) by categorizing the cards into three piles: ¬†like, dislike, neutral. ¬†This was a very interesting and insightful little exercise that showed me certain themes, color schemes, ¬†and images that attract and repulse me in the cards. ¬†One theme that stood out to me during this exercise is that I’m draw to images of powerful female characters and put off by downtrodden or pained female images. One of these sad images of a woman in the Shadowscapes deck is the V of Pentacles. ¬†So, I was less than exuberant to draw this as my card of the day this morning. ¬†But alas, one must confront even the unpleasant aspects of life and self that the tarot represents so I set to really investigating this image.

One thing I noticed about the woman in the V of Pentacles is that she is covering her face, her posture an almost basking sprawl inward. ¬†She is focusing only inside, seemingly in a melodrama of woeful self-indulgence. ¬†This focus is particularly upon the pentacles that rest heavily upon her head. ¬†What she doesn’t see are the other pentacles glowing above, in a what I perceive as a universe of possibility right in easy sight. ¬†She also misses out on her helpful lizard and butterfly friends and also the lengths her heart will climb into the universe to help her out of her despair.I interpreted the card as a destructive, selfish inward preoccupation with some physical or practical lack. ¬†As usual, I may be hung up on the lack of time left in the weekend, having a little pity party for myself that it’s Sunday already, I didn’t get my whole weekend to do list accomplished, and now I have to get ready to go back to that office I’m beginning to loath. ¬†Ok, maybe loath is a strong word, but couldn’t we have three day weekends?!

What did I miss out on today by indulging in these negative, moody, pessimistic emotions? Perhaps nothing, but perhaps something- who knows! ¬† I do know that my little butterfly did try to come by with sunshine and speak sweet words in my ear and I just told her I was hungry and didn’t want to talk on the phone. ¬†I didn’t spend anytime looking up at the sky and don’t know if the stars are out, if the moon is above the horizon, or if my heart wants to break free and soar. When I draw a card like this, it’s one thing to know how I feel and how I’m reacting but it’s another thing entirely to accept it, or change it, or move on. ¬†It’s funny how this self-awareness isn’t always the magic key to getting out of a shitty mood. ¬† Oh well, maybe I’ll just read a book and pretend it’s still Saturday night…