Pisces New Moon Reading, February 26, 2017

The New Moon in Pisces brings today a powerful, intuitive energy that is perfect for imagining the life of your dreams. Now is the time to bring your personal vibration into alignment with the energy of those dreams. Practice raising your energy up to the level at which you want to achieve on a normal basis by holding onto the wonder and happiness that your dreams inspire inside of you. Hold onto that wonder whenever, wherever you can and watch it become a natural part of yourself.

Pisces is a water sign, exposing the emotional depths of your soul. Use this New Moon to notice any blockages in the flow of your emotions and set the intention of clearing these blocks so you can live peacefully and openly with a loving heart. Pisces energy is compassionate and understanding, ready to bring the whole world to this next level of appreciation and love of one another. You too play a part in creating the vibrational energy of this planet. What do you want to contribute to that energy? Spend a little time today contemplating these messages from the tarot and integrating some Pisces New Moon energy into your life:

Linestrider Tarot

Linestrider Tarot:     X of Wands,    V of Wands,    II of Pentacles

What will help me bring my personal energy into alignment with the high vibration of my dream life?  Ten of Wands
There is a careful combination of effort and flow embodied in the X of Wands. At first it may seem like raising your vibrational energy takes a lot of energy. Yet, something about it is also somehow effortless. The energy of a 10 card in the tarot is one of transition. You have reached completion with the 9 but you haven’t quit gotten to a new cycle with the 1. You are in between and you have a decision to make. Are you going to level up, taking your vibration to the next level? Or are you going to stay at the status quo? The X of Wands reminds you that by laying down your burdens, leaving behind what no longer serves you, are you better able to raise yourself up. Think of making your heart light as a feather. You can’t carry around unnecessary past hurts, regrets, failures, and mistakes if you expect to become light as a feather.

Examine what you are holding onto and ask yourself the simple question of whether or not these commitments and projects, goals and opportunities light you up or whether they have grown dim and weak? Why hold onto ideas, tasks, and goals that you aren’t passionate about? Let me tell you that just because “You have gotten this far,” is not a reason to carry on. You get to decide your journey and what it means to follow through on that journey. If your path was leading somewhere but now branches off in a new direction, be content that this new direction in no way devalues where you have come from. Life works in mysteries ways and it’s best not to resist where your heart is leading you next.

How can I clear blockages in my emotional realm so that my vibration can be raised?
V of Wands reversed
This card is all about letting go of comparing yourself to others, FOMO, and creating unnecessary competition. Your greatest emotional goal is to love yourself. It is difficult to give yourself the love and appreciation you need to grow when you are mostly focused on what other people are doing. You gain nothing by thinking, “So-and-so is doing what I want to do and doing it better.” Only you can do you. By default that means no one can do it like you. So go do it! Go be you! Stop comparing yourself to the competition or even thinking that this is a competition. Life is not a competition. If you absolutely must think it terms of “winning” see if you can win at loving yourself the most, shining the brightest, creating whenever you get an idea or inspiration, and then loving what you created.

If you want to clear emotional blockages, your first step is to take your focus off the world around you and set that focus within. For a lot of people this is extremely difficult. We shy away from our feelings, from quiet time, from being still and going within. Maybe there is a way to ease into it for you though. Perhaps a long drive, journaling, meditating, cleaning the windows, yoga, long nature walks, a relaxing massage, cooking, running, mowing the yard, tightrope walking, etc could get you into the self-reflective mood. Bottom line is that you gotta make the time for yourself. It’s imperative. Look within and remind yourself over and over and over again, for as long as it takes to sink in, that you do not need to struggle or compete against other people. You do not need to fear you are missing out when in fact you’re just comparing yourself to someone else. You are doing your life your way and that is the best way for you. Now repeat all of that again as many times as needed until you GET IT.

How can I show compassion and understanding for the world around me? 
II of Pentacles
Let’s not just pay lip service to the idea of greater understanding and compassion for all humanity, while actually doing nothing to engender that goal. The II of Pentacles reversed says that maybe you mean well, but you’ve got a lot of other things going on in your life and never really find time for world peace. Okay, don’t feel like I’m judging or criticizing. We all live busy lives and this reading is as much for me as for you, so I’m included in this little rebuke. Even if you’re busy, you can insert compassion and love into your busy everyday. Complete your tasks with grace. Be immersed in what you are doing. Be present. Bring joy into your actions, especially when you find yourself mechanically repeating a process you have done many times before. The dishes always need to get washed, but what about finding the simple satisfaction in the washing. Don’t let your mind wander to what you will do after the dishes or what you did last week, but instead be present in that moment of washing and find that you are content and at peace. That is the peace you want to bring to the world. It is a singular focus on what is good right now. When we pay attention to the now, to everything we have to be grateful for, and all the details that make life wonderful and magical (and I’m including the dishes in that magic!), we easily raise the vibration of the planet.

Quickly remember a time when you were just brooding on hurt feelings or having a pretend conversation where you finally found the perfect abusive words to tell someone off who had wronged you. These types of negative energy don’t raise your vibration or the vibration of the planet. It’s okay to let go of insults and injuries. You can still keep the lessons and while releasing the pain. If you absolutely cannot stay in the moment and stay present, go to an imagined happy place! Imagine your perfect day, your perfect job, your perfect partner, etc. and run with that energy. You’ll find yourself in a much better mood and also may just happen to attract more positive vibes into your life through the practice. When we imagine a better world, a better life, and are infused with the hopeful and ecstatic energy of getting what we want, we easily raise the vibration of the ourselves and the planet.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon in Pisces reading from The Willow Path Tarot. I love doing these monthly intention setting readings for this blog. I also love doing personalized readings for clients if you would like to book a New Moon reading, or other type of reading, get in touch at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.  I look forward to hearing from you!


New Moon in Virgo Tarot Reading- Sept. 13, 2015

Happy New Moon in Virgo!  The New Moon time is a wonderful time of month to set intentions and goals for your next 4 week moon cycle.  Each New Moon is supported by the sign the moon is traveling through in our sky, so this month let’s work on setting a couple of goals or intentions with Virgo characteristics in mind.  Virgo is an earth energy that supports the making of healthy choices and analytical problem solving. How can we use these Virgo strengths to set goals this month around health, healing, and radiating our highest self? Let’s see what the tarot has to say!

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Son of Swords
Wild Unknown Tarot

What will help me make health conscious choices this month?- Son of Swords
The Son (or Knight) of Swords wants you to be logical about your decisions this coming month. This is a very determined, driven, and forceful energy. You are ready to charge ahead and get to it! This is a great month to take up a high energy activity, one that will give you a good connection to your physical body and blow off some steam. The Son is not all mental calculations though, he has a tendency to act from the gut and take off in the most likely direction. This kind of haste can be reckless, but it can also be intuitively right. Get in touch with your sense of knowing this month. What is it that you are just so sure about, you don’t even question it? How can you expand that knowing to direct other parts of your life that feel more uncertain and illogical? This Son is all action, so he comes with the gentle reminder to be careful to make time for quiet contemplation.

V of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

V of Wands
Wild Unknown Tarot

Where can I find healing this month?-
V of Wands reversed
Healing begins when you leave past conflicts behind you. There is no need to carry a grudge or constantly rehash old hurts and challenges. When you hold other people away from you, or isolate yourself from your challenges, you fail to go through the process of living. Life is difficult sometimes, but you have to face those challenges in order to learn and grow. The important thing is to then release the difficult time into the past, to move on without the baggage and wounds to which we so love to cling. When you release the past you are so much more able to focus clearly on yourself in this present moment and where you are headed in the future. Healing can only happen in the now. You can not go back in time and heal yourself and waiting for a future happiness may take forever. Act now to bring peace, joy and healing into your present moment.

Father of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

How can I open up to radiate my highest sense of self?- Father of Swords
The Father (or King) of Swords compliments the mental energy of the Son of Swords earlier. It’s all about being logical this month. Ask yourself the simple question “Who am I? Who is my radiate self?” The Father of Swords is fair with himself and others, accepting the truth of words. Try writing down your answer to these questions and reading them out loud. Communicate it with others as well and see if your language is precise enough to make sense to another person. Be careful that you do not trap yourself in a box, though. There is a careful difference between the words that describe you and the person you are. You are not words, you are so much more. This Father has the courage and intellect to know what is true for himself, face that truth, accept himself, and bravely show that to all he meets. You too can embody his raw, power this month!

Best wishes at this New Moon in Virgo!  If you would like a personal New Moon reading this month get in touch soon!  This is a productive moment to get in tune with the helpful energy of intention setting. Forward!

New Moon in Taurus- Reading on Self Love

Hello there, lovely blog readers.  Today we have our regular New Moon reading for setting our intentions for the coming moon cycle. The Taurus New Moon lends us aid when focusing on the areas of love and personal wants and desires. I’ve decided to center this month’s reading around self love. We all need as much of it as we can possibly engender. Self love helps us grow, learn, love, and shine.  When we truly love and accept ourselves, we create the ability to receive the love of other people, acceptance of our differences and, most importantly, acknowledgement of our oneness as humans. Here is your New Moon reading for this Taurus New Moon!

What will empower us to open up to self love?- Daughter of Cups

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

Daughter of Cups
Wild Unknown Tarot

The Daughter of Cups is a gentle reminder of the innocence and essence of love itself. What is love? What does it mean to you? What do you think of it and how does it make you feel? To me, love is the recognition of oneness in a world of duality. The way we humans perceive the world is all about opposites and differences. We understand the dark as the opposite of light. We know happiness because it is everything that sadness is not. We define who we are as totally not like the people we don’t relate to, despise, are jealous of, or can’t understand. Then love comes along and those barriers vanish, cease to exist. Suddenly we see that all life is one, that universal energy animates us all, that we are connected and bound together by love. The Daughter of Cups represents that universal essence of oneness that when recognized is described by the word Love. How can you “see” that essence inside of you?

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is spring and ducklings are aplenty along the waterways. These tiny, fluffy creatures make me squeal with delight when I see them. So cute!  I love them!  But, why should I love them?  Is there a logical reason I should be in love with baby birds?  Not that I can think of, personally.  For me, this love of ducklings is an easy example of connecting and recognizing my oneness of all life. This type of love is the love of the Daughter of Cups, completely innocence and fresh.  Ask yourself what makes you feel this type of love?  Perhaps it’s ducklings as well!  Get out there and connect with it now.  Then extend that love of the ducklings or flowers or hotdogs or stationary into yourself. See the connection between you and then which you love with an innocent and open heart, and recognize that it is the same love you have for yourself.  In this way we grow our self love.

What is blocking our self love?  What can be leave behind?- V of Wands reversed

V of Wands reversed Wild Unknown Tarot

V of Wands reversed
Wild Unknown Tarot

The V of Wands from The Wild Unknown Tarot is a perfect illustration of separateness. Here we see 5 Wands, each with an energy field of repulsion and exclusion around it. “Keep away from me! I have my own agenda, passions, inspirations, ideas, etc.”, each Wand seems to be saying. Does this type of vibe and behavior help you? Why are you keeping yourself separate? You may think that you are protecting yourself by walling others off.  But you’re not safe, you’re not a fortress. You are a part of this world, you need to figure out a way to make it work for you.  You were born into this life, at this time, for a purpose. That purpose is not to be alone and sad, or to feel like a social outcast or an unworthy waste of space.  No one is born for that, that is not how it works here on Earth. Connecting with the universal energy all around you will help you recognize love.  Go look at that duckling and feel your feelings!  If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, slipping into autumn, try connecting with the beauty of a fall sunset.  The shortening of the days is part of your natural life rhythm that you can delve into and feel the oneness of creation.  Above all, find ways to break down the walls around and experience more oneness and less duality. In this way we open up to self love.

Advice from the tarot at this New Moon in Taurus:  IV of Cups

IV of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

IV of Cups
Wild Unknown Tarot

This is an interesting card for advice for us at this time. The IV of Cups in the Wild Unknown stands for selfishness and greed. Perhaps this is a message that it is perfectly ok, even necessary, for you to be a bit selfish when building up your self love. Duh, right!?  It might come across to others, or even to yourself, that you are thinking a bit too much about your self interest these days.  But you need to!  Take some “me time” to really look inside. Examine yourself, your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, and their connection to your soul purpose. What feels out of wack? What seems to be going along smoothly?  How can you bring more flow into your life? The IV of Cups represents introspection. The dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out) might try and take ahold of you, but resist it. Do what you want to do. Be satisfied and grateful for what you have and who you are. Don’t look for greener pastures or outside cues that you can be happy when you have A, B, and C.  You can be loving and happy now, with yourself, with your life situation, with the things you possess. All of this is enough, in fact you are abundant, radiant, and beautiful right now. Allow you to be the most important person in your life today. In this way grow your self love, so you can be in the best position to offer your love to others.

Ok, there’s your Taurus New Moon reading for developing self love.  It was quite a pep talk, huh?  I aim to find positive and affirming messages in all of my tarot readings.  Why dwell excessively on the negative aspects of life when it does us all so much good to bring an equal balance of positivity into our lives. Best wishes for the coming moon cycle, and as always, please get in touch if you would like a personal tarot reading!

Tarot Blog Hop- Union of Opposites


Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot to everyone on the Tarot Blog Hop!  This season’s hop is about The Union of Opposites which come together beautifully at this fresh and fertile time of year at Beltane.  Spring is announcing itself loud and clear in the northern hemisphere (even though it may be only 45F here in Boston!  Eek!), with luscious flowers and budding tree leaves.  The great blue heron was back on the river today when I walked to work, which must be the first true blessing of May Day.

The Moon Rider Waite Smith deck

The Moon
Rider Waite deck

The Sun Rider Waite Smith deck

The Sun           Rider Waite deck

The very nature of our existence revolves around opposites.  We have no way of defining something without an equal definition of that thing’s opposite.  Try to understand what night time is without having any knowledge of daylight, and you will see what I mean.  One must exist for the other to exist. This is true of all opposites, making it easy for us to see how wonderful the creative union of these opposites can be.

The major arcana of the tarot explores the truly grand oppositions of our lives.  An example of this is The Moon as night, and The Sun as day, representing an archetypal oppositions around which our entire Earth revolves.  More major arcana oppositions can be seen in The Empress as the archetype of the feminine while The Emperor represents the masculine.  The Hermit can signify inward exploration while The World is indicative of outer exploration.  The Lovers, the tarot card of Beltane, is the essence of the union of opposites in just one card.  There are many ways to show these necessary and beautiful oppositions because the major arcana cards are guiding forces in our lives.

The minor arcana, being a mirror to reflect our daily lives, is naturally created out of oppositions as well.   The tarot can help us explores these everyday challenges in helpful and productive ways.  Often oppositions will present themselves in a reading, showing you the two sides of your question or issue.  Sometimes just one side of an issue will pop up and it can be helpful to then think to yourself- ok, now what is the opposite of this situation?  What do I want to bring into my life more, and what needs to back off a bit to create a happy union of these opposites?  Opposing cards are helpful for delving into the multifaceted lives that we live.  Here are a few opposing minor arcana pairs that I noticed while going through the deck for this blog post:


V of Wands                   Rider Wait deck


VIII of Cups                   Rider Waite deck

V of Wands:

Fighting for what you want and need, getting what you deserve

as opposed to

VIII of Cups:
Walking away from what you don’t need, leaving behind what doesn’t serve you

Union of Opposites:
 Recognizing what you should fight for and what you should walk away from, finding a healthy balance between your physical and emotional needs.


VII of Swords               Rider Waite deck


III of Pentacles           Rider Waite deck

VII of Swords:

Being a lonewolf, acting out of your own self interest, being fiercely independent

as opposed to

III of Pentacles:
Working as a group, doing what’s best for everyone, combining efforts

Union of Opposites:
  Knowing when to work alone and when to consult the group, integrating your own personal freedom with the needs of the group.


VI of Pentacles           Rider Waite deck


IV of Pentacles             Rider Wait deck

VI of Pentacles:

Charitable giving, giving freely of materials possessions to those in need

as opposed to

IV of Pentacles:
Miserliness, holding tightly to materials possessions all for oneself


Union of Opposites:  Balancing out how much you receive and how much you give, knowing when to hold on tight and when to release.

IV of Swords Rider Waite deck

IV of Swords
Rider Waite deck


VII of Wands              Rider Waite deck

VII of Wands:

Spirited action, effort and movement, passion and attack

as opposed to

IV of Swords:
Spirited inaction, rest and relaxation, meditation and healing


Union of Opposites:   Finding the strength to carry on by giving yourself space and time to relax and heal, knowing when to go full speed ahead and when to stop and contemplate.

III of Cups Rider Waite deck

III of Cups
Rider Waite deck

IX of Swords Rider Waite deck

IX of Swords
Rider Waite deck

III of Cups:

Celebration with friends, harmony and acceptance, community

as opposed to

IX of Swords:
Dread and misery alone at night, anxieties and fears, isolation


Union of Opposites:  Recognizing the dual pitfalls of carefree partying as well as losing yourself in worry and anxiety, finding a healthy balance between alone and social time.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg on oppositions that are represented in the minor arcana of the tarot.  Exploring these opposites and how they explain and facilitate their opposing cards through an intrinsic union can be revelatory and inspiring.  I hope you enjoyed this post in the Tarot Blog Hop and stay to check out more of my blog or return in the future!  Don’t forget to explore your own tarot deck to find the meaningful union of opposites between those cards that most sing to you!

If you’re interested in hearing about future Tarot Blog hops, hop on over to Facebook and like the Tarot Blog Hop fan page.  That way you’ll never miss a hop!