Taurus New Moon Tarot Reading for April 26, 2017

The Sun and the Moon are both in the earthy sign of Taurus today. It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere and the earth is awakening, each day blooming and opening just a little bit more. This is a profoundly potent time for personal renewal as the Earth renews its flowers and leaves and the Moon renews it’s waxing journey towards fullness. There is a recognition of the necessity of beauty and pleasure in life at this time of year. Make it a priority to spend time in nature, taking a walk, looking at the spring flowers, breathing in the warming air. These are not frivolous pursuits but rather the fuel for your soul to flourish. This process of flourishing should not be rushed. Taurus likes to take her time, reveling in the richness of life. Be patient, gentle, and indulgent in your self-appraisal at this New Moon. Let’s look at what advice for intention setting with the New Moon that the tarot has for us at this time:

Motherpeace Tarot: Priestess of Wands, VIII of Swords, The Emperor, The Devil

What will help you connect with the pleasure and enjoyment of the physical world around you?- Priestess of Wands

If anyone is out having a wonderful walk, connecting with the natural world, it is the woman on this card, the Priestess (Queen) of Wands. The image contains sun, clouds, rainbow, flowers, lion, salamander, and a naked woman confidently out for a walk- I love it! This Priestess wants you to follow your passion, do what lights you up inside, follow your inner fire energy. She contains magic and so do you. So do all of us. She isn’t afraid of nature and emphasizes the oneness that includes everything on this planet. If you think about what a tiny speck of existence the Earth occupies in the infinity of The Universe it is easy to see how we are all related and connected as part of this planet. That kind of perspective can quickly slip from your grasp on a daily basis when bogged down with the minutiae of getting by, though. It’s important to remember that it as often as possible! The Priestess of Wands advises us all to “Just do it!”, regarding the need to connect with all of Earth. Actually, it’s easy to imagine that this is an image of the goddess Nike…

What will help you connect with the pleasure and enjoyment of your physical body?- VIII of Swords

On the VIII of Swords we see a woman engaged in a sword battle with a brick wall. The message this card imparts is that most of the time the battles we engage in are only real within our minds. They are not based in reality and they are not physical. Our minds trap us into these seeming corners and by fighting against them we actually give these walls strength by the acknowledgment of their existence. These walls are not real though! Oftentimes, the opinions and perceptions we have about our bodies are equally not based in logic and reality. We follow unobtainable body standards shoved at us by marketing so that we will buy products to “fix” ourselves. I challenge you to not use any of those products today. Forget about putting paint on your fingernails or powder on your eyelids. Skip the HIIT workout and go skipping around a field instead. Do what brings you joy! Love your body exactly as it is in this moment because it’s a hell of a lot easier to find joy than it is to find six pack abs (not to mention that one is necessary and the other is so not.)

How can you make solid, structured steps towards your financial goals this month?- The Emperor

Well, hello Mr. Emperor, might you possibly be good with money (read with loads of sarcasm)?! You can learn a lot from the structure and disciple of the Emperor. He is a wise, but conservative investor. He earns a steady income and keeps track of his spending. He knows when he can splurge and when to hold onto his money. There is a lot to be gained with the help of this financially savvy card and the prevailing Taurus energy of the next two weeks. Why not take advantage of that energy? Sit down and make a budget, a real one with actually line items and numbers on it. If you have to bribe yourself into doing it, that’s fine. Get a fancy coffee drink or drive to your favorite outdoor spot so you can get your finances straight. Once you know what money is coming versus going out, you’ll be in much better shape to rule over your little empire. Otherwise you’re just wishing and hoping with no solid base or plan in this reality.

Where do you need greater patience with your progress towards your life goals?- The Devil reversed

I love how the image on this Motherpeace tarot card for The Devil is basically a representation of the patriarchy. Yes, we all are impatient to break old, useless power structures and get on on with the evolution of the human race, but we here on this website are not the ones scrambling to hold onto that power dynamic, are we? Even so, we can all practice letting go of our egos, turning away from materialism and consumerism, and focusing instead on our spiritual connection. It is amazingly easy to slide into full on egomaniac mode though. We succumb to addictions, physical craving, anger and resentment of others, jealousy, and negativity loops. Right now we are steering clear of those Devil pitfalls and just allowing for life to be as it is. This is beautiful and encouraging. Perhaps we do not require greater patience but rather simply enduring patience. We are getting somewhere, just slowly, which is just how Taurus loves to do things! There is much to enjoy in the present, the way things are, so set the intention to do just that. Be present and grateful at this New Moon. You are getting somewhere!
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this Taurus New Moon Reading for April 26, 2017. Go ahead and try this spread for yourself. I’d love to know if you received a similar message or other helpful advice from the tarot questions. If you would like a personalized New Moon Reading or a tarot reading in general, please get in touch. I am currently available for email readings. I look forward to hearing from you!

New Moon in Aquarius Reading, February 8th, 2016

Happy New Moon, little lovelies!  You know the New Moon is my favorite time of the month to get clear about goals and intentions for the next four weeks. And what better way to connect to that energy than with a tarot reading for insight and empowerment?!

The New Moon in Aquarius is a wonderful opportunity to allow yourself to think outside of the box. Aquarius energy supports innovation, revolution, new ideas, and being unique. Aquarius air energy gives you a boost in mental clarity so take some time now to think logically about yourself and your goals. This energy also carries an increased desire and ability to communicate, so why not try telling people about your goals and dreams now. You may find yourself better equipped to articulate what you are trying to do with yourself and your life. Plus, telling a friend adds that element of accountability that can really kick your ass into gear.  Let’s see what insight the tarot can lend us at this time:

VIII of Swords Shadowscapes tarot

VIII of Swords
Shadowscapes tarot

How can I invite some innovative fresh energy in my life?-  VIII of Swords
It’s time to let go of the self-created barriers in your mind that are holding you back. This is a card about mental transformation. So often, it is our negative thought patterns that keep us stuck. The human mind has evolved to avoid risks in order to stay alive. So we often fall back on old methods and ways of operating that have kept us safe and secure in the past. But that’s no way to live! Especially when we are talking about creative risks, which are so necessary for our souls. Examine the ways you are mentally restricting yourself. Watch out for nay-saying mental commentary that puts all of your dreams and achievements in a negative light. When that little voice in your head tells you that your ideas are crap or you’re never going to be good enough, respond to that little voice with a loud affirmation of your worthiness. If it says, “You aren’t talented enough to succeed” shout back it, “Well, I deserve to practice and improve because my talent grows and flourishes when I lavish it with attention and allow myself to be a work in progress.”  Whatever it is that your thoughts tell you you can’t do, it’s time to start breaking down those thoughts and telling yourself what you can do. You can do a lot, believe me!  And when you believe in yourself you can do almost anything 🙂

II of Cups Shadowscapes tarot

II of Cups
Shadowscapes tarot

How can I express my unique personality?– II of Cups
It all starts with some self love. The II of Cups wants you to bring balance, peace, and love into your life. You can do this by allowing yourself to feel those things about yourself. Remember the old saying, you can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself first? Well, it really does work that way! Would you be more attracted to a person who is always saying self-deprecating things or a person with the confidence and self-love to say nice things when describing themselves? I’m not talking about bragging here, I’m talking about being sincere and honest about what you have accomplished and what you love about yourself. When you examine your personality, ask yourself- what do I just love about myself? If you immediately want to say “NOTHING!”, go back to the VIII of Swords above and remember that your brain is trying to trick you into never changing your perspective because of weird evolutionary things that don’t actually apply to you right now. Force yourself to think of three things that you love about yourself and then try to expand from there. When you figure out what you love about yourself, then you are on the right track to expressing your unique personality and attracting people to who you truly are.

IX of Wands rx Shadowscapes tarot

IX of Wands rx
Shadowscapes tarot

What will help me express my inner creativity?- IX of Wands reversed
You have to let your guard down. Stop being so defensive and closed off and let you creativity out. If you are totally ashamed of what you have created, it can be hard to show others your work. Ask yourself where those expectations of perfection or high achievement are coming from? Who is shaming you in feeling insecure and bad about yourself? Do you expect yourself to be the best musician after one lesson, or the best painter after watching one episode of Bob Ross?  Remember that these things take time, but that every day you work on your creativity, you learn and grow and get closer to being as good at creating as you want to be. You don’t get any closer or better if you give up because you didn’t write the next great American novel on the first try. Look for people who will support you. Who will look through your photographs and show you the best ones and encourage you, instead of focusing on what went wrong in all the crappy photographs you took. Invite over your friends who will enjoy anything you cook, instead of a picky friend who will make you feel like you’ll never get your flavor profiles right. If you are feeling fragile, there are still little steps you can take. Just don’t close yourself off and say you’re a failure or that no one will ever like what you create. Go back to step #2 and focus on your self love. You will undoubtedly love yourself more for trying than for giving up before you even started.

Ok, cutie pies, there is your New Moon in Aquarius tarot reading. It is very much inspired by the book I am reading called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Check it out if you are aspiring to delve more consciously into unblocking your inner Artist. I’m also super happy to customize a tarot reading along this theme, or any theme, if you would like to order an intuitive tarot reading from me!  Happy New Moon!