Travel Tarot


Here she Lady Van! I live in this beauty!

Hello travelers!  In case you are new to The Willow Path Tarot, let me fill you in that I am a nomadic, vandwelling tarot reader.  That means I spend my life on the road, living in a van. I started the Travel Tarot series in January, 2015.  I add a new card whenever I can!

In the Travel Tarot series I share stories and pictures from my life out on the road, reading tarot, tour managing for Kristen Ford, and seeing the USA out the window of our converted camper van named Lady. I take quite a few photos each day, and many of them end up on my Instagram account with a hashtag for a corresponding tarot card that reminds me of the image, mood, or theme of the photo.  Sometimes the connections between life and tarot are obvious, and other times an explanation brings us deeper into the meaning of the card, the energies of our lives, and the connection between these energies and our daily existence.  This series offers that deeper exploration of a photo, a tarot card, and how that relates to my day to day life on the road.

Heres’s what I’ve got so far!:

I. The Magician
II. The High Priestess
V. The Hierophant
VII. The Chariot

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