About Me

IMG_1434Hello, welcome to my tarot blog!  My name is Deirdre and I’ve been learning the tarot for over 15 years now. I began this blog in January of 2014 when I hung out my shingle as a professional tarot reader. I use this website to offer tarot readings, and for writing out my tarot musings on how I experience the card meanings in my daily life. I also dabble a bit in astrology and like to bring the stars, planets, and the moon into my tarot practice. The universe is a magical place, and each of us has a unique path to explore here. I believe we are all here for a reason and are right where we need to be. I interact with that magic through tarot and endeavor to help you do that too!

I would love to do a tarot reading for you.  I specialize in email tarot readings, but also enjoy doing in-person readings if our path happen to cross. Currently, I am settled in Nashville, TN. I also hit the open road occasionally, living in a renovated 2003 Ford Econoline van named Lady. I travel around the USA with my financee, Kristen, who is a touring musician.  If we happen to be cruising through your town sometime soon, we can set up a time to meet for a tarot reading in person.

You can find our tour itinerary here!
You can read more about Kristen’s music here!
And also check out our travel blog, CatvsOwl, here!  

Other fun facts about me:  One of my major life goals is to adopt a dog- dog is my spirit animal. My angel guide is Archangel Gabriel.  I’m a Cancer, with Scorpio rising and an Aquarius moon.  I love to travel, drink good beer, read books, go hiking, swimming and snowboarding. I’ve traveled through 28 countries on 3 continents and aspire to hit all the continents in this lifetime. My educational background is in History and Library Science. I worked in libraries and archives before deciding to take my tarot gig on the road.  I’m excited to learn about you and what tarot can help you clarify and create in your life!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It was a true pleasure meeting you and Kristen at the Fox River House here in Appleton, WI!

    I hope to keep in touch.


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