Rider Waite Smith tarot

Rider Waite Smith tarot

Keywords: justice, fairness, legality, balance, making decisions, accountability, responsibility, cause and effect, truth

Reversed: injustice, unfairness, illegal activities, things are out of balance, shirking responsibility, indecision, hemming and hawing, dishonesty

You can find my experience with Justice during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.




Personal Experience with Justice:
July, 2014

Justice says to me that for the past month, I have been doing things the fair and square way. I have the feeling that I’ve been trying to be polite this whole month.  I am making a lot of compromises, asking for things like I’m not sure if I deserve them, and generally making sure that other people have what they need before I get what I need.  I have been living out a super Libra, people-pleasing month of compromise and fairness.  I’ve been spending as much time or more on managing Kristen’s tour as I have on my tarot and travel blogs combined.  This seems like the fair thing for me to do since Kristen is earning all the money right now with her music, so I feel like I should support her.  I’ve found that giving the tour as much time and attention as it needs, leaves me with very little time for anything else. Putting my best efforts into tour managing seems like the just thing to do up till now.  I’ve also felt kind of timid about my new vandwelling lifestyle.  When I wake up in a Walmart parking lot, I feel like maybe I shouldn’t let everyone see my pjs or that I’m making pour over coffee on my “front stoop”.  Would I want to see that if I came to shop?  Would I judge?  Is it my right to just live in a van and do things differently than everyone else?

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