The Star

The Basement
Nashville, TN, USA

Keywords:  hope, serenity, balance, a light at the end of the tunnel, harmony, deep understanding

Reversed:  lack of hope, despair, longing, refusing to let go, fear of the change






The Star Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star Shadowscapes Tarot







There is a shining hope inside of you.  Let you inner Star out to shine for yourself and others.  The Star works in harmony and serenity with everything around her.  While you are out under the night sky soaking in the energy of The Moon, let your awareness expand to encompass the whole vista of stars in the sky as well. Can you feel the energy of the stars so far away?  Can you compare your small self to the vastness of the Universe and put your problems and issues in perspective?  The Star invites you to be hopeful and content that you can bring balance and harmony into your emotional patterns.

The Star is a wonderful card of hope, belief, tranquility, harmony, and faith in yourself and others.  The Star shines a beautiful light onto your life, one of magic, possibility and opportunity.  It comes after The Tower in the Major Arcana,  a card which represents a time of break down, of structural crumbling, and of swift and sudden change.  When The Star shows up in a reading reversed, it can mean that the energy of The Tower still lingers.  Perhaps there are pieces of your foundation that you are clinging to that really you need to let go of with the rest of the structure that was broken.  The Tower can be difficult to face, and sometimes it takes a while to recover and move on, to see the bright light of The Star shining through to lead you on to your next adventure, in order to form a more solid and firm foundation.

I draw a card daily for my own tarot study, and The Star reversed was the one I drew this morning.  I like to journal a little paragraph about the card and what I think it means for me at this point in my life.  I find this to be a good way to learn card meanings, relating them to even the most mundane aspects of my life.  The Star reversed felt big today though, far from a minor blip in my life experience.  After spending a month on the ranch working at an unsatisfactory job and wishing I was doing tarot, I spent a week out in the woods of Yellowstone Park.  I found the time in the woods to be healing, calm, and relaxing- but I still didn’t find enough time for tarot.  Does that mean that there indeed isn’t enough time to practice, study, and run a tarot business in my life?  Or does it mean that I’m bad a setting priorities and getting things done?  I’m not sure what the answer is here.  What I do know is that I need to shake up my tarot practice, set new goals for my career and life purpose, and start building a new foundation for myself, one that better aligns with my day to day existence.

So how do I reach for The Star and find new hope and build new structure in my life? Step one, I’m going to get a tarot reading, of course!  And I don’t mean doing a reading for myself.  We all need objective outsiders, like a professional tarot reader, to give us perspective and help us move forward at times.  So I’m excited to connect with Carrie Ann over at Happy Fish Tarot tonight, to get some tarot love for myself.  Sometimes you have to treat yourself well (actually you should do this on the regular!), and I’m doing just that for myself :)!


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