The World Meditation


Rider Waite Smith deck

The final segment of on my Fool’s Journey through Soul Meditations took place with The World card. I entered the image from The World card to find myself high above the atmosphere of the Earth. I could see the curve of the earth, the shimmer of the atmosphere, and expansive stars in every direction. The scene from The World card floated etheral and surreal in the emptiness of space. I felt fearful and timid as I approached the figures from the card. The spirits around the wreath watched me with boredom: the lion making an extravagant yawn, the angel continuing to read a book, the bull blowing off some steam, and the eagle glaring with open menace. The dancer in the wreath was absorbed in her dance, seemingly oblivious to my presence as well.

I walked closer, dropping to my knees and imploringly holding out my hands to the dancer. She twirled magnificently, making direct eye contact with me at each turn, tapping my outstretched hand with grace and authority. Suddenly, she stopped short, grasping my whole hand and wrist and pulling me swiftly up to my feet and into her arms. That’s when I realized that we were remarkably similar, both in appearance and spirit. We were two aspects of a whole, me small and fearful, she large and in charge. She enfolded me in her arms and pushed confidence at me relentlessly. I felt this push physically, like she was shoving strength and confidence at me as tangible energies. She was fierce and strong, determined and forceful, full of confidence, knowledge and power. She showed me myself. She was me. That was her message: to acknowledge myself, to open my eyes, to take responsibility, to be strong, to come into my own. We merged into a single being, accomplished, powerful and confidence.

As her message sank in and we became one entity, the spirit guides around us began to take notice of me and stir. I met with each of them in turn and felt their unique, fierce energies enter me and support me. The lion roared with the full on power of Strength, showing me my creative spark and divine inspiration. The bull connected me to the earth and my physical body, showing me the power and joy of being of the Earth. The angel touched my mind without words, lighting up my intelligence, understanding and communication skills without a word. The eagle touched my heart, showing me that connecting to my emotions is not weak but a center of power.

Shadowscapes tarot

Shadowscapes tarot

With these messages from the spirits, I looked to see a movie of my life play across the heavens. I saw myself as a baby in my mother’s arms and felt the message of the eagle more strongly as the power of her love entered me. I felt this insane love from my parents completely blessing and supporting me. I saw my friends, my birthday parties, my first kiss, all my travels, my financee proposing at the beach, my family loving and protecting each other. In the future, I rode a horse into the sunset, emerged on the rocky summit of a mountain with an endless view of the world, and sank my toes into the sand at the shore of a vast ocean.  My emotions were visceral and intense, forcing the dancer and I to separate into two halves again. She held me close as joy and sadness, life’s two constants, encircled and overwhelmed me.

As the movie ended, I turned back to the dancer. She ran her hands through the lush foliage of her wreathe, emerging with handfuls of flowers. Then I noticed that actually, her hands had turned into flowers, each of her fingers ending in delicate night blossoming blooms. I didn’t know what to do with this offering. I couldn’t take her hands away! She reached down and drew out of the wreath a set of heavy keys, then a pair of sharp knives, and finally a small brown bear. I was confused by these gifts and refused them. She knew I needed no gifts and raised the two sharp blades above her head, resuming her dance from earlier with renewed intensity.

200x200I backed away from the scene, floating off into the stars. I watched the dancer twirl her blades, gracefully and effortlessly ruling her sphere of the heavens. The spirits around her watched me depart with accepting and determined gazes. I was a warrior of life, just as they were, and the dancer would always be a part of me. I am not a leaf on the wind, I am a soul with a mission. I can do much. I can take responsibility for that mission instead of letting fate lead me blindly. I came into this world at a chosen moment, predestined with certain abilities and resources that will help me on my path. I can use those abilities to complete my life purpose. I have faith and belief in my life purpose, not fearing my spirituality. I can go forth from this point with strength and confidence. This is the point I have reached on The Fool’s Journey guided by Soul Meditations. This is my new stepping off point, ready to take the next leap of faith.